Taking Out The Trash

Taking Out The Trash

Pam’s POV

I stood there staring at the ‘new me’.

The bizarre, surreal, perfect ‘new me’. How strange it was to look myself in the eyes and know that I was whole and separate.

What an amazing creature Sookie was. More amazing was her willingness to share her talents so freely. Her generosity is probably the one element in her makeup separating her humanity from her inner vampire. She’d do anything to help anyone until they crossed the line and betrayed someone she loved. And here I am looking at myself knowing that I will be at the press conference in a few moments in support of my King and maker in his plea for peace between the races. And I will also be visiting an old friend to tie up some loose ends. What a remarkable gift. Duplicity, indeed.

As I slid on blue jeans and a black sweater then black work boots, I watched in awe as my other self put on my grey Balenciaga skirt suit and Betsey Johnson pumps, all without coaching as though she knows exactly how to do what I’ve been doing for Eric for years. And she had, just as me.

United, we are slightly stronger, but Sookie assures me that creativity is mine in whole. I would be depending on that. Bobby Burnham, on the other hand, would more than likely be much less appreciative of my newly gifted ability. Tisk.


The cool air was invigorating as I walked the few blocks between where I parked and Bobby’s house. I was happy to see his car was there. Waiting always makes me cranky and tonight I was not in the mood to do anything but the task at hand; bring my master’s betrayer to justice.

It was 8 o’clock when I slid through his back gate, not worried if anyone saw me because I have an iron clad alibi on national television on the other side of town.

I walked right in through his kitchen door, surprised that he’d be so careless considering his actions. I suppose he figures he’s in the clear now that Bill and the Newlins are dead.  I suppose that he doesn’t know that he’s been found out. Bill was a fool to include so many in his plot, but it figures. He wasn’t enough of a man for Sookie, why would anyone believe him to be capable of taking out his own garbage?

This is two of his plots against Eric that that we’ve exposed. Proof in the pudding. Bill had been in the way of Eric’s need for Sookie from the beginning and Eric could have sent me to tend to Bill. In fact, I volunteered, but Eric was a real man and knew that he could suffer Bill’s existence until he could do the job himself without losing Sookie’s heart.


As I walked through the slovenly kept kitchen towards the dining room where the table was covered in papers and files and a collection of dirty ceramic coffee mugs, I heard the shower start in the bathroom. Happy to have a few minutes, I start going through the papers on the table. I found bills and receipts; none of it was of any use.

I decided to stop shuffling through the piles of uselessness and go straight to the source. I silently made my way down the hallway and into the bathroom. My outline in the etched glass doors startled him and I was leaning against the counter top nonchalantly by the time he slid them open.

“Don’t let me bother you dear. I have time.”

“What are you doing here?!”

“You’re manners are atrocious.” I provided a genial bow.

“Why are you here, Ms. Ravenscroft?”

“We have things to discuss.”

“Can I have some privacy?”

“No, I don’t think you can. As it seems, privacy has been the rope you’ve used to hang yourself. Now finish up so we can have our talk.” I impressed myself with how calm I had stayed.

He didn’t finish his shower as much as he rinsed himself quickly and stepped out after reaching out with a trembling hand to take a towel from a nearby hook.

“Fine, I’m finished. What do you want to talk about?”

“Your friends.”

“Which ones?”

“Your vampire friends. What did Bill Compton promise you for your part in his attempt to kill Eric Northman?”

“My what? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

As melodramatically as I could muster I took a stiletto out of my back pocket and flipped her open. She had been a friend of mine since Eric bought her for me after we saw Rebel Without a Cause together.

I slid the shiny blade across his chest as he nervously watched, petrified.

“Robert, this will be as easy as you make it. This is the last time I ask nicely.”

“Wwwwhat are you asking?”

“What did Bill promise you for your part in his plot to kill Eric Northman.”

“I can’t tell you. Mr. Compton told me that I would be killed even if he was already done.”

“You, dear boy, are the last domino.” I reached down with my gloved hand and lifted his arm. I put a long slice into his forearm from side to side. My fangs ran out and I raised my eyebrows at him. “How is your memory?”

“Compton said he’d have me turned just to be burned in the sun if I breathed a word.”

“Bill Compton his been dust in a shopvac for more than 2 weeks now, darling. And… I can torture you for longer than his accomplices.” I removed a glove to place my hand over his wound to heal him then put the glove back on.

His eyes widened and he started to cry. It always incensed me to see a man cry out of fear. “He promised to turn me!”

“That was it? You betrayed master to become a vampire?”

“I was doing Eric a favor. He’s slipping and you know it. That bitch has him by his dick and if it wasn’t Bill to kill him, it’d be someone else that wants to take her. What the fuck is so special about that cunt anyway?”

“She is the most powerful being on the planet.” I shoved the blade into his thigh. “What was Bill’s plan?”

He bit through his lip trying not to scream. I’ll give him one thing, he was at least trying to not look like a complete girl about this.

“All Bill wanted me to do was let him know when they’d be traveling together. When Sookie had me book the plane tickets to Boston, I let him know.”

“That’s all? He told you that he’d turn you in exchange for travel plans?”

“I was supposed to contact him if the plans changed. When Eric called to have me send a car to the airport I called Marla, the backup number.”

“What do you know of Marla?”

“Her name is Marla and her number is in my phone. That’s it! That’s all I know!”

Even though, we’d already confirmed his version of the plot, he was quickly glamoured as an extra measure. The fool really had told me everything. Such a risk for such a small payout.

I lunged at him and sank my teeth in feeling no shame over this bastard’s abuse. He hadn’t been threatened he’d been bribed into betraying my master. I wanted to suck him dry but knew I couldn’t. I drained him until he fell unconscious and I let his body unceremoniously crash to the floor then went to the kitchen to stage the scene. I opened the dishwasher and slid out the bottom rack and then put all of Bobby’s silverware in the basket, sharp side up.

I returned to the bathroom to find him partially revived and picked him up, taking him to stand next to the dishwasher.

I stood there holding his hands bridged across the open appliance and for a moment he looked like he might trust me, until I pulled him over with a jerk.

The basket full of sharp utensils eviscerated his inner thigh and in a short moment his wailing and writhing had come to a halt. The femoral artery is fragile like that.

He would be found… eventually; towel wrapped around his waist and sprawled over like he had tripped over the carelessly forgotten door. Since the rest of the house was such a shambles, no one would ever wonder.

I reached down and healed my kiss from his neck on my way to the door. I couldn’t wait to tell Sookie about how well her plan worked…

But the television caught my attention…

The press conference was over.

Oh dear lord…

3 thoughts on “Taking Out The Trash

  1. Kristie Yamber says:

    Pammy, I love you, you are such a sneaky bitch you have to keep this one for resurrection my best Kristie

  2. lovealltbsvm says:

    One word. Perfect!

  3. cela whitney says:

    good one! i have3 always hated bobby;what a great way to finally be rid of him.

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