Chapter 4

The Beginning

Eric’s POV

Friday, January 1st

When I woke, I laid in bed for a long time. When I went to rest at dawn I hadn’t bothered to remove anything but my shoes because her smell, the smell of her bed, was still lingering on me and I was not ready to part with that. No more than I wanted to walk out of her little house those months ago. I had found my life in recent weeks to be an exercise in futility. Even though… I had been far from steadfast in keeping a distance. I had sat through meeting after meeting, far from focused on the subject at hand, thinking of her. Sookie Stackhouse: petite, bright, exotic. She was resilient and courageous and perfect for me. She was stubborn enough to have blamed our bond for her attraction to me and her distant Fae heritage for my attraction to her. Little did she know that I had spent many of my years avoiding the Fae. I hate them. The taste was truly not worth the trouble. I had considered myself more of a well disciplined diabetic in that aspect. The cake was tempting, sure enough, but damn if the health risk wasn’t something I would avoid like the plague.

Discipline. Ha! Funny that that word still worked its way into my vocabulary. I had done very well to stay away from her and push her to the edge of my thoughts, even pushing the bond back as well… for all of a week. I had officially started stalking her after that. Pam had been checking on her for me, taking her out. That piece of shit Madden wanted her around. He constantly asked me where my bonded was. How she was doing, and when he would be blessed with her company again and I had no choice but to protect what was mine. Mine, damn it. Not his. Not Nevada’s. Mine.

I had Pam looking after her. I’m sure it would lead to an argument later when Sookie found out that she had a baby sitter, but by then, I’d be looking forward to the argument. I loved that every emotion she had was passionate. I had never known anyone, ever, that I wanted to disagree with and fuck and never be away from.

Every night this time, while still laying in my bed, I would think of her just before putting a lid on our bond so that I could get through a another night at that stupid bar, surrounded by worthlessness. Trite humans and loveless vampire, all wanting something from me, when all I ever could have hoped for was sitting, less than an hour away and wanted nothing from me, just me. At least, I hoped she still did.

Herveaux had been spending too much time with her. I knew that from Pam. He had been taking her on weekend trips and they had been seen together too much for my taste. The shifter had even told me as much when I had checked on her with him. I was still not sure how I would handle that. He did have a girlfriend. I might be able to let him live. Hell, Compton was still walking against my better judgment.

I checked my phone half expecting to have a ‘go to hell’ message from Sookie. I expected my appearance last night to have startled her. It worried me when she opened her eyes. I had expected her to fly off the bed and start yelling, but I couldn’t care about that. Anything, any emotion, from her would be welcome after this separation. There were no messages, no texts, nothing. That was surprising. I closed my eyes and pulled on the bond, opening the space between us to confirm something, anything. I’d pictured a sullen Sookie, sitting on the couch dressed in sweat pants and a t-shirt, waiting for me to arrive and be a resilient brick wall. What I felt surprised me. My stubborn little lover was full of excitement and anticipation. It flew at me as soon as I accessed the bond. I smiled into the blackness of my room as I went to my closet to find something appropriate for dinner, dancing and, I was sure, arguing about what we meant to each other…


I had just turned onto the country road on the edge of Podunk, LA: home of a whole lot of nothing and MY everything, when I felt a sudden surge of disappointment and… rage? It drowned out my anxiety, but in a split second dozens of scenarios flooded my thoughts making me more tense. As my car turned onto her driveway, I almost immediately saw the source of her anger. That asshole Quinn was on the property. I wanted nothing more than to charge the porch and drain him. For that matter, it might even be fun to turn him. However, based on how angry Sookie already was, if I didn’t let her handle this she would channel that in my direction and I was not ready to do anything to bring that down on myself so early in the evening.

I made my decision to leave the car and join them on the porch. I’ll be damned if I was going to let Quinn think that he had alpha status. This was my night; I had been looking forward to this for too long.

The overwhelming sense of Déjà vu hit me as I approached the front porch and listened to their conversation quietly. It had only been a few months since our roles were reversed. I had been there, angry that she had rejected me and he was the lucky one who’d get to spend his time with Sookie. Oh, this WOULD be fun.

“…Whatever. Quinn, you need to leave.”

“I’m not scared of the dead guy. Why should I leave?” So I don’t drain you for betraying my lover.

“Because you aren’t welcome here, tiger. You mean nothing to me.” It made me feel better just hearing it.

“But babe, we had a lot of fun together. I thought we could hook up again, for now, while I’m in town.”

Sookie scoffed at him. “You are a silly kitty if you call what we had “a lot of fun”. I am with Eric.” She finally got around to greeting me. “Jag har saknat dig. Du ser underbar kväll.”

She was speaking Swedish? When did she learn a new language? She was so full of surprises and I couldn’t help but be turned on by her appearance. The dress she was wearing might as well have been sex itself and I couldn’t help but notice that our clothing matched, both of us in dark grey. She had pulled her hair up and left her neck and chest bare. Tonight was going to be another night of self control. I couldn’t scare her away, not now that I am so close to having her. I helped her with her coat and started leading MY date to the car. “Jag har saknat dig också och du ser läcker. När började du tala svenska?”

“När jag insåg att han tror att vi pratade om honom.” That, was funny. I couldn’t help but be proud of her for being underhanded.

As we walked by the Tiger, he growled and it took everything I had to not turn around and take his head off. Behave yourself, Northman. Sookie, on the other hand, stood up to him.

“You need a hobby other than harassing taken women. You’re going to get yourself neutered, or better.”

I was laughing by the time I lowered myself into my seat after settling her into hers.

“What are you laughing at?”

“You.” I took her hand and inhaled her scent as I kissed her tiny fingers. “You are as elegant as you are brazen. I am very lucky that you allow my affection.”

“I’m definitely getting sick of the nonsense. I almost kicked two asses last night.”

“Two?” I was there when she dealt with the shifter but who the fuck else do I need to deal with?

“My new year’s kiss last night was from Bill. I intended to give him a smooch; his tongue had other ideas. Then later Sam and I argued, well I yelled, after HE molested my face.”

“I knew about Sam. I was going to surprise you when you left work. I tried to give you time to cool off after the conflict. I was too touched by what you said to stay away. I needed to be close to you.” I was definitely going to need to deal with Bill, but I had to face the facts. It would be years before she’d be willing to let me.

“Yeah, about that… I should be pretty angry at you.”

“I am sorry. Sometimes I can’t help myself.”

“I’m not angry. I thought I was dreaming. If had known you were really there I wouldn’t have slept… wait. ‘Sometimes’? You’ve done that before?”

I had done it a couple of times but last night was the first time I had left the doorway to her bedroom. I smiled when it occurred to me that her witch didn’t bother sharing that information with her, having been the one to let me in.

“Damn it Eric.”

“You are angry.”

“No. I’m jealous. It’s not fair! You have no idea what I would have done to be able to see you. It was all the control I could muster to not go to Fangtasia just to sit on your lap!”

“It is over now. We can spend all our time together if we want. In fact, I told Pam to only expect to see me on weekends for a while.” I thought for a second that I had made a push, overplayed my hand. Sookie doesn’t like to be pushed. I can’t believe that I slipped and told her that I made arrangements to spend that much time with her. Thankfully, the knowledge seemed to please her. Another surprise.


When we arrived at ‘Wine and Song’ I had to ignore that the valet was undressing Sookie with his eyes. I decided to be flattered that he appreciated my lover especially once I heard Sookie whisper a warning to him in her too friendly way.

The homely hostess led us to a large quiet corner booth and handed us our respective menus. I ordered our drinks and let Sookie order her meal as it were. She chose something from the appetizer list, making me wonder if she knew better or was just worried about the cost.

“Did you already eat?”

“No, I just don’t want to be too full to enjoy dancing.”

She brought her drink around to my side and slid right up against me. I was worried about how I should react. I wanted to lay her down on the bench and have her right then. I stiffened just thinking about it. My mind was racing. I knew that I should let her decide what to talk about but I wanted to solidify our status. It wouldn’t be such a good idea to bring it up since she had spent months avoiding the topic before. I was still very worried that she had been hiding that she could read vampire minds but I was sure she’d have her shields up while we were out in public.

“Eric. Is something wrong?”

“I don’t like not knowing what to expect.”

“Do you expect trouble?”

“No trouble. The questionable expectations involve us.” I shouldn’t have said that, so I braced myself.

“Are we having our talk? Are you worried about arguing? Why don’t you tell me what you want and expect and we can start the negotiation there. Frankly, you have the advantage of my good mood. I’m quite happy just to be here, with you.”

“Are you sure that you want to do this now?”

“Well, we need to do it, right? We might as well get the preverbal elephant off of the dance floor.”

She winked at me, no doubt a habit picked up from her Were, and snuggled around my arm. I stiffened again from her closeness. “At your will, sir.”

I thought long and hard about how to word my goals for ‘us’, but while I looked down into her beautiful eyes, it occurred to me that something was different. The naïveté that was once so apparent was maybe not gone, but certainly diminished. Something far more powerful was there now. I dare say that it might be an inherent wisdom. Had I never noticed it or had something changed, something happened while we’d been apart? I’d have to think of that later. She had just surrendered to the impending weighty conversation we needed to have and my responsibility to her was to answer her honestly.

“I really do want to marry you. Take care of you. Live with you and hold you while you sleep every night. Even in my mental oblivion I recognized how wonderful you are.”

“Right to business, huh? What are the political ramifications of attaching yourself to me?”

She had grown up. “Look who’s all business. I don’t care what anyone thinks.”

“That’s not what I mean. Will we be a bigger target? That kind of thing. What effect will it have on us as a couple?”

“In my estimation, it won’t make much difference. Those who wish us ill will do so with or without nuptials since our bond is already a matter of public record.”

“Ok. Good to know. What else?”

I laughed when she didn’t accost me for suggesting that we marry. To me, that was a good sign. “What I want is to be with you, what else is there?”

“Oh, I don’t know. My home, my job, my friends- specifically the males and Weres, my family, my behavior… you know, the stuff that no one thinks about when they get blinded by the idea of the happily ever after.”

Huh, happily ever after, I like the sound of that. “I will rest wherever you tell me to; If that means Gran’s house, I need you to allow me to renovate a little for obvious reasons. Your job irritates me because I am selfish and want you with me and I think you are too special to be a waitress, but it is an irritation I’m willing to ignore as long as it is your will and your safety is intact. Your friends are my friends, I will do my very best to get along with them for your sake just as you put up with my associates with grace. That includes the ‘manimals’ that fawn over you. I will behave when that is what you ask of me. You’re family is a non point and you should know better than to have included them. When it comes to your behavior, you have always done your very best to accustom yourself with the finer points of vampire social standards and you do very well; all I ask is that if I publicly upset you, tell me privately. Arguing with my wife would make me look weak. That isn’t posturing; it’s an issue of safety.” There. That was more honesty than I thought I was capable of.

She hummed into my chest. I was going to explode by the time we were through with her meal. “You have an answer for everything, huh?”

I try to. I wanted to tell her that I’d do exactly what she wanted me to forever, but since I still couldn’t explain why, I didn’t. “Lover, I have no answers. I know that we will have to compromise with each other to make it work but we love each other and owe it to ourselves to be together.”

“Do you want to turn me?” She tensed so much, it could be seen but it was too late to lie to her.

“Yes. I will do it right now if you ask me to. But I would never do it unless you wanted it. I’d rather enjoy your love within your life time than to have you hate me forever. I know what you would give up just by choosing me, I am sorry for that.” She looked like she was going to cry. I fucking hate it when I see a woman crying, especially her, but she knew that and caught herself.

“What do you mean, ‘give up’?”

“For instance, a lot of daylight hours, maternity, peace and quiet.” The smell of sunlight on her skin may be the only reason that I hadn’t turned her already and the politics were just something that she would have to get used to as I had but I knew that in her heart, she wanted a family. I had more than enough money to cover the costs of adoption or even one of those new medical procedures to help her conceive. I had to admit to myself that I would enjoy being a father if that is what she wanted and even talked myself into looking forward to the idea.

“I can still enjoy the daylight, and peace and quiet doesn’t exist. Every family has drama.”

“…and there are other ways for you to experience motherhood.”

Oh shit. I’m not sure I put that right. She recoiled from me like she was touching acid. “Oh, I don’t think so. I wouldn’t do that… this, our lives to a child. I can’t think of a reason why a child’s best interest would be with us. Think about how many people we knew who have died since we met. I think I would be too scared for a child to be able to enjoy being their mom.”

“I’ll give you that. But know that if you change your mind, I am open.” I can’t say that her reaction didn’t disappoint me, but having her would be enough. Whatever back pedaling I had done worked and she snuggled back to me. “Now it is your turn. What do you expect?”

She waited to answer me while she seethed at our waitress for being too flirtatious with me and frigid to her.

“You, your time, your honesty.” I waited for the rest, but when she looked up at me and waited for my answer I couldn’t help but smile. I liked being right and I was dead on about her. She was a mother lode of pure intentions and wanted for the 2 of us to be together. Simply. She wasn’t asking me to give anything up and she loved me. I could have sworn that I felt my heart beat.

“Lover, I believe we have reached an accord. It seems our ‘negotiations’ have come to a close. Can we begin our date?”

“Absolutely, is there something wrong with your ‘drink’, sweetie?”

Well, we had been talking for a while. “It grew cold.”

For some reason, she reached over and barely touched the side of my bottle with the back of her finger. “Try it now.”

I don’t know why, but I picked up the now warm bottle and suspiciously took a sip of the now perfectly body temperature true blood.

“A new power? How strong?”

“Very and not the only one.” Oh shit. I was hard enough to keep her safe before when she could only read minds, this could make things very complicated.

“What can you show me?”

She grinned at me like she was up to something and I couldn’t help but tense. She smothered out the candle on our table and relit it without touching it. She levitated the table 3 inches. She froze the water in her goblet and boiled the water in mine. I had leaned forward with my interest but then I felt as though I was being leaned back by something unseen when I heard her voice in my head. “Can you hear me?” I nodded. “Try to fight the hold.” I couldn’t. I was held fast, paralyzed even, and when I gave up ‘she’ let go and started to ramble into my head about how she started experimenting and researching her sudden surge of power. Her recent reunion with her Fae kin was connected. I just knew it. She didn’t need to tell me about how rare her power was, I was no more a spring chicken, as they say, than I was a fool. I knew exactly how rare she was. I’d need to look into this.

“Can you hear my thoughts?”

“I can right now because you are engaged. But when you aren’t, I can’t.” She winked at me and started speaking again. “Freaked out?”

“Concerned.” That was an understatement.

“Since we haven’t seen each other in a while, the update includes working out and going to the gun range too. Alcide sent me to someone he knows. I’m getting really strong and I’m an excellent shot.”

“You have been busy.” While she ate her snack I considered things. I had noticed a change in her body immediately. It was a very distracting since I didn’t think I could be more attracted to her. I had also smelled the gunpowder wafting from her purse. It was yet another surprise. What I wondered about though was why the Were thought it was his place to arm my bonded. I wasn’t at all averse to the idea of Sookie being able to protect herself from an attacker; in fact I thought it was an inspired idea for her to have a handgun. I was reminded of how well she handled a gun the two times she had used them in my presence and, again, I hardened. Behave yourself, Northman.

“How was your food?”

“Very good. Thanks.” She leaned over kissed me. When she pulled away, it looked like she was going to say something but I didn’t give her the chance. I kissed her back and pulled her up to me. She put her hands to my sides and tickled them slightly. I enjoyed the contact, probably too much.

I pulled back a little, trying to calm myself. “Tonight is already more than I had hoped for.”

“I’m happy to hear it. I’m going to run to the ladies and check my face. Then we’re going dancing, right?”

I nodded, but I put my put my hand on her luscious neck and pulled her back to kiss me again. Her hand moved slowly from my knee along my thigh so I tested the water by following the back of her leg up to the curve of her ass.  I was trying to figure out if her reason for not pulling away might be that she was just teasing me when our mediocre-at-best waitress chose to interrupt our kiss. I was about to put her in her place when Sookie interjected.

“We’ll take the check.” She spoke bitingly and with authority. Yet another turn on.

Sookie leaned over and kissed my neck, sending a shiver up my spine and throwing fuel on the fire I had been trying to control all evening before she took her leave. I was still watching her slink through the restaurant; she seemed to even be walking differently, when the stupid cow interrupted to bring the bill. She thought since Sookie was gone, she’d have a chance. I put down two twenties to cover the $38 tab and handed her the folder as I stood up and grabbed Sookie’s coat for her.

“If you want a tip from me, it would be to not waitress anymore. You are no good at it.” I smiled when she had the gall to look insulted and I went to wait for my lover by the hostess station.

When she came from the rear of the restaurant, she smiled at me so brightly, it felt like sunshine until someone caught her attention and her mood darkened instantly. It took less than a second for me to realize that it was Compton and I was trying to untangle her anger from mine in the bond as I watched him approach her. She put her hand up like a traffic sign and his advance stopped. She made no bones of telling him she was with me before she left him standing there rejected and angry.

She was seething, dripping with loathing for him while we waited for the valet to get the car and it wasn’t until we were on the road that I could feel her starting to calm slightly. I was about to ask her what she had in mind for the rest of our evening when she beat me to the conversation.

“Where are we going?”

“Well, my Lover, what kind of dancing are you in the mood to do?” I’ll take a lap dance. Behave yourself, Northman.

“I want slow and fast and loud and busy. Somewhere I can get a good drink and has somewhere comfy we can rest in between dances. Do you know of somewhere that fits the bill?”

Of course I knew of a place. No businessman worth his salt would hang his shingle without checking out the competition. Even though there aren’t any other Vampire bars in the area, I had been to every night club in the area to survey the business. I knew of just the place. ‘Building’ was without concept. The owner had taken an empty warehouse and built a bar, hung lights over the dance floor and furnished it with un-matching couches. It cost practically nothing for them to open and was making a fortune on the nights where they had live music. It made me regret not having chosen a larger space for Fangtasia.

I could feel her childlike excitement growing as we pulled into the parking lot and as we walked towards the door, the Sookie I have seen in battle drenched in the blood of those who tried to hurt her or the ones she loved bounced onto my back like an exuberant kid. I felt a smile take over the usual stoic expression I try to wear.  When we entered I set her down and took her hand, giving her the chance to scan her surroundings and reinforce her shields. I led her over to the coat check and moved behind her to untie her coat and slide my hands along opening of her jacket. I was greedy when I stole a caress of her bare skin as I slid my hands up to pull the coat from her shoulder, but she didn’t seem to mind. Behave yourself, Northman.

I set her coat down on the counter and then removed mine. I stood there and waited for the coat check girl. I needed to check these coats. I had the most gorgeous woman with me and I was going to be a force to reckon with if this evening didn’t go smoothly. I stood there and hid my impatience from my lover and watched her reach into my jacket. It had me wondering until she pulled my wallet out and playfully shook it. I had been too distracted by the vision in front of me to think of moving it. I couldn’t fight smiling at her as she slid it into the pocket inside my vest.

I was on the verge of going to the bar to complain when my Sookie surprised me yet again. I watched her put her back to the pass and lift herself, swinging her legs around to the other side and grabbing our garments. She helped herself to a ticket sassily after hanging our coats. When she lifted herself again she spun around to meet me and sat with her knees on either side of my legs. Oh, god. I was starting to doubt myself for bringing her out to dance. I wasn’t sure how long I could control myself when our bodies started touching and now that she was gazing up at me biting her bottom lip, I was starting to worry about her safety. In spite of myself, I accepted her invitation to kiss her again. It felt so good that it caused me to ache. I was so hard I was throbbing and I wanted to leave with her, take her out to the parking lot and have my way with her but I knew she’d have no parts of that. She was far too inhibited for such a public display. I had just resigned myself to looking at this as the glass being half full. I’ll take this kiss. Her kisses were amazing by themselves. They could stand alone. Each one was soft and accepting. Each one was more than just a moderate affection. A kiss from Sookie was like having life breathed into your soul; full of love and even seemed to repair parts of me that had been long since given up on.

I almost wanted to drain the delinquent coat check girl when she shooed us away calling us, me, a horny kid. I only laughed because I didn’t want Sookie to fully realize how furious I was as we headed to the bar to get her a drink.

To my delight there weren’t two barstools together, so I slid my body next to hers and leaned against the bar.

When she looked up at me I forgot myself. “Jag vill knulla dig så mycket att det gör ont.”

“I’m sorry honey, I couldn’t hear you.” I was lucky.

“I asked what you wanted to drink.”

“No you didn’t. But I’ll have a ‘Vegas Wedding’” She winked; an annoyance usually, but it was starting to grow on me when she did it.

Are you accusing me of something? And what is a Vegas wedding?”

“Not yet and roll up your sleeve, you’ll see.” I did what she asked of me as the waitress brought over an assortment of items that Sookie started to move around.

“It looks like you’re lining up body shots.”

“It’s pretty much the same idea.”

She grabbed my arm by the wrist and pulled it up to her mouth to slowly drag her hot, wet tongue over my arm and sprinkle sugar over the dampness. She started to explain.

“Sugar, shot, lime, sugar, shot, lemon, sugar, shot, orange. Normally finished with a cherry from your mouth, but I’ll improvise. Ready?”

How could I not be? My libido did the nodding for me.

I was stiff within seconds. She slowly licked, quickly drank, quickly used her teeth to pull the fruit from its rind, again, then again. With each lick I could feel my pants getting tighter. When the orange was gone, she looked up at me and beckoned him to bend to her when I did; she latched her mouth onto my neck right under my ear.

I wasn’t thinking when I pulled her against me. I needed to hold onto her to keep my knees from giving way. If this was a tease, then my Sookie had become cruel. If this was a tease then Pam was going to have to deal with me when I returned to Shreveport.

When she was done with my love bite she whispered, knowing I’d hear her. “I thought we were gonna dance.”

This was a tease. She couldn’t be so naïve to not know that this was torture. Weakened as it was from our time apart, we did still have the bond. I did lead her to the dance floor though. We stayed for 8 songs of lustfully erotically torturous dancing until she needed a break. So we found a couch and sat down where I started to focus on the most hideous humans in the crowd to try and stamp down the misery below my waist.

“You’re quiet, even for you. Everything ok?”


“Can I ask?”

“I’m trying to behave.”


Seriously? Did she just ask me why I was trying to behave? I couldn’t tell if I wanted to hit her or fuck her. “What are you worried about?” Within a blink, Sookie was on my lap facing me. I felt like a child looking through a toy store window.

“Sookie… That is a very pretty dress. I would hate for something to happen to it”.

She put her hands on either side of my face and she kissed me again. It was deliberately lustful and it almost escaped me that she was sitting on my lap like this in such a crowded place.

“Thanks for the warning,” She went back to teasing me, lifting herself and walking away. “I guess I should take it off then.” Did I ‘hear’ her right?

I got up and felt ridiculous as I followed her across the club as though I were a well trained pet. Who was I trying to kid? I was her pet. She had me.

I watched her lift and spin herself to enter the coat check area just as she did before. When she got to the rack where our coats were, she brought her small, nimble fingers up to her zipper and lowered it, letting gravity remove the dress I had wanted to relieve her of when I first laid eyes on it. She made a show of turning and slowly bending to pick it up and when she put her coat on, she left it open. She had her dress and my coat in her hand when she met my body the same way she had before.

“Now what?”  If I didn’t know any better, I’d have thought that she was daring me.

She all but confirmed that she was when she wrapped her arms and legs around me and God help me if I wasn’t sucked into her game. I slid my hands under her ass and started carrying her to the car.

Once we had cleared the din coming from the club I had to ask her. “Sookie, I have to ask. Are you teasing me?”

“Eric, false hope is NOT on the menu tonight.” That was it. I couldn’t think about anything but… everything. I put her in the car and squealed my tires as we left. I thought about taking her to my house since we were only 5 minutes away, but Sookie had territory issues so I thought she’d be more comfortable at her house. It was 45 agonizing minutes away, and by the time she said anything, we were almost halfway there already.

“Eric, where are we going?”

“Back to Bon Temps.”

“Why not somewhere closer?”

“I didn’t think you’d be comfortable.”

“Fuck comfortable. Comfortable is for people who haven’t had a months long cock block! Here is fine for god sake!” She is cursing now, and willing to have sex in the open? She has done a lot of changing, shedding some of the more orthodox restraints that humans tend to burden themselves with. If I wasn’t so distracted with the idea of finally claiming my prize, I’d have thought to say a prayer of thanks to whoever was listening.

Lust hit the bond like a semi truck when I pulled onto a little gravel access road and I remembered just how hard this car was to have any fun in. The car had barely stopped rolling when I threw it into park and sped around to her side. I hunched over, unable to wait for her to get out so that I could taste her sweet lips again.

She must have come to the same conclusion about the shortage of space.

“Why would you, of all people, pay this much for a car you can’t fuck in?” I couldn’t help but laugh at our shared frustration.

“I’ll drive my truck to our next date.”

She had trouble getting out of the car because my reserve was failing me. Once she was out, she made her way around to the back of the car and sat on the trunk, kicking off her shoes and yanking off her coat and bra. As soon as her bra was out of the way, I felt my hold slip a little further and my mouth drifted onto her perfect breasts. I lingered at her chest trying to remember if they were always so faultless.

“Eric? What are you waiting for?”

I stopped what I was doing long enough to look at her and confirm that she was, indeed, goading me. Another surprise. I lowered myself and rid her beautiful body of her menacing panties and buried my mouth in the flavor that I had been craving since the time she took me in. My fingers even seemed to miss the feeling of being inside of her.

It almost seemed too easy to make her come, but the taste of that sweetness on my tongue triggered another need. I met no hesitation as I nipped my way to her inner thigh and then I pierced her porcelain skin and enjoyed yet another perk of being with Sookie. She tasted better than my memory let on, in every way. She moaned loudly into the woods surrounding us and when I had taken my fill, I rose to her and our mouths met.

We moaned into each other’s mouths as she wrapped her tiny body around me. Her mouth drifted down and attacked my neck as she reached down and started the job of opening my pants and then I was in her. I had to reel myself in so that I wouldn’t come that instant. It was not a feeling I was used to, but I had waited for this long enough. She had gotten close and pulled back too many times tonight and she was yielding to me on my car, in the cold open air just as she would have if we hadn’t been interrupted on our orgy date. I distracted myself with the accidental symbolism long enough and carried her to the hood of the car and laid her back. Every time her body tightened around me as she came I got closer and closer and when she sat up and whispered into my ear that she loved me I lost the last grip I had on my control. She screamed my name as I sank my fangs into her neck and we came together. I took my mouth from her neck as soon as I had control over myself, worried that I had taken too much, and sat down on the hood next to her.

She swung her legs over my lap and snuggled close to me as I remember her doing last year. I couldn’t help but worry about this. What we had just done, my lack of control, had been careless and I was disappointed in my behavior.

“I’m sorry.”

“What for?”

“I showed no self control, I took too much blood, I marked you, I’ve exposed you to the cold. I’ve been very inconsiderate in general.”

She got up from our perch and started collecting our things. I was getting no help from the bond and she climbed into the car and waited.

I put myself to rights and got in the car, expecting her to be angry. “Have I hurt your feelings?”

“Are you having buyer’s remorse?”

“What? Sookie, NO!” How could she think that?

“Then let’s get back to the house.”

“Do you accept my apology?”

“I don’t feel like you have anything you apologize for. But feel free to try to atone when we get to bed.”

She was being cheeky and dismissive. “Sookie, I could have killed you.”

“How do you figure?”

“To begin with, I was very greedy.”

“You can control your fangs right? Run them out.”

When I did, I saw her make a hand movement and my fangs were jerked back into my gums faster than I could control them myself.

“Even without that ability and the ability to hold you off, I trust you with my well being, always have. Your self control in impeccable especially considering I spurned you on several times including but not limited to when I suggested our little pit stop, it wasn’t cold enough to hurt me and the private bite marks are your thing, which I prefer but I don’t demand them and it’s a non point since I plan on taking your blood later which will heal them anyway. Got it?”

“I don’t know what to say.” Another understatement, dumbfounded would be accurate.

“Say that tomorrow night we really will take your truck.”

I couldn’t help but be shocked that she would want to see me again tomorrow night. “Where will we be going tomorrow?”

“I don’t care if we just go to Fangtasia, as long as I get to spend the night with you.”

I couldn’t help myself, what has she done to me? I reached over and held her hand until we pulled up behind her house.

We were crossing her porch before either of us spoke again. “Wow, it’s only 11:30.”

“Lover, would you like to go back out?”

“Where would we go?”

“We could go to your bar and have another Vegas wedding.” And rub it in that asshole shifter’s nose in the fact that she chose me. “Let’s go change into something more casual.” I ran to the car and grabbed my bag from the trunk.

“What’s in the bag?”

“You know how bad you are on my wardrobe. It’s back up clothes.”

I got no small amount of enjoyment that she wanted to wear one of my shirts. What was better: It would look to the shifter that I dressed her to match me on purpose. I laughed to myself and snuck a bloody finger to her marking while she was distracted by her hair style.

“It’s probably moot; Quinn, Bill and Sam will all be there crying into their beers and plotting our demise.”

“That will make things interesting.” Since I can end them all without a second thought.

We wasted no time getting there. I had heard Sookie’s stomach growl and hoped I wouldn’t have to talk her into eating. She had slimmed out enough that I had to wonder how she was doing it. She hadn’t had any extra weight to begin with. When we walked in I could tell that Compton was there. I could smell him. The combination of fear and discontent has a distinct bouquet. As I scanned the floor, I was delighted to see that the shifter and Compton seemed to have started their own pathetic little support group. Sookie Anonymous. Quaint.

I let Sookie choose where we were to sit and I could feel her uneasiness growing because of the worms, now ogling her for being with me. I slid into the booth and sat sideways, hoping she would feel comfortable with some closeness on her own turf. Yes, I was testing her. Without hesitation, she slid in, closer than I could have hoped and even lifted her leg to rest it on mine. Victory. Another surprise. I was robbed of enjoyment in my win because those two malingering fucks were still staring at my lover and making her uncomfortable.

“Ignore them, Lover, unless you want me to call Bill over to deal with him.”

“Do what you want with Bill,” I may take her up on that. “But leave Sam alone, I’m not ready to quit work yet.”

When the most tolerable of the shifter’s staff came over, I let Sookie order. If she didn’t order food, I could gently remind her that she hadn’t eaten much but if I ordered food for her, I’d risk seeming ‘high handed’ again.

“O+, Club sandwich, no cheese, Vegas wedding & long island iced tea. We’ll take the blood and Vegas wedding now.”

This server was quick and had everything over to us in no time.

“You ready handsome?”

“Yes, and you don’t have to improvise either.”

“Oh, I assumed…”

“I can’t eat, but I can taste.”

I was surprised that she’d be willing to be as blatant with those two as her audience, but she showed no signs of backing down. She gave my arm a slow lick again and I was hard by the time she started to shake a sugar packet onto my arm. My reaction this time was stronger than the last.

“Are you putting on the reaction because of the audience?”

“No, I can feel more now. In the club I was on overload.”

This time when she licked, she scraped her teeth over my skin teasingly, each time with increased pressure. When I leaned forward with her cherry between my teeth she ran her fingernails over my hard on and I couldn’t help but vibrate at her touch. When she was done she pulled away only slightly and I tucked a stray hair behind her ear. I would say that the moment was perfect if it weren’t for Compton’s anger searing a hole into the side of her head.

“Bill do you have something on your mind? You seem to be giving our table a lot of attention.”

Instead of taking the hint to mind his own business, he had the balls to walk over to our table as though he had some right to interrupt. He did not heel well at all. This was going to be a problem eventually.

“I was just wondering why I couldn’t get away from you.”

I had to fight myself to stay seated. Someone needed to put this mother fucker in his place. Even if I were his peer instead of his sheriff, he could be punished for speaking to another vampire’s bonded like this. His grasp on that idea, or lack thereof, was as much of a concern as the fact that I didn’t want to ruin my night with Sookie by killing him. She’d never forgive me.

“Here’s an idea… move!” I was proud of her for saying it, God knows I wanted to.

“I was here first.”

“What a very grown up argument! Perhaps I should point out the ‘shuffle your feet’ clause?”

He hissed at her. “Shuffle your feet?”

“Yes Bill. Shuffle your feet; lose your seat. It is among the most basic of preschool strategies. If for any reason, you abandon a location, you may not take it back with the same station you once held while within it. Sure it’s not in the Art of War like ‘I was here first’, but it is still a valid rule of engagement. And since your cumulative time in Bon Temps is only 33 years and you spent more than 50 years in Seattle with that nasty whore I had to save you from, and the queen who ordered you here is gone,  I consider you a Louisiana expatriate.”

“I don’t particularly care for your opinion and I seriously doubt that you read the Art of War” he scoffed.

I wanted to tear out his throat. Maybe I would just send a drainer/dealer to his house, that could be fun.

“There has never been a protracted war from which a country has benefited. Sun Tzu said that right before he said ‘You’re an ass’.”

I was trying to distract myself by taking a sip of true blood when Sookie turned to me. “Han är patetisk. Jag trodde Pam berättade vampyrer inte menstruera.” I don’t think I had ever, even while I was living, laughed a drink through my nose. But it happened.

“Had you run into me where you work, this would be different. But I am here almost as often as I am at home and you know that because you are stalking me and lying to yourself when you think that you might get back into my bed. Especially given our history and the sniping comment disparaging my intellect, you should know better. Since you believe me to be so simple, perhaps a trashy retort would gratify you. But you won’t get one.”

I finally pulled myself together enough to be serious with Compton. “Bill, you really need to observe Sookie’s wishes. Do your best to avoid her and stay off of her property. You are free to leave.”

I waited for his car to start before I grabbed Sookie and made sure she knew how proud I was at her for handling him so well.“I can’t wait to tell Pam about that, she’ll be proud of you too!”

Just a minute later the waitress brought Sookie’s food and I decided to tell Pam while the memory was still fresh. I knew Pam would be just as pleased at Bill’s educational experience as I was and she laughed loud enough to hurt my ear when I told her about Bill being on his period, a phrase neither of us ever understood. Business was good and she knew I was with Sookie still so Pam let me go quickly. Sookie and I talked while she ate her sandwich.

I could smell the Were before I could see him. Herveaux walked in and went to the bar asking for her. Sookie saw him too and I was disappointed when the bond told me how happy she was to see him regardless of our date.

She leapt out of her seat to hug him and ordered a beer for him. I was already wondering so I guess I would get to see them together to look for hints of what had been going on between them. For starters, he was slightly more uncomfortable than usual, but he didn’t seem to be surprised to see me with her.

She started their dialog. “What’ve you been up to?”

“Not a whole lot. I came out to remind you about the cookout tomorrow night.”

“Alcide? The last time I did a pack related thing, you got me drunk and we woke up in your yard.” That didn’t please me in the least. The only thing that settled me was that neither of them seemed ashamed.

“I know and I’m sorry. I wanna make it up to you. Food, Drinks, and no death (God willing). Honest injun!”


“No. why?

“Fucker showed up at my door tonight and tried to start shit when we were on our way out. To put it mildly, if I hadn’t been wearing a new dress, I’d have shot him in the face.” I couldn’t help but laugh.

Sookie was chewing, so I gave him an outline. “He solicited her for a ‘hook up’ and she threatened to neuter him! She’s batting 1000 tonight, not 20 minutes ago she put Bill Compton on his histrionic ass.”

She reached over and warmed my true blood even though I doubted I’d finish it since she fed me. Who’d want that when I could have her. “Thank you.”

Herveaux asked. “One of the new ones?” I would need to talk to her about why he knew about her having new powers and I did not. It pissed me off that she’d not had Pam let me know.

She nodded and cooled his beer until his mug was frosted.

His eyes widened and he said “So you can bring the ice tomorrow right?”

“Only if I can bring a date, what time and where are we going?”

“Ledbetter Heights Club Park, 6:00 and I’m joking about the ice.”

“If you see Quinn, call and warn me or him for that matter.”

Herveaux looked confused, “I’ve been meaning to ask. What the hell happened with y’all by the way? I heard you were on and then off again really fast and now you’ve got stuff going on.”

“I met him that day of the battle. He showed up a few weeks later and asked me out.  Had two dates, then he tracked me down when I was dealing with my cousin’s estate in New Orleans and was dealing with his crap  in Rhodes and then I didn’t see him again until he led the hostile takeover to my front lawn. He’s a good kisser. We fucked once and then he nearly got Eric and me assassinated, so fuck him. And now I’m the ‘meanie’ because I won’t… whatever I won’t do, he’s pissed about it.” Most of that information was inaccurate by my accounts. I had heard from reliable sources otherwise and the rest of it was news. I suppose we would have to be serious at some point, but with the Were here, it wasn’t the right time.

When Sookie flagged our waitress down to order another Vegas Wedding Herveaux looked at me with envy. I liked that a lot. “You are one lucky mother fucker.”

All I could say was: “Yes. I know.”

I shook the Were’s hand as he left, I didn’t mind that he kissed Sookie’s cheek on his way out. It was friendly and I hadn’t picked up on anything from either of them that would suggest I needed to be concerned. He even joked about her needing to take it easy on me because of my age as he left.

After he was through the door, Sookie turned to me and thanked me, I assumed for being cordial to her Were. Oddly, it wasn’t such an imposition. I had never had a problem with him. It was his father that I disliked.
Now that he was gone though, I could try to talk to Sookie about the tiger story she had told. “Was all that about Quinn true?”

“It was condensed. But it was factual.”

Bullshit. They spent several nights together and I knew that was a fact. How does one nicely accuse their lover of lying? “And you only had sex with him once?”

“The last time you two were on my porch together was the first time we went out, we didn’t have sex but we kissed. We finally had sex about 2 months later. Then Mr. C came and got me to deal with the Hadley stuff and he caught up with me there. I thought it was a coincidence until I caught a thought from him. We slept together the night after the Abbey riot (just slept), we didn’t see each other again until Rhodes where again, we just slept together and then that was the last time I saw him until he crashed in my door with Victor.”

What kind of moron would just sleep with Sookie and not have sex with here? “What was the thought?”

“Do you know what happened in Hadley’s apartment that night with the queen?”

Of course I knew, I must have been told by a dozen different people what they had been up to that night. I almost went to her to confront her. “You had sex with her and Andre after some magic spell showed her how Jake was turned, right?”

“The Queen concocted the story that I had sex with her and Andre” She slapped at me for having believed the other version of the story. “so that she would have reason to be alone with me to explain the plot against her was based on the disappearance of a bracelet that Arkansas gave her as a wedding gift and Hadley had made away with. I was searching Hadley’s things while I was packing them and finally found it in a coffee can. I snuck it into the Abby and all, but Arkansas was bent on taking over anyway. But while Quinn was “helping” me go through my cousin’s stuff I heard ‘I don’t know what’s so important about a fucking bracelet but with what HE’S willing to pay if it’s here, he’ll get it.’ He was working against me to sell me out, I never told him that I heard him.”

I tried to string the words together but it didn’t happen fast enough. She thought I was staring.

“If you aren’t going to say something, blink or something.”

“I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry the queen dragged you so deep, I’m sorry you were used, I’m sorry that you have carried this burden and I’m sorry that I let my imagination assume so many things about you.” I hugged her and wished I could have a have a redo, as they say. “Forgive me?”

“Only if you forgive me for letting Quinn and Bill jade me against you.”

Did she really think I hadn’t already. “Already done, you’d be a fool for not being cautious.”

“Good, let’s do this drink and get home.”

She leaned over and started at my neck. I was hard again by the time her tongue reached my ear. I jokingly protested when she started sprinkling the sugar and it was falling into my shirt.

And she did as she had before, slowly scraping her teeth against my skin to get the sugar and quickly doing the other 2 steps. By the time she got to the cherry on top I had blindly slapped the first bill in my wallet onto the table for her friend.

I ushered her out the door and for the first time in years, looked at a Corvette with disappointment.

“What’s wrong, Honey?”

“I’m starting to agree with you about the Corvette not being good for our sex life.”

No sooner than I was in my seat, she was leaning into my lap. “Sookie? What are you doing?” She answered me by opening my pants. Oh, this was too much. When did she open up like this? This was another pleasant surprise and the beginning of endless possibilities. Her house wasn’t far enough away and as we drove up the driveway to her house I considered killing the engine and staying in the car for a while but I wanted more than just a blow job and moved fast to get her out of the chilled air.

Once we were inside, and she was warm, I had enough of waiting and sat her on the edge of her kitchen table and we quickly undressed one another. We fucked right there, pushing the table a little more with each thrust until that retched table’s leg caved under the stress and snapped. I was disappointed for only a moment until she directed me to sit in a chair where she straddled my lap. She took control well and she and I were loud and unbridled and I found myself in awe of her. Working out had done her a justice; she was much stronger. She pushed herself onto me and moved wildly. We were both about to finish when I reached into a nearby drawer to grab a knife and put a slice in my neck. I looked for apprehension. None. Her mouth was on the opening before I had the chance to drop the knife. I started to come right away as she fed from me and she continued until my wound had closed.

She all but went limp in my arms when she was done and we sat still while her breathing slowed down.

Several minutes had passed before Sookie realized that the witch was home. She was humorously embarrassed and made us go back to her room. She wasn’t too embarrassed to spend the next few hours having sex with me though. From what I could tell, she seemed to have missed me as much as I had missed her.

I ran my fingers through her hair while she snuggled up to my side. “So I owe you a dining room table….”

“Nuh, uh, uh… now that we’re engaged, we share everything. We broke our dining room table.” She thought that she was being funny but it wasn’t lost on me that she just said that we were engaged. Not to mention, she also just said that we shared everything. If I didn’t take this chance, I might not get another one anytime soon. I knew that she would resist from watching Compton fuck up left and right.

“Oh. Really?”

“Really.” I chuckled. I had her. She confirmed it. I got her to agree to consider everything ‘ours’. That was a huge step since I had seen her get mad about the cost of a suitcase of clothes. I laughed in my throat as I watched it dawn on her.

“Son of a Bitch!” She slapped me and covered my face with a pillow. I was too busy laughing to ‘fight’ back. I caught myself having fun. I heard her witch coming into the room so I ‘pleaded’ for help until Sookie removed the pillow. I thanked the witch for ‘helping’ but when I noticed the snarled look on her face, it made me wish she hadn’t come in at all.

“What’s going on in here?” she was being insolent.

“I think I just agreed to join assets.” Sookie folded her arms across her chest and I couldn’t help but laugh in spite of the dirty look I was getting from her roommate.

“It’s not my fault. She started it.” Thankfully, she stomped off.

“You think you’re pretty smart eh, Northman?”

“No. I think I’m very lucky.” I kissed her, wanting more. “What other man in the world can brag that he had to trick his fiancé into sharing his possessions, and she was angry about it. So tell me lover, what does one wear to a Were ‘cookout’? Do you know what you are wearing?”

“Have you ever been to a Were party before?”

I shook my head. Ceremony, yes. Rights, yes. Party, no.

“They are wild, like unbridled. It’s really fun. They cook way too much food, drink way too many booze, laugh too hard, dance way too hard. Their kids even get into it. There is usually some kind of sport, except soccer, I’ve never seen them play soccer. It’s really laid back and crazed at the same time. I always have a great time. The last one I went to I ended up in a dance off with some of the teenage girls in the pack.” It sounded like a frat party.

“So what do you plan on wearing?”

“Um, I guess I’ll wear my jean skirt and plaid shirt over my bathing suit.” My pale ass! Behave, Northman.

“Your bathing suit, in January?”

“Yup. And I’ll be taking an extra outfit just in case. Weres like water play. Water guns, water balloon fights, ice snipers… That kind of stuff. Their bodies run hot so they don’t realize the temperature issues like humans do.”

“Ice snipers?” It sounded juvenile.

“It’s playful. It could be an ice cube dropped in the back of your shirt or some of the boys like to fling ice into cleavage. Once, I was standing in line at the buffet and someone snuck up to the guy in line next to me and dumped a huge glass of ice water down the back of his pants! When it comes right down to it, if you leave one of these things dry, you didn’t have a good time.” She laughed as she told me the story.

“So if someone does it to me…?” Fuck! What did I get into by promising that I’d be nice to her friends? Sookie has retarded me. I was once too smart to issue such a blanket statement. Is it too late to take it back?

“Try to take it in good fun. If they begrudge you being there for any reason they’ll just ignore you. Weres aren’t as highfaluting as vampires in general.”

Highfaluting!? First I’m high handed and now I’m highfaluting. “What exactly is that supposed to mean?” I was trying to sound playful but I was, at least slightly, offended.

“Well If I have to put a fine point on it, you and Pam are the only vampires that I’ve ever witnessed having fun and being honest without being tortured. You guys tend to be a bit bombastic. It can put people off. Weres tend to be nearly opposite, down to earth, nearly naked.”

“Are we that bad?” I know we are. Vampire are that bad. We bore each other to tears and we do it for centuries on end.

She plucked my forehead. Seriously? “You are not. Pam is not. But you cannot tell me that there aren’t vampires that you’d sooner remove your fangs than spent time with voluntarily!”She had made her point.

“I guess Vampire do tend to be a bit prickly. Thank you for choosing me even though I might be one of the worst at times.” I hugged her close. I genuinely understood what an ass I had been at times. I had enough time to reflect on the mistakes I’ve made and knew that I was lucky for her to be willing to see me tonight.

“How could I have not chosen you? From the moment I laid eyes on you I was drawn to you. There was something familiar in your eyes, like I needed to be with you. It was so strong, it scared me.”

If asked, I would have said the same thing, which amazed me. We laid there for a while simply snuggling, enjoying just being together.

“Lover, since we will be in Shreveport for the party tomorrow night, do you still want to go to Fangtasia?”

“Sure, the party will only last until 11 or 12, then you take me to the Bar and show me off.” Surprise.

“Will you spend the night at my house with me?” Please, please say yes.

“Yeah, I have to admit that I’ve been curious. Part of me pictures you sleeping under the bar in Fangtasia because you work so much. We’ll have to take 2 cars tomorrow night though. I have to work Sunday night. I’ll pack something nice to wear to the bar with my ‘B outfit’.” She sat up and slid off the bed. I followed her, both of us still nude as she flitted around the house here and there, while I used my phone to check my email and texts and send a couple out.

“I texted Bobby earlier. He will be bringing the truck out in the morning. We can just take the Suburban and then you can drive back on Sunday in your car.”

“My car?” She looked like she wanted to hit me.

“Your car. Something always came up so I waited for better timing. Are you going to yell at me now?”

“Do you want me to?”

“I don’t think I do. But yelling is what I had expected since I bought it.”

“Why? Is it a corvette?” The thought had crossed my mind and judging how her lip turned up in disgust when she asked, I guessed that I had made at least a slightly better choice.

“No lover, I know you’ve never liked my car. But, old habits die hard. I own every year of Corvette since 53. Your car is befitting your personality though. Sexy, refined, humble, classic, and depending on what is demanded of her she is just as comfortable purring as she is roaring. You’ll see it tomorrow.”

When we returned to the bedroom I showed her that I was putting my wallet into her purse. “I need you to go shopping in Shreveport tomorrow.”

“What am I buying?”

“I want to contribute to the party but I don’t want to make a show of it so if you could go to ‘Palicades’ and pick up my order, just take it to Alcide so that he can take it to the club for set up. It will be ready at 4. If you could, purchase some blood since I’m sure they aren’t expecting a vampire. And most importantly, I will need something to wear tomorrow at the cookout and you will need something to wear to Fangtasia. Go to the mall and get a goober costume for me and something slutty that I can rip off of you. Feel free to take Amelia and do lunch and you might want to buy some things for keeping at my house like your toiletries and some clothing.”

“Eric, you know that I don’t like spending your money”

“No Sookie, remember, it’s our money. You could not possibly spend too much. I know that it’ll be a hard adjustment for you to make but, Lover, do not worry about money.” I knew she would, regardless.

“I don’t know how to wrap my head around that. I guess I don’t have the perspective. I’ve always been poor.”

“Use any of the SwitzerBank cards. Trust me, you would have to buy a house to notice the difference.” I shouldn’t have said it. I could tell that it actually scared her to have access to a large amount of money. Bill was a fool for not figuring out a way to spoil Sookie.  She deserves to be treated like a princess. She always has.

The only other thing I did that night was hold Sookie. It was perfect. Until the sun came and fucked everything up. I held out for as long as I could but finally fell to rest in that damn ‘hidey hole’ of Compton’s.

When Eric picks Sookie up for their date…
“Jag har saknat dig. Du ser underbar kväll.” {“I missed you. You look wonderful tonight. “}
“Jag har saknat dig också. När började du tala svenska?” {“I missed you too and you look delicious. When did you start speaking Swedish? “}
“När jag insåg att han tror att vi pratade om honom.” {“When I realized he would think we were talking about him.”}

What Eric whispers to Sookie at the bar…
“Jag vill knulla dig så mycket att det gör ont.”  {“I want to fuck you so much it hurts.”}

What Sookie says to Eric while telling off Bill…
“Han är patetisk. Jag trodde Pam berättade vampyrer inte menstruera.”  {“He is pathetic. I thought Pam told vampires don’t get a period.”}

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