Chapter 15

Six To The Pack

Hunter’s POV

I didn’t want to go to the babysitter’s house again.

I told Daddy and Kristen that at dinner too.

I told them that the sitter doesn’t like me because they don’t pay her on time.

I told them that I hate being home too because they always fight and I get sent to my room because they think I can’t hear.

I told them that I want to go live with Aunt Sookie…

It made Daddy sad. His eyes were tired. Our dinner was his breakfast because he had to go work all night again. He leaned against the table and looked at me for a good long time.

“Son, I’m glad you like Sookie but you’re my responsibility, not hers.”

“She’d take good care of me! She’s nice and… we have things in common.” I had to watch what I said around Kristen. She’s not nice when she’s freaked out by my stuff.

“I know, Hunter. She said you can go for a visit this summer before school though.”

Aunt Sookie and me were exercising and she promised to help me get used to using my shields before I start kindergarten. She understood me.

I stared at Daddy. I was mad. Kristen is weird around me and the babysitter has mean cats. “I wanna live with Sookie.”

Daddy huffed and I could hear him thinking that he can’t handle this. He thought that I’d be better off. He was afraid to ask. He didn’t know how to ask.

I yelled out. “I’ll ask her!”

Kristen fussed at me before Daddy could say anything. “Hunter Savoy! Don’t you dare! If you keep this up, you won’t be allowed to go see her anymore.”

I started crying while she yelled at Daddy that Aunt Sookie was a bad influence.

I have to see Sookie. She’s the only one like me. Kristen doesn’t understand!

I yelled back at her. “Why do you care? You wish I wasn’t around! You think Daddy would be perfect if it wasn’t for me!”

Daddy gave her a mean face and asked me if I would settle for some sleepovers with Aunt Sookie.

Kristen and him started fighting again as soon as I told him yes, so I was sent to my room… again.

Daddy promised to call Aunt Sookie when he got home from work when he was driving me to the sitter.

I wasn’t there long before it was time for Potty/Paste/Pillow Time. I hate that. Her kids ran all over the house yelling ‘pee pee pee’.

Jeanie tucked me into the couch and I fell asleep while she watched Lost and thought grownup things about the Sawyer guy… Ew.

Wednesday, January 6th

I woke up to Jeanie’s kids fighting over the last Toast ‘Em on their way to the bus stop. If they were leaving, that meant that Daddy would be here to get me soon. And then he’d call Aunt Sookie.

That’s what it was supposed to mean. He was late today. Really late..

Jeanie’s eggs were runny and she burned the bacon. I hate breakfast at her house

Then Jeanie made me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch and then went to her patio with her phone. I played legos by myself and watched Suite Life. She was probably just fussing about Daddy being late to one of her friends.

I got sleepy and laid down on the couch again to take a nap. Jeanie’s kids hated naps, but I like them. I have fun dreams.

Today I dreamt of Mémé and she told me another story about Farbror…

I smelled pickles before my eyes opened. I hate pickles.

The lady sitting on the edge of the couch was fat. Real fat. She was wearing a weird necklace with her own picture on it. Her head looked like a poufy pumpkin.

She looked sad but didn’t feel it. Faker.

I looked for Jeanie. She looked sad too. She was sad.

“My name is Mrs. Grady. I need to talk to you Hunter…”

She told me my Daddy is dead.


A car accident.

He’s dead.

Kristen told her that I have an Aunt.

My Daddy is dead?

“Is he a vampire?”

“No sir. Why would you think that?”

“My Mommy was a vampire.”

She frowned. “How was she a vampire?” She thought I was lying.

“She had me. She became a vampire. She died again.”

She still thought I was lying. “Do you know how we can get in touch with your aunt, Hunter?”

“She lives in Bon Temps. She works at Merlotte’s. She’s not really my aunt. Sookie was my Mommy’s cousin.”

“Do you have other family?”

“Aunt Sookie has a brother, but he’s an idiot.”

She laughed. “That’s not nice.”

“That’s what I said, but everyone says it’s true.”

“Well, since your father isn’t alive to take care of you, we’re going to have to track down Aunt Sookie and see if she can.”

I smiled at her. If my Daddy had to be dead, at least I can live with Sookie.

I can’t believe my Daddy’s dead.

Sookie was right about how far away Bon Temps was from Red Ditch. It felt like forever. I was really hungry by the time we got to Aunt Sookie’s house. It was dark outside and none of the lights were on inside.

Mrs. Grady thought about taking me back to Red Ditch but I was so hungry and I needed to pee really bad. So I talked her into trying Merlotte’s.

When we walked in, I ran up to a waitress and asked where the potty was. She had pretty red hair and a nice smile and she let me follow her to the bathrooms. When I came back out, Mrs. Grady was talking to an old man dressed like a cop. I went over and I sat down next to her and they stopped talking. I hate when grownups do that.

The old cop called over the waitress and told her to feed me.

She gave him a sassy look, but she held her hand out to me and took me over to the bar. She picked me up and put me on the stool.

…I saw Farbror. I saw Farbror talking to her.

I couldn’t breathe. I thought mémé made him up.

Aunt… Farbror… they’re together. Together?

Farbror caller her evil. Farbror called the waitress evil… “MRS. GRADY! We need to go!”

A man came out of the hall to the potties and… I saw him too. He was yelling at Aunt Sookie…

I was shaking my head. “Aunt… Farbror… We need to go!”

The cop and Mrs. Grady just looked stupid. They acted like they couldn’t understand me. We needed to leave. These weren’t nice people. The guy had a weird brain. His thoughts were weird. Not like normal people. We needed to leave.

I tried to get to the door and the cop grabbed me. He held onto me tight.

“Sam, you know where we can find Sookie?”

The weird brain guy looked angry. “I heard Jason talking about her moving in with that vampire in Shreveport.”

“Come on now. There’s more than one vampire. Which one?

“Aunt S… Farbror.”

He hushed me and the guy told him ‘the Sheriff’.

“Would Vampire Bill know where to find him?”

“No one’s seen Bill in a few days. He’s probably out of town again.” I saw in his head that someone told him ‘Vampire Bill’ was dead.

“He’s lying. He’s dead. Aunt… Farbror… We need to go!”

The guy gave me an angry face. “Bud, he drives a red corvette with vanity plates. BLDSKR. Maybe you can track him down through the DMV.”

The cop and Mrs. Grady took me out to the parking lot and put me in the back of the cop car.

I was sick of being in a car. I wanted Aunt Sookie and Farbror. Mémé told me that I’d be safe with him.

I closed my eyes and tried to remember all the stuff she told me about him…

This time when I woke up, I was in a bed. Not on a couch. I was in a bed. A huge one. All by myself.

The room was dark but there was a little light coming from the bathroom. Good. I needed to pee.

I could feel brains… 6 brains. One of them was Aunt Sookie. I know her voice…

I opened the door and… I was in the biggest room ever.

I walked down the stairs to the brains… through a big kitchen… by more stairs… the front door was open and I could hear talking. Aunt Sookie!

I almost yelled for her… but I knew another brain… I thought I made her up!

“Manen? I’m glad you’re finally here. I’ve been dreaming about you.”

She ran to me and she was prettier than I remembered her. “Hunter! I missed you!” She hugged me and I was so happy. Kristen told me she was an imaginary friend. That she wasn’t real. I didn’t like Kristen anymore.

Manen and me held hands and she took me back to a room with couches and a TV bigger than me.

I was so excited. “How long have you been here?”

“I just got here.”

“I’m going to live with Aunt Sookie. My Daddy died today.”

“We’re both orphans now, huh.”

“I guess so.”

“What do you know?”

“I met Sookie before Halloween. She’s been helping me exercise.”

“You found me. Why do you need exercise?”

“Not getting out… keeping things from getting in.”

“Oh. I feel weird about the big one. Eric?”

“Is he scary?”

“No. Like I know him.”

“Does he have blond hair?”

She nodded at me. “He’s nice. He already likes me.”

“How do you know?”

“I heard him think it.”

“Oh. Our teacher will be nice. Like a big sister. Her name is Angela. You’ll like her. She has red hair.”

I smiled at her.

Aunt Sookie brought us some ice cream and we talked while we ate our snack.

We were talking about our stupid babysitters when Manen stopped listening to me.

“They’re coming.”

I nodded. “Yup. Farbror is calling Angela and Aunt Sookie is going to the store to buy us some stuff.”

“Pam is going to tell us about vampires.”

We sat and waited.

They looked at us funny when they came in so I told them my stuff. “4/5. I love red.”

Then Manen told them. “6X. I hate yellow.”

Pam told Aunt Sookie. “What a remarkable family trait.”

Aunt Sookie told her that I wasn’t too lucky because I can read vampire minds and then told me to try to stay outta people’s heads.

“Can I still us the mind phone?”

Aunt Sookie smiled at me and told me they do it all the time. I was so excited. Daddy and Kristen were always scared of my stuff. Now I can play with it.

Manen asked Farbror about Angela and he told her that he was about to call her.

Aunt Pam sat down with us and started explaining about being a vampire.

I couldn’t pay attention.

I ‘called’ Manen to ask her what she meant about knowing Farbror because Aunt Pam made me feel weird too.

She talked for a long time. A real long time.

She has a pretty smile.

When she was done she asked if we had any questions.

“Who’s Michael?”

She stared at me. For a real long time. “Why?”

“Because I remind you of Michael.”

She told me that she didn’t want to talk about him. I hate when grownups do that.

When Farbror came in with Angela she hugged us right away.

We liked her a lot.

She’s pretty and has hair like fire. She’s real nice. I could feel how excited she was. Vampires aren’t allowed to teach at schools.

She brought a memory game with her with letters. We played while Farbror talked to her about her job…

“You’re cheating.”

Me and Manen both looked at Farbror. He was smiling.

Manen sassed him. “How do you know?”

“Vampires know everything.”

“How are we cheating?”

He squinted at her. “You can see through the cards.”

She puffed her cheeks at him. “What about him?”

“Hunter is reading Angela and your minds. Play fair.”

We both said ‘yes sir’ and quit cheating. I quit cheating. Manen didn’t.

Aunt Sookie got back with our stuff and Farbror took Angela to the kitchen for grownup stuff.

Me and Manen talked some more until Aunt Sookie came to get us for bed…

She gave us baths and tucked us in. She let us sleep in the big bed together. The bed was still too big.

We got kisses and she meant them. That was nice. But she was scared about something… She kept her shields up. I hate it when she does that.

The room was dark and quiet. No one was fighting. Everybody was in a good mood…Not like my old house.

“I can’t believe my Daddy is dead.”

Manen blinked at me. “It happens.”

“I guess.”

“It was a good idea.”

“What was?”

“My wish.”

“A family?”

She nodded. “It came true.”

“I might have worked too well.”

She shrugged. “We’ll be happy now though. Our new parents can’t die on us.”

“Aunt Sookie and Uncle Alcide can.”

She shook her head. “Not for long. Claudine told me.”

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  1. Kristie Yamber says:

    love these two sweet kids thanks for adding them to the story my best Kristie

  2. Kristie Yamber says:

    yes i am re-reading it again i think this is one of my favorite chapters

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    I agree with Kristi Yamber i love these sweet kids. perfect addition to the family. thanks

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    yay! sookie + alcide get turned?????????? x

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