Chapter 20

Blast From The Past

Pam’s POV

Friday, January 8th

As I rose from my daytime rest I moved my body, expecting any day now to feel the joint stiffness that comes from relying on bottled blood for sustenance. They could advertise that it provided everything a vampire needs all they wanted to, but it was bullshit. Other than the occasional taste from Sookie or Alcide, my diet was suffering. He was still too squeamish to allow a deep feeding.

Since I still wasn’t suffering from any of the synthetic diet effects, I could only guess that our Sookie’s talents in the kitchen were… universal. I rolled over and was surprised to find I wasn’t alone.

“What could possibly inspire such a smile on those beautiful lips?”

Eric was such a pain in the ass sometimes. “Sookie.”

He started chuckling and slid down on the bed. “Oh really? I want details.”

I shook my head at him. “You may very well be the world’s oldest child.”

“I’m aware. Details.”

“You’ll be disappointed. I was simply amazed with her gifts regarding bottled blood.”

He flopped over onto his back. “You’re right. I am disappointed. You should have lied.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Is there a reason that you’re in my bed?”

“Have you had any of Sookie’s blood?” Right to business.

I gave him a nod. “Only small amounts. When she kisses me.”

He narrowed his eyes while he thought. I could see the wheels turning in his head. “Have you been experiencing anything strange?”

“You know I’d tell you. What are you getting at?”

“I’m experiencing… things.”

“How very illuminating. Thank you.” I got up and went to shower. He followed me and leaned against the counter.


I was nearly done when he finally spoke again. “I’m feeling the emotions of others.”

Typical. “And you’re talking to me about it, rather than Sookie?”

“She is still… she feels interrogated when I ask about her new powers. Alcide and I have been comparing notes since he’s seen her for the last few months.”

“What conclusions have you boys come to?”

“No conclusion. We’ve been just been gathering information.” I stepped out of the tub and Eric handed a towel to me.

I stared at him for a moment, wondering if he was hiding something since he could control a bond like no other. “You have a theory though.”

“I’m wondering if she might have more to her genealogy than she originally thought. However, since they’re all dead we might not ever know for sure.”

“The Fae could be reached.”

“That bastard wouldn’t answer questions for us. You seem to forget that his first question when we met was regarding her powers.”

“None of us ever thought that anyone else was responsible.”

“You’ve been thinking about this?”

I nodded. “Of course I have. The thing that I’m stuck on… Sookie was a telepath. Just a telepath as of October. Then Niall suddenly shows up and had we not been distracted by DeCastro’s timing, we would have noticed the sudden additions to her arsenal.”

“Right so far.”

“Okay, then the question, more of a puzzle really… it doesn’t seem as though Niall ‘gave’ her the powers. That wouldn’t make any sense since she seems more powerful than him, even if it is in quantity.”

“So you’re thinking that he possibly ‘activated’ them. Unleashed them?”

I nodded.

“It would make sense as to why Fintan would have wanted to hide her. Perhaps he wasn’t protecting her from Niall’s enemies as much as Niall himself. Maybe he bound her powers so that she wouldn’t stand out.”

“Fae can only bind supernatural powers. It would take a daemon to void it all.”

He nodded knowingly. “He couldn’t have bound the powers of a natural witch. Explaining how she would only have knowledge of those powers.”

“It would also explain why he was sending her potential mates. As powerful as she is, he would hate to see such strong Fae gifts go to waste if she remains childless.”

He nodded, but stayed thoughtful.

“Eric, have you discussed children with her yet?”

“I told her that if she wanted them we could adopt or turn to science. She seems truly fearful. The idea of not being able to keep hypothetical children safe puts her on edge.”

“But she didn’t balk over taking in Hunter and Manen?”

“I think that since Manen is a Shifter and has extra gifts, she’s less worried. The bulk of her concern lies with Hunter since he can read Vampire minds, but she knows that if he could be kept safe at all it would be with us.”

“Will you bond to him or adopt him?”

“Fucking human laws. Once Sookie and I marry she can adopt him and then he would be considered mine. Once he’s an adult we can concern ourselves with his bonding if it’s a factor. I have a feeling though that no one would dare fuck with that kid regardless.”

“The round table thing?”

“That would only be a small part of it. I read Sookie and Alcide’s contracts. The two of them are going to be above monarchies. Their word is law. Even as a Were, Vampire monarchs answer to Alcide.”

“How? Who would agree to that?”

“All of the monarchs. As a Justice on the Lunar Court, he has the power of moratorium. He can call for a cease fire and Vampire have to obey. He would deal primarily with Weres and Shifters, but the authority is his. Sookie on the other hand, she is IT. She has the power to overturn any verdict or punishment no matter the breed, no matter who hands it down.”

“I don’t understand. The other breeds…?”

“Her title is Supreme Mystical Judicial Regent. She is the most powerful Supe in North America; magically and politically it seems… Her election by every King and Queen of every breed was unanimous. Niall, the Sky Fae, are the only breed to abstain from the agreement. Even then, since Ardea, Kai and Varun are part of the agreement, there would be some answering for him to do if he goes against the other Fae clans. Alcide was elected by the vampire regents. His name was the first on the table of the 7 and the newest to being a Packmaster.”

“Could it be his association with Sookie or the battles he’s been in over the last few years?”

“It could be, but then why wouldn’t Merlotte have been a consideration? He’s been watching over Sookie for much longer than any of us.”

I shrugged. “He’s an ass though. Not an alpha. Hasn’t ever done anything to earn any respect. Doesn’t play well with the other kids either. Did I mention, he’s an ass?”

Eric laughed. “Jaded?”

“Of course.”


Once downstairs, the children tackled us. It was almost ridiculous how happy they were to see a couple of vampires. They chattered on and on about the playgrounds that had been delivered. I wasn’t terribly interested in them though. Something so extravagant was exactly on par for Eric. Finding out that Alcide was the one responsible was the interesting part. Then I sat and listened to Eric and Alcide make plans to fill the stables with horses. Horses and ponies. They were both talking as though they were… pals; friendlier than I was even when it comes to Sookie. It was astonishing to say the least. The further interactions between the men of our little family and the children, the kinship, it made it all the more show stopping.

Eric, Alcide and I had already come to the conclusion that everyone had been getting along so well because of Sookie, I almost laughed realizing that none of us seemed to mind.

The six of us sat around the table, like we’d been a family all along. Eric and I enjoyed one of Sookie’s special brews while the rest of them ate a bloody hunk of meat from the grill while the titters and chatters filled the house. It all seemed right and comfortable. It was familiar.


Alcide left the table to get drinks from the refrigerator and became sidetracked by the neat little pile of clothing Sookie had preset for herself. I could almost feel his panic.

“Is this what I think it is?”

“That depends, what do you think it is?”

“It better be a slingshot.”

Sookie gave him a look that screamed ‘you’re not my father’ and it was hard to not laugh at their little exchange.

“Don’t give me that look.”

“Why not? It’s the shirt I’m wearing to the interviews.”

“You want to wear this to a bar full of Weres the night before the full moon?”

“I’ve worn less to Fangtasia while on my period. Look, there is a method to my madness. Most of the applicants are going to be feral men, whose thoughts I can’t read easily. If they can’t keep their eyes off my rack, then I certainly don’t want them roaming the ranch ogling me through the windows instead of doing their job.” That was impressively clever of my little telepathic friend.

“Your boyfriend will be there to collect his dance.”

She plucked him in the forehead, making me wonder who he’d been referring to. He looked over to Eric and me, seemingly in the hopes of finding allies. He wouldn’t find one in me. All I cared about was borrowing the top from Sookie.

She yelled at him. “Oh, no you don’t! I will not play this game. We will not gang up on each other.” She gave Eric and me a look before she started toiling over the dishes.


The surprises just kept on coming. The poor masterless and victimized child that we all tucked into bed this morning erupted from the door leading to her room in a hyperactive bravado that made her look more like a child who’d just medaled in gymnastics than been gang raped and nearly ended. She snatched Sookie up and twirled her around the room. Alcide leaned over to explain that he and Sookie had gone shopping and while she was resting had redecorated her room in a multitude of pinks and bought her a few things to make her feel at home. We all hugged her and it seemed to be what she needed more than anything.

She was a bit like I’d imagine Sookie as a vampire. Too happy despite her nature.


It was only the 5 of us in the kitchen when Eric noticed the folder full of Bill’s estate information and asked if there had more deliveries.

Sookie quickly told him that the jeweler and the architects had both sent packages and I felt the most ridiculous spike of excitement coming from Eric when he reached for the rings.

Sookie shook her head. “Honey, hold off on that for a second. I have something I want to show you. Pam, I’m going to need your help.” He put it back down and watched her walk away, towards their room.


I followed her to her room and watched her disappear into her nearly empty closet. The fashion gods would not approve of how much square footage she wastes. It made me want to weep. My closet here was as full as the every closet in my other houses. Eric suggested when this house was finished that he should have had the racks installed in the room and my bed put in the closet.  I was pissed that he was only joking.

She came out wearing a pair of gold pumps and a white sheath skirt and nothing else. She held up the most luxurious floral embroidered white corset. I’d fast to earn one in half the quality.

She beamed at me. “I figured you’d know better than anyone how to get this on.”

“It is exquisite. I want one.” She stepped into it and turned around so that I could lace her together.

“I know it’s a little small so just get it as tight as you can without breaking my ribs.”

“I may be the one who can get you into it, but Eric is going to be the pro getting you out of it.” It surprised me that she laughed at the joke. Eric’s past with women had been an ‘issue’ before. I really was liking the changes in Sookie. She was so much more docile when it came to how we ‘live’. It was starting to give me hope that she might join us one day.


I came downstairs behind Sookie and I could smell the boys’ reaction to Sookie’s getup before my foot left the bottom step. I couldn’t argue with them. She was a sight to behold.

She gave a little twirl before sitting on Eric’s lap. “Lover, I love the way this looks on you. We need more of them. It almost looks like a wedding dress.”

“I was going for something like this. I bought two of these. Pam’s is upstairs and this was Amelia’s. Mine is being made.” I have one!?!? My fangs threatened to pop out until it occurred to me that I’d have to wait until March to wear it. Fuck.

I watched my master, who’d bought, gifted and worn jewelry that put those simple rings to shame, ogle at them as though they were the end all, be all. Honestly, crown jewels were far more impressive and yet the bond was full of nothing but awe, pleasure and love. The sappy fool had come undone over 10 karats of sapphire. Exasperating and endearing at the same time. Dear Abby might like to hear about a career bachelor like Eric. In the years since we arrived in Shreveport, he’d gone through a couple hundred lovers and more donors. Then suddenly, one October evening, it all stopped.

Now he’s sitting at his kitchen table talking about flowers and best men and memorizing the embroidered flowers on her corset with his fingers. I thought his obsession with her was humiliating enough when he couldn’t have her, now it’s only gotten worse. I might not have realized it had I not watched him help her apply her eyeliner. Pshaw!


It was only after she left that he went upstairs to dress for business.

Even then, I had to go looking for him so that we could leave. I found him in the den with the children. He wasn’t just in the same room with them, they were each on a knee and he was telling them about how we all met as though it was a faerie tale.

It should have thawed me to see him like that, but my concern was that he was softening. It would be one thing for him to be like this around the children and here at the house, but if anyone were to think he was losing his edge we’d be fucked. Utterly and completely screwed.

And at the same time, I wanted to join them for their fun.


I hemmed and hawed over saying something to Eric. I didn’t see the conversation going well, no matter how I broached the subject. I had just decided to leave it alone (rather, talk to Sookie or Alcide about it later) when we pulled into his usual parking spot at Fangtasia.

He put the car in park and looked over at me. “Pamela?”

Shit. His tone was harsh. “Yes, Eric?”

“Your mood is grating the fuck out of me. Do you care to say something or would you like to change it?”

“I think I’d like to work on changing it.”


“Eric, one question though.”


“You were in a very amiable mood while we at home. What’s changed?”

He opened his door and climbed out, leaving me in the parking lot. Lovely. It was going to be one of ‘those’ nights.


The bar was already at capacity within ten minutes of opening the doors. Even when we first opened, we weren’t so busy as early. I’d managed to stay busy (and out of Eric’s way) for about an hour.

He had taken his seat on his throne and was surveying the crowd more carefully than usual. I’d noticed several unfamiliar vampire present themselves to declare their fealty to him, but his mood only got heavier and heavier. I finally went over to him.

“Master? Is there anything I can do?”

“No. Leave me.” It was ordered. Not asked. I knew the tone too well.

I bowed and backed away wishing I had Sookie’s talent so that I could figure out how to fix his mood.


I was standing at the door again, turning away the vermin and being molested with ignorant questions about my fangs, my coffin, if I drive a hearse. Fucking tourists. I drive a Beemer and sleep on Queen’s Down.

Out of nowhere, there was a loud commotion at the back of the bar near Eric. I turned, hoping that his mood hadn’t inspired a decapitation. Lord knows, he’s done it in better moods.

He was standing on the neck of one customer and holding the necks of two more. He called me over while the two were dangling from his hands.


“Drainers. 3 more in the parking lot. Take Clancy. He’ll enjoy the meal.”

“Yes Master.”


The fools were gathered in the back of a van. You have to enjoy the occasional cliché once in a while. They were sitting in wait with their cell phones, silver nets and empty blood bags at the ready.

It was great fun to drain them, disgusting as it was. The one I fed from was A positive and tainted with the taste of ecstasy and alcohol. Once the van was hidden away safely until we could make special arrangements for it, Clancy and I made our way back to Fangtasia.

I walked directly back to the King where he greeted me with a smile. “Have a seat.”

“Thank you. The other 3?”

“I’m quite popular with 3 of my new subjects.”

I smiled at him. “How very magnanimous.”

He gave a nod and scanned the room for a moment. “That was the problem.”

“How? Your mood was… We were still in the car.”

He leaned over and pulled my head so that my ear was against his mouth. “When I kissed Manen goodnight, she told me ‘6 drainers’.”

I think he sat back just to see my shocked expression. “No.”

He gave me a curt nod. “She described them.”

“She’s precognitive? How is that possible? She’s a shifter and already telekinetic.”

He laughed at me. “I’m fully aware of what she is. Manen is remarkable.”

“Er… Master, should we be worried?”

“No. We should listen to her.”

We were interrupted by 3 more vampire swearing fealty to ‘King Eric’. He seemed completely at peace with the idea of having a precognitive child in the house and now that I didn’t feel the need to worry that he’d become a pussy (not after how he handled the drainers) I didn’t really mind moving onto the subject of hiring guards.


What I did mind was that one by one, 10 perfectly qualified vampire were introduced and Eric decided to hire the four that freakishly looked like Bill Compton. Sookie was going to have a field day with this. Even she would recognize that Eric hired them so that she wouldn’t want anything to do with them.

Even though his mood had improved greatly after the incident earlier was over, I felt Eric become ‘high spirited’ while we were discussing procedure and the week to come with the new hires. Sookie was on her way. I’d seen it happen several times before. He could sense her on her way to Shreveport when she was with Alcide. It was almost painful to watch. He would spend a few moments in utter bliss and then he’d realize that if she was nearby, she was with Alcide. He could feel her good mood while they were having their friendly fun… it would cause a chain reaction that was ugly on several levels.

When Sookie and Alcide walked through the doorway by the office, his head whipped around as though he couldn’t wait to lay eyes on her and judging by his emotions, that was exactly the case.

The four of us maneuvered so that I was sitting on Alcide’s lap and Sookie was on Eric’s and the introductions started.

Sookie noticed the ‘Bill” resemblance right away and surprisingly glossed over it to tease Eric about hiring sexy Were guards.

It only took a few more minutes for Sookie decided to move things along. She pulled her iPod out of her purse and handed it off to the waitress, then kidnapped me to the dance floor.

Dancing with Sookie was always fun. Songs always seemed to end too quickly where she was concerned. Something about the smell of her sweat and excitement for the music was captivating. We danced to three songs while we left the boys to do business, at her suggestion I might add, and finally returned when we saw that the Bills were on their way out.

Alcide had been drinking enough to sweat whiskey. It was less than appealing as was his foul mood. He seemed to have a chip on his shoulder and was taking it out on me specifically, so while we all took a couple more spins around the dance floor, I braced myself for the other man in my life having his ass on his shoulders.

I was actually relieved that they decided to go home early.


Eric and I spent the hour after they left going through invoices. He wouldn’t answer me when I asked him why he was emailing most of his documents to his private address. He only gave me a ‘mind your own business’ look.

He had just lifted his keys from his desk so that we could go home when Sandy Seacrest knocked on the door.

“Hello Eric.”

The look on his face told her that she wasn’t allowed to be so familiar with him anymore, even if his greeting didn’t. “Miss Seacrest. To what do I owe the honor?”

“The honor is all mine.” She was purring at him.

“Miss Seacrest, I was on my way home. Did you have business to discuss?”

“Surely there is time for business and pleasure. The night is young.” I could feel the foul mood coming back to him.

“Which is exactly why I’m on my way home to Sookie.”

She rolled her eyes at him. “Why must you bore yourself?”

“Miss Seacrest, be careful to remember yourself. She is my bonded. You will show some respect.”

“Yes. Of course majesty.” Her tone was anything by respectful. “I’ve prepared the documents that King Edgington requested. I am to deliver them to you for your Monday meetings.”

“If that is the case then you appear to be traveling light.”

“The boxes are in my rental just outside.”

Eric started for the door. “Good. It’ll be easy to move them to my car then.”

When he went to walk by her, she reached out and let her hand run across his waste. I watched stop cold. He turned to her and gave her a horrible smile.

“Sandy, do you know how long it takes to grow back an arm?”

“Eric, we’ve enjoyed each other in the past.”

“I also remember living without electricity. You won’t see me longing for those days either.”

“You couldn’t possibly prefer a human lover!”

“Sandy, don’t get confused. As a lover, you don’t rate any higher than my pants. You’re just another place my cock has been. Now get out of my way.”

He shoved her instead of waited and then ripped the lid to her trunk off to get to the boxes. His bad mood from before was back and with zeal.


I didn’t say a word on the way home. I knew better. I stayed in tune with our bond and, once again, felt his mood lifting as we got closer to Sookie. Earlier, I’d have been annoyed, but now I was very grateful that she did this to him.

When he parked in the driveway, he left me again and went in through the foyer.

I decided to be smart and make myself useful and put the boxes full of documents in the garage. I was just putting the first box down when I felt a slight panic, but it waned quickly. I continued my busy work, avoiding Eric and Alcide both at the moment and was just staring into the empty trunk of his car when I felt fear spike through me. It was sheer terror and it was pure Eric.

I raced towards him, not knowing what could possibly cause such a feeling and found him standing in the kitchen, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Alcide was slumped down in his chair, Sookie was chirping into the phone and Eric was immobilized. All I could do is listen for a clue as to what the hell had Eric in such a state and it wasn’t easy.

“I was wondering what you will be doing the weekend of February 13th.”

“As far as I know, not much other than planning my wedding. Why Toots?” Sookie was feeling it too. I could hear it in her voice.

“What is your date?”

“March 18.”

“Shit! Ok, I’ll change mine…Will you be back from your honey moon before April 1st?”

“Change what?!”

“I’m getting married too. No one has balked at the idea of you and Eric being public and Josh and I have been together 6 years so we decided to marry. But I won’t do it before yours. It wouldn’t feel right if you didn’t go first.”

“Oh My God!!! I am so happy for you two! But sweetie, Eric and I aren’t going to be the first vampire and human to marry. Have yours in February. Will I be invited?”

“You’re more than invited, I need a bride’s maid. You’d be Maid of Honor if Josh’s sister wasn’t an issue and I’d like it if Eric officiated.” Eric was stiff, but he gave Sookie a nod.

“He’d be happy to. You’d better hurry up with your invites. Are you registering?”

“No. We’re sending a list of charities. I’m so happy that you all are going to be in for this. How big is your entourage?”

“The family is 6 including the kids and 2 sitters and 2 guards.”


“Uh yeah, I thought I told you. We’re guardians for my cousins little boy and another little girl whose parents passed on.”

She laughed. “You won’t stop surprising me will you… The other 2 are the Lieutenant and the Lunar Justice, I assume. Since you have kids are they the right age for ring bearer and flower girl? Josh’s sister is childless because she is a beast and a nuisance to your race.”

“They are 4 and 6. That’s fine, they’ll need the practice. Just email me links to what I’m getting and the events we’ll need to dress for and I’ll take care of it right away. Are you doing it in the city or in East Hampton?”

“That’s wonderful! I’m so excited to call and wake the bitch up with news… The Hamptons are such a bore in February, we decided to do it at Belvedere Castle.”

“Oh that’ll be beautiful. I’ll call the Waldorf tomorrow to make reservations. I’ll talk to you soon. Kisses.”

“Good night friend.”


Anger had started to mix with his fear while the conversation went on and as soon as the phone was away from Sookie’s ear, Eric demanded, “Explain. NOW!”

Sookie huffed and started to explain. “Victor waits for there to be a reason to need my powers to bring me down there. He was going to use me as bait and kill you, me and Pam. He was going to leak that Russell did it to punish you for being part of the coup… You must have been part of it to be the only Sherriff left standing. Victor was going to take out Russell and Bart to ‘avenge’ you and make sure that Felipe fell during the coup so that he would end up in control of all 5 states.”


I watched Sookie wrap her arms around my Master’s ribs in an attempt to sooth him and he tried to pull away. “I didn’t lie, Eric. I wasn’t in danger. I knew that everything was going to be taken care of. I called 8 different Kings and Queens, all from Rhodes, they called their friends and so on. The anti Victor movement spread faster than bubonic plague. I knew about the plot, but I ‘saw’ it so that I could change it. Because it wasn’t supposed to happen.”

He snarled at her. “What was his plan for you?”

“Eric, don’t. I…”

“NOW!” I really didn’t want to be punished for it, but at this point if he got any angrier he was going to lose control and I’d have to step in to keep him from doing something he’d regret.

“It doesn’t make any damn difference.”


“He was going to torture, rape and turn me while he waited for you and Pam to show up and ‘save’ me. He was going to put you and Pam in a silver cage and make you watch more of the torturing and raping and eventually the sick fucker was going to take us to the gulf and strap us to a buoy to watch the sunrise. Happy now?”

“Sookie, no more secrets. Surprises are fine, but there can’t any secrets between us.”

“I promise. For the record though, I did tell you that there was a very good reason for my dealings. When you didn’t ask for details, I assumed you didn’t want them. I’m sorry for that.”

Alcide tried to make a joke to lighten the mood. “So does that mean that I can tell him about you joining the church, Marigold?” He failed to say the least.

Sookie snarled at him. “Alcide, shut up.”

Eric’s posture, his anger, his confusion; it was all back. “What have you done?”

“It’s not what you think. I… I made a call PRETENDING to be a member of the Sun Church. That’s all.”

“Why the fuck would you use that name? Was that fun for you?”

“Yeah, it was a blast for me. You know how much fun it was since you picked the safety glass out of my arm for more than an hour. You’re the one who had to hold me down while the stake was pulled out of my side. I used the name, pretending to take donations to find out what sizes Lisa and Coby are in now so that I could do something nice for them. That’s it. I told Alcide not to say anything so that you wouldn’t feel like you were keeping me from my old life. Calm down! Anything you don’t know about me is because it hasn’t come up or I don’t even know. Okay!?”

It took a long time (what felt like years) for the tension in the room to dissipate and Sookie took her cue to go upstairs and Eric followed her but he went into the children’s room.


When I was sure that I wouldn’t have to put myself between my maker and his bonded, I asked Alcide if he was coming to bed.

He started unbuttoning his shirt as he followed me upstairs without a word.

I pealed the horrible costume away and pulled the bedding down to climb in.

“You need a shower.”

After the night I had, he really needed to change his tone. “Excuse me?”

“You stink. Get a shower.”

“Pray tell, what do I smell like?”

“Drunk fangbanger and blood. Shower.”

“Look Alcide, I’ve had a rough night…”

“It doesn’t really matter. I make concessions for you and your smell issues. You reek of whoever the fuck you snacked on earlier. Get a fucking shower.”

“You’re seriously telling me what to do?”

He tilted his head to the side, cracking his neck joints and stared at me for a minute. “You know what, no. I’m not.”

He turned and went to his closet and came out in lounge pants and a t-shirt, heading directly for the door. “Are you really upset that I smell like someone else or that I fed from them. For the record, you smell like Sookie.”

“I don’t give two shits that you fed from some fangbanger. I’m upset that you feel like taking a shower is too much of a fucking imposition and leave Sookie out of it. Her smell isn’t something you normally have a problem with.”

“It wasn’t a fangbanger.”

He rubbed his eyes and huffed. “Explain why that makes the difference.”

“It was a drainer. One of 6 of them that came into the club tonight as a team.”

“And you drained them. Good for you.”

“I drained one of them. Others took care of the rest.”

“Still waiting to hear why you’re adamant about going to bed stinking like one.”

I was looking at one stubborn son of a bitch. I was lost. I wanted to hit him. I was sick to death of being bossed around tonight and wanted to be in bed more than I wanted to shower. I slid between the sheets and let him make his own decision.

I’m not sure where he went, but it wasn’t to his side of the bed.













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  1. Kristie Yamber says:

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    It seems inevitable that dominance issues would spring up between Pam & Alcide. She’s not used to taking crap from anyone but Eric & there is just no way that Alcide’s ongoing thing for Sookie isn’t a negative impact on any relationship potential between Pam & Alcide. An alpha wolf trying to exercise dominance over a fierce female vampire, in any situation but role-PLAY, is absurd. I get that her taking a shower isn’t a huge ask, but he doesn’t complain about all the smells Sookie has to be wearing from all the body contacts she makes everywhere she goes.

    Frankly I’m creeped-out by the ongoing & nearly constant sex play between Alcide & Sookie. She spends more time with Alcide than with Eric in this story, most of it doing everything but actual intercourse. Now they’re even doing it with the kids just a few feet away. When there are plenty of chairs why does Sookie always choose to sit in Alcide’s lap (except for the few occasions Eric is available to sit on instead)? Is she unable to have a drink with straddling a male lap & sticking her tongue in his mouth? Did Alcide never learn to take care of his own hair? How are the children not picking-up on the creepy vibes via Alcide’s mind & not being confused when Sookie is supposed to be marrying Eric?

    Pam is clearly second best/choice in Alcide’s eyes so Sookie is not doing anything to help that relationship along beyond getting his libido so revved-up that he usually can’t wait to climb on Pam to ease his sexual frustration. Meanwhile, this is yet another story where Eric is reduced from a powerful, savvy vampire to a pathetic & nearly clueless lap pet that Sookie leads around by the nose. He puts up with everything she dishes out & if he occasionally gets a bit of temper built up she shoves a pacifier in his mouth instead of treating him with any real sort of respect. He’s not rubbing himself all over anyone except Sookie but she goes to the extreme in flaunting, flirting, & rubbing herself all over any male (& a few females) she pleases. If there is any point to her behavior, I’m just really not getting the why of it. What am I missing?

    Sookie is inhibiting & damaging any possible chance for more than a superficial relationship between Alcide & Pam so what was the point of hooking them up in the first place? At this point Pam just looks like a convenient place to park Alcide when Sookie decides to play with Eric for a while instead.

    I agree with Pam about there being a big risk in Eric being seen as weak because of Sookie & he’s quite frankly coming off as pathetic along side of Sookie’s antics. I don’t see how her behavior is going to do anything good for Eric’s reputation & she still seems to leave him in the dark about pretty much everything until someone or something else reveals a secret that she then has to respond to.

    I’m just having trouble seeing any point to the relationship between this Eric & this Sookie. She seems to show him very little interest or respect, although she certainly enjoys controlling him. They spend very little time together outside of some sex, but even the snippets about that seem abbreviated & overshadowed by endless descriptions of the sexual play between her & Alcide. Sookie acts like a bitch in heat around Alcide unless Eric is nearby. So much so that she’s clearly far more interested in that than in attending to the two emotionally scarred children she & Eric just took in.

    Eric & Pam still work, but it appears that Alcide’s business now runs in his complete absence while he spends all of his waking hours running around as a shadow doing errands with Sookie while he begs her to do the same sexual things to him that she does to her fiancé. It’s outrageous for him to ask and even more outrageous that she complies. It’s as if nothing is special about her relationship with Eric except him having more stamina & strength to withstand her ‘play’ and her only concession is promising not to actually fuck the Were, EVERYTHING else being perfectly fine for her to do. It seems like she should be drawing boundary lines much tighter than just not letting Alcide’s penis inside her if she has any actual respect for Eric & Pam. I’m having difficulty picturing Sookie being as tolerant if the tables were turned & Eric’s hands & mouth, even once, were all over other females (or males) while they groped him as they mutually worked each other up, much less having that happening nearly every waking moment he isn’t with her.

    I can’t help but wonder & dread that this story is headed toward Sookie eventually crossing that teeny, tiny, little boundary she has been abiding by so far & the story turning into a sexual free for all on giant beds with everyone being present just wanting their time with Sookie, all made acceptable simply because Eric was there to consent to sharing. Some folks are fine with that & I don’t care what other consenting adults do as long as it doesn’t infringe on me. However, in an Eric & Sookie story I prefer their focus to be on each other, just them as far as romance & sex goes. Besides, I struggle to understand what other male has enough going for them to be even remotely tempting when she has Eric.

    I’m also hoping that this story will get around to explaining what transpired to turn Sookie from an irrational, shrieking, immature banshee into someone that nearly all Supes have apparently decided is suitable to sit in judgment over them all including royalty. That is one serious leap to have happened in less than a couple of year’s time & is seriously stretching even my vivid imagination.

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