Chapter 8

Highland Rollercoaster

Pam’s POV

Sunday, January 3rd…

My master, Eric Northman: Sexy, smart, aloof, worth millions. We’ve been together for more than 200 years with exception of a stray decade here or there while I was out on an assignment. I know Eric as well as he has ever let anyone know him. We have always made a good team, since I grew into Vampirism, at least.  We have always been friends under the child/maker façade we’ve worn. I’ve always respected him; he is quite impressive after all. But over the course of the past year he has been absolutely, without question, the biggest royal pain in the ass since Rasputin.

I have gone to rest many a time since Eric’s recovery from that curse by pacifying myself with remembrances of torturing the witch responsible. The curse she put on my maker has echoed into every night of my life since then. Sookie this, Sookie that. Before the curse, his pursuit of the telepath was a game. I even enjoyed the entertainment. Eric would get a little spring in his step every time he had the opportunity to check Compton or get even the slightest irritation out of Sookie.

When I collected him from her house after the war, he was out of sorts. The two of them had been having sex while he was there, even if I hadn’t been able to feel it through our bond, I could smell it on them both. He didn’t remember what had happened while he was boarding with her and it was driving him to madness. When she finally told him, it only made things worse. I could tell when he was thinking of her, it felt like a wind tunnel; spinning emptiness swallowing anything that comes near. Occasionally sparks of lust and life would pass through, but for the most part after the 200 plus years that I had witnessed him conquer women and scare the shit out of men, I watched my master turn into a damned Valentine’s Day card. It made me sick. I assume that one can be in love without making a complete ass out of oneself, but if this was how he acted in love, I was quite happy to have only seen it happen this once.

Since the night of the takeover, things worsened exponentially. He had regained his full memory at a most inopportune time. He couldn’t watch over her because of business. My new position: babysitting my maker’s pet. I’m only bitter about the principle. After this many years of being a dutiful second, I was reduced to being a Private I. The job itself wasn’t a bad one. I was able to use Amelia as an excuse to stop by, so there were some benefits. Amelia was chatty enough to give me more than enough information to relay to Eric. Every couple of weeks, we would enjoy a ‘girls’ night out’. Hmmm, oh, the enjoyment I got out of dancing with Sookie. Doing body shots with her was payment enough for services rendered even if I didn’t get my own enjoyment out of Eric’s reaction to her smell on me afterwards.

There were some things about the job that weren’t as enjoyable. Information gathering was easy enough, but there were some nights that I’d be with Amelia and hear Sookie come home from work with Herveaux. I didn’t hear or smell anything that suggested Eric should be concerned but I know my master and he isn’t fond of sharing or Weres. I don’t think sharing with a wolf would increase his fondness. All the signs were there that they were seeing too much of each other and Amelia relayed to me that Tray didn’t like Herveaux’s girlfriend Carla. No one did. Amelia also couldn’t help me with the wheres and whys of Sookie’s little out of town adventures. Football games at Thanksgiving, maybe. His sister’s in Jackson; I could buy that for him, but why take Sookie? The most confusing: an aquarium in Atlanta? Why not go to the one in Texas? That one was definitely bullshit.

Eric finally got what he wanted. He approached Sookie and she agreed, more or less, to be his. The night of their first date, I had to fight smiling at my post at the door to Fangtasia. His happiness and lust were overwhelming the bond we have. I was truly proud for him. I’d never seen (or felt) him be so pleased.

Last night brought me almost as much enjoyment. To my surprise, I found out he was… dancing with wolves? What’s more, Sookie decided to butter me up with couture and thrust her bed buddy at me, like I was a consolation prize since she was off the market. Color me suspicious, but I didn’t like the sound of it. I had looked to Eric when she suggested it. I had been keeping him updated. As much as I liked Sookie, I wouldn’t see him broadsided if I could help it. Instead of disagreeing with her, he told me he trusted Herveaux.  Never before, never about me even, had he said that he trusted anyone. Not out loud. Of course there was a list longer than the Mississippi of those he didn’t trust.

So here I am, dressed in my new favorite dress and shoes handpicked by my blind date. I wish Vampires get ill so that I could call in sick. I know Herveaux is good looking, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve never liked Weres as a rule and I hate this silly double date scenario enough to prefer the punishment for not showing up.

I was standing at my door trying to think of an excuse to not go when I got a text from Eric: “Don’t be a coward. We WILL have fun.”

What master says, Pam does.


The second I walked through the front door, I saw Eric speaking with… Alcide and they were both laughing. I couldn’t help but notice how well he wore his jeans. His thighs were as big around as both of mine together and I could see the definition in them through his pants. His T-shirt was equally enjoyable. It was snug enough to show off a very well defined six pack and pecks bigger than my bed pillows. This guy was huge and I daresay was built better than Eric only slightly shorter. I was thinking that I could enjoy our date, maybe. It only took a second for me to size him up and judging by how fast the color drained from his face and his new scent, he was thinking along the same lines. Maybe, just maybe.

Sookie had me in her sights too. She came over to me, putting on quite a show for the patrons in Shifter’s Bar & Grill.

“Oh mama! You look good enough to eat. Turn around.” I did just that. I enjoyed the admiration. “I can’t wait to get my hands on you.” I thanked her for the compliment with a kiss. “Pam, you remember Alcide, right?”

Of course, I remember him, the last time I saw him he was furry and bleeding though.

We’d barely had the chance to nod at each other when the shifter came from the back with his hair up. “Sookie, I need to talk to you…” Oh my, Sookie was in a mood. She rolled her eyes and stomped to where he was standing and stopped inches away from his face. “In my office.” I had to fight off my laughter when she denied him. “Fine. One of your friends just threatened Arlene. So they need to leave.”

She took off her apron while she yelled at him. Tonight might be more fun than I thought. “Sam, my friend didn’t threaten that lying bitch! My FIANCE was nasty to her, but not nearly as nasty as her fellowship scumbag boyfriends are to me.”

“FIANCE?”  Well, if I was just now finding out about it, I was at least pleased that it made him break a sweat to hear it. I’d have ask Eric about it later.

“Yup! Fiancé. You, Sam Merlotte can shove it up you selfish unyielding ass! You and Arlene can go fuck yourselves!” She threw her apron in his face and stomped out! This was going to be fun. The three of us followed her out the back door like lemmings and she was still ranting.  “I’m sorry about that, guys. Don’t worry. I’ll start looking for a straight job tomorrow. But tonight we are going to have fun, if it kills me. Alcide, I’m kidnapping you, go get your party dress and stuff we’ll all ride together.”

“Yes ma’am.” He walked towards the front. I loved that he took an order from a woman without a blink.

She started pulling off her clothes and changing without a care of who saw it. Eric didn’t seem to care that Alcide or I saw so much of her so I enjoyed the show. It seemed like she was starting to calm down a little until Merlotte joined us outside.

She unleashed a rant on him that was worth writing home about. She said a few things just for shock-value, but as he tried to blame Supes (as though he weren’t one himself) for all of her new bad habits, she didn’t back down. I had never been more proud of my telepathic friend. The fact that she was such a spit fire never escaped me. As much as Eric annoyed me now that he was sappy for her, I understood how attractive she was.

When she climbed into the car, we were all quiet, she started second guessing herself. “What? Too much?”

Alcide offered the first reply, “He just wouldn’t let up, and you said what you had to.”

Eric beamed. Not only proud of her, but aroused. “I am altogether impressed. I am proud of you for staying so calm.”

All I could say was: “I can’t believe they won’t admit that it turned them on.” We all laughed.

She leaned over to me, “How turned on are you?” she started kissing me. She was practically laying on top of me and wrapped her arms around me. I balked for a moment. The kiss, as always from Sookie was very enjoyable but I needed to know from Eric that it was acceptable to him right now. I only felt lust so when she removed my pumps and adjusted herself onto me, I decided to have as much fun as Eric allowed.

Sookie and I had shared a few playful exchanges but this wasn’t the same. She was being as erotic as I had ever seen her. She was coming at me with so much sexual energy that I was actually swept away. Her mouth was on my neck and she was chewing with just the right amount of pressure, blowing her warm breath over the dampness she left behind. I don’t think I had ever before, but Sookie made me come just by kissing me. I am convinced that Eric allowed it just to prove to me that he was justified in wanting her as much as he had ever wanted anything. Completely convinced. When she was done with me, we untangled from each other and helped one another with fixing our faces. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear that she’d just used me to calm down… Like she’d been near a bloodlust. Great. First Eric, now her.

What came next shocked me more than our kissing. The Sookie who once rebelled against all things vampire thanked Eric for allowing her to make out with me. I couldn’t believe it. I was… there are no words really. I might as well have just met the Easter Bunny.

In spite of my surprise, I took the cue, “Yes thank you, Master.”

“You are both welcome. The two of you seemed to have fun.”

Sookie and I looked at each other and giggled.

Sookie was in quite the mood tonight. “Alcide? You alive up there? You’re never this quiet.”

“I’m fine. Just thinking about how to word my letter to FangBanger.”

I couldn’t help but join in her game. She really did know how to have fun. I stood between the seats. “My, you are a good sport. Aren’t you?” I surprised him with a kiss. I don’t know if Sookie had ever kissed him before, but he was good. He was an amazing kisser and I almost didn’t want to sit back down. Tonight was definitely full of surprises. When I sat back down I gave her a wink and patted her hand.

“See Alcide no mental image necessary, I’ll bet we can even find a bar out here that will serve Vegas weddings.”

“Maybe it’ll be a Cuba boda night!” Oh the two breathers thought that was a riot, but I wasn’t about to get hot sauce on this dress! Sookie ruined Prada last time.

“Maybe not! I plan on wearing this dress for at least a decade!”

The Were… Alcide turned around to argue with me. “Sweetheart, you can’t fight the Cuba boda. I’ll buy you 5 new dresses tomorrow I have to.” He winked. I throbbed. Shit, Sookie caught that. She’s already had Eric’s blood.

She laughed, “The key to the kingdom is couture!”

Eric laughed too. “Alcide, if you keep it up, she’ll have you at fashion week. That is a special flavor of hell. I was sharpening my bedpost before it was over!” Wonderful. Thanks a lot Eric. Maybe I should tell Sookie how many models you bedded that week.


After a few minutes of quiet Sookie whined. It was like nails on a chalkboard. “Are we there yet?”

Alcide turned and yelled, “HEY! Don’t make me come back there!” They were laughing, I guess that it was an inside joke.

Sookie all but dared him. “Ha. You couldn’t even of you wanted to!” Just then Alcide laid the seat down and pulled himself forward with a twist and landed between us. His flexibility made me curious, among other things.

“You were saying?” the 3 of us laughed.

“Ok guys, there is such a thing as too tight!” Sookie started maneuvering to give us some ‘space’. I could have been angry, but he smelled really nice and I was looking forward to another kiss, maybe more.

Sookie was wearing a g-string, and her ass was directly in front of our faces, but I resisted the urge to bite it and slapped it instead. Alcide’s slap landed at the same moment mine did and we shared a look.

“Hmmm. Maybe I’ll stay right here.” She laughed and the two of us slapped her rump again. “Ok, Ok, I’m goin’, I’m goin’!”

When she got up front she held her hand up and I watched her purse float by, between our heads. Alcide looked at me and shook his head when he saw my surprise.

I shook it off and decided to get to the bottom of that later and rested my hand on Alcide’s thigh. He received the invitation well and started kissing me again. I was thankful when I heard the music start, my date was already starting to breathe heavily when I pushed him over and leaned against his massive chest. He was radiant with heat and his breath was literally warming me from the inside out. At the moment I couldn’t think of a kiss I had ever enjoyed more than this one (at least not with a man). I would have to thank Sookie later. I think I would enjoy what Alcide had to offer.

I wasn’t sure, not that I cared too much, what was going on in the front seat. As far as I could tell, Sookie was sitting with her feet in Eric’s lap but there was far more than that going on the bond.

All I cared about was that there was no way I’d get away with what I wanted to do right now. I had all kinds of things in mind for later, if I could get him to go home with me. I’d definitely give him something to write FangBanger about.


We sat up and started calming down when we felt the car turn onto the gravel leading to the fairgrounds. Eric and Alcide didn’t have much time to change so Sookie and I leaned against the hood of her car and held hands while the men changed at the trunk. I had almost calmed down when Sookie started stroking the palm of my hand with her thumb. I wondered if Eric had told her that I enjoyed it but what had me wondering more: Sookie had accepted the car he bought her. Eric and I had joked for months that she would be a brat about receiving it and yet, here it was and she didn’t look at it like I would have expected her to. Nor did she make any sideways comments about it. Eric was quite right. There was something different about my little friend. I had been deep in thought and very much distracted by what Sookie was doing to my hand when my phone went off in my purse. It was from Sookie. I shot her a curious look while the message loaded. It was a candid picture of both Eric and Alcide between outfits. I couldn’t help but send it to Eric. I suppose she sent it to Alcide as well.

They looked up at us when they saw their photos and protested in unison. “Game On.”

“Whatever. Bring it.” She giggled. “So uh, guys? I have to ask. Why do you own your own kilts?”

In unison, “Highland games.”

“How often do you wear them?”

Again, in unison, “Every 4 months.”

“You two are so BROmantic.”  I couldn’t believe my eyes when Eric reached over and grabbed Alcide’s chest.

Sookie started the cat calling when they were dressed and I decided to join her. It had been a while since I’d seen Eric in such a good mood. Scratch that. It had been so long since I’d seen him smile, that he wasn’t even really attractive anymore.

Sookie started off with Eric and Alcide so I wandered away to look at what the vendors had to offer. I had been to plenty of these things with Eric over the years and I had no real interest in the games. After years of  being dragged along, it was nice that Eric had another little boy to play with.

The shopping was the fun part for me and even then, only partially so. Being able to remember what life was like growing up in England in the 1700s took some of the enjoyment out of these things for me. Machine embroidered coats of arms for family names too common for anyone to be able to rightfully claim them. Silverware was a joke. That long ago, anyone wealthy enough to afford silverware, wouldn’t have been caught dead at a festival that included the games. Booths with kitschy jewelry that any mall rat could find. In fact there are few vendors that interest me at these events.

When Sookie caught up to me, she found me visiting one of them. Stained Glass. I was remembering how my governess used to fuss at me. It wasn’t ladylike to sit on stairs. I used to sit on the stairs with my little brother and watch the sun set through the very large rosette in our foyer. He loved how the sun coming through the window turned the room red. We used to laugh about how it looked like the room was on fire. He loved fire. Not in a strange or disturbing way like so many of today’s miscreants. If the fireplace was a light, he found a way to be near it. When he was small he would play with his toys and once he was older he would paint, read or whittle as near to the warmth as he could. He always complained that he couldn’t paint fire because he couldn’t get the colors right. The wretched tourists ask me from time to time what I miss the most about being alive. My mind takes me back to our staircase and sitting with my baby brother. Huh, he was 14 and nearly a man by the time’s standard. I enjoyed the sunset with him on the very night that Eric took me. However, my answer is stock, made to impress the idiotic vermin: ‘I miss not caring what blood type my lovers were.’

“Hey sweetie. What did you find?”

“Stained glass…” It was just Sookie, so I didn’t need to hide my sadness. “It’s just not as pretty without the sun shining through it.”

“Awww. I think it is.”

“No. The colors don’t dance like they do when the light is on it.”

She ordered it anyway. I was sure she had something up her sleeve, she always did. I smiled at her as best I could and hugged her. I considered her to be my first friend since Eric. The difference being that I had the choice of being her friend. Sookie didn’t want a thing from me. We just enjoyed spending time together. I knew exactly why Eric wanted her and I couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather share my maker with than her. If she let him turn her, it would be wonderful to have her as a sister. I was slipping again, falling into a Sookie spiral. She was almost intoxicating in her own, very unique, way. I had to find something to talk about so that I wouldn’t continue to over analyze her.

“When do the guys start their games?”

“We were uninvited.” She explained the situation and I agreed with her decision to spend then flirt. So we did just that. We spent the next couple of hours roaming the grounds and buying and ordering and occasionally making fun of some over enthusiastic Fair goers. Once we went to all of the vendors, we loaded our items into her trunk and made our way to the stage area where the band was warming up.

Sookie was in the merch. tent buying a CD when we heard a loud clamor. She stared off into the direction of the noise and I watched her start to panic. Without hesitation and at nearly a vampire’s speed she was off like a shot. I couldn’t imagine what made her take off like that. I had started to follow her when I collapsed. I was lying on the cold damp grass and I felt like I was falling, like I was spinning on a top. I actually felt nauseated for the first time in a century. I had a horrible feeling, as though I was in the presence of impending doom. I fought the urge to stay where I was and wait this out and charged off after her. Eric would never forgive me if I let something happen to her.


When I found her, she was fussing over Eric. He was on the ground, sprawled out like any number of those he had laid to ruins in battle. She was leaking, rather a faucet of tears and rocking back and forth muttering to Eric to wake up. It was almost laughable, until I realized for the first time ever, I didn’t feel him. Nothing. No pain, no anger, no lust, no pride. Nothing. I have always felt him. But now, nothing.

I watched Sookie as her hands started to glow and then I thought I might feel a twinge or two that could be Eric. Eventually her entire body was glowing from within; she looked like a light bulb in human form. She was so brilliant that it pained me to look directly at her. I saw my master start to move his arms and a moment later he was on his feet, asking what happened.

She wrapped her arms around his waist and cried into his shirt while Alcide explained in detail. I missed that she had cut her own wrist to try to feed him. That she did it twice, more than impressed me, it endeared her to me. She really did love him.

I had been scared for the first time in ages. I wanted to wrap my arms around him too. I wanted to tell him how happy I was that he was fine. I knew Sookie wouldn’t begrudge me that, but I was afraid Eric would consider me weak.

When Alcide admitted to being shaken and suggested that we find a beer vendor, I was eager for the distraction and went with him. I didn’t even care that we probably wouldn’t find a bottle of true blood here. We both realized very quickly that Eric and Sookie weren’t behind us.

He took my hand as we walked. “I know you’re a tough chick and all, but are you alright?”

I didn’t know how to act. Most people, even Weres, assume vampire have no feelings, but he was asking me about mine. “I’m just a little shaken. If I didn’t know better I’d swear he had been finally dead.”

“You’ve been friends for a long time, huh?”

Great, Sookie hasn’t told him that Eric is my maker. That’s going to be awkward later, if there is a later. “A little more than 200 years. I don’t know what I’d do without him.”

He pulled his hand away and put his arm across my shoulder. He didn’t say anything else; he just kept me company and let me lean on him. I think I could really like this guy.

We found the beer tent and when they didn’t have blood, he walked out without ordering a beer. Who was that sweet, really? We walked around the amphitheater and found Eric sitting in the grass, Sookie wrapped around him like a kitten on a tree limb. If I was shaken she had seen the epicenter.  We joined them and listened to the music. I don’t think any of us were there for the entertainment but the distraction… it helped all of us to camouflage how thrown events had left us.


When the band was done, we made our way back to the car. I watched as Eric tossed the keys to Alcide who caught them without looking. Sookie was still hogging Eric and rode in the backseat with him. So, I was left with my thoughts again.

Once we were driving Alcide asked, “Bon Temps, right?”

Sookie squeaked from the back. “Restaurant.”

“Are you sure?”

“I am starving, I need some fuel. And I need a stiff drink.”

“You got it, Shug.”

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. “Eric what did it feel like when your maker died finally?”

“It’s hard to explain. She died instantly. I felt like I was falling…”

“…but never hit the ground.” His look confirmed my suspicion. That’s what I felt. That’s what brought me to my knees. He had died, again. How did Sookie bring him back?

Sookie had seen where I was going with my question and argued my point. “You guys either go to ash or puddle. He might have been close but he was still very solid. The idea that I could have that ability is ridiculous.”

Eric didn’t say anything but he did hug her closer to him to calm her down.

Alcide pulled into the first place he saw. I didn’t think it was possible, but this place seemed like a bigger dump than Merlotte’s. Wonderful.

We found a booth and Eric tried to start small talk. He talked about the games and asked about what we bought. It was all very pandering. I found it odd though that Sookie could identify the man who threw the caber as a semi daemon and Eric didn’t. As a human, she could have sensed that he was ‘Supe’, at best. The only way she should have been able to tell if he was Daemon or semi-Daemon would be if she was sensing her own… no. That’s not possible.

Eric took Sookie out so that he could see the jewelry she bought for the wedding, leaving Alcide and I together again.

“You two should go for a walk while Sookie and I eat. It’ll make you feel better. I’m sure you have some things you want to talk about with him.”

I thought about that for a minute. Most men would be threatened by leaving a date with another man, even a blind date. Since he had been spending so much time with Sookie, I thought I’d see what he’d be willing to share. “Sookie has new powers.”

He smirked as he nodded. “I’m not even sure of all of them. They hit her really fast.”

“Do you think she could have brought him back? Could she be that strong?”

“Pam, after what I’ve seen over the last couple of months… If anyone is strong enough, Sookie is.”

“Does she know where the powers are coming from?”

He shook his head. “I get the feeling that her Faerie kin are to thank. I doubt it’s their bond because they’ve been apart for so long and it would have popped up back in September when it became official. It’s not Glenda the good bitch or I’d have smelled the magic on Sookie even if she didn’t screw up half the spells she casts. I’ve been around her so much; the only thing that I can figure is Fae because they’re the only ones that can work at that kind of distance. Unless you have any ideas.”

I half smiled at him. I found myself distracted that he didn’t mind insulting Amelia. He knows that we’re occasional lovers. Another point for him. “No, it sounds like Niall is to ‘thank’. Is she having problems with any of them?”

“No. It seems like she’s mastering them as soon as she discovers them. It’s kind of fun to watch her work.”

“Do any of them annoy her like the telepathy does?”

He smiled at me. “That’s gotten much stronger and so have her shields. She doesn’t listen to thoughts any more. She can pick memories out of a person’s head. She can read my thoughts now too. Vampire are still a blank though.”

He sat and quietly let me process the new information until Eric and Sookie came back.


“Pamela, would you care to take a stroll in the night air while these two eat?”

Of course I do. What kind of silly question was that? We left Alcide and Sookie to their revolting dinner and went outside and sat on the trunk of her car.

“Eric, I…”

“I know Pam. I think she can too. I think I might have been dead, I just don’t know how she could have gotten powerful enough to heal, not to mention resurrect. That is a power I’ve only ever known Daemon to have.”

Sometimes I like it when Eric and I think alike, sometimes not so much. “But she did heal you, if not resurrect you.”

He thought for a moment and then nodded. “She did something. I’m not sure she knows what she did.”

I didn’t care if he’d think of me as weak; I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him. “I don’t care what she did, Eric. You’re still here.”

I expected him to pull away. Sookie was the only person I had ever seen him touch sympathetically. When he wrapped his arms around me to return the hug, I actually cried.

“Eric, we know vampire all over who pray for their maker’s end. I’m not one of them. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Pamela, my friend, you would do just fine. You don’t give yourself enough credit.”

He rubbed his hand over my shoulder. It was comforting except for it being so uncharacteristic for him.

“Eric, you don’t realize what you mean to me and Sookie. Neither one of us would be of use if anything happened to you.”

He took a thoughtful pause. “You need to know that it goes both ways. I couldn’t stand to lose you either.”


We sat outside and listened to the crickets’ annoying racket for a long while before going back inside to join our dates. As we headed in Eric kept his arm around me. It was so comforting to get a private gesture, but the public one touched me more deeply. He hadn’t ever done this for me before. Then again, he had never been brought back from the dead either.

We paused before taking our seats and Sookie looked up at us attentively.

“Vi älskar vår viking.” She surprised me with Swedish. So full of surprises, our Sookie. I couldn’t help but smile.

She had seemed to have bounced back somewhat. “So, what’s next? It’s only 11. The night is young.”

Eric decided, “We should start by retrieving the other vehicles from Merlotte’s and then we can find something to do in Shreveport if everyone is interested.”

While we were in the car we were deep in debate about our plans. None of us wanted to go our separate ways, it seemed. We wanted to stick together for a while, maybe salvage the evening.

Sookie was working on an idea, out loud, as usual. “Eric, what’s the name of the sports club that Angela is at?”

“Cheap Seats.”

“Do they have pool or air hockey?”

“There are several games and an arcade. Lover, would you like to go check on her?”

“If no one else minds. I could still eat and we could play and maybe do a round or two of the Cuba boda.”

Alcide might as well have high fived her. “That’s my girl! Always thinking.”

He’d better be planning on shopping for me if he ruined this dress. “Size 4 dresses. 7 shoes.” He turned and gave me the most devilish smile. He was going to get more than a Cuba Boda tonight.


When Eric dropped us at Merlotte’s, Alcide and I followed but a few miles down the road, before the turn for the highway, I slowed down and turned on my emergency lights, pulling onto the shoulder. Alcide, of course, stopped too and walked up to my car as I climbed out.

“What’s wrong?” He seemed genuinely concerned.

I eyed him. “Nothing.”  I reached around to the back of his neck and kissed him again. His big hands went around my back and pressed us together. He was so warm, I dare say that he was almost comfortable. And oh, God, could he kiss! I wanted to see if he was half as good at fucking. He seemed up for the task but he retreated.

“Pam, half an hour ago you were a wreck…”

“…Alcide, I’m a big girl. If you’re afraid to fuck a vampire, just say so.”

He smiled at me. He knew I was daring him. Men are so easy to manipulate, it almost wasn’t fun. Almost.

He bent over and started chewing on my neck and grabbed me behind my knees, pulling my legs around his waist and carried me around to the other side of our cars. He opened the door to my car and we crashed into the backseat. The space was small for a guy his size to maneuver around in, but he did really well. He had no problem getting my dress untied and pulling my panties off without ripping them. Somehow, I got him to sit in the seat and climbed on top of him. Once he was in me, I tried to push him. I expected him to come quickly, but no matter how hard or fast I pushed, he wasn’t giving it up. We were kissing and groping at each other in a frenzy and, though I tried to control them, my fangs ran out while I was chewing on his ear. He winced.

“I’m sorry. It was an accident.”

“It’s fine, they just surprised me.” He grabbed my hair and pulled me down for another kiss. It was awkward for him at first, but he figured his way around them quickly. That was a happy surprise. He was steady as a rock until I started coming and that is when he let go and came too.

I couldn’t say that I had any complaints. None.

He pulled me close to him while his breathing caught up. It usually bugged the shit out of me to be breathed on but he was like a warm blanket. This, I could deal with.

“Would you like an encore at my house?”

He chuckled. “Would you like to deal with Sookie if we don’t show up?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “After we leave the bar then.”

He nodded. “That seems like the safer bet.”

While we were dressing ourselves he snorted. “Will Eric say anything?”

“No, why would he?”

“Because Sookie will. She’s gonna have fun with this.”

“How would she know?”

“Well for starters, we’re half an hour behind them and she’s not retarded. She’s got the vampire sense of smell now that she’s with Eric again. And she’ll just know. It’s one of her new things.”


He smiled. “Well, she gets visions, like premonitions plus she just senses things. Good mood, bad mood, favorite color, where things are, she knows what I’m in the mood to drink when we go out or what kind of ice cream to grab while we’re watching a movie. She’s kind of got all the mental ability bases covered. Oh, yeah, she can glamour Supes too. Russell thought it was so cool, he had her convince one of his pets that he was Joan Crawford. That was some funny shit.”

“You don’t think she’ll be jealous, do you?” Yes… I was testing him.

He eyed me. He was smarter that I thought he was. “No, I have the idea we were set up.”

“Would you be angry if we were?”

He smiled at me and kissed my neck.

He was on his way back to his truck before he said anything. “Not a bit. Our Sookie makes one hell of a wing man.”


When we walked into Cheap Seats Sookie was on her way to the restroom. Alcide had been right. She stopped in front of us and sniffed the air and stared at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Backwards and inside out, sluts!” and walked away making her amusement known.

Alcide and I looked down at ourselves and realized he had put his shirt back on wrong and my dress was inside out so I fixed myself ‘vampire fast’ as Sookie puts it. Earning an impressed nod from my date. He spun his shirt around quickly as we walked to the booth and joined Eric.

He noticed too, he just didn’t say anything. He grinned at me and then stared off into space for a moment.


“Yes Pam.”

“What was that?”

“I was speaking to Sookie.” What the hell? I was about to ask him to clarify that when she came back and leaned against the back of the booth.


“Så varför är det så att jag är den enda av vem har inte haft en ordentlig orgasm?”

Eric and I were very amused but poor Alcide was feeling out of the loop.

“That’s not fair! I only speak English, and a little Italian and French!”

“Sorry Alcide, what I said was: Alors, pourquoi est-ce que je suis le seul qui n’a pas eu un orgasme?” and added, “By the way, È davvero una sensuale coppia.”

We all laughed but Alcide actually blushed. “When did you learn French and Italian? For that matter Swedish?”

“Usted puede pedir lo mismo sobre el español. I just know them. I can speak them, understand them and read them. New talent. Eric how many languages are you fluent in?”

“Fluent? 8. I think.”  I suggested 11 and listed them. He agreed to my 11 but added 2 more that no one spoke anymore. “So 13 but I am functional in quite a few more. Did you deal with your sibling?”

“Not yet. I’m on my way. Do I have to talk to him or can I start a fight and get him thrown out?”

“Lover, I will deal with him if you would prefer it.”

“Damn it. I’ll do it, I’ve got more practice at not punching him.”


Alcide looked at Eric. He might as well have read my mind. “What the hell is Jason doing here?”

“Tormenting my vampire. He really has no sense at all. He probably doesn’t even register that he’s fucking with a vampire. How Sookie crawled out of that gene pool with a full set of teeth amazes me.”

We were still laughing when Alcide added another insult. “From what I can tell Sookie is the only normal member of the family.”

I just watched as Eric and Alcide went back and forth. “What do you know of Hadley? Anything?”

“I know that she was older by a couple of years, had a mean streak and teased Sookie about her power, ran off because of drugs and eventually became a vampire. She talks about Hadley about as much as she talks about Bartlett. Probably because there’s about the same amount of love for both of them.”

Angela came over and sat down next to Eric, interrupting his opportunity to gather more information about Sookie’s family. I didn’t understand why she was there, or felt fine with sitting down with her sheriff without an invitation but Eric only smiled at her and told Alcide they’d talk more later.

Suddenly I watched her scoot over to Eric and lean against him and he put his arm around her. I was about to ask her who the hell she thought she was when Sookie came back.

She sat down and slid right up to the redhead and got close enough to kiss her and whispered. “He’s dumb enough that he’ll buy it. This way I don’t have to kick his ass.” Angela giggled and then her brother was standing at the head of the table, looking just as dumb as ever. It wasn’t fair that his brain wasn’t installed on the assembly line. Otherwise Jason Stackhouse would have been a fine piece of machinery. As is, he was an Alpha Romero with no gas tank.

Eric used his ‘authority’ voice’. “Coming over to apologize to my pet, Stackhouse?”

Jason ignored Eric, “Fuckin’ hell, Sook! What would Gran say?”

Alcide growled at him. He seemed just as protective of Sookie as the rest of us. I liked that.

Sookie’s reply was priceless. “That I still haven’t fucked as many people as you AND I know their last names.” She held her middle finger up at him too.“Anything else?”

“Well, I had heard about Herveaux. But I didn’t know you did girls too!”

I laughed to myself as I added to his irritation. I licked my lips and hummed.

“Jason, I do whatever and whoever I want. I’m grown.”

Eric added, “You still owe our pet an apology.”

He stuttered incompetently, “I’m sorry I was rude. Please excuse me… and my friends.”

She played along by flashing her fangs as she forgave him.

I couldn’t tell if Jason was retarded or if he was just born without a filter.

“Sookie? How the fu… heck do you stand up to screwing 3 vampires and a Were?”

Eric answered, “We take supplements to keep up with her. Goodnight Stackhouse.” After his eyes widened, he took off to go back to his friends.

Sookie moved away from the fresh Vampire and started to explain.

“Not only will Jason and his friends leave you be, now that the staff has seen you at our table, they will look out for you because of Eric. You should be good to go now.” The child was happy to have had the help judging by the hug she gave Sookie.

I thought perhaps we should start selling Sookie medallions at Fangtasia. “Saint Sookie, patron saint of the supernatural.”

Sookie let her out of the booth and she came back right away with food and drinks. Eric and Alcide talked about her eating habits as though she weren’t right there and she put up with it for a lot longer than I thought she would. She devoured two more plates of food while we watched. I think Sookie might have been planning on sharing but Alcide didn’t touch a single bite.


Once she was done stuffing her face, Alcide leaned out of the booth a little bit and looked into the game room. “Pool tables are free. Wanna play?”

Alcide and Sookie, drank a little more. I was sure that he would be spoiled but Sookie had warned me about him having biting issues, so I dismissed it. I pretended to care about playing pool for long enough.  I think my date might have picked up on my boredom because when Angela came back he ordered two rounds of Cuba Bodas.

When she came back, Alcide took his seat and I straddled his lap. I reached up and pulled the neck of my dress  open, exposing my bra. “Just in case things get messy.”

I enjoyed every second it took him to lick my neck and he had the sugar and hot sauce where they belonged in no time.

Sookie called over to him. I had already felt Eric’s eagerness, as I’m sure he felt mine. “You ready, Alcide?”

He replied by growling, “Go.”

I’ve never been a shy girl and since Alcide and I had already fucked, I wasn’t about to be shy now. While Alcide was doing his shots, I was rubbing him through his kilt. He stopped between steps long enough for his eyes to roll back in his head, but then he went back to work. Eric stood up and left, Sookie attached to him like a fly on a wall and said they’d be back. It left a moment or two for Alcide and I to really work each other up. It didn’t take long, but I decided I needed to issue the invitation.


That’s all it took, he carried me to the bathroom with my legs around his waist and slammed me against the door and locked it. Both of his hands were under my dress and clawed into my ass, his hard on pressed against me. He set me on the counter and I reached down and opened his belt causing his kilt to drop to the floor. He looked down and back to me with a wicked grin on his lips. He buried his mouth against my neck and shoulder while he opened my dress and I slowly slid from the counter and turned around. I pushed my panties down my legs and he took the bait. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed into me. He fucked me well enough that I lost track of how many times I came and was coming again when he finally did. I caught myself wondering why I hadn’t found myself a nice little Were booty call in the past. This was certainly better than I had expected. Our happy little four pack, was fun too. As long as Alcide could keep up with Eric, Sookie and I feeding lust back and forth through our bonds, I didn’t see why I wouldn’t keep him around. Once we were dressed, again, he came over to me and gave me another kiss.

“Are you sick of me yet?”

I chuckled. “Mmmm, I think I can find a use for you still.”

“Do you have anything in particular in mind?”

“I could use some help around my house.”

“Oh really?”

“Sure, I need help testing the structural integrity of my bed frame, if you’re still interested.”

“Hmmm. Sure, but we should check your dressers and counters too. I’d hate for there to be accident.”

He smiled back at me as he opened the door and let me leave first.


We joined Eric and Sookie, their conversation with Jason already in progress. God only knows what we missed but at least Eric didn’t seem ready to hurt him…

“Jason, you’re rambling.”

“Oh, yeah. I heard that you had that Quinn guy out to the house this week, and that you did a ‘Chasing Amy’ at the pack party the other night. And now you’re here with everyone and doing shit out in the parking lot. People are saying that you’re kind of a slut.’ He looked like he was shooing flies when the three of us shot him a look. He knew that at least one of us was thinking about killing him so he started backpedaling. “I know better. I know that people have too much time on their hands and a little truth can turn into a huge lie. I just wanted to let you know in case you care. I know you used to.”

“Thanks Jason. I still care; I’m just not scared about what people think anymore. Just so you know, I quit Merlotte’s and Eric and I are engaged. I’m going to be moving in with him in Shreveport real soon. So if you want anything from the house, you should come get it before I seal it up. K?”

“Engaged? Really? You’re not pregnant are you?” That amused me to my core. “Oh, right. Nevermind. When are you planning it?”


“Wow that’s fast.”

“I wasted enough time already.” Alcide and I cooed at her, so she stuck her tongue out at us..

“You know, I went to a casino in Vicksburg with the guys last weekend and I got carded a bunch of times. At least three times I got asked if I knew you when they saw my last name. I finally asked one why everyone keeps asking about you. He says you’re famous. That you’re unofficially their ‘Queen’. They all think that if they need something, you’re the one to ask. What’s up with that? Is that why you keep getting beat up and stuff? They called y’all the ‘Round Table’. Said between you, y’all run things here and a little more.”

I was at a loss and it seemed Eric was too but Alcide seemed to have a little insight, but didn’t let on with his answer. “Your sister’s problem solving skills and bravery, not to mention gift has saved a lot of lives, including the ones at this table. Most any Supe can tell you that she is hot shit. So she has a lot of fans and almost everyone else at least respects her if not fears her.”

“Why would anybody be scared of sweet ol’ Sookie?”

“Because Jason, reading minds isn’t all I can do.”

“No shit! What else?”

“Just some other stuff. K?”

Eventually the mental midget left the grown up table to go tip some unfortunate livestock, or whatever idiot rednecks do and the conversation turned to the topic of movies, more specifically a movie quote that angered Eric.

Eventually, Sookie changed the subject, thankfully. “So now that you two have played the highland games, Pam and I have shopped, I have eaten most of the food on the gulf coast, we’ve checked in on our orphan, and we have all left a wet spot or two behind on our adventures, what’s next? It’s still early.”

Eric, though he promised himself and me that he wouldn’t push, pushed anyway. “I think that we should make an early night of it so that we can go to Gran’s and pack.”

She smiled at him. “Are you sure you want me? I am a lot of trouble.” Ok, who are you and what did you do with the real Sookie Stackhouse?!

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Well, packing won’t be too hard. I’m just going to pack my closet and my bathroom. Everything else will be fine if I leave it. You guys want to go out dancing tomorrow night?”

Eric frowned. “Pam and I have business meetings, probably until late.”

“Alcide, how about you?”

“Sure. I need to be in public a little, having a pretty girl dancing with me will make the job a little easier. We can go to The Zoo, it’s a Were bar. I’ll call you in the morning. K?” I thought for a second I might be jealous that I had to work and didn’t get to have any fun, but I decided to make up for it tonight.


Alcide followed me from Cheap Seats and we spent the next couple of hours testing the integrity of my couch, my kitchen counter, my bed, my shower, my bed again, my dresser, my bed… You get the idea. His on switch was easy to find. Nearly any touch or suggestion turned him on. His problem was finding an off switch, which I deduced was dehydration. At about 4:30 we both fell apart and laid still, half on and half off the bed. We were undeniably spent.

Once he caught his breath, he slapped me on my ass. “Did Eric set us up because he wants me distracted from Sookie or did Sookie set us up out of pity?”

“I don’t know. Does it matter?” I lied, I think it was both.

“I guess not. I had fun. You?”

“I think my neighbors know how much fun we’ve had.”

He smiled at me. I did love all his mouth had to offer. “So, how do you want to go at this?”

“What are my options?”

He chuckled. “Lemme see… One night stand, booty call, friends with benefits and give it run.”

I liked an honest man. I was a freak among vampires that way. “What’s your vote?”

“Nuh, uh. I already broke a guy rule by asking. I can’t be the first one to answer.”

I also loved a sense of humor. “I think you could really grow on me. I say we give it a run.”

He smiled at me. “I’d like that… Go ahead.”

“Go ahead and what?”

“Get it out of the way. You’ve had shit on your mind all night. Hit me, I don’t have many secrets.”

“How long have you been with Sookie?”

“We’ve been friends since the Jackson debacle, except for when I was a prick to her after my father died.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I know, but Eric already asked.”

“I’m not asking for Eric. Sookie’s my friend and she kept your relationship quiet in regards to me and Eric. I want to know why.”

“Ok then, since you aren’t asking for Eric… Sookie called me after the coup. We started hanging out a lot. You know that because you were following her. We have slept together, a lot, but we have never had sex, nearly everything but sex. I was still beating myself up over Maria’s death and Sookie was waiting for Eric to be freed up. I know Eric will make her happy and I want that for her and I wouldn’t do anything to get in the way of that. When she called me on Friday and left the voicemail that she and Eric were together, my first thought was that Eric would be less than happy for his wife to be running around with me as her best friend and that eventually I was going to lose my best friend, just like any guy whose best friend’s fiancé hates them. The shit with everyone in Bon Temps thinking we were a couple was an act. We put on a good show and it kept Sam off of her ass because he’s scared of me and gave her an excuse to sneak out of town with a ‘boyfriend’ instead of raising suspicions about why she was really going out of town. We met with Stan in his sky box during a football game, Russell’s parties and my sister were a good excuse for us to be seen in Jackson and we had souvenir pictures done of us in a sharks jaw taken at the Atlanta Aquarium when we met with Nicolette, Josephine and Margaux in our hotel room. Happy?” He was still smiling.

“You knew that I was babysitting her?” Out of the hundreds of questions that his confession inspired, I got hung up on that one.

He nodded. “I could hear your car in the driveway. I could smell you in her house and in my yard. He knew her schedule well enough to stop by while she was sleeping to check in on her when he could and have her Christmas decorations put up for her. It’s not rocket science.”

“And you didn’t complain, say anything? Why not?”

“Well, because Sookie didn’t have a clue. It made me feel better that y’all were looking out for her too. Amelia might be good at casting but she accidently turned her boyfriend into a cat, for God sakes. It was a real pain in the ass when she started hearing the guards’ minds. I had to call them off, that’s when I took her to Ron to teach her to shoot. She’s loaded with silver bullets for Were and Vampire.”

“You put guards on her too?”

“At first in the yard at night and I had a couple watching my house on nights she stayed over. As a matter of fact, now that she quit Merlotte’s I can call off the work crews.”

“Work crews?”

He chuckled. “I own a huge construction company and we have dozens of subcontractors that run out in Bon Temps. I handed out expense account cards and told my crews and my subs that lunch or dinner were on me if they ate at Merlotte’s and kept an eye out for trouble, until dark, when I knew your guys were there.”

“You’re pretty sneaky.”

He smiled at me. “I’ll take that as compliment coming from you. Since you’ve been sneaking napkins onto her tables.”

“What makes you think it was me?”

He looked at me like he was offended and narrowed his eyes at me. “Estee Lauder White Linen. Flood’s wife wore it, you’re the only other person I’ve smelled it on.”

I was impressed at his memory for scents. It was comparable to a Vampire’s. “Why the secrecy though? What’s with meeting all of these Kings and Queens?”

“Nuh uh. You’re going to have to wait. Sookie will tell Eric, when he knows, you’ll know. I promised.”

I smiled at him. “You do know that I’m Eric’s ‘bean man’ right?”

“Threatening me already? Isn’t that more of a third date activity?… I know damn good and well that you could make me talk, but I’m more afraid of what Sookie can do to me if I spill her beans. I heard about Hallow by the way. Well done.”

I laughed, maybe even cackled. It’s always nice when someone appreciates a job well done. “What did you hear about Hallow?”

He smiled at me with evil enthusiasm. “Dental records.”

“You don’t mind that I interrogated her to death? She was a Were.”

He chuckled. “Fuck that. Sometimes a bitch needs to be put in her place.” He slapped my ass again. God help me, I wanted more. “I should git. Sunrise isn’t far off. You need to get to your vacuum, right.”

“You seem to know a lot about vampires.”

“Yeah, but I like you anyways.” I smiled at him. I really could see why Eric was ok with him. This guy was fun, almost as much fun as Sookie. I wouldn’t mind keeping him around.

I threw my robe on and walked him to the door. He kissed me goodbye and told me to call him if we didn’t up seeing each other tonight. I texted Eric as soon as Alcide’s truck was out of sight. He called me back.


“How did things go?”

“Do you hate it when Sookie is right?”

He laughed. “Not always. I take it then, that you two enjoyed the rest of the night.”

“We did, yes. Do you think we might be able to find an excuse to catch up with them after the Zoo tomorrow?”

“You enjoyed each other very much then. I’m sure we can arrange that. Other than my accident, tonight went very well. I can’t believe I’m making friends with a Were. Sookie doesn’t trust many these days, he must be trustworthy.”

“How was your evening?”

“Even though Compton showed up, it was spectacular.”

“Compton showed up again? Something needs to be done.”

He groaned. My master actually groaned. “I’m aware. My dilemma is how to do it and not lose Sookie. I don’t think she’s that accepting of vampire rules that she’d ever forgive me.”

“Perhaps, he’ll do something that doesn’t give you any other option.”

He thought about that for a while. “We’ll have to wait and see I suppose. I won’t do anything to risk losing her.”



“Alcide says they’ve never been together.”

“I know.”

“I think I believe him.”

“I don’t know why, but I think I do too. Rest well, Pamela.”

“You too, Eric.”


I went to rest just before dawn more satisfied than I had in decades. Tonight was full of surprises. Eric was right about having fun. Sookie had been right about Alcide. Oh, I needed to think of a way to thank her. Alcide was right, Oh God, Sookie IS a very good wing man. What surprised me the most was how well the four of us got along together. I did think tonight went very well. Well enough to roll the dice again tomorrow night.

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