Chapter 34

Alone Time

Pam’s POV

Friday, January 15th

“Oh my Lord! What do you weigh?!” I had to wedge my arm under Alcide to push him over. I woke up being crushed under the burden of my ‘boyfriend’. I’ll never understand how Sookie can tolerate it.

He growled at me as he settled into his new spot. “You’re a prickly bitch in the AM.”

I rolled over and kicked his leg. “Bite me.”

He laid perfectly still just long enough for me to realize I’d said the wrong thing.

Alcide pounced on me. What started as loud and playful turned into deafening and rough on both our parts. It was one hell of a way to wake up.

My only complaint was how scratchy Alcide’s morning stubble was against my thighs.

When we were done sullying the room, he grabbed my legs to pull me to the shower with him. “C’mon, darlin. We’ve got that field trip this morning.”

I cringed. “I’m not going.”

He was really adorable when he looked confused, not that I’d ever tell him that. “What? Why not? I’m sure Sookie wants you there.”

“I know. I’m going to lay low until you leave. I have a history with Ludwig.”

He snorted out a laugh. “Who doesn’t have issues with that cranky little bitch?”

“Not everyone threatened to boil her in battery acid and wear her bones as jewelry.”

He sat back on his knees and held his ribs as he laughed. “What the fuck? What happened to make you go off on her like that?”

“It was in Rhodes. I don’t want to talk about it.”

He shook his head at me. “Fine. What do I tell Sookie?”

“You won’t have to. Eric will explain.”

He smiled and hovered over me again. “So what are you going to do all morning?”

“I’m going to spend some time with the kids while I wait for word.”

“You’re going keep an eye on Jason, keeping an eye on the kids.”

I smiled at him. “That too.”

He leaned in to kiss me. “Thank God. Don’t flirt with him though.”


“No… I think he pushed you yesterday.”


“Well…” He buried his face in the crook of my neck, breathing, biting. Damn him. “…Then maybe you can tell me… when was the last time you ran to do anything?”

It was just… last… “Son of a bitch!”

He started laughing against my shoulder before he sat back enough to look at me. “See.”

“I didn’t even notice! Did you say something to Eric?”

He gave me a really toothy/sexy grin. “Nope. If I told him everything, he’d get to thinking I’m his bitch.”

“Oh, we wouldn’t want that. Especially since we all know whose bitch you are.”

He tilted his head. Adorable. “Who would that be?” Sookie.

“Sookie and I share what’s left after the kids.”

“Damn right… So, princess… You had breakfast in bed and now you’re going to go back to sleep, huh?”

I laughed at him. “You’re such a shit! Yes… That seems to be the case.”

He kissed me before he left me.

… And I watched his pretty ass stroll to the bathroom and managed to drift back to sleep…


I woke again to the sounds of a typically bustling breakfast. It seemed like I was the only one in Shreveport not in the kitchen.

I was in the shower when Eric interrupted what little bit of peace the sounds of the water gave me.

“Still holding the grudge?”

I rolled my eyes. “Yes and I’m not interested in making today harder for Sookie.”

“What makes you think it’s going to be hard?”

“Because you and Alcide have been compiling your little list… If she gets upset then she’ll need to turn to one of us. Better she isn’t angry with me.”

“Beautiful cover, providing I don’t just tell her.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“How long have you known me?”

“I’ll get you back.”

“I’m sure you’d try. We’re walking out now.”


No sooner than I closed the door to my room behind me, Hunter came running down the catwalk at break-neck speed.

“Can Aunt Janice borrow a baiting suit? She didn’t bring one and Uncle Jason is taking us into the pool.” Oh Lord! I couldn’t have been happier to have stayed behind hearing that.

I went back to my room, accepting that I would be playing life guard and changed into my own suit, grabbing several options for Janice.

I got to the pool just in time to be soaked by a ‘cannonball’ splash courtesy of Jason, Manen and Hunter.

Janice had rolled up the legs of her jeans, sitting with her feet in the pool and was hit full force with the wall of water. Tommy was watching the chaos, wearing floats on his arm and waist and standing on the top step.

I sat next to her and held out her options. “I wasn’t sure what kind you’d want.”

She smiled as she took them. “One piece?”

“Sorry love, not my style. What are you trying to hide anyway? You’re put together nicely.”

The poor thing blushed. My guess would be that her lovely husband caused the anxiety. “My c-section scar.” There was a time when surviving such a procedure would have made her a champion.

“Ridiculous. You’re a mother. There’s no shame in the proof… Go on. We’re all family here.”

She bashfully nodded, taking the suits from me…


Jason swam over with his smile screwed on tight and hopped out of the water to sit next to me. He was a truly magnificent specimen. Fae or not, every bit of him was cut like an underwear model… His history with women hadn’t ever been a surprise to me, more that it was a surprise that he’d never filed rape charges against anyone… He was… lickable and watching the pool water cascade over his washboard… I should have joined Alcide in the shower for an encore. I clearly had a problem.

Hunter and Manen splashed around in the deep end as though they were part fish.

“She shy?”

I nodded.

“What the hell about?”

“Girl stuff.”

He narrowed his eyes at me. “Fine. Be like that. Vampire’s swim or just sit on the side of the pool and watch?”

“I can swim…”

By the time I realized I was being set up, his hand was in the middle of my back, shoving me in.

I could hear the children laughing while I was still underwater and decided to volley. I grabbed him by his ankles and yanked him in.

It almost wasn’t any fun since the jackass smiled at me as he swam to the surface.


Janice returned in one of the more modest bikinis. It had a high enough waist to cover her scar so she seemed more comfortable… But was a bit preoccupied with the size of the top… She had a full cup size on me. At least Febes didn’t shame me in that department.

Jason whistled at her and I couldn’t tell if he was just being kind or if he was interested. She certainly wasn’t anything to shake a stick at though.

The kids seemed to tire of the pool before we did. They retired to the hot tub after only an hour while we continued to shamefully fuck around like lunatics.

I only realized it when Manen complained to the boys that they might starve before we stopped our horseplay.

Jason laughed climbing out of the pool. “So sorry, Manen. Not everybody can feel y’all getting hungry like your Momma. Are you too big a brat to eat hot dogs?”

She snarled at him and hissed that hot dogs were ‘fine’.

Janice and I were wrapping the children in towels so that they could go get their showers and get dressed when I caught her watching Jason.

January… and he was outside, soaking wet, heating up the grill. Granted, we were in Louisiana, but it was still in the low 50s. He was embracing his Were-ness well, it seemed.

The kids ran off and she was still watching him.

I laughed. “He is beautiful.” And… gifted. It’s not like the wet shorts he was wearing left anything to the imagination.

She was laughably embarrassed that I noticed her staring. “What? I… I wasn’t…”

“I’ve never understood why humans are so bashful.”

“I’m not being bashful… I… I’m not in the market or anything and he’s with Angela, right?”

“Lord no! They’re just friendly. He doesn’t like being alone. He spends a lot of time with the guards too. He’s a social creature, that one.”


I smiled at her. “Still ‘not in the market’?”

She tried to laugh it off. “No. Not in the market at all. I just got away…”

“From an asshole. Alcide told me. You don’t have anything to worry about with that one though. He’s a pussycat. After what his wife put him through, he still mourned the whore.”

“What happened?”

“She was a Were. Lost to a miscarriage. They’d separated though because she wasn’t faithful… or secretive about it for that matter.”

“Ew. That’s horrible.”

“How long was Dell cheating?”

“No telling. I think the only reason he stopped hiding it was because I kind of lost it after our Dad died.”


She snickered. “I could almost understand if he started after. It’s not like I was good for much, but I did everything for him for years. I was super wife, even when I didn’t feel like it.”

“Proof that men make bad pets. As a rule.”

“How’s Alcide? In the pet department?”

I laughed. “Whether I like it or not, he’s a keeper, as they say. He’s a good temper and excellent in the bedroom…”

“Oh My God! Ew! I don’t need to hear that about my BROTHER!”

I started laughing all over again. “Why not? He’s superb… It makes me wonder if all Were are that good of it’s just him.”

She pulled her towel over her face. “Jason warned me that Eric overshares! He didn’t say anything about you!”

I smiled at her, taking her hand. “It’s not oversharing. It’s a lack of shyness only a very long life can convey. Come on.”


I led her to the back door, sliding it open and whistling to get the attention of the doll tending to lunch.

“Jason, would you answer a personal question to satisfy my curiosity?”

“You can ask, but I ain’t making no promises.”

“Fair enough. Rumor has it that you are remarkable in bed. Is that a recent claim to fame or have you been a ‘love machine’ since before you became a Were?”

Bright red, eyes closed and biting his lip. Sweet. “Pam, you’re worse than Eric.”

“I’m wondering in the name of science.”

“Because you think Alcide’s good in the sack, you’re trying to figure out if it’s a Were thing?”

“Yes.” Janice stood beside me, wordless with her hand over her eyes.

“Go embarrass the damn guards then. I’m Fae and Were. I couldn’t tell you why.”

“Since they work here, it would be sexual harassment.” Janice had been embarrassed for long enough it seemed, so she left to check on the children and get dressed.

“I hope you didn’t mean to scare her off… besides, since you’re kinda my sister-in-law the questions are like incest”

“How am I like your sister-in-law?”

“You might as well be married to my sister, unless… since makers are like parents… you could be my niece… that makes it worse though.”


He nodded in all seriousness. “Well, yeah. Once Eric and Sookie are married, you’re all kinds of country. You kinda make out with your Step-mom. Ewwww.” He shuddered.

“Jason, you might have ruined sex for me… forever.”

He smiled at me and blew a raspberry. “It was pretty easy too.”


I helped grab the juice boxes for the kids while Janice grabbed a rainbow of condiments from the refrigerator.

I sat at the bar with a true blood, far enough away that the stink of their lunch wasn’t too much to handle.

Hunter had a sudden awakening. “Wait! Where’s Bubba?” The poor thing must have counted brains.

Jason grinned at him. “When we got done fishing this morning, he took off. Said he’d be back to visit soon.”

“Why’d he leave?”

“Said he doesn’t stay in one place too long. Doesn’t want to wear out his welcome.”

“Where’d he go?”

“Said he has pals in Tennessee.”

“How’s he getting there?”

“AirBubba. He took off like Far does.”

“I like the way he sings.” Manen agreed with a nod. I’m sure they had no idea how many people shared their opinion. Even I went through a phase.

“Aww, damn! I missed it. What did he sing for y’all?”

“Burning Love and Devil In Disguise from Lilo & Stitch. He sounded better.”

Jason and I both laughed while the children and Janice gave us confused looks. Jason gave Janice a wink and told her he’d explain later, then pointed at Hunter. “Stay out. My brain. Nosy.”

Hunter giggled and took another bite of his lunch. “You can feel it?”

“I grew up with your Momma. Of course I can feel it. She pokes though, you sneak around like fog.” That was interesting.


Jason nodded. “Yeah. And you’re still doing it. Get out or I’ll gross you out.”

Hunter laughed again. “You win.”


Over the course of the morning, I’d felt a range of emotions from Eric. He’d no doubt been too preoccupied by Sookie to do his usual blocking. Frustration, grief, sympathy, love, pride, amusement. I swear, as useless as it was to me most of the time, we might as well not have a bond.

When I stepped out of the shower, my wolf scared the metaphorical shit out of me. I hadn’t heard him come into our room while I was under the water.

He’d already been smiling, so I waited for him to stop laughing at the way I yelped. “So… news.”

“Our pal is ‘Uber Super’… Damn if she isn’t all three kinds of Fae, Dae, natural witch, Were and Shifter. Plus Ludwig says the ‘soul mates’ thing and Eric’s blood amp all of it up. She’s officially the fuck-awesomest magical being ever. Ludwig was approached by Brigant about it. He’s after something… And Ludwig can’t think of a single thing Sookie can do to hurt herself or the babies.” Complete, utter relief. Unparalleled.

I took a minute to just be happy that Sookie would be alright… “Brigant. Is there more?”

“Cockbag went to Ludwig to try a figure out why Sookie is so talented. I guess when he unbound her he figured he was giving her one or two powers, not all of them. Ludwig didn’t trust him but did the research to figure it out because she wanted to warn Sookie that he was up to something.  All things considered it’s just sneaky fae shit. Surprise, surprise.

“You were right about Gran?”

“Unfortunately. Sookie’s really hurt. Not that we didn’t tell her though…”

“That Gran left her in the cold.”

He nodded.

“Well, since the realm is closed indefinitely, again, we might have a while before he rears his ugly head.”

“Do you remember how long it was closed before?”

“It was closed for my first century or so. Eric would know.”

“She’ll be married to him by the time it opens again. I want tickets to see how butt-hurt Niall is when he finds out she can have him executed for trying to interfere with her marriage.”

“I want tickets to see how ‘butt-hurt’ he is to find out that Eric isn’t just a Sheriff anymore and can declare war on all Sky.” One of Alcide’s favorite expressions and I still couldn’t hear or say ‘butt-hurt’ without laughing.


Even though we talked for a while, we still managed to make it back to the kitchen before Sookie and Eric came in from whatever ‘deep’ moment they were having in the driveway… Nice venue for a conversation that inspired so much melancholy in my master.

Alcide was giving me a dirty look because Jason and Janice tattled on me for being ‘vulgar’. Well, vulgar might have been the word Jason would’ve used if he’d been blessed with a vocabulary as big as his…  nevermind.

There was no chance at defending myself since Sookie came after me.

Some asshole spilled the beans about my standoff with Ludwig in Rhodes… Now I was being subjected to a hug… and thanks… and love.

It was starting to feel like there was added fun in making me schmaltzy…

So much so that I’d just recovered from my first bought in time to emerge from the bathroom to hear that Sookie wanted to give one of the babies my middle name…

I ended up in the bathroom again, filing away my intent for revenge for later.

After filling Sookie in on the morning’s goings on (and discovering that Jason and Sookie shared the gift of being Omni-lingual), Janice offered aid in the kitchen… The rest of us, hopelessly inept in the kitchen, watched on while they prepared dinner.

I was more than a little impressed when Sookie shared that Jason should have full shifter abilities… Probably as much as he was.

I’d pay to see that.


I wanted… with all of my being to tease Alcide when Jason and Janice used an ATV tour of the property as an excuse to be more alone, but the bastard caught me…

“Two dollars.”


“If you rag on me that my sister has the hots for Stackhouse my revenge will cost two dollars.”

“Oooh. Pray tell.”

He shot a dirty look in my direction. “A spray bottle, bleach and 3 minutes in your closet.”

When Eric nearly fell out of his chair laughing, I hissed at them both. Assholes.


As though my libido wasn’t already on some naughty downward spiral into the depraved, Sookie emerged dressed for her date night with Eric reminding me what magnificent specimens the Stackhouses are.

Candy… When I was alive, I drooled at the window of the confectioners next to my dressmaker’s shop. Of course candy was ‘for the underclasses’, nonetheless… as Sookie came down the stairs dressed as the embodiment of a calendar pinup from the 40s, I was instantly reminded of the temptation of 250 years of curiosity. Eric still contends that never having had candy is most likely why ‘sweets’ are the only foods I can tolerate the trace of.

Enticing… I was the first to see her… and the first to get to her…

She had every bit of magnetism that her full Fae cousins could boast…

I ran my hand over her back to her ass… tight and inviting… asking to be bitten…

When I finally paced my way to her front, feeling the echo of her sudden throb when I took her throat in my hand and steeling a moment to appreciate her perfect complexion, I enjoyed a long lick along her neck…

It hadn’t been my imagination… she even tasted more Fae than usual. I’d barely managed to refocus before she’d pulled me to her… Kissing me… I quickly understood why Alcide blathers on about how she’d ‘kill him’. I found myself wishing that I’d seen her first and started inching her dress up her thighs…

I could’ve killed Janice for interrupting. Lord knows the boys were enjoying the show too much to put a stop to it. Maybe join us, but certainly not stop us.

Alcide growled at her. “Way to shit in the punchbowl, Janie!”

Sookie was practically ignoring her company. “This color looks really good on you.”

I must’ve been wearing more of her lipstick than she was. “What is it called?”

She smirked. “Hot Blooded.”

Oh, the images I had dancing around in my head… I needed to behave. Sookie was having to try too hard to get the boys’ attention before finally prompting Eric to ‘snap out of it’ so that he could go dress.

Once Janice left us in favor of the bathroom and Eric went upstairs, Sookie left me for Alcide.

She leered at him as she slid her dress up enough to straddle his leg. “What do you have planned for tonight?”

My Were was fucked, just as thrown as I’d been. “We’re going to go to the mall after dinner to take the kids to the arcade, maybe see a movie.”

She smiled at him, licking her lips and enjoying every second of her tease. “That sounds like fun. Can I kiss you goodbye before I fix my makeup?”

He barely had the chance to nod before she’d leaned into him and started kissing him, torturing him the same way she had me…

I was feeling greedy.

I joined her game, occupying his other leg to chew on his neck and ear, pressing my leg into Sookie’s over his hard on.

We worked in concert, as she left his mouth to take his ear, I filled the vacancy and his hold on us grew tighter and tighter.

His dick was begging to be let out, throbbing against our legs… we started coming unglued when all three of our tongues met…

Then… his fucking sister again…

I used to like her.


Her rant was obscenely pedestrian and irritating all of us.

The fucking hero of the hour ended up being Jason, of all people!

Somehow he shut down her misogynistic accusations directed at Alcide.

Alcide? A chauvinist? Alcide Herveaux?

Fucking laughable.

I get that Jackson was a womanizer and maybe I’m old fashioned, but the difference between a bachelor and an adulterer has always been simple to me… a woman dumb enough to put up with it…

But that’s just my opinion. What do I know?

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t proud of Janice for not following her mother’s lead though.

Bully for her.


Once Sookie and Eric made their ‘lucky mother fucker’ exit, I was left with the wolf… and the glaring he was doing at his sister.

She bashfully made her apologies before Jason hustled her to the back yard to watch over the children’s playtime.

“You’re seething, wolf. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear Eric gave you lessons.”

“Not funny.”

“What has you so riled?”

“What wouldn’t? She just went postal on all of us!”

“She just walked in on you with two women. Her father cheated, her husband cheated. She didn’t see a consensual orgy time bomb, she saw cheating and she took a stand. Misdirected as it might have been, try to be proud of her for not ignoring what she saw as wrong. It could have been worse.”

I could already tell he was starting to come down from his high horse. “How?”

“She could have walked through the room and pretended it wasn’t happening like your mother did… metaphorically, of course.”

“Damn it. How’d you get so enlightened?”

“Dear Abby… Can we go fuck now?”


We didn’t even make it up the front stairs.

He pushed my skirt past my hips, ripping my panties with his teeth because his hands were desperately clawing at his belt.

“Barbarian! I liked those!”

“I did too. That’s why I bought ‘em.”

“You’re replacing them.”

“Only if you shut the fuck up.”

He pinned me to the wall, pulling my leg up, out of his way… my knee hooked over his elbow and my other foot barely on the step…

I held myself to his shoulders…being filled with him… hot, hard, throbbing…

His hand sandwiched between us… his thumb playing with my piercing… quick light tickles… then slower hard thumping…

He barely moved… building me up… enjoying that I couldn’t be quiet…

Bringing me to an end… but dragging it out… forever…

Until he had to cover my mouth… first with his own mouth… then his hand…

His mouth was toying with my neck, our bodies stationary against each other except for his hips…

Twisting… slamming… working me up… calming me down…

Oh… how I love what this man does to my body…

He seemed content to keep on as we were indefinitely…

Barely letting me calm down before making me come again…

When we heard the back door slide open and the children fill the house, without missing his rhythm… he boosted my other leg…

Lifting and dropping me… Blindly taking me to our bedroom… stopping in the light lock…

Finally letting go…crushing into me against the wall…

His chest vibrated against me while we both calmed down.

We went our separate ways so that I could shower again, not to mention, replace my outfit with one that wasn’t stretched out and disheveled.


I found my Were at the bar watching his sister take charge of their dinner because she wanted to be helpful. They were all relaxing with a beer while the children were in their den. Their den. We only borrowed it once in a while.

I kissed Alcide’s cheek next to his ear as an excuse to whisper. “I didn’t find my panties.”

Jason snorted beer through his nose. I’d hoped he couldn’t hear me.

Alcide smiled at me. “Are you blushing?”

“No!” I slapped his shoulder.

“I think you are.”

“Vampires don’t blush.”

“They don’t usually beg either.”

I hit him again… and it was Janice’s turn to blush.

He finally stopped trying to piss me off and leaned over, kissing my ear and whispered, “They’re in my pocket.”

“You’re such a shit sometimes.”

“You make it fun though.”


Dinner was completely disgusting.

Not that the aroma was as intolerable as some meals they’ve eaten… The smell of eggs was going to kill me eventually which is why I sleep through breakfast whenever possible.

The horrid part of this meal was the way they ate. I felt as though I was in a porcine zoo exhibit considering the noises and postures of the ‘diners’.

Slouched over their bowls, slurping, licking fingers, dragging bread through that slop…

The children were even behaving like animals.

I promised myself that I would always find somewhere else to be on ‘stew night’ from now on.

I wanted to die…

…Or kill something.


The mall was crowded, making it more fun.

Since the point was to get the kids out of the house for some excitement, the arcade was our first stop. Even though the games didn’t award tickets, Manen still cheated because Alcide was letting her…

…Until Jason caught her. He didn’t stop her or scold her… He destroyed her. Every game she played for more than half an hour, he followed her and bested her… embarrassingly.

She finally got angry enough to take a swing at him… And he laughed, letting her hand phase right through his leg… and told her that cheating isn’t a guaranteed win.


While Alcide and Jason were in line getting ice cream and cookies for the children (as an excuse to get some for them), I enjoyed one of my favorite mall activities…

…I glamoured the food court piano player to sing Baby Got Back.

While Alcide was in the jewelry store with the kids picking up the moonstones for the baptisms on Friday…

…I lurked around in the Christian book store with my fangs out and asked for the Newlins’ new book.

And while Alcide disappeared into a boutique to replenish my supply of underthings…

…I bought a large bag of jelly beans and offered the children a dollar for every time they hit a white tile in the checkerboard floor 2 levels bellow. I was aiming for people, but they didn’t need to know that.

The movie was almost a wash. You could call it more of paid nap. In the first 20 minutes of the movie, Manen and Hunter curled up on Alcide’s chest and Tommy made a bed out of Janice… covered in sleeping kids they fell asleep too…

It had been a cartoon film so Jason and I quickly got bored and were nearly thrown out for firing the children’s candies and popcorn at each other.

I was really starting to like him. He was as much fun as Sookie.


By the time we were getting home from our siege on the mall, we walked in on a poker game that was breaking up. Dozer, Febes, Tobin and Angela had been playing until Eric called her to come to Fangtasia. I couldn’t help but be curious and feeling the bond just reminded me, again, that it was practically useless to me. Mischievous and evil were all I gleaned from it. As though that was unusual for Eric.

The children had barely stirred between the movie and their beds. In spite of the copious amount of sugary fuel they had, we found ourselves saying goodnight to three unconscious little angels.

When we were back downstairs again, Alcide slapped Jason on the shoulder. “So Peanut, you got any energy left for changing?”

He snorted. “Peanut? Mother fucker!”

Alcide started laughing. “Need a model?”

“Yeah. I think I will. This is going to be weird.”

“Lets get to it then. I wanna watch a movie.”

Janice reached out, asking Alcide to wait. “Can I, I mean… I don’t know what you look like.”

“You sure?”

When she nodded he kissed her forehead and went to the laundry room rather than through the back doors.

He called out to her. “Last chance. You sure you’re not going to flip out?”

“Yeah. I think I’m too nosy to freak.”

She’d had her chance. She seemed to barely hear the noises caused by his shift, not understanding what truly happened to his body was probably better…

She most certainly did hear the sounds of his claws on the marble floors as he made his way around the corner though. Her breathing hitched and her heart started to race.

When he cleared the island, Janice’s whole body tensed and he came to sit right in front of her and raised his eyebrows with a shimmer to his eyes.

“You can understand me?”

He nodded.

“Holy shit!… And Mom and Dad both…?”

He looked up for me to explain, making me happy I’d been curious enough to ask. “Alcide looks exactly like your father did. Your mother was lighter though. A grey wolf.”

Her eyes were wide open, like a child who walked in on the tooth fairy. “Does it hurt? I mean in movies…”

He cut her off by shaking his head back and forth vehemently.

“This is… just crazy.”

He nodded.

“Are real wolves this big!?”

He shook his head again and we were interrupted by Tobin and Febes coming into the room, returning from their ‘trip to the store’. Her hair looked like shit and they reeked of sex. Liars, horny liars.

Tobin’s eyes flashed. “What’s wrong?”

I smiled at the pretty thing for being so concerned. “Nothing. He’s going out for a run and Janice hadn’t seen him. He was settling her curiosity.”

He laughed slightly. “Awww damn, PM. My little sisters love wolf back rides around the living room!”

Alcide snorted and Janice started laughing and thanked him for letting her see.

He walked over to the back door and waited for Jason to open it.


We went our separate ways to get more comfortable and I slipped into one of the new gown and robe sets Alcide bought for me.

…Huh. I probably enjoyed that he shops for me too much… I can blame that on spending decades training Eric on how to act at finery shops.

I met Janice in the kitchen and we settled back with a true blood and a beer, waiting for everyone else so that we could start a movie.

“That’s cute. That color yellow makes your eyes stand out.”

“That’s what Alcide says. He bought it for me tonight.”

She laughed. “My friends never believe me when I wear stuff he gets me for Christmas and birthdays. I’ve never known another guy that wouldn’t set himself on fire to avoid shopping for a girl’s clothes.”

“He’s really good at it too. Eric will shop for us, but deep down, he really misses just being able to send me to a dressmaker.” Maybe not even ‘deep’ down.

She cringed. “It’s still a little weird to hear you mention stuff like that. You look so young.”

“Being a vampire is a great remedy for crow’s feet.”

She giggled. “I would guess so… Do vampires and Weres hook up a lot? I mean not like I’ve heard much about either, but I know my Dad was really preoccupied with Alcide having kids…”

“It’s incredibly uncommon. Most of the company that we had this week called us liars at first. I imagine we are one of those ‘see to believe’ situations.” Or ‘smell to believe’…

“Does it weird you out?”

“No. If anything, I’m bitter that I ignored him as an option for so long. I met him about 4 years ago… Thought he was pretty, but that it was a pity he’s a Were.”

“He was with Debbie then anyway.”

I laughed. “And then Carla… and me and Sookie… Seems your brother likes his women to be high maintenance.”

“You met Carla?”

“No, but I’ve heard plenty. She didn’t like the way he kept his dresser and reorganized it. Then yelled at him for being defiant for putting everything back… Some women just don’t understand how to coexist with an Alpha male.”

“And that’s what Alcide is?”

I snorted. “And then some… He’s smart and authoritative without bullying. He postures protectively… He doesn’t rub anyone’s nose in his position until it’s called for… We seem to be very lucky… all four of us are alphas and get along famously.”

She nodded. “I really am sorry about earlier. I… Dell asked me to do that once… Have a threesome… it made me feel like I wasn’t enough for him.”

I tried to smile sympathetically. “You weren’t.”

Her eyebrows shot up. “Thanks!”

“Sweetie that’s not a slight on you. It isn’t your fault that some men prefer whores who’d sleep with a married man. The good news is that you only wasted a few years with him and now you’re free to find yourself a man who wants a woman who’ll text him a heart on his lunch break. Dell’s a lucky prick to have had you for as long as he did… You are lucky to have at least gotten out of your ordeal.”

She smiled at me. “Alcide was worried I wouldn’t like you.”

“I think it was more that he knew your parents wouldn’t approve and by extension had the anxiety that you’d feel the same. I was worried you wouldn’t like me. How am I doing?”

“You’re a keeper.”

I smiled at her. “Good to hear.”


When the boys came back in, they went for a quick shower to get rid of the smell of the yard (after my Wolf shoved his nose up my gown and left with a wink).

Janice and I decided to pick a movie out of the huge assortment we’d loaded into Alcide’s arms while we were at FYE while we were putting them into the cabinets. As it turned out she and I shared the same deep appreciation for Burt Reynolds.

We gave each other a smile and declared The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas as the evening’s ‘crowd pleaser’.

The movie was a Moulin Rouge with Stetsons.

…and Chickens.


It had been a long day and we were all tired (for the most part) by the time we started the movie. Not too tired to enjoy the movie, just too tired to be rambunctious.

The rest of the house found their way into the den to appreciate the almost classic movie with us and I nearly died laughing (along with everyone else in the room) when Tobin proved that he knew all the lyrics to Itty Bitty Piss Ant Country Place… One of his mother’s favorite movies…

Then… Hard Candy Christmas was interrupted by my cell phone.

I left the den (and the warmth of Alcide’s arm being around me) trying to figure out why Clancy would be calling me.

“What do you need?”

“There is a Were here who wants your address. He says he has a thank you gift for the Queen.”

“A Were walked into Fangtasia wishing to give a gift to Sookie and you aren’t suspicious?”

“I didn’t assume you’d want me to post your address on the outside of the bar. I just didn’t know how you’d want to handle it. He’s just a boy. Not terribly excited to be here, but seems sincere about his purpose.”

“Since he seems to have found Fangtasia easily enough, just have him return in the morning so that we can meet him. 10.”

“Of course. Sorry to have interrupted your night off.”


Since Eric hadn’t been there to answer the question for him, I went back to Alcide assuming that the rest of the family would be joining us soon.

Sure enough, only a few minutes later they returned. It suddenly became hard for me to finish the movie while Sookie ate. My curiosity was making me crazy.

Everyone else turned to watching Adult Swim while Alcide and I went to catch up on how the ‘other half’s’ evening went.

Sookie spoon fed Alcide ice cream while he gave her a brief run through of our evening and they continued snacking while Eric explained…

“We started at Dragon where we met the wedding planner. We made arrangements for everything. I think the next thing we’ll need to do is show up. We went to her dress maker and the woman does such phenomenal work that I ordered evening gowns and suits for everyone for the Re-Opening. Everyone needs to work out a time to go in for a fitting this week. Sookie passed her first sentence and then we terrorized a young man who got too big for his britches.”

I wanted details, to be sure. And if I were them, I’d want a do-over on their ‘quiet time’…

They didn’t seem bitter that they’d been so busy as they gave us the full, unabridged version of their evening. They laughed and smiled… they’d gotten to play their own mean joke on someone tonight… And Sookie passed her first judgment…

And my master, in all of his infinite wisdom that a thousand years can bestow seemed unfazed by the idea of another King swearing fealty to him… Eric hadn’t even been officially crowned yet.

“Coppersmith pledged fealty… to you?”

Eric nodded. “It confuses me too. I’ve never heard of a king pledging to another king. Is there a custom you heard about while in Minnesota that would explain it?  Maybe it is simply a regional euphemism?”

“Eric, another King knelt before you and declared himself YOUR subject in front of his maker and all of Fangtasia. Are you being daft? Eric, you know what ‘fealty’ means to us.”

Eric started shaking his pretty little head. “You have to be mistaken. He must have simply been speaking of political friendship.” My pale ass.

“You are being daft. You now have control over 7 states… Eric! He must have spent days rehearsing what he would say to you. Do you really think that he would have misspoken? You know I’m right. He’s going to be paying tribute to you.”

“Why would he though?”

“Not that it matters, but perhaps it has something to do with his need for allies.”

“He mentioned not having any enemies. There is a very low population.”

“Maybe he heard about your influence and wants to hedge his bets. Maybe Canada is planning to invade. Maybe rumors are reaching him. What is the Were population up there? Just because he doesn’t have vampire enemies, doesn’t mean that there isn’t another storm brewing for him… As though any of it matters…”

Not that our conversation was going anywhere but in circles, Alcide suddenly blurted, “You sentenced her to death?!”

“Yes sir, I did.”

“You gave two vampires permission to kill… torture her to death.” Say goodnight, Gracie…

She looked so proud of herself. Hell, I couldn’t help but be proud of her. “Eric, it seems that our concerns about her being lenient in the direction of humans have been satisfied.”

“Yes, they have. Now we only have to wait to see if she will be seemed impartial or self deprecating.”


Sookie’s phone began ringing, interrupting my shock.

“Good evening Russell, I was about to call you.”

“Really, what did you want to talk to me about?”

“You first.”

“I heard you killed a human tonight.”

“My, oh my! News travels fast. That is part of what I was calling about. Your thoughts?”

“You gave them her life. As a vampire I applaud your severity, but you turned on your own. Are you going to be able to sleep at night.”

“Russell, you are over 700 years old. How many times have you loved a human? Enough to die for them?”


“Right and in your experience, how often does that happen between a vampire and a human.”

“Since I do not consider you human, I have never seen it happen.”

“Russell, she seduced those two men into a lie to start a war and both of them were willing to take a stake for her. There was no history for her. No sob story about a loved one wronged by a Vampire. She had never been glamoured or seduced or fed from. Her soul was pure hate. No punishment would have deterred her, she would have followed Newlin into hell killing ‘bloodsuckers’ and ‘fangbangers’. This way, he can just follow her trail of crumbs.”

When Russell started laughing, I realized that I missed hearing it. He was too much fun more often than not. “Sookie, my dear, you will be a fine Justice and when you become vampire, we will all bow to you. Did you plan to speak to me of anything else.”

“Only if you’ll answer me honestly.”

“Of course I will. Even if we aren’t friends, I still owe you until the end of my days.”

“Ok then. Why the fuck did Coppersmith pledge fealty to Eric tonight?”

“That asshole. Can you trust me enough to wait for that to reveal itself?”

“I want more, but I’ll wait for the big show.”

“I’ve heard pleasant rumblings. It does have to do with your being our front runner as delegate.” Oooooooohhh. My. Lord.

“Thank you.”

“Is that all? You’ll accept that for now?”

“Yes, Russell. I trust you, because we are friends, because we have saved each other’s asses and because you know me well enough to be scared of me.”

“Yes ma’am, I do.”

“Ok, sweetie, I’ll talk to you later. Kisses.”



When Sookie distracted me from my crazed attempt to hide how much I was reeling, it was with a garment bag.

My fangs ran out at the sight of the two most elegant corsets I had EVER laid my eyes on. One in icy blue, the other in the same soft yellow of the gown and robe I was wearing.

I probably hugged Sookie tight enough to crack a rib.

And when she showed me what we were giving Nicolette as her bridal shower gift, I assured her that Donna would most definitely be in need of a ‘proper staff’ in the very near future. The woman was an artist with boning. The corsets made me want to be a bridesmaid… often.


I stood in my closet making my mental list of what I would be needing to shop for… shoes and accessories to match, skirts, ooooh… a suit to wear with one… Eric would be in New Orleans and could help me in and out of it… the blue one would be striking with a Balenciaga skirt suit and brocade pumps… I need to go shopping…

Alcide was already yawning, comfortable in bed by the time I was done with my ‘fashion-machinations’.

“You’re tired?”

“Long day.”

I slid into the bed next to him, propping up on my elbow. “Are you really so upset that she sentenced the human to death?”

He stared at ceiling for a minute, before huffing. “She deserves it. The judgment is fair… I’m more surprised than anything. I mean, I’ve seen Sookie take out all kinds, including fellowship, but it was quick. She knows that woman is going to be tortured. I don’t know. It’s not like Hallow. She isn’t a plotting supe. She’s defenseless.”

I chuckled at him. He was too sweet at times. “No woman is defenseless. She used sex as a weapon just like Hallow used her spells. And I would use my strength or glamour. If she were a vampire working for another kingdom, it would be the right punishment too.”

“I know you’re right. I’m just really glad I’m on the Lunar court at the moment.”

“Fair enough.”

“So, you got any guesses about that fealty shit?” Oh boy, do I.

“I think the kingdoms are coming together. I think that for some reason they want Eric to take the lead.”

“Rule the country? Why? He’s only been king for like 5 minutes… Niki, Josie, Manning… they all have more experience than him.” Funny. Sookie obviously doesn’t tell him everything.

“He’s a bit of a legend in the old world… He has a reputation. Always has. Most kings here fear him and respect him. It’s one of the reasons why they pulled together to help him and Sookie.”

“If he ends up ruling North America, he’s going to be impossible.”

I snorted at him. “Like he could get much worse.”

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