The Icing

The Icing

Hunter’s POV

I don’t know why I’m here. I wanted to go to the baby shower with Momma, Mummy and Aunt Janice. Uncle Jason, Daddy and Far blindfolded us and said that we weren’t allowed to see where we were going.

I know we were in the truck a long time. We heard a bunch of songs on the radio. Manen sent that we were in the country. She could tell ‘cause of the smell.

The truck slowed down a lot and turned onto rocks. I could feel lots of brains around but I couldn’t hear any of ‘em. Not even Daddy’s. I could always hear Daddy and usually Far.

Something weird was going on. Manen and Tommy were excited, but I didn’t like the quiet. It made me worry.

Uncle Jason patted my shoulder from the back seat. “Stop your worrying buddy, your Momma did it so we could keep the surprise.”


When the truck stopped, Far turned it off and he opened my door and lifted me out and started carrying me. He took me inside and set me down and I heard Daddy start talking.

“We didn’t think it was fair for your mothers to get all the fun today. So we decided to have a big brother/ big sister party.”

Far was standing right behind me and he took my blindfold off. It took a minute for my eyes to get right, but when I looked around, a whole bunch of people I knew were there. Mr. Tray and Tobin brought Nadine and Annabelle. Hoyt brought Cody. Lisa and Coby were there. Azo brought his kids and a bunch of our new friends from the pack were there too.

The ceiling was covered with balloons with long strings. There was a table covered with snacks and a great big cake, but all the other tables were gone.

I looked up at Far. “We get our own shower?”

He smiled at me and nodded. “Are you excited, Kapten?”

I was too happy to talk so I hugged his leg.


We played a bunch of games…

We split into teams and we played a stroller race and ran around the pool table and back.

We raced to drink all of the juice out of a bottle.

My favorite game was the dress up race. Me and Nadine were a team. She started out wearing a diaper and a bib and a beanie and a binkie. She had to take everything off and I had to put it on. Lisa and Manen won, but it was still my favorite game.


Mr. Sam and Mr. Terry made burgers and chicken fingers for everybody and we watched the grownups play the bottle game while we ate. Uncle Jas and Daddy tied. Then they all played the stroller game and all of the strollers broke. We told them they were too big but it was really funny to watch them fall all over.

After we ate dinner, me and Manen and Tommy cut up the cake for everybody.

While everybody ate cake, Daddy and Far passed out presents for everybody. Everybody got a gift bag.

We all got jump suits.

Jump suits?

Uncle Jason went around to us kids and we all reached into a bag and pulled out a strip of fabric. Then the grownups did it too.

When everybody had a piece, Uncle Jas stood up on a chair and started explaining.

“Since none of us are babies, we’re gonna play a big kids game! When y’all get your coveralls on, find a grown up with your color armband… And he’ll help you load your PAINT BALL GUN!”

Mr. Terry and Mr. Sam even put on a coverall.

The kids got special kid guns so it wouldn’t hurt so bad but the grownups had the real thing. They were only allowed to shoot other grownups, but us kids could shoot anybody. Uncle Jason and Mr. Terry and Hoyt ended up on the same team, so by the time the kids were done playing, Far and Daddy looked like confetti cake.

We were supposed to keep score, but us kids were just happy to play. Momma never would have let us play.

When Miss Arlene came to get Coby and Lisa, Mr. Sam got a earful about safety so I know Momma woulda been cross.

It was starting to get dark when we went back inside. Daddy handed us all a chopstick and told us that there were prizes in the balloons.

All of us kids started grabbing at strings and popping the balloons to get the candy prizes inside. We went crazy and all a’ them were popped in a minute.

We laughed and yelled. It was the best time ever.


I was really happy on the way home and I fell asleep from all the fun I had.

I didn’t wake up until Far pulled me out of the truck to carry me in.

“Did you enjoy yourself, Kapten?”

I hugged his neck. “I did. It was the best.”

He patted my back while he carried me in.

Momma was waiting in the kitchen and I got the first kiss. “Hunter, did you get icing in your hair?”

Far started laughing and tried to walk around her. I laughed too. “Eric Northman, what’s in his hair?”

“Sookie, I can’t be sure. There were a lot of sweets at the party.”

“Orange sweets?”


Momma stared at him for a long time. She knew he was fibbing.

All a sudden, Far pointed behind Momma. “What’s that?”

When she turned around to look, he popped us to my room and set me down to get washed up.

When I came out, he handed me my PJs.

“I’m happy that you had fun today. YOU make me very happy. You know that having more children in our family won’t change how much we love you, right?”

I knew that. I kissed him and jumped up to my bed and laid down so he could tuck me in. “You make me happy too.”

“I never thought I’d be lucky enough to have a son like you.”

I laughed at him. “Meme should have told you like she told me.”

“What did she tell you?”

“She used to tell me bedtime stories about you.”

“You’ve spoken of her before… Who is Meme?”

“My first mommy’s maker.”

3 thoughts on “The Icing

  1. Kristie Yamber says:

    Beautiful,, and Sophie Ann knew about Eric taking care of Hunter before anythind happened to her,,,, beautifully written my best Kristie

  2. lovealltbsvm says:

    Loved it.

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