Chapter 13

Secrets & Surprises

Bill’s POV

January 5th

Fed up. Entirely. I wasn’t sure what I’d done to be abandoned so flagrantly by Sookie, but I was sick of being punished. If she continued at the rate she was going, Eric would drain her before I had the chance to forgive her and take her back. And he would do it deliberately.

That carpetbagger had been after my Sookie since the night I’d foolishly taken her to his ridiculous speakeasy. He’d tricked her and lied and gossiped. He’d tried bullying me, but it didn’t work. Sookie is mine.

Sookie was using him to teach me a lesson for keeping secrets as much as he was using her to establish dominance. I swear, sometimes if I didn’t know better I’d bet he was a Were. His capacity for posturing far exceeded Vampire limits. If Vampire could urinate, that massive child would mark his territory. He had always been more of an animal than a man that I’d seen…

But that was a knowledge that even the Queen owned. Which is why she’d sent me to secure the beautiful telepath. I had to leave my home in New Orleans and dwell in the ramshackle hovel that was once my family home…

My children played in these halls. My sister sang in the parlor. Our house slave cut my hair just outside the kitchen door in the garden… and the ghosts of them all haunted me while I was there. Had I not been Andre’s lover, I would have been sure I was being chastised for offenses unknown. But Sophie-Anne assured me that it was because of my relationship with Andre that I was being trusted with this errand.

After years of misery being scrutinized over by Lorena, I’d managed to barter my freedom from her and gain my independence. Sex with women, especially human women had bored me to agony. To put a finer point on the matter, Eric was far more my cup of tea than Sookie. I want to kill that son of a bitch almost as much as I wanted to taste him. He was a very good punishment, indeed.

I had to separate my feelings from the assignment though. Measures needed to be taken to separate Sookie from her attachment to Eric. Somehow my attempts didn’t do anything but push them closer together. No matter what I said or did she only seemed more fond of him and I blame that halfwit Hallow for the keystone in the structure of Sookie’s infatuation. Had it not been for her clear misunderstanding, he’d be quite finally dead instead of quite blatantly victorious in our little game. That’s what you get for sending a Were to do a Vampire’s job, I suppose.

More confusing was that the Queen seemed unfazed by my multitude of failures. Andre, however, he made sure I knew how displeased he was.

Now that he is gone, as well as the Queen now, my mission is to win. Eric hasn’t the right to her. She was mine first and will be mine again. She will be mine LAST.

After my intrusion at her home the other night, Miss Stackhouse and I needed to have a conversation.

Since secrets and lies were her so-called grounds to all but banish me from her life, she had some explaining to do, starting with how hypocritical it was of her to hide that she is telepathic as well as telekinetic. Once she was away from Eric and mine again, she’d pay dearly for that secret. Of course I’d have to drain and starve her to do it so that she’d be too weak to use her clandestine talent against me, but she would be broken. I would have vast enjoyment breaking her. I was getting hard thinking about the look on Eric’s face as I parade her around… If I was forced to endure his existence for that long. It would be a pity to have to end him before he sees her turned as my child. She would be more of a prize than a child. Making sure he knew that would be more entertaining. Perhaps I’d even have some fun with his favored child in the process…

When I rose for the evening, my first order of business was to clean up the mess I’d made just before sunrise. I’d just come back for the bodies after digging a hole deep in the woods when I noticed that my phone’s light was blinking. It was a text from Eric. “Business to discuss. Fangtasia. 11PM.”

I seethed through my task and buried the three useless Twilight fans that I’d shopped from the mall last night. I wasn’t about to wait until 11. I was going to need to go shopping again after our meeting, so I showered and left for Fangtasia, sure to infuriate him by being disobediently early.

I’d had to knock having arrived before the tourist trap opened. Pam was laughing as she opened the door, but promptly glowered at my presence.

“What the fuck do you want Compton? Can’t you get a true blood at the shifter’s bar?”

Oh yes, I would have some fun with her. “Your master summoned me.”

I heard a laugh come from behind the door and watched her swat at the comedian. She stared at me a while before opening the door for me and stepping out of the way.

Not only was I less than amused by the presence of Alcide Herveaux, but I was immediately aware that my plans to irritate Eric by being early were thwarted. That motherless man-whore was fucking Sookie in his office. I could hear it. I could smell it. I could taste it.

Pam and the wolf laughed as they led me to the large booth at the back of the club. Eric’s booth. It just so happened to also be the one closest to the back of this dump.

The two of them sat on either side of me, trapping me in the booth and proceeded to discuss some whore who’d put on a show for Eric earlier. They both feigned how impressed they were with her ‘moves’ for my benefit. I’d actually started to revel in the idea of Eric making a mistake like that. Sookie’s impertinent demands of monogamy would absolutely cause an argument once she found out that he’d been entertaining a fangbanger while she considered them a couple. I sat there hoping that neither Pam nor the wolf would think of disposing of the blood bag’s clothing that had been left on the dais so that Sookie could immediately fly off the handle.

I’d sat there long enough to notice that the two bookends had each other’s scents. Pam had started fucking the wolf. Isn’t that convenient. That was another argument I’d love to be party to. As protective as Sookie is over her friends, she would be none too pleased to find out Pam was feeding from one of them. Especially one she cared for as much as that mongrel.

Eventually the waxing and waning of noises from Eric’s office became a game for them. The stooges jokingly placed bets of intimate favors on whether Eric or Sookie would be the next to peak. When the noises died off completely, the wolf grabbed Sookie’s purse and rummaged though it familiarly to find a pen and started scribbling on the napkin he’d pulled out from under his drink and handed it to Pam.

She read it out loud. “I, Pam, owe Alcide 1 back rub, 2 dates to be decided by Alcide and a hummer in the hot tub.” She started laughing.

He held up the pen. “You vampires are sneaky. Sign it.”

“I didn’t agree to the hummer.”

“So.” She raised her eyebrow at him and took the pen, signed and handed it back to him. “Pleasure doin’ business with ya, Miss Ravenscroft.”

She winked at him. “Likewise.”

We were all distracted for a moment when Eric sped out of the back hallway and collected the discarded clothing. I found myself disappointed that he’d cleaned up the evidence that would have infuriated Sookie until Pam complained that Sookie would be putting the dress back on.

There was no escaping the monumentally uncomfortable feeling I had when I saw Sookie, smelled that the two of them might as well be the same being, and felt the disappointment in seeing me oozing from her pores.

The two of them shared a couple of displeased glances before moving towards the booth while Pam and the wolf applauded the ‘gold medalist Fuck-lympians’ as Pam put it.

Eric and the wolf shared a high 5 just to rub my nose in Eric’s conquest. He was smiling at me with that look. The ‘I won’ look.

I wanted out. I needed to get out of that bar more than anything. I know that I don’t have the strength to defeat him and if I stayed, I might lose my composure. “Eric, did you have business to discuss or did you wish to rub my nose in your sexual conquests with your floozy?”

“Yes.” He was smiling and showing a blatant disregard for etiquette. “Bill, I summoned you for business but it seems that my office is a state of… disrepair. So since most of us are friends here we can discuss things here. I simply wanted to know the amount of the lease for our friend Tara’s clothing store. It seems that the economy has been hard on her business. So in order to help her without having her feel like a charity case, I’d like to set a minimum amount for my staff to spend there on their clothing accounts to make sure that her bases are covered.”

That silly child actually looked up at him like she appreciated his attempt. She kissed him.

I don’t know what came over me. I yelled at her. “Sookie! You hated me for buying that property and extending you a line of credit at the shops!”

Eric smiled at me as though he was watching me dig my own grave and looked down at Sookie, inviting her to answer me.“You would do well to not only watch your tongue Bill Compton but to realize that I hated that, by establishing a line of credit at those stores for me, you were relieving yourself of the chore of putting any thought into buying gifts for me. And none of that excuses your behavior before or since! Betrayal followed by secrets, followed by abandonment with rape and a draining for dessert. So you should just climb down off of your high horse and learn your fucking place.”

“Sookie, Eric maneuvered you into your blood bonding. Are you really that stupid that you don’t see that?” Of course that was redundant. She was that stupid. Naïve too.

“Go fuck yourself Bill Compton. I am smart enough to see that you are just making yourself more miserable by blaming Eric for all the ways you ran aground in our short relationship even though he had no hand in any of it. How much is Tara’s lease?”

“$1,100 monthly.”

“Now why the fuck was that so hard? And you accuse me of being childish!”

We battled for a while rehashing the last year as she saw it. She, of course, blamed me for everything. She implicated me for things I had no control over and reminded me how dumb she was that she wasn’t aware of most of the things I really had done. Mentioning the lie about why I came to be back in Bon Temps was the turning point. I was furious. Eric was laughing at me. Pam and the wolf were mocking me from behind Eric and Sookie…

“I had no choice but to lie! The queen…”

“…Offered to kill you for me when she discovered that you lied to me to get me into bed. Sophie-Anne educated me on her life and her death and how her maker treated her and how she saved herself from him. If I hadn’t begged her for mercy on you, you would not be here crapping on what was a very proud day for me. You’re welcome.” She wouldn’t have been serious though…

Eric looked surprised at the new information. As though it mattered now that they were all dead for good. “She told you? She trusted you to tell you something she didn’t share with her own children.”

She nodded. “I know about the makers and lives of more than a dozen kings and queens and a few other vampire. It’s funny how these detestable, loathsome and soulless beasts find it in their unbeating hearts to tell me the truth after knowing me for a short time but someone who feeds from me and shares my bed can lie and hide things from me for months.”

The two of them stared at each other long enough to make me grateful that Vampire don’t vomit and then Eric spoke to me without looking away from his little tart. “Bill, I want you to leave Area 5, I’d rather you left the whole of Louisiana but I can’t do anything about that and you know it. I’ll give you 2 weeks to manage your holdings and arrange for new domicile. I’ll give you a fair reference. To be honest, if it weren’t for your lingering infatuation with Sookie, things would be quite different.”

That was it. I’d taken my last straw. As though it wasn’t bad enough that I had to reassess my strategy to make Sookie mine again, he thought he was going to further impede my attempts by expelling me from his area.

What’s more, she didn’t try to talk any sense into him! She’d always given at least a half hearted attempt at keeping him from irreversible decisions. But this time, there was nothing. I took a moment deciding whether to end him or drain her and realized that killing him would be more satisfying.

I vaulted over the table, my dick was hard and my fangs were out to show him how infuriated I was and it almost seemed like he expected my act. As my hands went to his throat I saw the hesitation written all over his face until he looked down to Sookie almost as though he was asking her for permission to do anything. Coward.

Then I noticed the shock. He was surprised by something and as I struggled to get a tighter grasp around his neck I risked a look down at Sookie.

Eric took a stake out of her hand.

I glared at her. Eric may very well be the one with the stake in his hand, but I would get the last word.

Things were already in motion…

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  1. Kristie Yamber says:

    Bills’ such a douche thank god hes gone. After reading this chapter i realized you made a comment about Eric at the beginning as his status or characteristics to being a WERE. never noticed it before. hopefully you keep it in resurrection. my best Kristie

  2. duckbutt says:

    seems like his last word should have been “ohshitstake!!!”

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    The Douche is Dead Finally! woohoo. celebrate.

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    interesting final comment. can’t wait to

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