Chapter 41

Home Sick

Sookie’s POV

Wednesday, January 20th

While I got breakfast started I heard the Charger thundering into the garage.

“Morning kid.” I hadn’t even looked up at him until I heard Alcide laughing. When I did, I couldn’t help but laugh too. “Nice necklace! I guess you two hit it off!”

He smiled up at me. “You knew we would, didn’t you?”

I just batted my eyelashes at him. “So, when are you seeing each other again?”

“Tonight after I settle Northern Lights, I’m meeting her at Hooligan’s. How did you know?”

I shrugged. “I’m just good at the matching game.”

He smiled at me. “She told me that she has a little crush on you.”

“She probably didn’t mean for you to tell me that.” I was giggling. “But I already knew. I have a little crush on her too, but I’m quite taken.”

Alcide anted up jokingly. “Damn right you are!”

Tobin made his way into the room and went straight to the fridge. “Hey Jeremy, how was your date with Annie Oakley?”

“Annie Oakley?”

Tobin laughed while he was digging out a juice. “Yeah, most of the guys our age call her that because you can watch her waiting tables on busy nights and she shoots mother fuckers down left and right.”

I laughed. When Tobin turned around and actually looked at Jeremy, he noticed the hickey necklace and lost some color. “Damn son! You’re a pimp!”

Jeremy cleared his throat and nodded at me. “It seems like I had help.”

“You did not! Why does everybody accuse me of that? Don’t sell yourself short kid. You’ve got bedroom eyes, you’re bright, you’re stacked like a brick shithouse and you can dance like riot. That’s what helped you hit that. All I did was tell her your name.”

Jeremy looked stricken by my frankness but Alcide and Tobin were amused.

Alcide laughed. “She’s good at spotting things that work well together. Me and Pam, Jason and Janice, Tobin and Febes, Jeremy and Sara. Some of it is intentional like me and Pam but some of it is like watching a Tetris game. Shit just falls into place around her, like she’s good luck or something.”

“Nice. D’you think Bill would agree with that?”

He smiled at me. “Don’t sass me, just make my breakfast… bitch.”

Tobin and Jeremy had been amused spectators and when I handed Alcide his plate and coffee, I curtsied. I turned and Tobin was looking at me so I shrugged and smiled. “Travail de femme.” It earned a chuckle from him.


I boxed up the wings for Jason and since he overslept a little I gave him a refresh and handed him his breakfast and lunch to go and got a kiss on the cheek for my efforts. Once Tobin and Jeremy were fed I sent Tobin up with breakfast in bed for Febes (I told him to say it was his idea) and I gave Jeremy a refresh so that he could run with me when he was done with the horses. Since no one else was up, I sat back down to eat my breakfast and about a million websites later found red glassware. Yay. I ordered about a zillion pieces. Pitchers, Mugs, Martinis, Pilsners, Rocks, Shot, Wine, Champagne, Hurricane, Marguerita, Punch and then some. I found it all from one dealer. The best part is that it was ‘waterglass’ which meant it had a wavy texture in it, so even a glass of water would look mysterious, just like the bar and table tops. I found a site that offered coasters and napkins and ordered thousands of them. Black with white pearl embossed fangs and red foil lettering:
Same Bite, New Flavor
Fangtasia Re Vamp 2006

I ordered the biggest industrial dishwasher on the market (with my ‘friend’ Clancy in mind) since the pantry area was a little excessive for a bar that doesn’t serve any food there’d be plenty of room for it.

I ordered t-shirts for the souvenir shop with an assortment of sayings. The front of them all had Fangtasia Shreveport, LA on the breast with the fang logo Eric had been using and the backs said things like: “Got blood?”, “Been there…Drained that”, “When you say Bite Me… I consider that foreplay” and “Go ahead, ask one if they SPARKLE!”. All of them were a combination of red, white and black. I ordered ‘cause ribbons’ that said ‘I Donated’ on one side with ‘Fangtasia’ on the other.

Alcide chuckled his approval to all of it. I was done with Fangtasia work and started typing up my Court work from the night before. I was done with all of it by 8 when the kids came downstairs for their breakfasts. I had just served them all when I got a call from Jeremy. I ran upstairs and threw on my light blue short shorts, workout bra and running shoes. I kissed Alcide on the way to catch up to Jeremy and we ran for an extra 20 minutes to push each other and I won. He didn’t have anything left for sit ups or pull ups so I smiled the whole time I did mine and then ran back to the house after having spent 2 hours with him, not talking about anything but the horses to let him avoid talking about ‘hooking up’ with Sara.


I was just getting out of the shower when Alcide came in to tell me that the guy was there with the poles and that Janice was embarrassed about the idea of them being in the house.

“I can fix that. I’ll just teach her how to do it.”

He grumbled. “The hell you will.”

“Alcide, you’re being a hypocrite. I’m someone’s kid sister too.”

He just stared at me and so I smiled at him and gave him a ‘refresh’ hug.

“Thanks, but I still don’t want her pole dancing.”

“So, it’s ok for me to be a slut and entertain my guys, Janice has to be chaste and boring?” I blew him a raspberry on my way to my closet to put on a pair of cargo shorts and a tank top. He held my hand on the way downstairs and I met ‘Chuck- the pole guy’. He really called himself that. He was creepy and since he stared at me like he had never seen a D-cup in a tank top before, I held Alcide’s hand while we watched him install the first pole. I took it for a spin (ha, literally) to make sure he gave me plenty of room. I was still holding Alcide’s hand when we showed him to the other rooms and when he went to leave, I glamoured our address out of his brain. Yes, he was that creepy.


Alcide grabbed my iPod and dragged me to the office to ‘practice’. While I was spinning in one of the ‘monkey’ moves Janice came in to satisfy her curiosity. She was standing in the doorway when Tobin and Febes came looking for me and Alcide was too engrossed in what I was doing to realize that I was starting to draw an audience. In a matter of minutes, Dozer, Jeremy and Shaun were all in the doorway and along the wall of the office watching me like I had glamoured them all in their places. I was starting to get a little self conscious so I did a flip to dismount and looked at them all.

“Enjoy the show?”

Febes started the obligatory ‘slow clap’ and everyone joined her laughing. I think I blushed. “Show me.”

Tobin’s eyes lit up. “Yeah… Show her!” She playfully gave him a ‘dead leg’.

“You need bare legs and arms. Go change.” When Febes left Janice went too.

Alcide looked at me and shook his head. “I’m leaving once she touches that pole. Hurry up and give me something to send to the man.”

He cued up Shake That Ass and he recorded about 20 seconds and then sent it to Pam and Eric.

Dozer, who’d been speechless, finally said something. “You’re gonna need a bouncer tonight.”

“I have Alcide, my powers and my Faerie cousin. I’m solid. Thanks though.”

He smiled at me. “I wasn’t necessarily volunteering. Your family was just drooling over you. Strangers might be an issue.”

I giggled and was about to say something when Alcide got a reply from Eric. “Lucky Mother Fucker. I’m looking at bank records and you’re looking at that.”

Then Pam replied. “It’s a good thing you can’t have a heart attack anymore! Pace yourself anyway.”

We both laughed

I went back to practicing until Janice and Febes both came back in camis and shorts and watched me a little longer. Alcide was the only one who left and I concentrated on Janice since she’s human, she isn’t terribly strong.

In no time, I had Janice swinging at a beginner level. Febes was much stronger and had taken some gymnastics so her balance was a little more under control but the three of us had fun. We even laughed when we were clumsy and the guys were very ‘supportive’.


It was nearly lunch time when Febes and Janice had worn themselves out and I was still full of energy so they went to the kitchen to set out sandwich stuff and I went back to practicing while the guys slowly migrated to the food. Alcide came back into the room and leaned against the door.

“Hey there. If it isn’t the sexiest Packmaster ever, since we are homebound today, is there anything that needs to be done about the cookout?”

“No, everything is all set up. How about Boston?”

“I was thinking that we should go shopping this week, I don’t know about you, but I don’t own anything warm enough for the foot of snow they’ve gotten this week. The warmest coat I have is quilted fleece and waist length. I don’t think it’ll do.”

“Shit, good point. I don’t have anything dressy and warm either. They come home tomorrow, and we need to pack Friday before the cookout… Sookie?”

“Shit! We have to leave the damn house don’t we.”

He was trying to be gentle, he could tell my panties were in a twist. “We can go after lunch or we can leave early for Hooligan’s.”

“I’m not leaving the house tomorrow, Alcide. I swear on all that is decent and holy. Even God took a day off!”

He laughed. “You’re in higher demand.”

Even though my hopes for a quiet day on the homestead were dashed, he managed to get a snort out of me.“I guess we should go after lunch. I should get some jewelry too. I don’t guess it’ll do for me to be Plain Jane in the company we’ll be keeping.”

“Did you get the email confirming that we’re in adjoining rooms?”

I snorted. “Yeah, I called and took care of that shit right away. We have a suite now.”

“Nice work… You aren’t going to wear yourself out are you?”

I giggled, upside down. “No. You have no idea how much fun this is. It’s like a roller coaster!”

He looked amused. “Don’t you get queasy spinning like that?”

“No sir. It’s a rush. You should try it.”

He laughed. “I’ll stick to watching you, thanks.”

I started a quick spin. “I can smell how turned on you are, ya know.”

“That just proves that you’re not dead.”

I laughed as he stepped closer to the pole stopping my spin by grabbing my hair and he kissed me. “I’m making you wait.”

“Ohh, that’s just not fair. Why would you be so mean?”

I smiled at him and gave his bottom lip a nibble. “To remind you that payback isn’t the only bitch.”

His smile was pained, but at least there was one. “What am I being punished for?”

“The pool tossing.”

He grinned and his eyes flashed with a little light. “Are you sure you aren’t paying me back for kicking your chair and being fresh during your phone call too.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m sure.”

In spite of our laughs and the music coming from the iPod, Alcide heard my stomach growl so he playfully pried my hands from the pole and carried me to the kitchen and plopped my butt on a barstool and made a sandwich for me while I ‘pouted’.


Tobin came into the room while I ate my sandwich and stood right by me giving me eyes. Like a dog who wants to go for a walk (no pun intended). I nearly choked when I laughed.

“What can I do for you?”

“Can I take the kids to a movie? I can multitask and get the camera while I’m at the mall. Febes and Dozer want to go too.”

“What movie?”

“New super hero movie. The kids and I just a commercial for it. Nadine and Annabelle have seen the first 2 and they weren’t scared.”

“So 3 grownups want to use 5 kids as an excuse to go to the mall and see a movie? You know you could all go tomorrow night without the kids. The 4 of us aren’t going anywhere since they’re coming home and we’re leaving.”

“Naw, its cool. Hero movies are something I’ve been doing with the girls for a while now. There’s only so much Barbie and Princess a guy can take.”

“Did you finish your homework?” I smiled at him.

“Yes ma’am. Wanna read the papers?”

I laughed. “Alcide and I just realized we have shopping to do anyway. We can caravan to the mall and we’ll probably get done around the same time. We can all go out to dinner after. Go clear it with Janice.”

Without another word, he was gone.

I couldn’t help but laugh and shake my head as he left.


It didn’t take any time at all to get everyone together for our excursion. Janice decided to stay at the house and get some quiet time instead of going with us. So Tobin, Febes and Dozer took the Suburban and the 5 kids to the end of the mall where the theaters were and Alcide and I took the Charger to the end where Macy’s is.

We lucked out and both of us found cashmere coats and since it was getting close to our warm weather, they were marked down too. Yay. We found what we needed quickly including some jewelry and then went through to the mall and looked for something fun for me to wear tonight. We found just such an outfit at a very goth looking store that seemed to cater to college girls with creative hair color choices.

Alcide and I window shopped for a while and I stopped dead in my tracks in front of a baby boutique. The window dressing was full of adorable little mannequins with overalls and dresses and sleepers. Alcide watched me ogle the miniature finery and then tugged on my hand.

“Come on. You know you want to.”

“You know our luck. We’ll get caught.”

“So what. You can either tell them you’re pregnant or you can say you’re shopping for a friend. You have a bunch of pregnant people around you.” Huh, more than he realized.

I didn’t make him work too hard at convincing me. One more gentle tug and I surrendered.

Once inside, I think I touched nearly everything in the store. I bought a couple layettes for Manny, Holly and Mickey’s babies and I found some sweet little sleepers. There was a white one with pink satin footies and rumba lace on the bum to look like a ballerina. There was a navy blue one covered in white polka dots and daisy buttons. There was a black one with little lady bugs embroidered all over it and big lady bugs embroidered on top of the footies. There was a light blue one with three little piggies embroidered on the leg and a big bad wolf huffing and puffing on the other side. There were novelty binkies that looked like fangs too. I bought 2 of each.

As we walked out, he made fun of me. “This is all you bought for them? 8 sleepers and 2 binkies?”

I smiled at him. “Well, you and Eric are taking care of the nursery and Pam has been shopping enough to clothe every newborn from here to Land’s End. I want to see what she got before I go too crazy.”

He chuckled. “Did Eric say how bad?” We started walking around the mall, hand in hand, just talking.

“He joked that he was tempted to have a silver door knob put on her room while she was sleeping to keep her from going out.”

“Wow. That bad, huh.”

“Yeah, you and Eric are going to have to work on storage options for their closet to fit everything.”

He smiled at me. “It’s really sweet of you to include her. This is the closest she could ever get. Don’t ever think that she doesn’t appreciate it. She talks about them more than you do.” He kissed my forehead. I never thought for a second that I wouldn’t. Pam will make an excellent mother. Whether she realizes it or not, she’s been taking care of Eric as much as he has her all these years.

“Oh, I have an idea. I’ve always known that my Pammy is a fraud. She’s my little Vampire M&M. Hard on the outside to protect the soft sweet center. That can be our little secret though.”

“You still scared?”

“Not as much. Not nearly as much. I know enough that I can feel good about this.” I offered him a little smirk.

“You know enough, huh? You said you saw about a decade, right?”

I nodded and he seemed to be pondering that for a while.

“I’m worried about Angela.”

That was sweet. That was why I loved Alcide. My best friend had always been the guy to have in your corner, because he cares. “She’ll bounce back. Her PTSD won’t be in charge of her for much longer. Her rape was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Pio has had a lot of trouble with the Fellowship down there. Area 5 has lost 20 some odd fang over the last year and they brag about it on the news with blurry video and typed threats. She was already scared to go out at night before she was turned and then she found that jerk who told her all sheriffs would enslave her. It’s just been a lot for that little girl.”


We walked around without saying much of anything for a while. We stopped and bought a basket full of jewelry and hair do-dads for Manen, Nadine and Annabelle to play dress up with and found some neat dinosaur toys for Hunter and Tommy.

We finally heard from Tobin when the movie was over and we met them all in the Rainforest Café downstairs and ate. Alcide spoiled the kids with souvenirs from the gift shop while we waited for our table. After we ate, the kids wandered from display to display and admired the ‘animals’. Manen wanted to know if she could turn into something as small as a tree frog and told her she could try another time…

We got home at about 6. We were barely in the door before Marlena Cataliades called me. She spoke with a similar saccharine that Mr. C does but her accent had a hint of Cajun in it. Mr. C must have mentioned to her his new nickname for me because she called me by it as though I belonged to a secret society and it was my codename. It was a brief conversation. Eric and Pam, as expected, had been very thorough in her instructions and she was calling me to touch base and ask for extra input. We exchanged email addresses and I went ahead and forwarded her the invoices for the paintings and bedding so that she might have a better idea of how to shop. She over thanked me and told me to expect a lot of picture messages over the next couple of days while she ‘hunted and gathered’.

I noticed that while we had been out, Janice had been doing housework. She had cleaned the floors, run a couple loads of laundry and vacuumed. So I tracked her down to thank her and let her know that her and Jason’s dinner was in the kitchen.

Alcide had been my shadow, for the most part, since 5 am, so I let him know that I was popping out to the barn with Jeremy’s dinner to check on the new horse. I was there and back in about 5 minutes and even healed his hickeys for him. “She’ll have fun putting them back.” He blushed.

I had popped right back to my room to get dressed. While stashing our secret purchases in Eric’s closet, Alcide had set out my Hooligan’s outfit and hung my winter clothes. I looked at my new coat hanging in my closet and laughed to myself. At my age, I bought my first real winter coat today. Most people around here could tell you that because of the warm air coming out off the gulf, we rarely had weather lower than the 40s, so folks who couldn’t afford several coats tended to just layer. The standard in Bon Temps was to wear a hoodie under a jean jacket or the like and even then, it wasn’t often.


The outfit I was wearing tonight reminded me of something I would wear to Fangtasia. It was a black pleated micro skirt with red plaid insets (like a cheerleader uniform) and the top was a bright red cropped top with a plunging neckline and cap sleeves. I opted to not a wear a bra and went with a g-string since everything tends to ride up while your pole dancing anyway. I tried on 3 pairs of shoes to see how things would work with each one and what I ended up going with was a black stiletto with an ankle strap. They looked great but I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of dancing on the floor in them. I discovered I had everyone’s attention when I was about half way down the stairs and smiled at them as I crossed the room. Alcide followed me into the bathroom and watched me put my makeup on.

“You’re acting funny, big guy. What’s going on?”

He smiled. “I’ve been thinking.”

“Hit me.”

“Don’t take it back.”

I eyed his reflection in the mirror.

“This morning I figured that you’d figure it out and you could take it back later, but…” He took a deep breath and blew it out as he gathered his thoughts. “I have my reasons, but right now, I’m ok with being ‘perpetual’ like the rest of you. Does that make sense?”

I smiled at him and turned to hug him. “I’d like that. I have to admit, the last week or so since Claudine told me I could live as long as Eric, my biggest concern has been that one day I’d lose you. I know we’ve only been ‘the team’ for a couple of weeks, but I can’t imagine my life without it being the 4 of us.”

He smiled at me. “So, you and me will get old, but slowly, right?”

I nodded. “Really slow. Niall is Eric’s age, give or take but he looks 60. We can ask Claude tonight how old he is to try and gage it but Claudine had mentioned that she loved power outages because she missed the night sky before the glare. So we probably have a century or so of hotness ahead of us.”

He snorted. “You’re gonna be a MILF.”

I slapped his arm. “Go get ready. Dirty old man!”

“What if I don’t?” He slid his hands over my butt and then under my skirt. “You’re wearing a g-string?!”

I snickered and nodded.

“Cruel bitch.” He acted like it hurt him to go get ready.


While he got ready, I had Tobin show me how to work the camera and chatted with Jason, who I hadn’t seen too much of over the past few days.

“So Jas, how’s the new job?”

“I like it a lot. It feels like I’m shaking cob webs off my brain though. I didn’t need to think when I was on the road crew.”

I nodded thoughtfully. He really wasn’t the same guy anymore. Whatever his new powers had brought to him, something had been woken up inside. He wasn’t dumb anymore and he had more social skills than he ever had before.

“I’m glad you like it. What are you planning on doing with mom and Daddy’s house if you stay here in Shreveport?”

“I don’t think I want to do anything with it. Would it sound silly if I said I was thinking about fixing it up a little bit and just kept it for like weekend hunting trips? It’s on so much land the kids could even start running there when their leashes get a little longer.”

“I don’t think it sounds silly at all, but what kids?”

His eyes got shifty and I knew that he had just let a secret slip. “Um, Sookie, you ever see like… pictures of stuff?”

I just smiled at him.

“Well, I saw kids.”

“Me too. Shhh. Alcide’s coming.” I got an image or two from his head and he had indeed seen 4 children running to meet him in the foyer as he returned home from work. What’s more than the images, what got to me the most was the feeling he had as he remembered the vision. Complete and utter happiness; pure joy.


Our conversation was over and Alcide and I said our goodbyes and got on the road.

“Shug, what’s going through your pretty little head. You’re smiling like a lipstick model.”

“Janice is Jason’s treasure map.”

“Do what?”

I chuckled at his confusion. “When we were little Gran read the classics to us. Treasure Island was one of her favorites so she read that more than once. She used to say that everyone was looking for their treasure map. Some people start out knowing where it is, some folks don’t even know they’re looking for it until they find it. But life is an adventure and until you find your treasure map, you don’t know where to go. She always said that there was no such thing as ‘happily ever after’, that every road has bumps, but if you found your map, you would enjoy your journey to the X at the end. For some people it’s a job or a soul mate, for some its children or a hobby. But if you find your map, your purpose would fuel your soul until your end. ”

He smiled and thought about it for a minute. “Gran was a romantic with a sense of adventure too, huh.”

“I guess so.”

“Janice and Jason are gonna be that good together?”

“Yeah Alcide, they are.”

We sat in contented silence until we pulled up at the club. They didn’t seem to be busy at all judging by the parking lot but when we got to the door it sounded like a mad house. There were 3 bachelor parties going at the same time and Claude was leaning against the bar with an angry look on his face as some of the guys in the audience pawed at one of his girls. We paid our cover and I walked right up to the bar and sat down. I could feel him feel another Faerie but he was more worried that things would get out of hand.

“Want some help?”

He looked over to me and his anger melted into disappointment when he recognized me. “Sookie, I don’t need any of your drama tonight. I have better things to worry about.”

“It’s nice to see you in such a good mood, you fucking jerk.”

I sent a wave of calm into the room and the mood changed immediately. Alcide laughed at how fast it worked and how I had spoken to Mr. Cranky.

Claude looked at me in shock. “What did you just do?”

“Glamoured them into calming down. It doesn’t work as well on the drunks but it’ll calm things a bit.”

“What do you want?”

“You’re welcome. Alcide and I are just making the rounds. We don’t want jack shit from you that a normal customer wouldn’t get. I’m going sit my pretty ass in that booth over there and meet with people.”

“Is there something wrong with your Vamp’s bar?”

“Not a thing except it’s not a good idea for Fae to meet me there. I’m not here because of you Miss Congeniality, I’m here because this place is Supe ‘friendly’, even if you aren’t.”

“Don’t get high and mighty with me princess! I’m not in the mood for your shit. Just because Grandfather and Claudine think you are worth any trouble, doesn’t mean we all do.”

“Well that’s just fine because I’m chewing through my own shit sandwich because of the trouble they went to. Don’t forget for a fucking second that I never asked for anything from any of you.”

“You were nicer when you were shot.”

“Yeah well I thought you better looking until I found out what an asshole you are. Even?” Alcide was laughing so hard he was having a hard time staying on his seat.

He smiled at me. “You remind me of Claudine. Full of piss and vinegar. You do want something from me though.”

“How old are you?”

“319. That it?”

I nodded. Alcide had been listening to the conversation but watching the girl on stage and leaned over to me. “You’re much better than her.”

I smiled at him, but Claude was offended. “Who are you?”

“Oops, I’m sorry. Alcide, this is my cousin Mr. Goodwill Claude Crane. Claude, this is the Shreveport’s Packmaster, Alcide Herveaux.” Alcide held his hand out and Claude shook it limply.

Claude worked things over for a minute. “Have you quit the vampire?”

Alcide and I laughed. “No, Eric and I are getting married in March. Alcide and I are really good friends.” Alcide winked at me.

Claude sniped. “So you’ll bed a bloodsucker and mongrel but you don’t want anything to do with your own kind? Nice.”

“Claude, get the bitch stick out of your ass. You’ve run out of room for your head! Last time I checked your bedding preferences aren’t going to be increasing the Fae population anytime soon either. And by the way, Alcide is my kind since I’m more Were and Shifter than Fae. I apologize that I didn’t warm up to the idea of fucking my cousin just for the sake of being a Fae baby pez dispenser.”

He smiled at me again. Oh, my god. He liked being yelled at. Creep. “What did he mean? That you’re better than her?”

Alcide answered him, just to piss him off. “She works the pole better. She could teach this girl a few things.”

Claude looked at me and crossed his arms. Alcide looked sexy when he did it, Claude on the other hand looked like someone had just rubbed his lamp and asked for 3 wishes. “Prove it.”

“I’ll dance after Sara is done. I have business to handle first.”

“I can feel you. Don’t try to sneak out.”

“I wouldn’t dream of disappointing you, sweetheart.”


I took Alcide’s hand and we walked towards the back row of booths and as we cleared the end of the bar Alcide noticed a large poster. It was a blown up copy of the book cover I had posed for with Claude.

“What a narcissist. Wait…” He tilted his head to the side and I fought my laughter as he processed what he was seeing. “That’s you!?”

I had only had enough time nod before Sara came over to me smiling. “We need to talk. How did you know?” Alcide was still standing there with his head tilted.

“I just had a feeling. When do you go on?”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and thanked me. “I go on at about 10. Jeremy will be here by then, he’s settling the horse now.” She pointed over to Alcide. “Is the Packmaster feeling alright?”

When I laughed he snapped himself out of it and came over to nuzzle himself up to my back. “Sorry ‘bout that. I got a little distracted. When did you do that?”

I smiled as I leaned against him. “That was the last thing I did before October fell to shit. I forgot about it until you started drooling.”


We went ahead and found a seat. We were occupying one of the bench style couches with a coffee table like the ones I had bought for the new Fangtasia. Why have the other kind when there is no eating going on?

Since there wasn’t a dance floor, I gave Alcide a few lap dances between meetings. I had another custody issue, a civil case and a partnership dissolution that I would have to go through and get back to them next week for. Alcide and I had slowly watched the club start to fill with familiar faces and at about 9:30 we noticed a large number our friends come in together and of course they brought Goose, Tray and Tobin. I was surrounded by my friends, taking up 3 booths altogether. We were dinking and talking and I found out Dozer, of all people, was to blame for this. He had been serious about not trusting strangers, so he took advantage of everyone’s curiosity to get them here. I would have rather had some alone time with Alcide, but Boston was just a couple of days away and we were having too much fun for me to complain. That is, until Claude came over.

He didn’t say anything, he just stood over the table and stared at my entourage until our excitement fell to a watchful hush. I took a minute to introduce them all to my cousin.

“The club is at capacity. I’m never this busy on Wednesday. What did you do?” The crew laughed collectively.

“What can I say? I’m popular.”

He rolled his eyes at me. “What are you dancing to?”

“Do You Wanna.”

“No repeats. One of the girls already danced to that tonight.”

“Ok… Sour Cherry by the Kills.”

“What about an Encore, since you think you’re so good.”

“You Shook Me All Night Long.” I handed him my iPod smugly and he left us alone.


We went back to our impromptu party like he had never bothered us. Alcide had enough to drink that he wasn’t paying attention to what I was drinking so I actually got to drink 3 Long Islands. We had a great time hanging out until just after 10 when Sara was announced. We all stood up and I recorded her dance; she was beautiful and graceful and when she was done, everyone congratulated the kid for ‘finding a good one’, especially his brothers. Men.

When Sara was done she joined the group and climbed onto Jeremy’s shoulders when Claude introduced me. Alcide led me over and lifted me to the stage and took a seat next to it. Before the music started, I saw Febes climb onto Dozer’s shoulders with the camera and start recording.

Sour Cherry was a hit. I made it a point to watch Claude for his reaction and I actually watched a pleasant surprise take over his face. He had started out by watching the crowd and when he was pleased with the reaction they had, he started studying me. I did, indeed get a standing ovation, so I went ahead and did my Encore. My first ‘act’ was more choreographed and I did a fair amount of dancing mixed in with the pole moves but when the second song started, I was on the pole and didn’t touch the floor until the song was over. I had been spinning the pole the entire time and was inverted for most of the 5 minute remix and did a back flip from the ceiling when the song was over. My second dance was far more popular than the first and when Alcide lifted me from the stage he slid my body down his.

I cleared my throat with a smile on my face. “So, you think I did ok?”

He smiled back. “Can we pop home now?”

“Soon. I promise.” His eyes glowed slightly and I hid his excitement with my body on the way back to our seats where Claude was waiting.  Once my party had congratulated me on how well I did, he started in.

“When can you come back?”

“Will you be nice?”

“As nice as I can be. You packed the house and your dance made ME hard. When will you be back?”

“Pam and I are doing a girls night out next Friday. We can stop in for a pole or two.”

“You can’t bring her in here with me.”

“Sure I can. I can glamour her into not noticing your scent.”

“I guess I’ll see you then. Feel free to take meetings here whenever you want.” He actually leaned over and kissed my cheek before he went back to work.


We didn’t sit back down to join our group. I gave hugs to my ‘family’ as we were leaving and when I got to Jeremy I told him that I knew Sara’s roommate was a pain and that it was fine to bring her to the property and gave him a friendly slap on the butt as we headed for the door.

When we got to the car Alcide pinned me to the car with his body and planted a rough, tonguey kiss on me that was almost too much. I pulled the elastic out of his hair and grabbed a handful, lifting my legs and wrapping them around his hips. I wasn’t even thinking about stopping him. I wanted to see how far he was willing to push this in public. He was thinking about pulling my clothes off and fucking me up against the car and having a hard time resisting the urge. His hand went to my throat and he gave it a squeeze and turned my head to attack my neck. His other hand was under my shirt and clawing at me. We were both panting and groaning into the cool night air and on the verge of coming. Alcide was the one to end it. He pulled away and put both of his hands on the roof of the car.

He growled at me. “Sookie put your legs under you.”

I didn’t put my legs down, instead, I grinded against him. “But I was having fun, Alcide.”

I watched his eyes roll back in his head and he took a tell tale swallow, his chest was vibrating. “Me too. We need to go home before we get arrested.”

I smiled at him wickedly as I brought one of my legs straight up between us and put my ankle on his shoulder and used it as leverage to push against him. He clenched his jaw and his head fell back. “Sookie… let’s go home.” I pulled him down for a long kiss as I lowered my legs. He opened the car door for me and forced himself to close it gently and go around to the driver’s side. When he got in, he gave me a steady look, slightly pained. I pulled myself up to my knees in my seat and reached over to rub the bulge in his jeans. I whispered into his ear. “What are you waiting for? Get me home.”

Then I started sucking and biting his ear and neck. He squealed tires out of the parking lot and drove fast enough to make a 15 minute drive a 7 minute drive. As we passed through the gate, I started opening his pants and the second the car stopped in the garage, I hopped over and straddled his lap and lowered myself onto him in one swift move, and didn’t stop. He reached down to the seat release and laid the seat back, pulling me down with him. His hands went to my hips as we kissed and chewed and he moved me back and forth over him. We stayed just like that until we both enjoyed our first release of the night, moaning into each other’s mouths and I relaxed against his chest while we got our breathing under control.


“I’m hungry.”

He started laughing.

“Don’t laugh at me. You try dancing like that and holding all those guys still.”

“Fine, let’s go get your midnight snack then.”

I climbed off of him and we straightened our clothes and went into the kitchen. I put my take-out in the microwave and Alcide went to his laptop to start uploading the videos.

I went over to him and kissed his neck. “Be right back.”

I popped to my bedroom and changed into a pair of white lounge pants and a cami. I grabbed a pair of jeans and a  t-shirt and a new bra and panties set and popped out to the bunk house and dropped them off before Jeremy and Sara got back. I didn’t want breakfast to be a walk of shame for her.

I popped back into the kitchen right before the microwave dinged.

Alcide chuckled as I grabbed my plate and sat next to him. “Where’d you go?”

“I took an outfit out for Sara. How’s the uploading going?”

“I just sent them. We’ll be hearing from him in about 9 minutes.”

“Let me see. I’m the only one that doesn’t know how I look up there.”

He smiled and hit play and I moved over to sit on his lap and watch myself while I snacked. No sooner than my playback was over my phone was ringing from my purse.

“Sookie’s house of Hos, what can I do ya for?”

“Lover, we have a short meeting at 3 and we will leave straight from there.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “I take it then that business went well.”

“Sookie, business doesn’t have a damn thing to do with why I’m leaving early. I need to get to you.”

“Eric Northman, you greedy vampire. You just saw me yesterday!”

“Yes ma’am I did. However, I have seen you dance today. Sookie, you’re dance was very… inspiring.”

I laughed at his choice of words. Alcide confirmed it, he leaned into the receiver. “She even inspired Claude.”

I heard Eric telling Pam about it laughingly. “So lover, it’s early yet. What are you doing for the rest of the evening?”

“I’m turning in, as soon as I’m done with my snack. I’ve been on the pole for most of the day except for when Alcide and I went shopping.”

“What did you buy?”

“We needed winter clothes. Boston has a foot of snow on the ground and is supposed to get more all week. I bought some jewelry…”

“You bought jewelry?”

I snorted. “I bought some simple pieces, just to dress up my suits a little.”

“I forgot to tell you that Lorena’s jewelry is in the safe at Fangtasia. You should go through that. You might find some things you like.”

“Or I can parcel some out to friends and I can donate some pieces to a fundraising auction as a right off. I won’t wear that she-beast’s jewelry.”

He was amused. “Well, I suppose I should resume my meeting. Get your rest, lover.”

“Eric! You’ve been in a meeting all this time! That’s horrible!”

“It’s good to be the king. I’ll see you in the morning.” Alcide and I both laughed and decided (without having to say anything) that we needed to find a copy of History Of The World, Part II. Eric especially would get a kick out of it, since he thinks its so ‘good to be the king’.

“Love you.”


Alcide was laughing. “He watched Sookie porn and then called you during a vampire meeting? He’s got brass ones.”

“He always has.”

“So they’re leaving New Orleans a couple hours early because they are horny as hell, huh.”

I laughed. “Seems so.”

He sat forward and slipped his big arms around my waist. “I actually feel sorry for them. I did end up being the lucky one in this scenario. I’ll have had you to myself for most of a week by the time we’re home.”

I went over and took care of my dishes. “I should get to bed. You joining me?” He nodded and closed his laptop and we held hands on our way upstairs to bed.

When we got there I climbed in and he calmly slipped out of his clothes and spooned in behind me, holding me tight. I rolled over just enough to give him a kiss and things snow balled from there. It wasn’t like the other times we had been together over the last few days. Not playful and rough and frenzied. This time… it was calm and loving and serious. He was still holding me when we finally fell to sleep.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 41

  1. suzbc says:

    So um Friday AM got tacked onto the bottom of this one… Hopefully Wed was supposed to end with Alcide and Sookie falling asleep?

  2. Kristie Yamber says:

    love it they still all get along my best Kristie

  3. loveallsvmtb says:

    I love how their all changing.leave it to Eric to watch Sookie porn durring a meeting. loved it. thanks

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