Chapter 26

Hit The Ground Running

Alcide’s POV

Monday, January 11th

I rolled over, like I did every morning, and snuggled up to a corpse.

Shit! Still not used to it.

I love talking to Pam, I loved fucking Pam, but this shit… The heavy, cold body in the bed next to me in the morning isn’t something I thought I could ever get used to. It made me miss sleeping with Sookie. That led to me feeling like an asshole, especially since I was thinking of Sookie with my arm over Pam.

I had to be honest with myself though. For months now, I slept better than any other time of my life when I was sleeping with Sookie. Snuggled together on a couch, even in bed, was just simple. We fooled around once in a while, but that didn’t have anything to do with it. Even when we just crash out on the couch for a couple of hours, it’s better sleep than 8 hours in a bed alone.

Cuddled up with her, I was guaranteed sleep that wouldn’t wake me up screaming. Memories. The best part was that she was always there when I woke up. Even if she was waking me up to tell me that she was leaving, she was always close enough to hear when I woke up. And I can count on one hand how many times she got away from me without waking me up.

Sookie was the first person who didn’t want or expect anything from me. She was one of those rare true friends that poems are written about. Our lack of sex was, to my retarded mind, a tradeoff I could live with. I love Sookie more than I’d ever loved anyone and that was the God’s honest truth, not just my dick talking.

I shook it off. Not wanting to walk around in shitty mood all day, I gave Pam a kiss and slid off the bed to get my shower.


The second I saw her standing at the counter, curiosity got me.

I took my coffee from her and set it on the counter, skipping the kiss I usually gave her and spun her around by her hips to check out her new ink.

It looked… too perfect. I’d seen fresh tattoos before. That power whore! “You brat! I can’t believe you healed it!” I gave her ass a slap and before she was facing me again, I realized how dead on she’d been about how ‘good’ her tramp stamp would look in those jeans.

But I barely had the chance to kiss her before the intercom broke things up. Probably better that way. She shouldn’t be running around the property smelling like a heating female. Not today.

It was Ron with more fire power than a guerrilla unit needed to take over a small country. I couldn’t help but be impressed when the two of them went back and forth about ammo and incidentals.

Her brain had become a sponge recently and she remembered any fact she heard. Both of us realized that something was up back in November when she threw the word ‘scopperloit’ into a conversation. When I asked her what the fuck it meant, she gave me an innocent smile and told me that it basically meant a designated time for horse assing and it had been on her word-of-the-day calendar… March 24th, two years ago.

It made me laugh to think that she could forget to stop at the dry cleaners, but she could tell me Jean Baptiste Jolly invented the process and the history of it.

Since she wasn’t exchanging gifts with Arlene anymore, I bought her one of those calendars this year as a joke stocking stuffer and started randomly sending Wikipedia links to her on her phone. About a week after I started, I asked her about Laos. I’d picked it because it was random, wondering if she’d ‘data dump’ as soon as she read it. She reiterated the contents of the article word for word right down to giving me the list of external links. The ‘sponge’ thing stuck as a joke, but her mind had developed into more of a steel trap.


When Tray, Febes and Dozer got to the house, she sent Ron on his way, with a little spring in his step. Who wouldn’t be giddy like a school girl after a sale that big? He walked out of the house with 50 grand in his pocket… and he’d given her a discount.

I watched her go into business mode again and it was just vampirey. If it didn’t seem so funny to watch ‘little Sookie’ schooling everyone on how life was going to be for the next few days, I might have started worrying about her slowly becoming a vampire. As it was, she was very Faerie about things; Yes. No. This. Not that. All very firm. No indecision. No question.

Not until that brown-nosing twat Tobin showed up. She’d settled into my lap and when he walked in, I felt her come out of ‘Trump Mode’ and start being friendly with him.

I know he was just joking around, but when he asked her if she was ‘really’ going to call him Kato, I wanted to put him in his fucking place if not the floor. When a fucking queen gives you a nickname, you suck it the fuck up. If she decided to call him Carmen fucking Miranda, he should be honored that she bothered to notice him at all.

I didn’t even realize I’d growled until she elbowed me and I tried to behave, but while he bantered with her like she was just another girl I caught myself getting more agitated. Until Sookie squirmed in my lap, rubbing her hip into my dick. Suddenly, Tobin Speight wasn’t such an issue.

Sookie tensed up when Eric came into the room, congratulating Tobin for showing up on time. Really? How do you thank someone for doing their job?


Sookie stood up, snatching me from seat by my wrist and grabbing Eric’s to drag us both to the bathroom and slam the door shut. Fuck! She was getting strong.

“Eric, this whole ‘day walking’ thing is awesome, but do we want everyone to know?” That’s when I started wondering why I was yanked into the think tank, unless she wanted an ally.

“Why not? It’s not a weakness.”

“No, but we all know what a jealous vampire is capable of. It may not make you weak, but it makes you a target.”

If she really did want a collaborator, she was about to get pissed. I agreed with Eric. “You can’t expect him to hole up in your room all day. You’re surrounded by Weres. The news is going to spread no matter what you do.”

Eric picked up where I left off. “It’s better that it’s on my terms.”

We stood there and waited for her to realize she was outnumbered and I had to fight a laugh when her arms went into the air making her look less than intelligent. “Fine. Ok. I get it.”

She cut us lose and we both went over to the table. Eric grabbed a chair and spun it around, setting it against mine and when she was done pouring her coffee she came over and sat on our legs like she had when we were shopping for her ink. It had been a rational way to share a good view of a 16 inch screen yesterday, but considering the looks we were getting from everyone in the room today it was a source of entertainment while she rattled on about more procedure and formality.


Once the deliveries started arriving, Sookie and I went outside to start managing things. It was more pointing to where things would go than anything, but for the half hour they were all there at once it was complete chaos.

As Sookie and I headed back into the house, Tray caught my arm so I told her I’d catch up to her and then asked Tray what was up.

He waved me into one of the buses. “What the fuck is going on?”

Uh. I wasn’t sure what he was talking about. “With what?”

“You’re living with the vampire hierarchy of two states. Stackhouse held his shit together the other night better than a lot of us and then managed a change out of the moon. You had a flying vampire bring a kid and the YOUNGEST shifter I’ve ever seen to the run. Sookie knew those trucks were right behind each other. Is she so strong now that she can sense brains all the way down the mile of driveway? Sookie stinks of both you and Northman… Are you fucking her? What the fuck, in general I guess.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “It’s all fine, Tray. Settle down before you hurt yourself.”

“You aren’t going to answer anything?”

“Yes, I live here. You know Sookie is part Fae. Jason is too, he just doesn’t know. That’s my guess on the control department. We’ve both seen a Fae/Shifter that never had to turn. It might go both ways. We aren’t sure how Manen can shift as young as she is. Eric brought them out since we aren’t sure if she’s strong enough to last the whole night, but after last night I’m pretty sure she can hang. And I’m not sure how Sookie knew about the trucks. Could be the telepathy or any number of things she has going on right now. It might just be that she’s amped up on Eric’s blood.” It wasn’t completely true, but I needed to talk to Eric and Sookie about the story we’d put out.

He snarled at me. “You aren’t going to answer me about fucking her her?”

I shook my head at him. “What difference does it make if I’m doing her or not?”

“Because I don’t want to be the fucking Packmaster! When he finds out he’ll kill you!”

I started laughing. “Tray…” I couldn’t think of anything to say that wasn’t facetious. I’m around too many vampires. “Eric knows that I sleep with Sookie every chance I get.”

His mouth fell open and I bent over from laughing so hard. Of course, I was being literal, but he didn’t know that.

“Are you alright?”

“NO! You’re kidding right? Tell me you’re kidding! You fuck a vampire and…”

I shrugged trying not to start laughing at the shocked look on his face all over again. “We get along really well. You got anything else you want to be nosey about?”

“You fuck them both?”

“You’re hung up.”

“Both of them?”



“You gotta let it go.” I turned to leave.

“Herveaux, is it true?”

I was confused. “Is what true?”

“What they say. About Sookie?” I guess he meant the ‘fuck worth dying for’ rumor going around, started by Quinn.

“I’ve only got about 15 years experience to compare it to, but Eric’s been fucking for a Millennium. What do you think?” Her glamours were definitely worth dying for.


I started laughing again when I realized that Tray was following me like I had him on a leash. Then Tobin and Dozer joined the convoy to give their status updates and get tasked.

I barely had the time to tell Sookie that everything outside was moving along before Eric came down the stairs carrying Manen. I smelled come and blood and he’d changed. Lovely. Their little quickie was going to cause problems later.

When he handed her a shirt, I nearly flipped my lid. She pulled the old t-shirt she’d been wearing over her head, right there in front of God and everybody… Tobin! She knows I don’t like him. He fucking flirts with her too much.

Eric didn’t do anything either! He just told me to ‘pick my battles’! What the fuck? How was he not pissed? He’d shown how jealous he could be! How the…!?

Wait. Sookie’s controlling that, I bet.

She needed to start making me settle the fuck down if that was the case. As it was, I was about to kill the kid just for seeing her in her bra.


I found myself feeling sorry for Eric once we got to Fangtasia. That bastard hadn’t been in a sunbeam in over a thousand years without excruciating pain. I couldn’t imagine. It was weird to see how he worried about it. He knew it was fine. He knew it wasn’t going to hurt him this time, but he was still tense.

The looks of fear on the workers’ faces when they realized that he was a daywalker, while priceless, didn’t even bring him any joy. He seemed more preoccupied with the idea of having to get back into the truck.

Back at the house, Eric took the kids inside while Sookie and I ran the orientation for the rest of the security guys and we were finishing up when we were slammed with another wave of deliveries. Firewood, flowers, furniture.


The kids’ furniture was finally being delivered. That was an instant, and perfect, thing to distract me from Carmen Miranda’s continual flirting with Sookie.

I showed the delivery guys where to take everything and grabbed Eric to help on the way to the kids’ room.

Sookie joined us a few minutes later lugging a huge tool box.

I noticed that there didn’t seem to be any wear and tear on the tools when I pulled out a crescent wrench. I figured that it was just because he didn’t do a whole lot of putting his own shit together. Until I watched that mother fucker go back over the bolts I’d used a wrench on and tightened them down with his FINGERS. He just smirked at me and told me he keeps the tool box ‘in case’.

In case of what?

All I could think about was that he must really love Sookie. I knew that already, but she’d told me about some of the shit she’d put him through. She told me about how she acted in Rhodes, after the bonding. She rubbed his nose in Quinn and he could have twisted her head off her shoulders, literally…

Winning her may very well have been a game to him, but the prize wasn’t her snatch. No way. No asshole would put up with what he did if he wasn’t in love. Especially not a guy like him. He had a pussy buffet line up for him every damn night.

It made me wonder if she ever apologized like she said she would. She had a list a mile long of things that she regretted doing to him, starting with the day after the Witch War when she let him walk out without an explanation.


Once everything was put together and put away, Eric and Sookie went to check on things and I stayed behind. The kids didn’t necessarily need a nap, just some quiet time, so I sat on floor between their beds and read the last 20 or so pages of The Sign of the Four to them. They seemed to like the mystery, but I wasn’t sure if Sherlock stories weren’t too grown up for them. So I made a mental note to order some Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books later.

I had to turn Stella Luna over to Manen when Eric came to get me because Sookie had walked out to greet the ‘security road show’. He stunk of her even from the doorway.

“You let her walk out there by herself?”

He shrugged. “Tobin interrupted us. She smells like vampire.”

I bounced to my feet. “You’re an idiot sometimes. D’you even remember what the smell of a turned on female does to a male!?”

He gave me a weird look, like I said something that confused him. “I know exactly what the smell…”

I cut him off with a dirty look while we headed to the camp. He knew exactly what the fuck it was for too. He might be the one sniffing out all the ‘clues’, but I could smell bullshit like a fart in a car.

“What do you think you know?” He led us in Sookie’s direction once we got outside.

“Pam set it in stone for me when she was ragging on me for being an asshole during a full moon. She told me you were too. Your smell is off though, so I thought something was up.” There were so many people in the yard, I couldn’t find Sookie’s scent other than in Doug’s direction. He must’ve gotten a hug when she spotted him.

“How so?”

“You don’t smell like other vampires. For the most part, they all smell the same. Subtle differences. Layers of what they do. Cologne, laundry soap, toiletries. Your scent is unique. Pam, Clancy, Felicia, Maxwell, Bill… Where the fuck is she?”

“She’s this way, past the grouping. What about them?”

“Their uniqueness is in what they do. White Linen, pears, Gerber daisies, White Out, rose oil… those are the differences; high notes. Your base scent is different.”

He didn’t have anything to say. Not that he would have had the chance anyway. When we cleared the ‘grouping’ Sookie was standing over a Were my size as he stood up. He was apologizing for something. He’d touched her. Mother fucker. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear I felt how pissed Eric was too.

Sookie came over, shaking her head at us. “Rude as that was, he had no idea who I was. I smell like sex and Were. ” Not Were, heat again.

We both nodded, even if we both wanted to rip this prick apart.

She wedged between us and hooked her arms under ours. There’s no way she couldn’t tell that I was ready to attack. She might not be able to get anything from Eric, but she could read me like I think in her handwriting. “Jim, this is King Northman… this is Lunar Justice and Packmaster Alcide Herveaux and I’m Sookie Stackhouse… Eric, Alcide, Jim is from the Dallas crew.”

That asshole put his hand out to shake mine, and I caught on to where he’d touched her. I was doing my best to not lunge at him for touching her ‘there’ when Eric saved his life.

He growled, “Go wash her scent off of your hand, now.” I don’t know how he did it; stayed so cool. I was ready to claw out of my own skin.


After that, Eric and I stayed at her flanks, making it as obvious as we could that she wasn’t to be touched. At all.

We only let go of her for long enough to hug Jason when he came over. Poor fucker couldn’t stand being on his own. Been there. Understood.

He was running off to play with the kids when Dozer came over to tap Sookie’s shoulder. “Sookie, you should probably go bathe. You’re a little distracting, even to me.”

I would have been pissed that she listened to him instead of hit him like she’d have done to me or Eric, but I was too busy being pissed that we’d managed to hire a guy that would have nuts big enough to mention her smell… and in front of Eric and me!

We followed her as she headed to the back door, both of our jaws locked at the idea of another turd in our collective cornflakes.

Eric wasn’t talking, so I fucking toed the line when she got to the patio. “What the hell was that? One of the ones we hired has a thing for you too?”

She reached up and wrapped her little arms around the backs of our heads and pulled us both down, whispering in our ears. “He thinks you two are sexier than I am. I’m going to go clean up.”

WHAT?! no…. really?

I didn’t have the chance to say anything before Eric started laughing. The asshole told me I’d make a great ‘bottom’ and Sookie left us standing there, giggling all the way to her bedroom.

I growled at him. “One of these days, I’m going to stake you.”

He laughed even harder. “We should go flirt. It could be fun.”

“You freak. You go flirt.”

“I need a wingman.”

“Sookie’s the guy for that job.”

He got serious. “Are we done talking?”

“You going to tell Sookie or shit the bed and let her figure it out on her own?”

“Why the fuck do I keep hearing that?”

“Who else told you to stop keeping shit from her so that she doesn’t go nuclear, flip out and run as per her track record?”

He tilted his head, clearly amused by the way I put it. “You know Sookie about as well as I do… It was Jason.”

“That fucker pegged you before I did?”

“No…” He got quiet for a minute and he looked constipated. He reminded me of Merlotte by the time he opened his mouth again. “Yesterday wasn’t my first day awake. It was my fourth. He’d ‘sensed it’. I hadn’t left our room because I wasn’t sure of the sun and I was actually quite annoyed at the irony. The idea of being awake during the day and unable to move about… Sookie seems to like this house enough… I would have wanted to build a new one or make this one light tight.”

“You should tell her that too.”

“I plan on it. I’m still trying to get a grasp on things though. I don’t know how any of this can be happening. She’s taken away my weakness to the sun. She’s brought me back from death, both from injury and during the day…”

“Maybe we should go Faerie hunting. That mother fucker’s got the answer to all of this.”

He nodded, but didn’t say anything.

“You’re worried that nabbing Niall will make her angry.”

“Yes, but this is unavoidable. She has unprecedented powers at this point. It seems like catching him is the only way to get answers.”

“Don’t worry about pissing her off. She wants answers too.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“First of all, I do know her as well as you do. The bigger part: Sookie had always wondered about why she was a telepath. Never knew why she didn’t fit in. She finally gets the answer and it fucks with her to her core because just like everything else in her life, she didn’t get to sit down and come to the realization that even if her human grandfather wasn’t blood, he still loved her. No. Of course not. DeCastro, Madden, Quinn… All of that… Plus the Saint Catherine’s coup bullshit got you shot on the way home from meeting Grandad… That poor thing has never gotten handed one thing at a time on her whole fucking life. BOTH of her parents died at the same time. She didn’t get the chance to mourn her Gran because there was a serial killer after her. Even now; King, Queen, Justice, kids, moving, the nest, the bar, the company… How did she tell you that she’s a good chunk Were?”

“She was matter of fact. How’d she take it when you discussed it?”

“It was one of those revelation moments. Like in a movie when a plot unravels. We dissected it and surprise was the furthest thing from what she was feeling other than that Merlotte and I never noticed it. But I have a theory.”

“I’m listening.”

“When I took her to Jackson with me, she got to me. Big time. But I spent the whole day with her during a full moon and other than being my normal horny and tense self, there wasn’t anything. The other day was torture. A year ago, she was fine, but yesterday… She almost wasn’t safe with me and she had a hard time controlling herself too. NOT THE NORM… I think Fintan bound her. All of them. Maybe even her father and aunt too. They wouldn’t have had the Were traits, but they were one generation closer to all the Fae. I think Fintan bound them to hide them, maybe from his own father. I think as soon as Niall met her, he could tell and unbound her. There’s just no telling why, but it would explain why she has all these traits and powers so suddenly. ”

“You talked to Pam about this?”

“No. I’ve been working over this. She’s had some of the trace all along, but for the most part was human except for the telepathy. Tell me Eric, how many petite country virgins have you met in your life and not have them puddle at your feet? She grew up in a bubble and yet, she’s not scared of any of us. She talked about Britlingens like she was pen pals with them! For fuck sake, after what Bill put her through, she’s not even fang shy. And Vampire is the only thing she’s not.”

He gave me a stiff nod. “So back to the original question. Do we wonder or do we get to the bottom of things? We’ve all formulated a similar theory independently, which confirms our suspicions without confirming them.”

“My sister will be here Thursday night. I think once the kings are gone we should have a little blanket party with Claude to find out how to get our hands on Niall.”

“I shouldn’t. I’ll drain him.”

I stared at him for a minute. “And?”

He stared back and finally started laughing.

“He pops, you pop. It’ll be all the more incentive to get him to cooperate quickly. Get Sookie to fill you up with Fae beforehand so you can hold off a little. Or not. It’s not like Sookie’s attached to him. It’s Claudine she likes.”

The asshole smiled at me. I’d just sounded vampirey enough for him to be proud of me.


We were all gathered in the tent, eating our lunch when Sookie started putting the football game together.

Eric even asked her if she was sure it was a good idea for her to play. I thought it was stupid as shit and the only reason I decided to play was because I wanted to be as close to her as possible if anything happened.

WHEN something happened.

She got tackled. She got tackled so hard that I heard her break when she hit the ground.

When she sat up, it was easy to see.

Her shoulder was slumped forward, out of joint.

And I started freaking out.

Plain and simple.

Freaking right the fuck out.

I was on the ground with her and we were getting closed in on… Everyone was coming to check on her. A human could have seen how fucked her arm was.

My legs were on either side of her and I was hugging her waist, afraid to touch her any higher.

“Shug are you ok? Can you fix it?”

“I’m fine. I need to reduce it first… Dozer, you know what you’re looking at don’t you?”

He looked like he didn’t want to answer her. “Yeah, Sookie, we should take you to a doctor. You’ll need drugs.”

“Nope, I need Alcide to hold me still and I need you to unfuck the socket. Got it.”

I wasn’t the only one to not like that idea. Most of us made some kind of argument.

“Stop crying like little girls! I’ll be fine. He knows what he’s doing!”

I looked around and noticed Hunter was terrified and Eric didn’t look much better. Now I know what ‘look’ she was talking about when she talked about him seeing her hurt. What’s worse, he looked like he could feel it. Her pain… even if she didn’t.

“Guys, while you’re standing there with your thumbs in your butts, my hand is getting dusky and numb. Alcide, hold me tight. Dozer, like a band aid, you’ve done this before.”

I put one of my legs over hers, hugged her tighter and even put my chin into her good shoulder and then she counted off…

I thought I might barf when her shoulder went back into place. It sounded (and felt) like a sack of hard boiled eggs being crushed.

She hopped up like nothing happened, but I was still fighting back the sick feeling when she put her hand down, helping me up with the arm that had just been hurt.

…And then the silly bitch insisted on finishing the game!


Eric and I might as well have been attached to her on the way back to the house.

I opened my mouth to lay into her, but she waved her hand to shut me up. I fucking hate it when she does that.

I watched her hand start glowing as she fixed whatever was left of the injury and then she went to the fridge and grabbed some leftovers.

Sookie hopped up on the counter and started eating. “Ok, go ahead.” She said it like she was annoyed that she’d have to be talked down about letting herself get hurt.

I gave her weasel brother an ‘eat shit’ look when he dug into the container. He was obviously not going to be any help. “What? Don’t look at me. She’s a stubborn horse’s ass when she sets her mind on something and, uh… Y’ALL PICKED ‘ER!”

Eric at least had the peace of mind to check her shoulder. “But you are fine now. Yes?”

“Of course am. I couldn’t have kept playing if I weren’t. The swelling wasn’t as bad afterwards as I thought, but I did have your blood this morning.”

“Lover, why didn’t you have me reduce your shoulder?”

“Because, Thor, I quite like my arm it where it is. Besides, Dozer has done it recently and to a human. Martial arts.”

I finally found words. Not good ones, but it was something. “Sookie, you can’t play football again tomorrow.”

“Uh, not the boss of me. One. Two: those ass holes are too chicken shit to play against me now that I was hurt anyway. Another thing, I want the record to show, I didn’t get hurt because of my size or theirs. It was a bad angle to fall at. It could have happened to any of you.”

Fucking Eric! He turned on me. “Her own weight is what dislocated her shoulder, not his. He had her around the waist. You’ve put her into the ground harder than he did.” Maybe if he felt what it was like to feel her ligaments rubber-band back into place, he wouldn’t be so dismissive.

Jason fucking joined him and then they started planning a baseball game like I wasn’t still freaking out.

After Jason took off, she sent Eric out of the room too, like I needed to be ‘dealt with’. I did, but that wasn’t the point…

Sookie came over and wrapped her arms around me and I hugged her back. Her tiny body. She was playing football against men my size and bigger and my fucking chin was on top of her head.

“Alcide, are you ok?” I never let go of her.

“Shug, I hate seeing you banged up. I hate that you are constantly getting beaten up.” I know she can handle it and bounce back from it, but it doesn’t mean that I’m ok with it.

She started laughing. “Look Alcide, your day girl has always been a tom-boy. I can understand your concern when I get damaged in the line of duty. But this was an innocent injury, sweetie, I’m fine. You’ve got to relax. In all of our sparring, that could have happened.”

Not with me. I wouldn’t have done that to her. I felt bad enough when I made her bite her lip.

“I’m not going anywhere. I love you.” Part of me wished that she’d just have Eric turn her so that I wouldn’t have to worry about her anymore. Except for silver and sharp wooden things.

She was calming me down though. I could feel it. Like cool water in a bathtub. “I love you too… Hey. Am I, at least a little bit, the boss of you?”

“Oh Alcide, of course not.” She’s going to worry me to death. That’s all there was to it. I gave up and leaned over to give her a kiss.

“Alpha Bitch.”

Eric opening the fridge grabbed her attention and she turned to see what he was doing.

She had a smile leftover from laughing at me.

“Oh good, you two made up.”

When he pulled out a couple of popsicles, Sookie grabbed my wrist and twisted it to check the time. “Eric, the kids can’t eat those now. It’s too close to dinner.”

Eric’s eyes never left hers when he called back to make her the bad guy. “Kids, Momma says it’s too close to dinner for ice cream.”

Manen yelled back to him. “Far, can you bargain for a fruit?”

I started laughing through my nose to keep it quiet. That little girl was a trip. She was sneaky enough that we really needed to stay on point with her.


“Hey Alcide, speaking of dinner… you need to get your pretty ass to work on at the grill.” She gave my ass a whack and flashed that irresistible smile of hers at me.

“You’re the cook in the family. I don’t know how to do it.”

“Alcide Herveaux! You did not butcher a deer for me to cook. I’ve never done venison and I’m not going to screw it up. It’s her first kill!”

I didn’t butcher shit! I guess she hadn’t gotten that memo yet. I was about to call back for her deer whispering brother when he slid into the room on socked feet like Risky Business (plus pants, thank God). “Can I help?”

I don’t know about Sookie, but I couldn’t have been happier to have her bonehead brother over.

She called back to the den with a grateful smile on her lips. “Manen, sweetie, when you’re done with your snack do you want to help Daddy and Uncle Jason with the grill?” The only girlie thing about that kid was the squealing she did when she was excited…

Other than that, she was a green eyed version of Eric.

I swear.


She took about ten minutes to give us a tour of the kitchen; spices, utensils and such before she took off like a shot. She more than likely had a list of a million things she wanted to do before Russell and Co. arrived.

I grabbed one tray of meat from the fridge in the garage and Jason grabbed the other and we set them on the kitchen counter.

I followed Jason to help him with firing up the grill, but he managed. He was buzzing around like Sookie does. Determined, almost like he was on auto-pilot.

When Manen joined us, smug about smelling like her victory orange, Jason boosted her up the stool and slid her around to the sink to wash her hands, then his, then pushed her over to the meat with spices all lined up for her.

She very happily sprinkled the spices over the meat and I helped the two of them skewer it because whatever Jason had done to it last night had made so tender that it nearly fall apart.

I carried the trays out to the grill while Jason carried Manen (stool and all). I was feeling pretty useless at the moment, so I ran inside and grabbed the camera so that I could snap a few pictures for Manen… First kill and all.


By the time I’d taken the venison out to the dining tent, come back and changed for our company, a congregation was forming. I was leaning against the counter sipping a beer when Pam came over and leaned against me. I almost laughed when I realized she was posturing because Febes was in the room, but I played along. I dipped my face into the crook of her neck and breathed a hot ‘hello’ against her skin. She pressed back against me a little more and swayed her ass to the side.

“Hello yourself.” She tilted her head over so that I could kiss her.

I wrapped my arm around her stomach, shifting behind her and giving her that kiss. She moaned into my mouth and it was getting hard to not laugh at how territorial she was being.

When I pulled back, she was smiling at me. “Happy now?”

She licked her lips and her eyebrow twitched. “Happier than I was.”

“We’ll have to work on your mood more later then.”


“Definitely. In the meantime, you need to find something else to wear. Remember, the t-shirts.”

“Will you come up and help me?”

“No. What I’m in the mood for would take us out of circulation for a while.”

She growled against my neck that ‘being rude is fun’ and it gave me a chill. She stayed where she was though, pinning me to the counter with her ass. Even as Angela came out and gave us both a kiss hello. The funny thing was, Febes had never looked at me twice, but telling Pam that would spoil the fun.


Angela seemed to be on edge. She was standing against me, like I was protecting her from something. I swung my arm over her shoulder. “It won’t be for long. It’s only a few days.”

“I know.” It was so quiet, it was almost inaudible.

“I have an idea though. Why don’t you use the kids as an excuse to get out of here? Take them to a movie or something.”

She tensed against me. And that’s when I realized she probably wouldn’t want to go anywhere, especially not the mall. Shit.

“Jason would probably want to tag along. He’d get bored without the kids here.”

“Jason? Sookie’s annoying brother Jason?”

I smiled at her. “He’s not that bad a guy. He’ll keep an eye out for you. He can watch your back.”

“HE can watch MY back?”

“Sookie isn’t the only one with powers.”

She stared at nothing for a minute. “K. I’ll think about it.”

I kissed her forehead and left my arm where it was. She seemed to like the idea of ‘hiding’.


Pam spotted Sookie before I did. I only really knew anything was ‘up’ because she dug her nails into the tops of my thighs.

She was wearing one of the dresses I had grabbed for her while we were out shopping one day. Shoes and all… except, the bra. She wasn’t wearing the bra I’d put with it. She wasn’t wearing any bra at all. Both of those glorious tits swayed and bounced in slow motion as she came down the stairs.

That was it. I was done for. Pam was going to turn around and drain me as soon as she realized that my dick was getting hard against her ass.

The dress was even ‘that’ shade of blue that made her eyes look darker… more intense… more sultry… I’m a dead man.

So I thought.

Pam went over to Sookie, in a room full of people and cupped Sookie’s tit and leaned in for a kiss.

Now my problem wasn’t as much Pam draining me, but Eric. His fangs were out. He’d been standing close enough that I heard them. Not that there was any other noise in the room. The room had stopped for her entrance. Everyone was watching.



Jason was volun-told to help her with the keg, probably because he was the only man in the room without a hard on.

She was going to worry me to death or just get me killed for the hard ons she causes.

I swear.

Once we’d all gathered outside, I found myself standing next to Eric. Both of us were holding one of Manen’s hands. I think we both realized that the shoulder Sookie was sitting on belonged to the guy that put his hand between her legs earlier.

I tried to let go of Manen so that I could ‘replace’ him, but Manen gave my arm a tug and then summoned me down to her level.

“Hunter says he’s ok, Daddy.”

“Manen, that guy…”

“It was an accident. You should trust a telepath.”

I growled at her but she was right and she knew it so she started giggling.


I was catching up with Doug after making plates for the kids when his phone started ringing. It was Russell. The limos had just turned onto our street. T minus 6 miles and counting…

So I went to find Sookie or Eric…

They were together, of course.

And in the middle of something…

I cleared my throat. “Sorry to interrupt, but our company called to say they are arriving as we speak.”

They pried themselves away from each other and she took a step back and then she noticed our t-shirts. Eric’s first.

Sookie laughed the whole time Eric explained that Russell is a weirdo and suggested that we all wear dirty t-shirts while he visited then she took off like a shot, calling him a Putz along the way.

He gave me a dirty look. “Did you know she has any?”

“I’ve only seen the one. ‘NOT ALL MEN ARE ANNOYING, SOME OF THEM ARE DEAD’.”

He started laughing. “While funny, that’s not dirty.”

I shrugged. “Funny’s better than overdressed, I guess… What do we do about the whole ‘mystique of the nest’ thing?”

“Have you been asked?”

I almost laughed. “Are you kidding? Of course I have!”

“What did you say?”

“I didn’t deny anything. When I was pushed, I told the guy that I sleep with Sookie every chance I get.”

He started laughing again.

“That’s not going to fly with Russell though.”

“Why wouldn’t it?”

“Because that nosey prick will want details. Especially since Sookie and I shared a room when we visited.”

“What does he have?”

I started laughing. “He has plenty to go on. We wrestled, almost trashed the room.”

“So he has the requisite grunting and laughing…”

I gave him an amused nod. “Sookie did her best to ‘protect’ me. Some guy was hitting on me.”

He smirked at me. “We should all sleep together tonight then. It’ll be a squeeze, but it’ll only be for a couple of hours. Except for Pam, we’ll all be up at dawn anyway.”

I started laughing again. “I get to go to bed with 3 sexy blonds, huh?”

“As long as you don’t mind being a bot…”

He backhanded me in the ribs and pointed to Sookie. She was making her way over to us, with the Kings. Her shirt…


Holy Shit.

I nodded at the kings.

Beach, lollipops, anal

She called them buzz kills because everyone stopped having fun when they noticed the kings.

Beach, lollipops, anal

No bra.

She started pulling them to the house.

Beach, lollipops, anal


We all headed into the kitchen and she handed out true bloods.

Beach, lollipops, anal

She rolled her eyes at Stan and yanked him back to the den. Not sure I care why.

Beach, lollipops, anal

Eric slapped my ribs again. Thank God. I could’ve been stuck like that all night. “Remind me to go through her closet later.”

“It won’t help. She’s going to kill us both.”


I thought Eric’s head was going to explode when Russell explained how Sookie brought everyone together for the takeover.  Including the super imaginative way that Sookie cooked up for Madden to ‘eat the sun’.

She was starting to squirm with all of the attention, so eventually Sookie called the meeting to order and did some wicked shit to sort out the mountain of papers and files. It was like she was reading their minds on fast forward or something and the files all ended up in neat little piles in front of the right kings. It was like the files knew where to go and just floated there. Fucking jaw dropping. I wanted to flip the table, just to see her do it again.

Even better… whatever she did to or for Stan while they were in the den… He was willing to repay the favor with Quinn’s mother… that was a brilliant fucking move. Asking for it… Quinn had been willing to betray her to keep his mother safe, now Sookie would reap the benefits. Brilliant.

Carmen Miranda came in to get his biscuit for doing his job again. Fucker’s eyes never left her shirt.

Beach. Lollipops. Anal.


Sookie grabbed another keg and had me follow her out to the dining tent. While she was pumping a couple of beers for us, one of the guys from the Dallas crew invited us to play a few hands.

Sookie handed my beer to me and turned around laughing. “You know I’m a telepath, right boys?”

He laughed back at her. “Sookie! Are you saying you’d cheat?” I was really starting to get sick of them calling her by name.

“What I’m saying, Sonny, is that I have the ability to cheat.”

“Not Weres though, right? I heard you can’t read Supes.”

“If that were true I wouldn’t know that you’re friend there is picturing all three of what’s on my shirt… stop that. Our son can read you too.” The mother fucker hung his head; didn’t even deny it!

Sonny started laughing and slugged his friend in the shoulder. “C’mon. Were just playing for chips. If you cheat, it’ll just break our hearts. Not our wallets.”

She looked up at me. “It’s not like we have anything else to do.”

I shrugged. “Why not.” I really like the new two-way thing.

She went over and pulled a chair, leaving a seat between her and the beach, lollipop, anal pervert. So I sat in that one and she started to giggle. “We were going to head into the woods and collect some splinters, but Vampire are high maintenance so we should stay close anyway.”

“In that case…”

I scooped her up and headed for the doorway. She was squealing and slapping at my shoulders. “Alcide! They’re only going to be working for an hour anyway!”

I stopped and growled at her. “Not enough time…”


“Rain check.”

Her eyelashes fluttered when her eyes locked on mine. She stretched up and gave me a kiss. She rubbed her tongue against mine until we both needed to come up for air.

She didn’t need to explain that she wanted them to know that they need to behave even when Eric wasn’t around. Brilliant alpha bitch.


Sookie was almost out of chips when Eric interrupted.

He didn’t come out to find us. No. He used the ‘mind phone’ to tell us that they were done with business.

Eric was standing at the entertainment center pealing the cellophane wrapper off of a new movie when we walked in. “We thought we’d watch a movie. Dogma, right?”

Sookie smiled up at me. This shit was going to be hilarious. Angels and Demons and George Carlin as a priest… and watching it all with Vampires old enough to remember before Jesus was the popular kid in school.

I’m not sure if Sookie caught on to how many ways it was ironic, “Yeah, you guys should get a real kick out of it.”

She disappeared to go get snacks and drinks for everyone. My mouth started watering when I smelled the popcorn. Other than picking at a few things while I made plates for the kids, I forgot to eat dinner.

She started passing out snacks and then wedged her ass between me and Eric. Eric’s hand went between her knees where they were sandwiched between our legs. So I figured I’d play along and put my arm over her shoulder… I was waiting for her to complain that she couldn’t breathe.

She didn’t just ‘not complain’, but she started laughing like crazy when Pam joined us and laid across our laps.

I had to keep from laughing when the visiting vampires flipped their shit. They all bought that we were swinging.

Eric ended up pausing the movie to explain Sookie’s alchemy thing when Angela came in after the movie and needed a ‘brew’.

I watched for Jason to see if he was going to have a reaction to all of us being piled on top of Sookie, but he sat down after grabbing a beer and just watched the movie. Huh. Maybe he’s getting more from the Fae thing than we thought. I’m used to Supes and I can’t say that I’d look so comfortable with the situation…

For that matter, it only then occurred to me that Sookie was filing down the edges for me.


Considering the funeral in the morning, we made our excuse to go to bed early. Russell and Bart, never seeing each other, were AOK with turning in 11 o’clock.

When we got to their bedroom Eric sent: “Sookie and I will bathe, you two enjoy the bed.” Then he tossed me a pair of pajama pants before he closed the door behind him.

As soon as they were gone, Pam started closing the space between us.

I wasn’t sure about this. I wasn’t really keen on the idea of sleeping in their bed as it was, fucking in their bed was just… weird.

I tried stalling. “What was that before? Were you posturing because of Febes?”

She gave me a dirty look, but started unbuckling my belt anyway. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh really?” She pulled my shirt off over my head. “Seems to me, you were being pretty territorial back there.”

“I was not. I was just being affectionate.”


“You’re pissing me off.” She even looked pissed.

“So. Do something about it.” It was getting harder and harder to not laugh at her.


“Vampire. Now that we’ve established…” She cut me off, pulling my face down to hers.

“Finally figured out I was fucking with you?”

She growled at me while she was getting out of her pants. “Shut up.”

“What if I don’t?”

That was all she was willing to put up with…

She tackled me and put me on the floor. She straddled me, pulling her shirt over her head…

And for the next hour we beat the living shit out of each other. No one would have been able to tell if we were fucking or fighting.

Between the noises coming from the bathroom and the noises coming from Pam and Me, I’m sure the guards in the yard would have a whole new batch of rumors spread by the morning.


Pam and I finally climbed into Sookie’s side of the bed to settle in. She might have had a few hours left in her, but I was spent.

“I assume by Eric’s mood that everything went well today.”

“For the most part. Your master isn’t as smart as he thinks he is. He let Sookie out in the yard when she smelled like foreplay and she got goosed. Other than that, Sookie had lined everything up and ‘smooth’ is the only way to describe the arrival.”

“Anything happen that I should be briefed on?”

“Uh… You saw that the kids’ furniture got here?”

She smiled at me. “I did. Were they excited?”

“Not as excited as I was… Eric and I are declaring open season on Fae once the kings are out of here.”


“Jason is showing tells of new powers too. So it’s a family thing, not just Sookie getting stronger.”

“So it’ll be an informational meeting?”

I chuckled. “Unless Eric gets hungry.”

She laughed. “What do you think is going on?”

“Eric mentioned that the three of us have kind of come to the same conclusion: that Fintan bound Sookie, and then Niall unbound her… Since we know that Sookie and Jason are pretty much half Were, and now Jason is showing signs of being intuitive and dowsing… I think that Gran knew.”

“You think Sookie’s grandmother knew why Sookie was a telepath and didn’t tell her?”

“Honestly, I don’t think Gran was human.”

“Oh! Do tell.”

“Are you making fun of me?”

She looked surprised that I asked, so I instantly felt like an asshole. “No. Why would we have reason to suspect?”

“Alright… Sookie has told me more than once that Gran was the only person to not make her feel like a freak. Sookie always wondered ‘why’, but hasn’t ever mentioned Gran asking the same question. Then there’s the gardening thing. I met Sookie 4 months after Gran was killed. Her garden was still blooming at Christmas.”

“Earth Faerie?”

I nodded. “Yeah… Don’t tell Sookie, but I had a friend call in the autopsy report… That little ole lady in her 80’s had defensive wounds all over her arms and chest.”

“That’s a lot of fight for a geriatric.”

“That’s what I’m saying. Especially since she was fending off a guy built like Jason. It wouldn’t have taken that much to subdue her if she didn’t have some extras.”

“So, we think Gran was half?”

“Probably. Gran’s half plus Fintan’s half, keep in mind there’s some Dae and witch in there too, from which side we probably won’t ever know. Then Buck was full Were and Nana was Fae/Shifter.”

“My Lord! Sookie is less than a quarter human!”

“If I’m right.”

“I think you are. Something I noticed that didn’t fit. Have you ever heard of a Fae keeping a human lover?”

“Like to like. Half Fae and half Fae… It would explain why he gave a shit enough to bind their powers. All that Sookie knows came from Niall, God only knows how far from the truth it is.”

“Alcide… If you’re right… It would explain how Fintan (being only half) would have been strong enough to bind them… Gran might have helped.”

“Yeah. I think we need to keep this quiet until we have something more solid to give her. Knowing that Gran let her go on… It’ll hurt her.”

“Agreed, but we should talk to Eric about it.”

“I nominate you.”


I laughed at her. “No. I’ve just spent too damn much time talking to him over the last couple of days.”

She was still laughing when Sookie and Eric finally came out of the bathroom.


They hadn’t made it to the bed before Pam started ragging on them. “It’s about damned time. We thought we’d have to send in a dive team.”

Sookie giggled at her, but went straight to micromanaging tomorrow. “Eric, do you want to go to the funeral tomorrow?”

“Do you think it will cause a fracas?” Who says ‘fracas’?

“You won’t be the reason for the drama tomorrow.”

“Then I am going. I have a feeling that your brother will need as many friends there tomorrow as he can get.”

“Yes he will. Alcide, are you going to go?”

“Yeah, Jason and I talked about it already.” Poor bastard didn’t want to go until I told him we’d go with him.

Pam started whining. “Why am I not invited?”

This oughta be interesting… Eric started, “We’re sorry. Pamela, would you like to go to a funeral at 10am tomorrow?”

“Eric, how are you going?”

“Apparently I am cured of the nighttime condition. I have been awake for the last 2 days and today I played in the yard with the children.”

“May I speak freely?”

“You’re naked in my bed, you might as well.”

“You lucky mother fucker! If I wasn’t so happy for you I’d be jealous enough stake you!”

She moved so fast I didn’t see it until she was laying naked across Sookie… Who was naked… Shit. Sleeping in here was a bad idea.

I fell asleep still thinking about…


Living here is going to get me killed.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 26

  1. Pamela Thornton says:

    Well I know that is not all of the story. I hope you post more and the follow up./

  2. Kristie Yamber says:

    i love these four dynamic and hearing from Alcide’s POV is wonderful…. love this story my best Kristie

  3. loveallsvmtb says:

    I love how Alcides putting the peices together and talking to Eric and Pam about his findings. how he is so over the top protective of Sookie and questions Eric not being jelous. it was so funny when Eric went behid Alcide tightening the bolts by hand. Loved it.

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