Chapter 10

Moving & Shaking

Quinn’s POV

Monday, January 4th

I fucking hate vampires. Every fucking cup of ass I’ve had to swallow has been because of those cold, pale, pulse-less pricks.

I’d barely gotten strong enough to shift again when DeCastro had his goons nab me to show me what he’d do to my family if I didn’t cooperate. Not that my presence did anything during his little show. Madden had more than a dozen fangs with him, but he did at least let me be the one to take that whore Queen’s head off. That was therapy Dr. Phil couldn’t give. The only thing being there did was fuck me. Sookie saw me as an enemy after that. Again, fucking parasite assholes! And of course, Eric-the-great-and-blond came to the rescue. Mr. Northman came to make sure ‘his lover’ (make me gag) was safe.

Fucking proof right there that she can’t read those flat-lining fuckers’ minds. If she could, she’d start sharpening stakes like Buffy the goddamn Vampire Slayer! It would cause hell to cave in on itself if any of those assholes did anything without an ulterior motive. Double talk and lies. Political bullshit. Even Compton moved in next door and combined his efforts to ‘secure the telepath’ with mainstreaming.

Every fucking fang in the country wants her as a spy and I’m sure that Viking princess would loan her out at orgies and court just to brag about his part fae hot pocket. Cock sucker.

Then I heard Sookie was arm-candy for that fag Herveaux. A couple weeks go by and I overhear that Sookie and the wolf-man had been partying out in Jackson. Another week goes by and they’re seen together in Davis’s sky box. I didn’t mind so much that she was spending her time with him. I know damn good and well I could win that fight. The important thing was that, if rumors were true, she’d grown out of her fangbanger phase. That might make my life easier…

So I thought. Walking up on her porch made me wonder. I smelled at least a dozen Were and a few bloodsuckers. I knocked anyway, hoping she’d had a party, rather than a gangbang. God only knows what her boyfriends had been having her do… She could be such a puppet sometimes.

I don’t know what it is about her that makes me want her, especially since that bitch told me she’s his. ‘HIS’? Northman’s. Out loud. Just like that. ‘Taken’. TAKEN? She called me a ‘silly kitty’ like I wasn’t a notorious fighter. I took a week off work just to be in her little piss-ant neck of the fucking woods with the hopes of patching things up between us and she dismissed me like a fucking servant… And then she walked away, laughing at me with her ‘bonded’. Cunt.

Fuck me. I still wanted her.

I wound up checking into a hotel not far from the Zoo. Walking distance. Stumbling distance. It was fucking miserable to lay down and go to sleep knowing that somewhere that sweet little whore was fucking that stiff. Drinking until I passed out was easier. I’m not even sure who poured me into my bed last night.

It was nearly 9 by the time I crawled out of bed and went to go drink my dinner. The waitress that I’d been working on didn’t even seem to notice when I walked in. I had to snap my fingers a couple of times to get her attention. Then I smelled it…

The fucking kid, and I mean KID, next to me reeked of Sookie… I looked him up and down… The little shit could be Herveaux’s little brother.

He was slack jawed and staring in the same direction of the stuck up waitress. Finally, I looked over out of sheer curiosity.


Sookie was on her knees, mouth-fucking the goddamn Packmaster. What the fuck? They weren’t just kissing. No. They were a Barry White mix-tape away from porn.

I wanted to kill him.

I wanted to kill her.

God, I wanted to fuck her again…

I must have watched the little whore suck on the mutt’s tongue for a while because I suddenly realized that my dick was so hard it hurt. I couldn’t get away with killing them here, so I figured I’d have some fun spreading my new found cheer.

I slid into their little kissing booth as smoothly as I could. My dick throbbed in her direction… I was close enough to smell her. Smell how wet she was. Blood and pre-cum.

“Babe! If all I have to do is share, I’m willing.”

The accidental Packmaster started posturing right away. “What do you want Tiger?”

“I just want to talk to Sookie; I’m not here to talk to you.” Go fuck yourself, wolf. I wonder if he knows my dick was in there FIRST…

She snarled at me and snuggled up to her little boyfriend. “So talk to me, but Alcide isn’t going anywhere.”

What kind of gay ass name is that anyway? “Do you mind explaining why you told me a week ago that you are with the bloodsucker, but I came in for a beer and I find you whoring around with him?” I smiled when Herveaux’s hair went up. Score.

“Did you want to talk, or do you want piss me off?” Hmmmm…

“Why did you break it off with me?”

“Because I don’t trust you.”

Me? She started a fucking bond with Super Corpse while we were dating… and SHE can’t trust ME? “When wasn’t I honest with you?”

“When you were ‘helping’ me pack and really there for Arkansas’ bracelet, when you hid your past from me, when you killed Andre, when you led the Vegas vamps to my house to find Eric. You may not have realized it, but he surrendered to them because of what would happen to me if he didn’t. They would have killed him but they wouldn’t have been so nice to me. They would have tortured me until I broke and I would belong, IN EVERY WAY, to DeCastro right now.” Who the fuck was she trying to kid? I guess ‘Sookie Stackhouse: Telepath’ was the only fucking person on the fucking planet to have the right to earn a fucking living or protect someone they love… Fuck her/kill her? What a dilemma.

“I didn’t know that the bracelet was anything other than a piece of jewelry, I didn’t plan to hide my past- we just didn’t have the chance to talk about it, I didn’t kill anyone that wasn’t already dead- the bastard all but raped you trying to start a bond with you anyway, and I didn’t have a choice with the vamps- they were going to kill my mother. They were already torturing her. I like you too much to hurt you on purpose. So which is it, are you chasing Herveaux’s tail or are you banging Mr. Fang?”

Herveaux fucked up and opened his useless cocksucker and answered me instead. There wasn’t a dilemma there. Kill him. “It’s none of your fucking business. But just so you know, she’s seen both of us every night for a while and she belongs to Northman. You need to stop thinking that you are in her league. It’ll be healthier for you.”

Out of her league? I’m QUINN! I’m famous enough to not need a first fucking name! Where to hide his body; that was the dilemma.

“I think it is my business. If she ‘belongs’ to the dead guy, then why is it that when I got here you could chisel tombstones and were halfway down her throat? I bet Northman would love to hear all about that.” I reached for my cell. Like I would call that asshole to do him any favors, but she believed I’d do it… I just didn’t get the reaction I expected…

The whore started mocking me. “Quinn, what do you think is more likely to happen if you call him with that information? That Eric will come down here and kill Alcide and abjure me so that I’m free for you to try to win back or that he will offer me to you as a reward for doing it for him? What I see as the most likely scenario is that when you call him and tell him what you saw, he will leave Fangtasia with Pam to come down here and we will go into the storeroom and the 4 of us will FUCK like the horny little family that we are. I’m guessing that you haven’t spoken with any of the locals.”

Locals? Yeah, I’m going to chat it up with members of Herveaux’s pack about my ex… I guess I’d been missing out on all the fun. I was about to send the ‘bullshit’ flag up the pole… No way in hell, the corpse is going to share her with the pound puppy… Suddenly it was blood, pre-cum, sex and death. Lovely.

“Good evening all. Did I miss all the fun while in my meetings?” The dick-cicle slid into the booth and cuddled with the two of them, winking and smiling and that cunt gloated from between them.

“Of course not, Alcide and I were just warming up when Quinn thought to say hello.” THEN SHE STARTED KISSING HIM!… Warming up? Nofuckingway! They’ve got her… NO. I had to wait months to get in there and now she’s swinging from both of their dicks!?

Before I could do say or do anything, that Queen of the Damned 2nd of Northman’s was standing over me. She stunk of him. Sex. Blood. Cum… Were. WERE? She was fucking Herveaux too? I couldn’t shake it. My dick and head were both on the verge of exploding…

The bitch rolled her eyes and climbed over me and snaked her way over… and kissed Sookie! Then the PM and in minutes they were practically fucking each other right in front of me.

They moaned and snarled and rubbed against each other… I wanted to throw up. I wanted to kill them… Fuck me. I still wanted Sookie.

The ‘Orgy: party of 4’ went on for a while, stinking up the whole bar with the odor of sex and rot before Mr. Anti-Tan decided they needed some privacy.

I followed them.

I wanted to laugh when they nearly ran off the road a few times. There must have been one hell of an argument going inside that car. That’s when I realized that it must’ve been an act. But once I’d gotten to the property and I circled through the woods…

The back side of the house was practically one big window and… the first movement I saw in the house was Sookie go to the fridge and she was sitting on the counter when the other three came into the kitchen… smiling? Fucking smiling and having a good ole time? I watched them sit at the table for a while, then go watch TV together? What the fuck? Serious. Straight up. Twilight Zone shit!

I got back to the Zoo in time to drink the better part of a bottle of whiskey… one 7 & 7 at a time while I told everyone who’d stand still that their PM was taking the cold hard one from Mr. Fucking January. It made me want to rip their heads off that they didn’t believe me. And pissed me off even more that they defended her when I mentioned Sookie…

I wasn’t sure who was going to be pouring me into bed tonight, but the last thing I remember is that twat waitress telling me that unless I wanted 3 states worth of Vampire and Were gunning for me, to shut down the drunk-fessional.

They’re all cunts.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 10

  1. carnivorous butterfly says:

    i never liked quin…

  2. Kristie Yamber says:

    Quinn is such as ass.. my best Kristie

  3. loveallsvmtb says:

    What a douch.

  4. cela whitney says:

    do you don’t think quinn is bitter much?

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