Chapter 5


Sookie’s POV

Sunday, September 5th

“Pam knows we’re all going?”

Eric was doing his best to calm me through the bond when he answered. “Yes. She’s not worried about being alone. She’ll split if she has to and she can always wake Angela.”

“Thank God we don’t have to worry about that.”

Jason looked up at me with despair written all over his face. I held his hand and rested my other hand on Janice’s belly while Eric sped through the deserted 5 am roads on the outskirts of Shreveport. Near as I could tell, we were only 15 minutes away at the rate Eric was going.

When Janice had another contraction, I lifted the sheet to check for another gush of blood, trying to gage how much she’d been losing.


As much as the Discovery channel had been scaring the living shit out of my adult family members, Ludwig had talked me into taking a class for Childbirth as an EMT. It wasn’t like I had any extra time for stuff, especially since it took up a whole weekend, but her reasoning was sound. Eric, Alcide and Pam could have taken it and it would have done them almost no good since all three were prone to panic, especially when it comes to me. On the other hand, if I took it, I’d be able to walk any of them through the steps. Good call on her part.


As the contraction ebbed, there was only a small flash of blood. It made me feel better to not see things getting worse for the time being.

3 minutes later I lifted the sheet again, to watch over another contraction.

About 20 seconds into it, her water broke and all three men in the car were instantly aware of it thanks to their Supe senses.


Eric tossed it back to me and I dialed the doctor.

“We’re still 10 minutes out and her water broke.”

“Check the cervix. See what we’re dealing with.”

I pushed the speaker button and set the phone down. Again, I put my hand in position but I wasn’t going to have any luck.

“Doc… there’s something in the way. How do I check?”

“What the hell is blocking it?”

I cleared my throat, knowing that no matter my answer, my companions were going to flip out. “Legs.”

Yep. That did it! Jason lunged forward on his knees and looked in disbelief, Alcide’s head nearly spun off his shoulders and Eric shut down his end of the bond so that his panic wouldn’t become mine as he leaned into the gas pedal.

“How much of them?”

“As they are, her knees.”

“Follow the cord and check to make sure it’s sound.”

I slid my fingers along her tiny body and hurt Janice in the process. She let out an uncomfortable groan and as I felt another contraction start. I slid my hand out of the way to wait it out. I watched as the petite legs were forced out just a faction more. When it was over, I went back to checking the cord.

“Doc, mid thigh now and fine as far as I can follow.”

“How far away?”

Eric declared ‘5 minutes’.

“Get her out of there. We’ll be waiting outside.” I couldn’t believe she’d said it as calmly as she would tell me to ice a sprained ankle.

I did my best to ignore the multiple panic attacks. Empathy is not a power I like having it was hard enough to tamp down my own freak outs.


I used the sheet to dry my hands and Adele’s legs enough to get a reasonable grip just in time for the next contraction. I gave a steady pull just like the instructor in my class had showed me with the birthing dummy.

It took all of the contraction but when I pulled the poor thing free, she was limp and followed by a rush of blood that I couldn’t imagine Janice recovering from. I was more scared when I saw it than any other moment I could remember.

But, as usual, I didn’t get the chance to be scared or helpless. Jason watched powerlessly as I untangled the cord from my niece’s tiny neck and used the sheet again to clean her off roughly, trying to get her blood moving. I pushed my finger into her mouth to open it and took a deep breath.

Jason better know how damn much I love them all.

I had no choice since we weren’t exactly a well stocked delivery room, I bent over and cupped my mouth over her nose and sucked her airway clear enough for her to start crying.

I started crying too. My hands were shaking as I handed my brother his first born with her cord still dangling since a knife was on the list of things we didn’t have.

I could see the lights from the hospital getting brighter as we approached.

“Sook, do you know which one this is?”

“That there is Adele; your natural born leader.” I wanted to laugh as I thought about that. This little thing was named for my Gran, who always liked the saying ‘why brake a window when the front door is open’.

There didn’t seem to be anything I could do for the bleeding. I got back up on my knees and tried waking Janice again.

“Janie, wake up. You’re scaring us.”

I rubbed my fist onto her chest again and she started to come around when Eric pulled to a stop in the ambulance bay.

When the back door was flung open, I lurched out and boosted Dr. Ludwig in without asking. Social propriety was the last thing on my mind at the moment.


Alcide and Jason went with Janice to get ready for the partial c-section.

I leaned against the wall of the ambulance bay still trying to catch my breath while Eric moved the truck.

He snuck up on me. “Is there anything you can’t do?”

I chuckled. “Sleep in my own bed, apparently.”

Eric’s amusement sat on the fence between chuckle and snicker as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder to lead me in through the sliding doors.


We didn’t get far into the Supe wing before we were ‘fetched’ by a nurse. She led us to the corridor that ran between the operating rooms and handed us both scrubs.

Eric looked at me with a perturbed smirk. He’d barely managed to get the last set on and had to rip it to get the shirt off.

I stretched up to give him a kiss.  “This is the last time you’ve got to wear those for a while.”

Eric smirked at me. “I think I’ll manage.”

I took a deep breath and blew it out while I slid out of my wet and bloody jeans. “You just say that because you know how sexy you are in a tight shirt.”

“Maybe I’m just saying it because for once, your clothes are the ones that will need to be thrown away.”

I snickered. He was right about that. This outfit was never going to be the same. I looked down and instead of bagging it to take it home, it went right to the bin of medical waste.


As soon as we walked into the room, Alcide’s head snapped up. He’d needed me. I’d promised to help him stay calm, but I’d been too busy to keep the promise so far. I went over and gave Jason and Janice a quick kiss and then wrapped my arm around Alcide’s waist.

“What took you so long, Shug?”

“I’m sorry, Beb. I had to clean up a bit.” I gave him a squeeze to let him know I wasn’t going anywhere.

“Her blood pressure is up again and she’s starting to hurt really bad. Del’s doing great though. Strong as an ox.”

“Hey Janie, how you doing down there?”

She turned her head to face me. “She said it’s too late for an epidural. She wants to knock me out.”

I smiled at her and rubbed her arm since Alcide was already holding her hand. “Doc, do you think that’ll be necessary? I can glamour her.”

“How strong is your glamour?”

Eric laughed. “She can keep Pam and I both from smelling Claude. He visited for over an hour last night with another Fae and we never registered anything. Not that conversation with him is ever pleasant.”

Ludwig laughed. “Get to work then, little girl.”

I cleared my throat. “Already done. Her BP should start going down now that she’s more comfortable.”

Ludwig gave me a look. “Janice, how are you feeling now?”

I watched her as she looked around a bit, considering the question. “Oh God! Sookie, thank you!”


Eric was across the room with a hand on Jason’s shoulder. I knew that it helped that Jason has changed a lot since we both had our powers undammed, but my two guys and my brother had become very close over the past few months. Then again, we all had. The six of us were almost inseparable.

I could feel Jason calm down as soon as Janice thanked me, but it didn’t last long. He tensed right up as soon as the Doctor made it known that they were ready to start.

I didn’t watch. I turned around and held Alcide while he watched over my shoulder. I kept an eye on Janice to make sure she wasn’t feeling any pain and pushed calm into Alcide.

I only wish I could have been more help to Jason, but Eric’s reassurance seemed to be helping.

I heard the Doctor announce Corbett, as though he hadn’t announced himself with a bellow of a scream as soon as he was breathing. Just a few minutes later, Jaclyn arrived quietly.

I listened for the crying and it seemed to be taking too long. She was unresponsive. We heard the OB fussing to his nurse and felt the panic coming from that side of the room, so I looked up at Alcide. “I’m going over. I’ll be right back.”

He looked down at me, positively stricken and nodded.

I had to wedge myself into the huddle of medical professionals around her. They all resisted the idea of me helping but it didn’t stop me from picking her up and holding her to me. I closed my eyes and pushed into her. Her problem was simple, but no normal person would believe me. I kept her with me and walked over to Ludwig while she worked on Janice and whispered the answer to her and she started to cackle. I took her over to Jason and handed his youngest to him and he started to cry again. I put my hand on her and sent a feeling of security to her that she was safe and that her Daddy had her and instantly, she came to.


When I got back to Alcide, I wrapped my arms around his ribs again and he leaned over to put his ear close to my mouth.

“Sweetie, she’s fine. She was scared and escaped.”



He lurched back. “No fucking way!”

All I could do is smile at him. He squeezed me tight and I heard his chest vibrate as he breathed a huge sigh of relief.


We waited a while. Even though we all knew from the start that the babies would be fine, we were still all very relieved when we saw it for ourselves, especially considering Jackie’s scare. Eric and I stayed with Janice while Jason and Alcide went and looked over the babies.

“Janice, they’re beautiful.”

She smiled up at Eric. She’d gone from being terrified of him to thinking of him like another big brother in just a couple of months. “Thanks. Are they as perfect as your girls?”

He chuckled and patted her head. “Of course not, but they are close.”

She giggled weakly. “Maybe I should ask an impartial judge?”

I was more distracted by the work Ludwig was doing. She seemed a little frantic.

“Doc, what’s up?”

“I can’t stop her bleeding. I’m in the middle a hysterectomy.”

I felt Alcide and Jason panic. “Then finish it and get out of there.”

“I can’t just…” She looked up at me and realization hit her. “You could have fixed the bleeding.”

“Finish up and get out. I’ll take care of the rest.”


Eric and I watched as Janice passed out from the blood loss. He wanted to give her blood but it wouldn’t have taken much to turn her. Everyone in the room was frightened. Everyone but me and I couldn’t put my finger on why.

After what felt like forever, Ludwig told me to come over after running the human helpers out of the room.

Ludwig sat on the corner of the table and watched as I put my hands to my sister in law and closed my eyes.

I put so much into repairing her that I could physically feel the energy draining from me like watching a ‘life meter’ on a video game.

My knees buckled a couple of times near the end and I hoped that I had healed her enough to get her through the night until I could be back in the morning for another round.

I wanted to keep going, I knew I wasn’t done, but I collapsed instead.


I opened my eyes to see Eric looking down at me with a smile. “Can you stand?”

“How is she?”

Eric put his hand out for me and helped me up and held me. The room was spinning. “She wants to talk to you.”

Ludwig’s was the first face I saw when I cleared the table. “Sleeping on the job?”

“I’m sorry, I’ll come back and finish as soon as I eat.”

“Would you bring me a mountain dew? I miss caffeine.” It was Janice and hearing her voice surprised me.

It took me a while to bring my eyes to meet hers. “Janie, how are you?”

“I’ve been better, but without you, I’d be much worse.”

I smiled at her weekly, but turned my attention back to the doctor. “How far is she?… From being healed?”

“She is fine for someone who had a hysterectomy a week ago.”

I realized that Alcide and Jason were staring at me from behind Ludwig, but I just needed a time out.


When Eric told everyone that he was taking me home, Alcide insisted on going home too.

We hugged and congratulated them and then started the long walk back to the truck.

As I walked through the halls flanked by my guys, I held hands with both. I hadn’t said a word since I’d heard how Janice was and my guys started talking over my head.

“How’d she know?”

“She smelled blood.”

“Before you did?”

“Yes, and I didn’t smell it until she opened the door to their room.”

“The smell was strong enough to wake her up?”

“We weren’t asleep.”

“Oh… still, how’d she smell it before you?”

Eric stayed thoughtful. “I don’t understand it. She smelled it over our blood and she smelled it strong enough to know it was human.”

Alcide snorted. “How is it possible that her senses are stronger than yours?”

“Not to mention yours. Your room is closer to theirs… I think the pregnancy was tapping some of her strength. Her powers were getting stronger and stronger then they seemed to plateau when she was shot.”

“You think that she’s going to keep getting stronger?”

“You watched the gaping hole in your sister close like a special effect in a movie. You tell me.”

“You don’t think ‘infinite’ means her number of abilities. You think it’s her strength.”

“I’m starting to, yes. I think that if she’d eaten more recently and we hadn’t spent the last 3 hours having sex, Janice would be walking around right now.”


I’d been listening carefully as they talked. As all three of us slid into the front seat of the truck and rolled down the windows, an unfortunate thought struck me.

“Eric, what if Niall doesn’t want a population boon? What if he wants soldiers.”

Eric got very serious. “Explain.”

“What if he wants me to breed with a Fae because of how strong I am; for hybrids. I can’t help but think he’d be all over Jason still and having Claude spunking in a cup if it was just DNA he wants.

“But it would be years before the children would be strong enough to fight for him.”

“Eric, didn’t you tell me that Niall was close to your age? How long is 20 years to you?”

He growled. “A blink… I imagine then that we have a dilemma.”

I laughed dryly. “Just one?”

“Do we ignore what we’ve both seen and take precautions now or do we hope we get through the next 3 months?”

“Possibly 4, but I don’t think he’ll send anyone right away. It would be reasonable to assume I’d have some downtime.”

Alcide was feeling out of the loop. “Um, could someone tell me what the fuck y’all are talking about?”

Eric shot me a dirty look. “You didn’t tell him? You told me that you showed the preview to him.”

“It was months ago. I showed him the snippet I showed you at first.”


I may have been able to see through the truckload of manure that Niall might have dumped to cover his tracks, but I was at a loss for how to tell Alcide what Eric and I had seen. I still wasn’t sure how to feel about it. I knew what I knew. I’d seen several things to make me sure that it was all true and eventual. Soon after the shooting, Eric and I had talked about things. He’d brought it up while I was recovering, of all of the ‘previews’ and ‘replays’ we’d seen, both of us were disappointed that we hadn’t gotten any clues to help us avoid any part of that day. So we laid on the couch together one afternoon and compared notes.


“Sookie, if you don’t tell him, I will.”

“I wasn’t ‘not telling’ him I just hadn’t yet. He’s been worried enough for the past few months. I deprioritized next year. Plus, I figured the FOUR of us could sit down and talk about it.”

“What… the… fuck?” Alcide was starting to understand why I didn’t like being talked over. “What didn’t you show me?”

“The boys Hunter ordered.”

He was annoyed that I’d kept it from him, but he still cracked a smile. “Shug, you already told me there’d be more kids. Why’d you hold that back?”

I looked over and was trying to come up with a way to tactfully answer, but Eric beat me to it. “Because they’ll have green eyes and black hair.” He’d said it as casually as he’d have mentioned grocery shopping.

I watched the color drain from his face. He stared straight ahead and his mouth was open. Eric was good for nothing, if not shock value.

I made an attempt to calm him down, but when I put my hand on his leg, he jumped. I couldn’t tell if he was jerking away from me or if his nerves were just shot. I didn’t want to know what was going through his head after a shock like the one he just had, especially after having had one hell of a night already, so I pulled my hand away and left him alone with his thoughts.


This was one of the reasons I didn’t like this particular gift. It was like dumping multiple puzzles on a table after taking out all of the edge pieces. Without knowing how we’d get to a certain end, it was frustrating to see that end. Without having seen the visions we’d had, would Eric be alright with the idea of my having Alcide’s children? Or is his vision the reason he’s at peace with the idea? Right now, it seemed like our motivation would have been to thwart Niall’s psychotic breeding program. But without seeing a preview, would the pregnancy have been an accident? Or would ‘breeding’ with Alcide have been out of a concern for the ‘second born’ stigma all Were families have to worry about. Even then, why would it matter if they didn’t turn, they’d still have other abilities. See where I’m going?

The ‘previews’ made me feel like I read the last chapter in a book and then had it taken from me, leaving me to guess about everything else.


Alcide sat wordless for the rest of the way home. When we got there, I had to slide out on Eric’s side because Alcide didn’t make a move to get out.

When Eric and I walked in, I started pulling things out to make breakfast and started a pot of coffee.

The house was still silent.

“You should talk to him.”

“What am I supposed to say, Eric? In the last 72 hours he has seen his sister and his best friend cut open. One of us nearly died, the other did it without pain management. Then you dropped the poorly timed bomb on him, that he would be would be the reason it would happen again.”

“So you’re just going to let him worry?”

“No. I’m waiting for our coffee to brew so that he has the chance to think.”

“Do you think that I should talk to him? He’s got to know by now that…”

“…At some point, yes. I think you will need to break man law and say out loud that you aren’t going to kill him for knocking me up, just to make him feel better.”

He snorted. “I suppose you are right… Do you think I’ll have to say that I’m happy for him?”

I chuckled. “No. I imagine you can get away with one of those grunty guy hugs that involves slapping.”


I’d put breakfast together in record time. I’d made berries and honey, breakfast casserole and sausage gravy with biscuits. Alcide still hadn’t come in though. So as I poured a couple of coffees, Eric went upstairs to update Pam and check on the twins.

The window was down, so I didn’t need to knock.

“Can I join you?”

I stepped back so he could open the door and he slid over to make room for me.

“Do you want to talk or do you want me to shut the fuck up and go away?”

He was quiet for a minute, staring into his coffee. “I want you to tell me why you wouldn’t tell me something like this?”

“Because I was still trying to wrap my head around it too, I guess.”

“How long has Eric known?”

“Since his first preview.”

“You said that he had it back when you first got together.”

I nodded. “He saw HunterManen and the boys but he didn’t see the girls.”

“But, he had me move in, thinking I’d eventually fuck you?”

“He figured, at first, that we’d adopted or turned to science. He didn’t see any special gifts.”

He took another long break before speaking again. “What will they be then?”

“Like the girls. Wolves with extras.”

“Why weren’t they in what you showed me? They’d have to be, what? 4?”

“They were already in the woods. What you saw was the night of their first run. You were all playing hide and seek.”

“At 4!? The moon wasn’t full.”

The question seemed redundant so I just smiled at him and waited for his next question.

“What do we name them?” His voice small, almost childlike.

“I don’t know.”

“But you knew the girls names.”

“In the preview, we called them by Erika and Dagny. I only heard the boys called ‘pup’.”

He chuckled.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“Not telling you sooner. I thought you’d freak out or spend a lot of time worrying that Eric would shit kittens.”

“I would have, but stop protecting me from myself. I hate that you felt like you needed to hide something from me.”

“I wasn’t hiding it though. You know that, right?” I really wasn’t. I was thinking of a way to tell him that one detail. I had already started easing him into it by letting him know about them in the first place.

He nodded. “Were you afraid of Eric’s reaction?”

“A little, at first.”


“Because this was all part of the same revelation. It was the one I had the night Claudine popped in on us. It was only two nights earlier that he we’d talked about the two of us sleeping together.”

“But we weren’t yet.”

“Yes, but the talk happened on the day we nearly raped each other because of the moon. He’d felt it.”

“So when you told him you were pregnant, and we already had Hunter, he remembered the preview he’d had and thought we’d been fucking behind his back?”

“Until I ‘showed’ him the girls as white wolves. Yes. Wouldn’t you?”

“Oh abso-fucking-lutely! You know me. I probably would have been running out the door before you’d have had the chance to prove it.”

I gave him a look. “And that my dear, is one of the reasons why I keep shit to myself sometimes.”

He growled, but with a smile on his face. “Point taken.”

“Are we alright?”

He leaned over and kissed my cheek. “We never weren’t.”

“You got anything else for me?”

“Do you know when?”

His curiosity lightened my mood. If he was asking questions, it meant that his seriousness was lifting. “October I think. In my preview, Pam and I were wearing the bracelets y’all gave us for mother’s day. They’d been reset to include opals too.”

He raised an eyebrow at me. “So then what stones were in it?”

“Diamonds, sapphires and opals.”

“Nothing else?”

“Nope. When the boys are born, I get spayed.”

“Like Janice?”

“Sort of, but not as an emergency.”

And… there was the worried face. “Shug, are you sure you want to go through that again?”

I smiled at him. He hadn’t seen what I had. “Absolutely.”

“But why? I know it hurt.”

“It was the worst pain I had ever felt. You know what I’ve been through too. It’s not like getting beat up or shot or staked, its productive pain. It’s a hurt that starts going away the second you look in their eyes.”

He smiled at me and went quiet for a moment. “When they’re born… will you go with me to piss on my father’s grave?”

I slapped his leg, laughing. “Of course I won’t! That’s mean!”

“The last thing we talked about was on the way to the battle. He yelled at me for fucking everything up with ‘the last female on the planet fool enough to breed with’ me.”

I snorted at the thought of Alcide’s father being such a hard man. “Nice. Dear ole Dad should have written greeting cards.”

“Makes you wonder how I ended up being such a prince, huh?” He was using his sarcastic tone.

I laid my head over on his shoulder. “Criminals have sons who grow up to be cops, whores have daughters who grow up to be housewives and Jackson Herveaux raised the kindest, most tolerant man I know. You’re an awesome dad. Don’t mindfuck yourself. You’re fair, you’re fun and you are exactly the father we both grew up wanting.”

“Are you just handling me?”

“No. I’m speaking the gospel. And yes, I will go with you, but I’ll leave the peeing up to you.”

“Humph… I accept your terms.”

I smiled at him. “Come on, let’s go eat so we can spend a few minutes with the family before we head back to the hospital.”

“Do you want to take Manen and Hunter to meet the babies?”

“No. We can take them tomorrow. I have work to do and I don’t know how much. I’d rather they didn’t see how weak I get. Eric and Pam can take Tommy when they go up.”

“You healed her so much earlier. Why another round?”

“Because I promised her. She’s worried about how Jason will deal with things. You saw what she was like before. She’s mean when she feels helpless.”



We climbed out and went to the kitchen that was empty save for Tobin.

He opened his mouth to say hello and then noticed that we were wearing bloody scrubs. I let Alcide explain while I dished out breakfast. I wish I hadn’t to be honest. He made me sound like a damn super hero.

I added replacing the mattress from Janice’s room and buying new bedding for it to Tobin’s list of to do items and called the florist about an arrangement of irises and stargazer lilies (blue & pink) to be sent to the hospital. Then I texted all of my friends to tell them I was an Aunt.


“Shug, what’s the plan?”

I smiled at him. It felt like forever since he asked me that and my answer didn’t include the couch. “I’m getting a shower and going to take them their bag and something to eat, visit, healing and then come home to let Pam and Eric take a turn visiting and make dinner.”

He nodded and went back to eating. I caught the stray thought from him that he was happy to have me back.

By the time 9 o’clock rolled around, the house was swarming with activity. We spent a while visiting and telling everyone the news about the babies.

It was almost an hour later when I finally made my way up for a shower.


I stood under steaming hot water for a while, just letting the cascade calm me.

When I started getting dressed, I had to re-plan my outfit to make room for King Kong. I found a black, off the shoulder peasant blouse, pale pink jean skirt and pink strappy heels.

Dr. Ludwig hadn’t been kidding. They were gigantic and fascinating but as Eric walked into my closet, we found that they were very touchable.

I smiled at him even though he was having a hard time making eye contact with me. “How did Pam do with the girls?”

“They only rose twice, and only long enough to feed and be changed.” Still no eye contact. “Your talk with Alcide?”

“We’re good. You might as well have taken a cattle prod to him. He was shocked more than anything.”

“Did you show him?”

“I couldn’t have even if he was ready for it. I was too weak. I’m sure he’ll want to see soon.”

“So our plan is to stay vigilant about the security measures until… January?”

“I guess so. Um… Could you look at my face?”

He smiled. “You have a face?”


I was still laughing as I walked downstairs with Janice’s bag.

“What’s so funny, Shug?”

“The vampire gets distracted by little things.”

Eric laughed. “I do not! I got distracted, yes. But they are not little!”

Alcide gave me a confused look as I went to the garage and put the suitcase in the trunk. I rolled my eyes and pulled my shirt up to flash him. The word ‘ample’ had always been applicable when it came to my boobs. Today I’d been forced to don my most stretchy bra, even then, I was spilling out.

“Oh… my… God…”

“Yeah. I know. Do I get any beads?”

“They’re huge.”

“Yup, I get that.” He finally took his eyes off of them to start the car.

The whole time we were stopped to grab lunch for our brother and sister and the rest of the ride to the hospital, I had fun interrupting his prolonged depraved moments by calling him a pervert. He chuckled every time, and went right back to his imagination.


As the doors to the elevator slid shut I set the suitcase down and stood directly in front of him. His hands were full of bags of lunch and drinks so it occurred to me that I could have a little fun with his imagination too. I started projecting to him a few dirty musings of my own. It got his attention and I watched his eyes roll back then his throat clenched…

“This isn’t fair. My hands are full.”

“What would you use your hands for?”

He thought about that for a minute, closing his eyes. “Now you’re just been mean.” His voice gravelly, almost a growl.

“How do you figure? We both know that your talents aren’t exclusive to your hands.”

He narrowed his eye and in an instant, he advanced and had me pinned against the wall of the elevator with a kiss.

When we reached the 9th floor and the door slid open, Alcide stood up. I smiled at him. “See, you didn’t need your hands.”

He cleared his throat. “Never said I did. I just really wanted them.”


When we got to the door to the Stackhouse room, we heard a symphony of unhappiness screaming behind it.

When we walked in, Jason was desperately pacing the floor trying to sooth Corbett. All three babies and Janice were crying. She didn’t seem to be enjoying her empathetic nature any more than I did at times.

I smiled brightly to all of them and pushed calm into the room and the squalling stopped instantly.

“Ahh, that’s better. How are you feeling Janie?” I leaned over and kissed her, taking Del from her.

“They’ve been at it for hours. I didn’t think they’d ever stop.” She was sniffling and wiping away her tears.

I sat on the edge of the bed and smoothed a couple of stray locks of hair out of her face. “You need to shower. It’ll make you feel better.”

“I didn’t want to leave Jas with them screaming like that. Do you know what was wrong?”

I pouted for her. I really did feel bad for her. “You. You’re stiff and sore and feeling really gross. You were projecting it. Why don’t we fix you up, get you in the shower and then eat some lunch. I’ll teach you how to project calm even when you’re ready to cry.”

She leaned forward and hugged my shoulders with Del between us. “Oh, God! Sookie, thank you.”


I nodded at her to get her to lay back and then I gently placed my hand on her stomach, just under her belly button. I was surprised to find that I had almost completely healed her earlier. I was still holding Del as I searched out Janice’s body for damage, aches and pains. All I found was some swelling and what was left of her incision. So while she was sitting still, I went ahead and gave her a wake up to help her mood.

When I was done, I put the bag on the bed for Janice so she could get her things out for her shower. I put Del into the bassinet with her brother and sister and gave my brother a big hug and a recharge.


While we sat and ate lunch, the babies slept peacefully. Apparently, being so miserable took a lot out of them. Janice looked and felt better than she had in months, so we spent a fair amount of time joking around and enjoying Janice’s company. Until Dr. Ludwig came in, anyway.

“Good. You’re here.”

I had a mouthful of sandwich when she pushed through the door. “Why?”

“Pathology just came back on the placentas.”

“Ok. And?” I snickered. “Are you about to tell me that I’m the father?”

Everyone else got a hearty laugh out of that until Ludwig got serious again…

“All four of them would have been dead before you tried to wake her for breakfast.”

The color drained from all of our faces and Alcide’s hand went to my thigh. None of us had anything to say.

She went on to explain how bad the situation was and all we could do is nod in understanding.

“How far away were you?”

“Uh… about 100 feet, behind 3 closed doors.”

“And you were with the Vampire?”

I nodded.

“You’re a fucking a multiplier too!”

I nodded.

“How long have you known?”

“I realized it when I got here today.”

“And sleeping next to the vampire after the delivery…”

I nodded. My ability to heal like a vampire plus his…

The Doc rolled her eyes with a smile and went to check over Janice. “Mrs. Stackhouse, you are perfect. It would have taken you 2 months normally. Since the triplets are small and susceptible to certain things we should keep an eye out for, we’ll keep y’all until Tuesday.” She patted Janice on the leg. “You definitely married into the right family.”


After she left, there was an awed silence. I had no idea how bad off Janice was this morning. It scared me to know how close we were to losing them. Jason threw his arms around my neck. He hugged me without a word from one side while Alcide’s hand never left my leg.

We struggled for nearly an hour to think of something sensible to say, but Alcide couldn’t even bring himself to make a joke to lighten the mood. The two of us gave up the attempt at the same time and used our twins as an excuse to head home.

We didn’t say a word to each other all the way there. We just held hands like our lives depended on it.

When we walked into the house, the kitchen was the usual epicenter of activity. Tobin was sitting with Dagny and Hunter while Jordie was burping Erika. Pam and Eric were sitting in the lounge with their laptops, working (which reminded me of how far behind I am).


Eric got up and came over to hug me, having felt my…whatever I was feeling. “How was your visit?”

I wrapped my arms around him and stood stock still, letting Alcide answer. “The doc came in while we were there.”

“Did Sookie heal Janice further?”

“She’s completely healed, but that’s not the thing. They did tests on the placentas and found out one was damaged in two places and Janice would have died of internal bleeding. They figure that Del was acting as a dam.” Alcide cleared his throat to keep his voice steady.

I felt Eric shake his head above me. “Jason would have smelled it eventually.”

Alcide didn’t argue with Eric. It had sounded more like a question anyway.

“How is everyone feeling there?”

“Janie and Jason are shaken up, but Sookie gave them a wake up. Physically they’re fine.”

Eric kissed the top of my head and pulled back to get my attention. “Pam and I will take the big brother and the cousins for a visit. Erika and Dagny have been awake for most of the day, so they should rest so that you two can as well. Don’t make dinner. We’ll stop for something on the way home.”

“That sounds like a good plan. Thank you.”


Eric had proven to be right… again. It only took the girls a few minutes to fall asleep. I went upstairs and changed out of the skirt and heels and opted for a black wife beater and a pair of jungle camo shorts. The objective was to be comfortable, even though I was sure the outfit would earn an honorable mention at the trailer park pageant.

I stopped to grab a couple of beers on my way back to the den and crumpled next to Alcide’s side with my feet pulled up under me. We sat in the quiet for a while, getting half way through our drinks before anything was said.

“Is it normal to get scared after the fact?”

“It’s called shock. If there’s a name for it, it can’t be too strange.”

“Sookie, if it hadn’t been for you…”

“Stop. We don’t need to think about it. Everything is fine now, that’s what matters… I didn’t lie though. When I told you that everything would be ok… I didn’t see the trouble just the end. I’m sorry.”

He gave my shoulders a squeeze and I could tell he’d known. “What is a multiplier?”

“My powers are amplified when I’m touching someone else with the same power.”

“So how did you realize it when you got to the hospital today?”

“When I held Adele.” He looked down at me, waiting for me to elaborate while I debated telling him. “When I held her today, I felt it because she’s power sensing.”

“Is that all?”

“What are you asking?”

“What their powers are.”

“The Shifting ability is the biggest thing. It’s more magical than genetic. Corbett is an intuitive. Jackie is inclined to the astral and Del is power sensing, maybe more, but I haven’t seen it yet.”

“What about our girls?”

I smiled at him with a raised eyebrow. “I’ll tell you one.”

He narrowed his eyes at me. “How many do they have?!”

I giggled. “Plenty. Do you want to know a shared power or an individual one?”


“They’re both finders. Dowsing.”

I caught a little smile trying to creep across his lips. “Why would they play hide and seek then? Doesn’t seem fair.”

I took the last sip of my beer and set the bottle on the table. “The boys will be able to stay under their radar. I’m not sure which power they’ll use yet though.”

“The boys.” He was still reeling at the idea of being a father. I could ‘hear’ him wondering if it would feel different from how it feels with the other kids before he interrupted himself. “Shit! Sookie, how is Eric going to explain babies that look like me without losing face?”

I shrugged. “Dunno. The humans are the only issue. Supes know we switch hit and it’ll make sense to them for both litters to have a different sire.”

“But Eric’s businesses rely on humans.”

“We have a while to worry about that. You know him, he’ll figure out something.” I laid back and put my hands behind my head and my legs in his lap. I started trying to think of ways to help him out of his shock. Talking was helping but it was going slowly. It was Labor Day weekend so I grabbed the remote, hoping to find a marathon of some old tv show and I lucked out with Little House on the Prairie.

After a few minutes, Alcide growled at me and took the remote. He changed it to a show Jason had turned him onto: Dirty Jobs.

I playfully kicked him and made a fake ‘throwing up’ sound. I rolled over and faced the back of the couch and closed my eyes.

“Are you pouting?!”

I smiled up at him. “No. I’m resting. Did you want me to pout?”

He put the remote on the table and laid down, snuggling up behind me. “No. I was hoping you’d put up a fight though.”

That made me laugh. “You mean that you wanted me to pretend to put up a fight and then let you win.”


I snickered at him. “If I wanted high maintenance, I would have gotten a cat.”

I didn’t feel him move before the slap landed on my ass. “A cat!?”

I was nearly constantly giggling at this point. It was always fun to toy with Alcide. “Come to think of it, I always was a cat person. All they really want is an occasional rub, and…”

He put his hand over my mouth. “You need to watch your mouth.”

I licked the palm of his hand. I was hoping that he’d move his hand, but when he didn’t, I nibbled at it.

“Do I need to remind you that cats roam all over and they tend to eat from any dish set out for them.”

“So you’re telling me that I’m much better off with a more loyal breed. Something that’ll stay close and not hide under the bed during a storm.”


“Have any in mind? I hear collies are good.”

He put his big hand to my throat and started nuzzling my shoulder. “Not your type. Maybe something bigger, stronger.”

I rubbed my back into him. “Something bigger and stronger would do a lot of posturing.”

“You’d get used to it. Maybe even like it.”

I rolled onto my back and before I was settled, Alcide was on his knees between my legs. His face was buried against my neck, my fingers twisted in his hair. We were both nearly breathless when I used his hair to pull his face up to meet mine and started sitting up to get us both to our knees. My mouth drifted down his neck and onto his shoulder, slowly chewing my way down and causing Alcide to release a ragged breath. I let go of his hair in favor of slipping my hands up the inside of his shirt to run my finger nails over his back and ribs.

“Your shirt’s in my way. Take it off.”

Before his shirt was over his head, I was chewing and clawing at his chest that was now heaving. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled our faces together again and pulling my body to meet his. I wedged my hands between us and slipped my hands down into the front of his shorts to wrap my hand around him. His hands went to the button on the front of my shorts and fumbled to get it undone, and then pushed them down. I slid my legs out of them and flung them to the floor and started pushing Alcide back to sit down.

I straddled his lap and pulled my top off over my head. Alcide’s hands slowly followed my hips and up my sides as I lowered myself onto him. I couldn’t help but smile at his reaction, even though he couldn’t see it. His head fell back and his jaw clenched as he took a hard swallow.

He grunted and bit his bottom lip as I started to grind down onto him. I was already starting to feel like I was going to explode when he pulled me down for another long kiss, putting both of his hands on my throat and giving a gentle squeeze. I started rising and falling, putting my thighs to the test, giving a clench with every throw of my hips. I slowly started to pull away, leaning back and laying down against his knees. Taking his hands to keep from falling, I continued a slow writhe on his lap until he pulled me back to him when he started getting close. He wrapped his arms around me and held me so tight I was barely able to keep moving. I wrapped my arms around his neck and started to tease his ear, warming his neck with my breath. He put his hands on my hips and started moving me over him, slowly sliding me back and forth. Both of us were groaning and panting and as I started coming, my muscles started to clench, pushing Alcide over the edge of his control.

I slumped against his chest and ran my fingers through his thick hair. “You missed me.”

He ran his hand along my back and gave me a little hug. “More than you know.”

I kissed his cheek. “I missed you too.”

The thing is, I did know. It had been months since Alcide and I had been ‘together’. It wasn’t that the pregnancy turned him off, but once I started showing he started feeling awkward. We had still been close; holding hands, snuggling and kissing. We didn’t need to talk about it. That was just one of the things I loved about Alcide. We just understood each other.


We sat together, holding each other for a while, just catching our breath until we heard the girls waking up. We gave each other a grin and pealed apart to get dressed and go up to tend to them.

When we got upstairs to their room and looked into the crib, both girls were awake and looking around. Erika was very interested in their chandelier and Dagny seemed to be more interested in the little prisms that were cast on the sides of the crib. They were both happy and not wanting for anything so we took them back down to the lounge with us. Alcide and I sat on the couch and played with them for more than an hour before we needed to change and feed them and they went right to sleep. Alcide took them both up to lay them down.


By the time Alcide came back downstairs, I had mixed us both a black & tan and laid on the couch with my laptop to try and catch up on work.

“Fucking workaholic.”

I snickered at him. “Nuh uh. I’m a pragmatist. I don’t want this shit to back up on me.”

He lifted my feet and sat down, starting his laptop up too.

My fingers were flying. Over the past few months, I had found myself really getting the hang of being cyber reliant. My cases were all sent to our clerks and to the Master Clerk. The Master clerk cross referenced the cases by topic, involved parties, and details and then loaded them on a secure server. Every case that was handled by individual jurisdictions were all sent to the appropriate justices and then uploaded accordingly. The way the system was set up, if a human had a complaint about a Louisiana vampire then Eric could handle it as long as the human agreed and then Eric would still have to file the complaint and it would be sent to me. So I saw nearly every case there was. I did a lot of reading and filing. I had to finalize every case that involved more than one species. For the most part, I just read over the details of the case and the judgment and then sent the case up to the clerk then sent a ‘COJA’ (confirmation of judicial approval) in return to the parties originally involved. It kept me busy, but not as busy as some. The Kings and Packmasters had it the hardest. The amount of paperwork they were dealing with was daunting. Oddly, not a one of them had complained. They all felt like things were running more smoothly now that the system was in place.


“Hey Beb, I have a local, all Were case in my inbox.” It should have gone straight to him.

“That’s weird. What is it?”

“It’s from Damon. He thinks I should take it because I have friend status with the Hotshot pack. It’s a vote of no confidence against Calvin. 4 packs want him out of power. They want the whole pack disbanded.”

That got his attention. He put his laptop down and grabbed his drink.  “Which packs?”

“Tilly in Mansfield, Lyle in Monroe, Derek in Magnolia and the Packmaster of Longview… Alcide, the list of witnesses in the case is 3 pages long.”

“Longview? Calvin managed to piss off  Ynez? That Shifter is as mild as they make ‘em.”

“Yeah, you’re the only Packmaster in Louisiana, Miss Sipp and Texas NOT on the list. What the fuck?”

“I haven’t heard a word. What does the suit state as cause?”

“Slave trafficking and debt bondage.”


“He’s calling in favors for breeding.”

“That’s why I’m not on the list then. He had favors on the books with Furnan but I don’t owe him anything. I know better. Plus there would be a conflict of interest, me being a Judge and all.”

“I need to tell Damon to keep it.”


“I have a conflict of interest too.”

“How so?”

“Because he needs to be put down and he abjured my brother, who is now your officer.”

“He’d probably prefer that you pass the judgment.”

I snorted. “I’m sure he would, but I can’t stay impartial.”

“He’ll call for a challenge. You could name me as your proxy.”

“Oh… I don’t think so!”

Alcide started laughing. “I haven’t been to battle in a while. I could use the work out.”

“A little unfair to go into battle unbreakable, don’t you think. What if I just told him that he’s been collectively abjured?”

“Then he’d challenge the individual Packmasters and take over their packs. Depending on how lucky he gets, his lieu would just pick up where he left off.”

“You don’t think that he’s Machiavellian enough to have planned it like that do you?”

“What do you mean?”

“If he has some kind of ace in the hole, taking over those packs would make Long Tooth and island.”

“Shit! I’d bet that is exactly what he wants. He might be dumb enough to think he could take me down and get control. He’s trying the same shit his uncle did.”

“I don’t want anyone to get hurt, but I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t end in a blood bath.”

“The only way to stop him would be to battle.”

I suddenly felt sick. I couldn’t believe this was how I was going to spend my downtime. Not only did I have to worry about Niall’s bullshit, but now an old friend wanted nothing more than to kill my best friend, maybe even my brother for breeding rights. I finally stopped worrying about the Fellowship when they disbanded out of shame, but now the Fae and Were factions wanted nothing more than to turn my life upside down over genealogy.

Alcide wrapped his arm around my shoulder and gave me a squeeze. “Look, if all 5 Packmasters show up with just 3 or four, the whole of Hotshot would be outnumbered. It would be a short fight.”

“Can you take vampire with you? That’s the one thing that Calvin doesn’t have.”

He chuckled. “No. There’ll be no Vampire. Besides, your brother can just turn into an invisible elephant and step on them.”

“Oh, god. This job was a lot easier before shit started landing on my front step.”

“Don’t look at it like that. If you weren’t a judge, this shit would have gone down like St Catherine’s coup attempt. It would have been an ambush.”

“Now who’s the Pollyanna?”

He chuckled. “You know it would end it. Anyone who stands with him will fall. No one will be left to take over for him. It would be a cure all.”

“Fine. I’m calling Damon to find out when he can be here to preside with me. I’ll call Quinn to oversee it formally and then I’ll call the other PMs.”

“Why call Quinn? Just set out a saucer of cream.”

I slapped his cheek making his eyes sparkle. “You know damn good and well that I’m saving the cream for someone else.”

He smiled at me and pushed me over on the couch, pinning me. “Oh really? Who would that be?” He buried his mouth in my neck and started licking his way down my chest.

I was laughing at him and slapped at his sides. “Bad dog! Don’t make me get a newspaper!”

He growled at me.

“Oh no you don’t. Get off of me.”

“Mmm, why?”

“Because, I have a massacre to plan.”

“Don’t be a buzz kill.” He didn’t let me up. His hand went to my center and started to rub and I almost gave in.

“Alcide…” He put his free hand over my mouth and I groaned at the turn on. “We’re about to be interrupted anyway.”

“How far away are they?”

“The front gate.”

He snorted at me and slapped my center making my eyes roll back. I felt the shock all over. He knew it drove me crazy and as he sat back he smiled at me and gave me a wink.

“You play dirty.” I stood up to go get my phone and he slapped my ass.

“I learned from you. Besides, I told you that I missed this.”

I walked around behind him and grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his head back, attacking his neck with my mouth. I could feel the chill it gave him. “I told you that I did too. I’ll be in the office. Let everyone know that I’ll be out when I’m done.”

“Yes ma’am.”


I spent the next hour on the phone. Damon, Quinn, Tilly, Lyle, Derek, Ynez…Everyone was in agreement that this was the ‘cleanest’ way for the situation to get resolved.

When I joined my family, the kids were at the table eating and Eric and Alcide were at opposite ends of a couch. I gave the kids a kiss and then went to throw myself down on the couch. My head in Eric’s lap and my legs on Alcide’s.

“Lover, you were supposed to rest while we were gone.”

“Well, we ‘relaxed’ until the girls woke up. Once we took care of them, we tried to get some work done. Fucking Weres.”

Eric and Alcide both thought that it was worth a laugh. “When do we get to throw down?”

“War monger…Saturday.”


“Well, technically, but the shit will hit the fan at midnight. So everyone’s DOD will be the 12th.”

“That’ll work out better for us anyway. It’s exactly half way between moons. Calvin’s in bred panthers will be weaker.”

“That means everyone else will be too.” I gave him a kick.

“Not me and my pack of ‘Magical Mutts’.”

“Each Packmaster is allowed 5 plus 3 alternates. The conjoined pack not to outnumber Hotshot. Extras can only join as others fall.”

“That’s perfect.”

“I’ll be there.”

Alcide and Eric yelled at me in unison. “THE HELL YOU WILL!!!”

“Both of you can bite me.”

Eric gave me a dirty look. “You should not be there. It will be dangerous.”

“Yup. Been there. Done that. This isn’t the first battle and probably not the last one I’ll be at. I’m not fragile anymore. I can kick ass on my own. Y’all need to wrap your heads around how NOT defenseless I am now.”

“Shug… just because…”

“Hush. We could fight about this all week or you can just make peace with it now. I’m the presiding judge and I will be there to oversee the execution of my verdict.”

“They might not have fairness in mind when they get there. What if they come armed?”

“Alcide, do you think I wouldn’t know the second I’m out of the car?”

“Lover, will you humor me and go armed yourself?”

I smiled up at him. “That, Sir, is a given.”

I could feel Alcide’s anger but he was doing his best to control it. “Why? Why do you want to go so bad?”

I sat up onto my knees and got right in his face. “Because, not everyone you’re taking with you can heal themselves! I’ll be damned if I lose any of them.” I knew that he was taking Jason and Febes and Tray. I wasn’t sure who his other 4 would be, but I was sure they’d be people I knew and I didn’t want anything to happen to them.

“Shug, you can’t just run out into a battle and start healing them.”

“No? Watch me.”

I got up and went to the kitchen and started making myself a plate. Eric had stopped at Palicades and gotten gumbo and etouffee. I sat at the bar and started eating after I grabbed a Snapple and a bottle of tobasco. I could feel Alcide staring me down from his seat.

I felt Eric come up behind me and put his mouth to my ear. “You need to talk to him about this.”

“Don’t get in the middle of this, Eric. He’s being overprotective.”

“I realize that. He will too if you talk to him.”

“Fucking Vampire. Go be right somewhere else.”

He chuckled in my ear and kissed my cheek before he walked away.


I hadn’t spent any time with the kids since the day the babies were born so when we were done eating, I took them out to the yard and played on the playground with them until nearly 9. As we were on our way inside to clean up and get ready for bed, I saw Alcide sitting in a lounge chair by the pool. The kids all gave him a kiss goodnight and ran inside, so I went over to talk to him.

“Have you calmed your ass down yet?”

“You promised that you’d let me watch out for you.”

“You promised to let me make fun of you for it.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too. I’m still going.”

“I know. Are you seriously planning on healing people in the open?”

“No. I plan on popping out to them, getting them to the back of the van I’m renting and healing them in private if it’s necessary.”

“That’s better, but still dangerous.”

“I’ll be fine as long as no one brings a sword.”

“I worry about you getting bitten.”

“It doesn’t matter if I do. I heal like a vampire.”

The look in his eyes changed. “You can’t be turned?”

I shook my head slowly. “No. And that’s not all you’re worried about.”

He shrugged. “I don’t want you to see me like that.”

I sat on his lap and put my arm behind his head. “I already have.”

“Not all of it.”

“I have seen all of it.”

He didn’t believe me. “I doubt that. If you had, you wouldn’t…”

“Alcide, I was there… Sam tried to get me out of there, but I saw it all. A bloodlust is a bloodlust. I’ve seen it all.”

“It didn’t scare the shit out of you?”

I giggled. “I don’t scare easy, Beb.”

“I guess not, but…”

“I’ll be waiting for you when the battle is over.”

He looked up at me and stared into my eyes. “You don’t have to.”

I could have argued it, but I decided that I’d had enough for the day. I lowered my lips to his and gave him a light kiss then nibbled his bottom lip. “I know that I don’t have to be, but I’ll be waiting.”

He cleared his throat, trying to reign himself in. “We should go spend some time with our vampires.”

I smiled down at him as I got up. I knew that he wanted to sit there and make out, maybe more, but he was doing his best to behave. I always thought it was cute that he was the least greedy of all of us.

“I’m not cute.” He’d said it like ‘cute’ were and insult.

“Ok seriously, I really want to know why you’re reading my mind.”

“Maybe you’re projecting and don’t realize it.”

“I thought of that, but it hasn’t been happening before and the first couple of times were with Eric and Pam in the room and they didn’t ‘hear’ it.”

“Stab in the dark… could there be more to the maker thing?”

“Shit. I don’t know. I don’t even know who to ask.”

“Pam and Eric?”

“They don’t share any powers that you didn’t give them… I guess I could ask Claude.”

“Then he’d know about me. I’d rather keep that quiet.”

“Does it bother you?”

“No. It’s just your thoughts I hear. I don’t mind that.”

“Well, then if it starts to bug you, we can make the call then.”

He smiled at me and took my hand, leading me inside. “Sounds good, but I doubt I’ll get sick of it.”


On our way back to the den, I grabbed a couple pints of ice cream and a couple of true bloods. Pam and Eric were sitting next to each other on the couch watching the news.

Alcide laughed. “The old people are watching the news in their pajamas.”

Pam looked over her shoulder at us with a smile. “We don’t like it when you fight.”

Alcide and I looked at each other, amused. “Who was fighting?”

I finished, “We just disagreed.”

We both climbed over the back of the couch and snuggled up to our vampires. I dealt out our snacks and as suspected, our vampires set their bloods on the coffee table. Alcide and I dug into our ice cream while Pam and Eric stole the occasional taste from our lips. We swapped flavors and Eric realized that marshmallow had been a theme and he looked down at me with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.

He stuck his finger into the carton and scooped out a little and held his finger to my mouth. I opened my mouth and let him slide his finger in, closing my lips around it then rubbing my tongue along it as he pulled it out. His fangs ran out, so I bit my bottom lip as I released a light wave of Fae.

“Sookie. You might not want to do that. It’s been a while.” His voice was nearly a growl and it put my whole body on edge.

“If it puts that tone in your voice, it’s been just long enough.”

“I think that we should retire for the evening.”

Eric stood up and offered his hand, which I took but I bent over and gave Alcide a kiss goodnight then Pam a long tonguey kiss scraping my lips across her fangs and bleeding Fae into her mouth. As I tried to pull away, she held my face to hers, moaning into our kiss. I straddled her lap and took a handful of her hair and buried myself in her kiss, shoving my tongue into her fang and giving her more Fae and then yanking her head back to drag my teeth on her neck. I could smell how turned on the guys were as I pulled open her shirt and clutched her breasts. I could tell how close my kiss had gotten her to her edge, and decided to finish her off. I reached down into her pajama pants and found her piercing and started rubbing it slowly, while I went back to kissing her sweet lips chewing on them and scraping a few times to let my mouth weep more blood into her hers. I pulled away from the kiss and put my hand on her chin, holding her head still and changed the pace of the massage happening further south. I held her eyes on mine while I watched her start to twitch and squirm under me. Her hands went to my shoulders and her nails dug in as I watched her eyes roll back and started to buck under me as she came.

She threw her arms around my back and pulled me close, nearly crushing me. “God! I missed you, Sookie!”

I smiled as I climbed off of her lap. “I missed you too Pammy. Goodnight.”

I turned around to look at Eric and ask him if he was ready to go upstairs, but he was looking down at me with fangs out and wide, lusty eyes. “Take me to bed, Vampire.”


Without a word, he scooped me up and he flew us up to our room so fast that I didn’t see the house go by. He landed us on the bed. My clothes were in shreds on the floor in a blink and he hovered over me on his knees.

“That was quite a show, Lover.”

“Do you want to talk about it or are you going to fuck me?”

He growled from deep in his chest. “You don’t know how hard it is for me to control myself right now.”

“Eric, controlling yourself isn’t part of my plan. Now fuck me until I can’t walk.”

He bit through his lip trying to dial himself back, so I flooded the room with the scent of Faerie.

That was all it took. He lunged onto me and into me. He pounded into me fast and hard, almost as punishment for daring him. He flipped me around and moved me exactly where he wanted me. I released wave after wave of Fae, inviting him to drain me. I was giddy at the prospect and he finally broke to the urge while his face was buried between my legs. He turned his head and, and as if the constant orgasm wasn’t enough, he bit down, tearing at my thigh and starting my overload. I felt myself starting to radiate. When he moved over to my other thigh after the first closed, he tore into it just as rough as he had before and I felt the pressure was building up. When Eric lunged up to my face, his smile bloodied and deranged, he lifted me to his neck and as soon as the taste of him registered on my tongue the room was showered in sparks and we fell into the bed to watch them fall.


“Isn’t there a saying about seeing fireworks?”

I laughed. “I think so, but I don’t think the saying includes draining or Faerie blood.” I slid off the bed and paced the floor a few times.

“Lover, what’s wrong?”

“You didn’t complete the task… I’m still walking.”

I bounced back onto the bed. Eric was laughing at me, not thinking I was serious until I started nibbling at his knee and slowly worked my way up his thigh. I rubbed my warmed hands along as I moved, his moaning only encouraging me. By the time I had patiently made my way up, he was more than ready for more fun and games. I buried him deep in my throat and put all of my efforts into pushing him to the point of begging like he does to me. When he put his hands to the back of my head, I grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the bed and started throwing some of my favorite tricks at him.

In just a few minutes I had him squirming and moaning. An hour later, I was afraid his growling was going to be heard out in the bunk house and after another hour, he’d ripped through the blanket on the bed and was, indeed, begging for me to let him go.

When I did finally let him go, he tackled me backwards and drove into me so hard that he broke the legs off the bed as he came roaring my name and collapsed onto me .

I gave his beautiful ass a slap. “Good game.”

He laughed into the mattress and pushed himself up. “You’ve exhausted me, Lover.”

I smiled at him. “I aim to please. Now get off me so I can go tend to the girls. Your begging woke them up.”

He laughed as he rolled off me. “Along with half of Shreveport.”

I giggled on my way to my dresser and put on a nightgown. When I walked out Alcide and Pam were leaning against the railing and they started clapping and whistling at me.

I just laughed. There really wasn’t anything else for me to do.

Pam was wearing a huge grin. “Are you done? I’d like to get some sleep tonight.”

Eric appeared behind me just long enough to brag. “We’re done for a while. We’ve broken the bed.”

Alcide and Pam both went slack jawed.

“He’s getting a break long enough for me to tend to the girls. Then I plan on breaking the floor.” I heard him chuckle his way into his closet.

Pam shoved past me to go look at the bed and came back. “Which one of you tore the bedding to ribbons?”

I laughed. “No comment.”

Pam grabbed Alcide and took him into the room. “It stinks to high hell in here!… You broke 2 legs off of the bed?… God damn!”

They all came into the nursery after me and watched as I changed both girls and propped them both up on my lap and started feeding them at the same time.

“What are y’all staring at?”

The three of them shared a round a looks. Apparently, Eric was elected the spokesman. He sat down next to me. “You terrify them.”

I giggled. “I guess I should stop making the ancient vampire scream.”

He chuckled and kissed my neck. “Don’t you dare stop.”


When the girls were fed, and changed again, they went right to sleep and the four of us parted ways to go back to bed. When Eric and I went back to our room, he stood over our lopsided bed looking at it. I snickered on my way to the bath and told him to break off the other two legs so it would sit flat.

After our bath, we opened our bedroom doors to make it easier to hear the girls (even if we couldn’t feel them) and climbed into bed.

I snuggled into my spot under his arm and fell asleep with a huge smile on my face.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 5

  1. Kristie Yamber says:

    i love the way you write please don’t change much….. you got better as you went along…….. my best Kristie

  2. loveallsvmtb says:

    i loved it. the closeness the love they feel for each other. very well written. thanks

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