Chapter 9

Moving & Shaking

Sookie’s POV

Monday, January 4th
I slept until 11. When I woke up, I went straight to work on unpacking my closet. I took my bathroom items and loaded them into a large backpack. I got a lot of organizing done before 12:30 when Eric’s day guy knocked on my door. On my front porch stood, Bobby Burnham and 3 very young muscular, Weres waiting for instruction.

“Miss Stackhouse, Mr. Northman asked that I bring my associates to help you pack your things.” Mr. Burnham had never been able to muster many platitudes. His thoughts usually ranged from “what does he see in a barmaid” to “nice rack” and a lot of things in between. And well, I can’t say that I blamed him since I questioned it for so long myself. He introduced me to the movers. Curtis, Manny, and Tobin (Tobin, my over friendly valet with no talent for a keg stand).

I surprised them by meeting them all with a friendly handshake and a soda. Curtis’s handshake lasted longer than the others. “Excuse me ma’am. Are you Soo, Sookie Stackhouse?”

I nodded.

“Oh My God!” he yelled to the other two Weres. “It’s her, it really is her! Ma’am I just wanted to tell you what an honor it is to meet you. You are a legend in Were circles. They call you the “Queen of the Supes”. I used to run with the Jackson pack, but I wanted a change of scenery and came to Shreveport and I heard about you here too! Man! Everyone knows about you and how you took a stake and snuck a vamp the next morning out under Were guards in broad daylight and saved all those people in Rhodes and…” He went on and on including the Witch war and the much more recent Were civil war.

“Hey, Curtis, calm down. Beside’s they know it’s me. Tobin kicked my ass the other night at the cookout playing a round of the name game but I made up for it when my keg stand lasted twice as long as his.”

It was a little daunting but as he sang my praises, I saw a shift on Bobby Burnham’s face. He was starting to think that I might be more than just another fangbanger. I liked the look of the realization on him. I’d felt more comfortable around him from then on.

I led them to my bedroom and all 3 Weres sniffed the air and their nostrils flared and their eyes sparkled. It’s not to say the living room didn’t smell like sex, but my bedroom must have smelled like a brothel in comparison. They had brought boxes with them so I pointed to the bed and asked that they start dumping the clothes into the boxes as I took a box and started throwing my bras and panties into a smaller box. I used a second box to pack some of my odds and ends. The teen wolves loaded the boxes along with the duffle full of toiletries onto the truck and I took the boys and some boxes to the kitchen and told them to take whatever food they wanted and toss whatever they didn’t.

It all went very smoothly and before they took their leave and after they refused my tip Curtis came to me to deliver one more compliment. He was a very sweet boy. I say “boy” because he might not be old enough to drink.  “We’ll have to challenge our new pack master. It seems he severely understated your beauty, Ma’am.”

“Aww. Thank you, Curtis. You just made my day!” And I delivered a friendly peck on his cheek as a reward. “I’ll challenge him myself when I see him later.” Well, you’d have thought I just flashed him my boobs! He walked out the door telling Tobin and Manny that I kissed him. Of course they called him a liar. So I followed him out to the truck and called him back and planted one on him. No tongue of course. Just one of those silly “first-kiss-on-an-after-school-special” types of kisses where faces get mashed together. He never saw it coming, which is probably better that way since he didn’t have the time to lift his hands to cop a feel. Haha. I didn’t think about it at the time since it was innocent, but I’d better tell Eric about the exchange so that he doesn’t think I’m hiding anything.


“Eric ,can I send to you while you’re resting?”


“Does it bother you?”

“Why would it Lover?”

“Just checking. Bobby just left. All of my clothes and toiletries are packed.  I was thinking about going to Tara’s to buy something sexy for you to take off of me tonight.”

“Please do.”

 “Do you think that there is room in there for two so that I can be there to thank you when you wake up?”

“Oh, Sookie. You are going to make it hard for me to not think of that all day.”

“Making it hard was kinda the idea.”

“Mmmm. You, my Lover, are going to be the end of me.”


I was in the car and driving to Tara’s Togs when my phone rang.

“Sookie. It’s Alcide.” Wow he did not sound like he was wearing his comfy panties today.

“Hey Alcide! What’s cracking?”

“I’m exhausted but smiling.”

“So, you were tall enough to ride the roller coaster huh!” He growled a laugh. “How many times did you let her bite you?”


“Whatever. We’ll get you a steak before we hit the club and the protein will fix you right up.”

“What is the game plan for tonight?”

“Right now, I’m on my way to do some shopping. I’ll be back in time for Eric to wake up. We’ll get ready and then he’s gonna drop me at your house and we can cab it to dinner and then the club so we can get our drink on before we dance the freaky. Cool?”

“Sounds like a solid plan. You have an idea about what time?

“Sunset is at 5:30, so 7ish.”

“Can’t wait. See ya in a bit.”

“Luvs ya.”

I was there in 10 minutes and unfortunately Tara wasn’t there and I didn’t like the way her new helper said that she was out for the day. So, I pried. Digging through the girl’s head told me that business had slowed down with the economy being in a rut so Tara had taken the day off to go to the bank to get a small business loan. This was piss poor timing with her and J.B. being newlyweds. I worried about that. Maybe I can talk Eric into buying the new uniforms for Fangtasia through her or something.

I found a pair of  ultra low rise dark purple shiny hot pants with a black baby t-shirt and a black sequin belt to match and a few other outfits. I found some sexy bras and panties too. All in all it was a fruitful shopping trip. So I headed back to the old house. When I got there, I dug through the trunk of the car to get out socks and underwear for Eric. I painted my nails and as soon as they were dry I climbed into the hidey hole with my man. No sooner than the lid was closed he rolled over to me and I heard his fangs run out. Ok. This could be a problem. Ok, Sookie. Think. Don’t panic. He isn’t Bill. We aren’t locked in a trunk. You can pin him if you can’t wake him up.




“Hmmph. Lover?” Not much more than a groan, but making progress.

“Yeah, handsome. It’s me.”

“Has the sun set already?”

“Not even close. It’s only 4 and it’s still pretty sunny outside. I was just going to nap until you rose for the night.”

“Well some parts of me are more awake than others.” I could almost feel his Cheshire cat smile.

Some parts were more awake than others, but we seemed to do just fine all things considered. There wasn’t room in the box for maneuvering so that Eric could reach my thigh. Better considering the wardrobe for tonight anyway.  I even snacked from a couple of strategically placed nips much to his delight.

“Not to stray from the subject lover, by why do you smell like a Were?”

“Because I planted a big silly kiss on one of the unsuspecting Weres that came with Bobby to move things. He was a sweet kid that paid me a complement. I’m a ‘legend’ in the shifter community, so when I gave him a peck he got bragging rights with his two friends. Haha.”

“Lover, how many Weres do you plan on kissing tonight?” I just smiled at him. “What am I supposed to do when you get to Fangtasia smelling like half the Weres in Shreveport?”

“Do your damnedest to make sure I smell just like you by the time we get in the car and go home.” That only encouraged him to demonstrate claiming techniques for the next hour.

I was finally starting to get claustrophobic. I lasted longer than I thought I would but it was dark out so it was time for us to get ready to go. We took longer than I expected in the shower, since I had help shaving. I showed him the little purple outfit that I was going to wear to The Zoo. The bond was filled with a volatile cocktail of lust and rage and jealousy. But he made no real effort to get me to change into something less revealing. I knew why. It was the perfect outfit for him to parade me around Fangtasia in. Before we left I took the hot pants off (I put them in my purse) and put jeans on and put on a black blouse over the baby shirt.

We got to Alcide’s just before 7 and he was ready to go. He was wearing dark blue jeans with a hot crease, the olive colored v-neck light weight sweater that I told him to buy when we went shopping with a striped t-shirt underneath in shades of green, all with matching brown leather belt, dress boots and jacket. He looked quite sexy and I told him so. He welcomed us in and I excused us to the bathroom and towed Eric back with me. I took off my coat and lifted my blouse.

“I know that it’ll give you some piece of mind to mark me.”

“Lover, are you sure? You would do that just to make me feel better?”

“I Love you Eric, of course I want you to feel better. Now get me right over my hip. I’m going to be shaking my ass all night, that’s where it will show the best. Take it hard, so that it’ll bruise some and won’t heal in the next hour or two.” And he bit hard and jerked his head to make sure it bruised. Alcide had already called the cab when we came out of the bathroom and after just a few minutes of small talk, the three of us walked out together and I kissed my lover goodbye.

“Sookie, I love you so much it hurts.”

“I’m yours, Eric. I’ll see you soon.”

“No Sookie, I am yours.”

Alcide and I decided quickly that we should eat at the steakhouse closest to The Zoo so that we could just walk from the restaurant to the club. We did just that but the cab ride was very quiet. Alcide was over thinking something.

Once in our quiet booth, he ordered a whiskey neat and I ordered a red bull and grey goose. And I started the ball rolling. “Ok princess, why so quiet?”

“When you came out of my bathroom, I smelled blood. Still do.”

“Yeah, I had him mark me.” I stood up and slid in on his side of the booth and pulled up my shirt so he could see the mark. I went back to my seat and when the waitress brought our drinks we both ordered and once the waitress left I dug a bottle of vitamins from my purse and handed them to him. “Those will help.”

“Whatever, what the fuck is up with the bite mark?”

“I asked him to mark me as idiot repellent.”

“You asked for that?”

“Yeah, but he didn’t bite deep enough. It’ll fade before we’re done dancing.”

“What the hell? I don’t know if I can used to the biting.”

“He doesn’t like doing the biting thing where people can see. He usually strikes my thigh. It’s high up, in a plump spot so it doesn’t bruise at all. Sometimes he’s too gentle.”

“So it had nothing to do with the Were that you kissed today? Or that you’re out with me tonight?”

I laughed, “No beb. You might be surprised to find out how much control I have over that big scary vampire. Don’t worry, I can take care of myself. You hanging out with us so much recently doesn’t have anything to do with you trying to look out for me, does it?”

“No Sookie, I promise. It’s because I really like hanging out with y’all.”

“Ok. Now dish. You let Pam bite you last night.”

He blushed, “How did you know?” I sniffed deep and smiled. He grimaced like he was pissed at my nose. “I didn’t hate it. Her teeth are pretty sharp, so it didn’t hurt as bad as some other love bites I’ve gotten. How often does he do it?”

“Well, last night he broke the skin like 6 times, but he only drew twice yesterday, including the healing. Unless it’s for healing, he doesn’t take more than a mouthful, I usually take more than he does. I broke 4 times but only fed the once.”

“You take his blood? Like that? On purpose?” He looked like he was going to be sick.

“Yeah but I don’t like to do it unless he uses a knife because I have dull teeth and I have to bite so hard. But, that’s because of the blood bond. I don’t think that you’ll need to think about that with Pam. Not for a while, unless you need a healing and I can’t help.”

“I’m getting a little worried.”

“About what? I might be able to shed some light.”

“Being turned.”

“Rarely ever happens accidently. Even then, only when there are frequent exchanges.”

“So Eric could accidently turn you.” I nodded. “But since I’ve never had Pam’s blood, I can’t accidently go over.”

“You mean like in the movies? Come on… And don’t be scared of her. Eric would punish her severely if she hurt you.”

“Punish her?”

“He is her maker.”

“No shit! You mean they were together.”

“Yup, they were together for a long time as a couple when she was fresh, and she answers his call whenever she’s needed. After 250 years he’s more like her big brother. He lets her get away with a lot of stuff that I’ve seen get a harsh punishment from other vampires. But she knows where the line is and when not to cross it.”

“Ok, so Pam and Eric used to fuck. And he’s the one that brought her over?” I nodded. “That doesn’t bother you? To have your boyfriend’s ex-lover around him constantly?”

“Why would it? The only sexual thing I’ve ever seen them do was dance together and that was with me. Besides, Pam and I have a lot of fun together. Last night I made out with her, with both of y’all in the front seat. He didn’t encourage it, but he enjoyed the scenery when the mood struck us to be playful.”

“So he doesn’t feel like I’m trying to take anything from him by dating her?”

I gave a little laugh, “Uh… We kind of, set y’all up.”

“I knew it! Was I tricked or glamoured?”

“No, beb. We just waited for the chance to put you both in the same place at the same time. Her personality is a bit like his and yours is a bit like mine, we thought you’d like each other if given a chance to meet without an impending battle. Last night when you two hooked up, that was all you. Remember, you’re the one that flirted with her first and it didn’t help that when she walked into the bar in that dress you got hard.” I winked at him and gave his face a minute to come back from red before I started again. “Did you like fucking her?” He raised an eyebrow and thought before he nodded. “Do you like talking to her?” He nodded again. “So what’s the problem?”

He grumbled, “I don’t know. I guess it’s all programming.” He shrugged.

When our food got to us, I encouraged him to take a vitamin and by the time we were done eating, he mentioned that he was feeling better and he looked it. We made girl talk and when we were finished eating I excused myself to the bathroom so that I could get changed. When I immerged, Alcide noticed the difference right away.

He lasted a whole block before curiosity got to him. “Alright, the suspense is killing me. What am I dealing with tonight?” I untied my trench coat to reveal the super low rise dark purple metallic stretch hot pants and black baby t-shirt that barely came to the bottom of my bra and black knee high go-go boots and fishnets. He rolled his eyes. “You’re trying to kill me. Does Eric Know that you’re out with me dressed like that?”

I smiled at him wickedly as I retied my coat sash. “Nope. Just priming the pipes for my Pam.”

We were still a block away from the Zoo when I noticed the music and started to get excited. He got the same look on his face as Eric does when he enjoyed my excitement without being excited himself. It must be a guy thing. “So what are we drinking tonight?”

“What are our rules?”


“What are you allowed to do, according to Eric?”

“He trusts me. I can do whatever I want.”

“Can you trust him?”

“I do. Whether I should, is something only time will tell. But when we negotiated us, my only demands were that I get him and the truth out of the deal. So, what lines did you want to cross tonight?”

He shot his eyes at me and they were glowing, “I don’t intend to cross any, but I’m willing to stand on them and stare down what’s on the other side.” He punctuated the remark with a corrupt smirk.

I couldn’t help but giggle as I hugged his arm. “Dirty bird!” and slapped his chest, “We’ll see.”

When we got to the club the bouncer let us in without paying the cover charge. “Welcome to the Zoo, Packmaster, Miss Stackhouse,” and stepped out of the way for us to enter. We made our way through the club passing dozens of staring onlookers. We found a good booth where we could see everything and before my jacket was untied a waitress came over to take our order, a petite, pretty brunette with a pixie cut and huge, deep brown eyes named Sara.

Before Alcide could answer, I whispered to our girl, “We’ll need a bottle of Patron, a sugar shaker and a fruit spread for vegas weddings.” And gave her a wink.

“Anything for you two, Miss Stackhouse.” She made eye contact with me and held it long enough to for me to consider it a flirtation. She turned and swaggered away hoping that I’d be looking.

Alcide asked, “What did you order for us?”

“The line.” He laughed. And I reached over and grabbed the hem of his sweater and started pealing it over his head. “Wow. That looks good on you.” He looked at me from the corner of his eyes. “What are you leering at?”

“The person responsible for my life expectancy.”

“I have no designs on getting you in trouble. Eric and Pam are both fully aware that I am a bad influence.” I giggled, but made myself get serious again. “We need to talk.”

“K. What’s up?”

“The red carpet treatment, Jason heard us called the ‘round table’.”


“I don’t think so… That would be putting too much stock in Eric. Vampire don’t advertise for each other. Maybe the Jackson pack though since Jason had been in Vicksburg.”

“Weres? Gossiping? Say it ain’t so!”

I started laughing. “I guess we’ll have to wait and see though. It could be Stan…”

“Or the ladies.”

“Good point.”

“You aren’t getting a bad feeling about any of it though, right?”

I shrugged. “Nope. Just curious.”

I was looking at Alcide when he noticed our waitress’s approach. His eyes blazed and widened. “Puddin’, I don’t know. Would he be ok with this?”

“Honey, I have no intentions of fucking you. He trusts that and he knows that we have a fun little flirtation. Besides, I told him that I was planning on drinking enough tequila to see the Virgin de Guadalupe and dance hard enough to cause a riot and his only comments were that I needed to save some for Fangtasia and he was glad I was with someone he trusted.”

Alcide took a deep, thoughtful breath before he grinned at me and started pouring. “Wrist or neck?”

“Wrist’ll be easier.” I pulled my legs up under myself and pivoted to face him. I took his hand and slowly licked his forearm starting with his wrist and moving to the midway point then finished with a flourish that gave him chills and made his eyes roll back into his head and started pouring sugar over the moistened trail. When it was his turn, his wide hot tongue spread out over my forearm and was nearly as wide as my wrist. He relished the act and the flavor, I could ‘hear’ it as he spilled the sugar over his deposit.

The way we were positioned it was harder for me to get to things on the table. So we decided that we would do our own shot but we’d feed each other the fruit. I could smell his excitement (the more of Eric’s blood I had, the more acute my senses got) and he was hard by the time we were done with the lemon. As we were starting the last leg “Shake that Ass” by Eminem started. So while our tongues were fighting over our cherry prize I was pulling him by his wrists out of our booth to dance but he resisted.

He sent: “Standing up is a bad idea.”

I sent back: “What do you think is going to happen when I dance against you? Just stay close if you’re embarrassed.” And I waggled my eyebrows at him.

He playfully rolled his eyes and slid over towards me. I laughed out loud as he stood up. “You weren’t kidding!” I turned around and pulled his arms around my waist so that my back was right up against him. We only took a few steps before we were on the dance floor and I was rubbing my backside against lap in time to the music until we had worked our way towards the middle of the surprisingly large weekday crowd. We danced close as I grinded against his thigh. I kept my body pressed against his and his hands rested on my hips while mine moved around on his shoulders and neck. We danced through Feel Good Inc. and then Sweet Escape and by the time the songs were over his nice new jeans were getting quite the stress test. When Moondance by Van Morrison came on I turned around to face him since I had most recently been rubbing my rump against him in an improvised vertical lap dance and I very sweetly and without seduction slow danced with my friend gradually putting a little bit of space between us to help calm him down.

“Wait a minute! I thought something to you… And you thought something back! When did you start doing that?”

I laughed into his chest, which proved to be counterproductive in his tight jeans department. “It’s recent, about a week.”

He grinned really wide, “Puddin’, is there anything you can’t do?” in an attempt to flatter me.

In all seriousness I replied, “I haven’t found anything.”

At the end of the song, I found myself standing face to face with Tobin. “Excuse me Packmaster, I was hoping that Miss Stackhouse might allow me the next dance.”

Alcide looked at me and sent: “Are you ok with that?”

I returned: “He’s fine, besides there is a Were from Monroe at the end of the bar here to talk to you.” I winked when he looked at me befuddled.

As Alcide walked away, completely calmed down I might add, Hot In Here started playing, so the horny little valet/mover got to dance with me in full force. By the time the song was over, he was very embarrassed by his excitement, so I made it a point to ‘not notice’ it as I led him off the dance floor to thank him for the dance by putting my hand on one side of face and kissing the other. “Thanks. You’re a great dancer. Say ‘Hi’ to Curtis and Manny for me.”

When I walked back to my booth I put a little more sway in my hips for him. Alcide was still talking to the guy from Monroe when I sat down but he saw me and gave me the ‘just one minute’ finger. So I sat down facing his direction and started setting up our next round. He shook his head slowly and looked down to fake a shamed look. He returned to me in literally one minute and sat down half-heartedly.

“Shug, I don’t know if the pipes need more priming. I’m probably ruined for the rest of the night.”

That was such a lie! I knew better, and what’s more, he knew it. I really put it on. I answered his hesitancy with a lusty voice almost panting. “Please Alcide, I really want to!”

His eyes got big and I could smell it again; his heat. “Sookie, this is the weirdest game I’ve ever played. Before when you were single… but… I don’t know how to act.”

I pulled my legs up and crawled over to him, taking hold of his hand. “Well…” I turned his hand up and started the sugar lick in the palm of his hand when I was done, I slowly poured the sugar while I finished the explanation, “Haven’t you ever gone out with the guys and gotten a lap dance, then gone home and fucked your girlfriend like you were crazed?” He swallowed hard while his eyes rolled up. He nodded. “Well, why not consider this our lap dance until we can get to our respective vampires for hot… hard… mind blowing fucking.”

“I can’t believe that I was worried about Pam killing me. I know that I could tell her no, but you are a silver bullet, Sookie.”

I giggled, “Alcide, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

He applied his sugar lick and we did the shots and when I went in for the cherry I leaned in over him and he quickly lost the battle, but I cheeked it and left my tongue in play. I felt his body temperature rise. He lifted his hand to cradle the back of my head and held my face to him and I slipped my hand to the back of his neck to grab a handful of his hair. The two of us were only engaged from the neck up. I love the way he kisses but not the same way I love Eric’s kisses. I remember hearing another song start and end while our mouths were together and we fully explored each other’s mouths. If a kiss could ever be considered a sex act, this one would have.  Unfortunately, just like anything else I do, I was interrupted.

“Babe! If all I have to do is share, I’m willing.” We looked up and Quinn was sliding into our booth with us.

Alcide growled, pissed at the implication that I was easy even if his tongue had just been in my mouth. “What do you want Tiger?”

“I just want to talk to Sookie; I’m not here to talk to you.”

I might as well have growled too. I sat down and leaned against Alcide and he draped his arm across my shoulder and I rested my hand on his knee. “So talk to me, but Alcide isn’t going anywhere.”

“Do you mind explaining why you told me a week ago that you are with the bloodsucker, but I came in for a beer and I find you whoring around with him?” Alcide was furious. I patted his knee.

“Did you want to talk, or do you want piss me off?”

“Why did you break it off with me?”

“Because I don’t trust you.”

“When wasn’t I honest with you?”

“When you were ‘helping’ me pack and really there for Arkansas’ bracelet, when you hid your past from me, when you killed Andre, when you led the Vegas vamps to my house to find Eric. You may not have realized it, but he surrendered to them because of what would happen to me if he didn’t. They would have killed him but they wouldn’t have been so nice to me. They would have tortured me until I broke and I would belong, IN EVERY WAY, to de Castro right now.” As I itemized his fowl ups the cockiness drained from his face.

“I didn’t know that the bracelet was anything other than a piece of jewelry, I didn’t plan to hide my past- we just didn’t have the chance to talk about it, I didn’t kill anyone that wasn’t already dead- the bastard all but raped you trying to start a bond with you anyway, and I didn’t have a choice with the vamps- they were going to kill my mother. They were already torturing her.” He was nearly crying. “I like you too much to hurt you on purpose. So which is it, are you chasing Herveaux’s tail or are you banging Mr. Fang?”

I opened my mouth to tell him it wasn’t any of his business but Alcide was faster. “It’s none of your fucking business. But just so you know, she’s seen both of us every night for a while and she belongs to Northman. You need to stop thinking that you are in her league. It’ll be healthier for you.”

“I think it is my business. If she ‘belongs’ to the dead guy, then why is it that when I got here you could chisel tombstones and were halfway down her throat? I bet Northman would love to hear all about that.” He was actually pulling out his cell phone.

I couldn’t help but make fun of him. “Quinn, what do you think is more likely to happen if you call him with that information? That Eric will come down here and kill Alcide and abjure me so that I’m free for you to try to win back or that he will offer me to you as a reward for doing it for him?” I leaned towards him and stared into his eyes. “What I see as the most likely scenario is that when you call him and tell him what you saw, he will leave Fangtasia with Pam to come down here and we will go into the storeroom and the 4 of us will FUCK like the horny little family that we are.” Alcide was laughing through his nose. “I’m guessing that you haven’t spoken with any of the locals.”

My favorite voice came from over my shoulder, “Good evening all.” he slid into the booth next to me draping his arm over Alcide’s and resting his hand on my other shoulder. “Did I miss all the fun while in my meetings?” I sat there, feeling very abuzz at the suddenly enlightened look on Quinn’s face while I was comfortably nestled between the two most powerful Supes in northern Louisiana. I put my free hand on Eric’s knee. Eric added, “Pam will be along in a moment.” and winked at Alcide who waggled his eyebrows in reply

I answered, “Of course not, Alcide and I were just warming up when Quinn thought to say hello.” And I looked upwards so that he could deliver a kiss.

Just then, Pam appeared and loomed over Quinn who was too confused too move. Pam huffed at him for not getting the hint to stand and put a foot up on the bench and proceeded to step over him to walk over and lower herself next to Alcide. She leaned over him to kiss me then kissed him. We tasted like each other and her eyes lit up as she hummed in delight and placed her hand over mine on Alcide’s knee.

Eric began kissing me again, long and deep as Pam did to Alcide.

I sent to all of them: “The timing was great. I was really having a hard time staying as calm as I was. We were about to leave to come to Fangtasia when he showed up. Not only is he getting to be pretty pathetic, he ruined the mood we were going to be in when we got to y’all!

Pam replied: “We appreciate the sentiment. The ‘mood’ is what made us search you out.”

Eric: “We were jealous that you were having all that fun without us.”

By the time we were done with our brief exchange Alcide was laying over Pam and pressed against her happily and Eric had put his hand on the back of my neck and pulled me up to my knees and wrapped his other arm around my back so that my mouth could pay homage to his. Quinn sat stock still and confounded.

Eric pulled away from me. He arched his back to fish out his wallet and slap a $100 bill on the table. “If you’ll excuse us, Tiger, we have things that need to be tended to.” He exited the booth and held his hand out to me. I grabbed my coat and purse and pinched Alcide’s butt to get his attention. He and Pam emerged from the booth. We held hands in the order we were sitting and walked out of The Zoo.

Eric used the remote to unlock the car and as Alcide and Pam climbed into the back seat groping at each other, Eric laid me across the hood and shoved his excitement onto my center and toyed with me by nipping at my neck. Once our companions were in the back seat, Eric deposited me into the passenger side and then got behind the wheel. “Is our house acceptable with everyone?” Moans of approval came from the backseat and when he looked at me I couldn’t read his expression so I just nodded. He sent: “What is wrong Lover?”

I sent back: “Were you and Pam really excited or was that just an act to egg Quinn on?”

“I don’t understand? What was going on?”

“When Quinn imposed on us we were kissing, we had been dancing very closely and had just finished our 2nd round of Vegas weddings. But I knew you would feel how I felt, possibly Pam too. It was all a tease. The plan was pretty much to bide our time getting worked up and then channel that energy to you guys when we saw you. But now, I’m not so sure since you and I didn’t discuss any finite rules on the flirtation front. Are you mad?”

“So you kissed him, rubbed all over him and licked his what… arm?”


“But you didn’t have sex with him in any way?”

“Of course not.”

“Then your plan worked beautifully. Pam and I could barely concentrate during our meetings for the last hour. I had almost recovered from marking you when it started. I’ve been hard ever since and lover, these pants you bought aren’t very forgiving.” He waggled his eyebrows at me so as we drove to our house and our companions were otherwise distracted; I leaned over into Eric’s lap and relieved some of his discomfort. Twice as a matter of fact.  Alcide and Pam were too distracted to notice.


“Lover I have a confession.”

“What’s that?”

“I was listening from the sidewalk to your conversation with Quinn. He arrived as I did.”

“What are your thoughts on it?”

“I was proud of you for sticking up for yourself and surprised that you have such insight to the night of the takeover. I’m honored that in spite of all of that ‘vampire shit’ you honor me by still choosing to be with me.” All I could do was smile at him.

When we pulled into the garage, Eric used vampire speed to race over to my side of the car and scoop me out. He mentioned, “We’ll catch up with you two in a while.” Then we were upstairs within seconds. We were barely in our room before he set me down and I divested him of his clothing and he destroyed my clothes ripping them from me playfully. I couldn’t complain since technically they were his clothes, he paid for them. And to be honest, they were trashier than I was really at peace with anyway.

He backed me up to the wall and pinned me. His hands were flat against the wall, his wrists against my ribs under my arms. I threw my arms straight up and slipped down towards the floor to playfully escape his intentions. I ran away towards the bed and he spun quickly to catch me around the waist with his massive arm and hug me to him. I laughed as I put up a playful fight and elbowed him in the ribs. He growled at me and even in the dark room I could see his eyes flash.

He let me go, feigning injury. “Oh, Lover, I think I’m going to like this game.” He told me as he licked his lips and dashed towards me and grabbed me into a bear hug pinning my arms to me and arching his back to lift my feet from the floor. In ‘defense’ I thought quickly to dig my nails into his thighs releasing a groan from him. He tossed me onto the bed and as I bounced I saw him ready himself to leap onto me so I pulled my legs up and threw them up towards me like a deranged abs exercise continuing the motion to back flip from the other side of the bed.

When he landed on his stomach, I bent over and took a rough bite from his shoulder drawing blood and taking a fair share. He threw both arms over to me and grabbed me by putting both hands on the back of my legs and yanking me onto the bed and positioning my core over his head and he briskly flipped over onto his back and ‘attacked’ my folds, replacing one of his arms to hold one leg while he employed the fingers on the other. He was moaning under me and the vibrations of his mouth were making it nearly impossible for me to keep the game going but I managed. I leaned forward and used one hand to brace myself up against the exposed, bonier part of his pelvis with a jerk making him pull his knees up. When he did I slapped the side of his beautiful ass with all my might. I could feel the heat I left there when I started using my finger tips to tickle over it. I was moaning and yelping with nearly every flick of his tongue. He turned his head slightly and nuzzled the inside of my leg, I moaned in anticipation and the sound of my excitement caused a visible change in his.

I leaned forward and took it into my mouth and shoved my head down forcefully several times and finally raking my teeth back his entire length only pausing to add pressure to the bite around the rim of his head before scraping my complete retreat. He was growling through a masochistic laugh as I dismounted his face and flung myself to the other side of the bed but he caught me by my hair causing a whiplash effect, my lower body still moving away.

“Where do you think you are going my little tease?” His eyes flashed with the wild sparks that caused an instant throb but I carried on the game and backed away from him a little more until my back was against the headboard, my hands gripping the top of it. He rose to his knees on the mattress maintaining the iron fist full of my hair until he was where he wanted to be, centered at me, when he rejected my mangled locks with a shove. My hands were firmly on the bed when he slapped the back of one of my thighs and left his hand in position, then again on the other side and finally flashed his fangs at me as he yanked my bent legs out from under me and wrapped them around his neck so the he could not so patiently seize my inner thigh, bringing me over the edge. Eric’s grips on my legs shifted and when his meal was over he pulled me down onto him and rose to his feet on the bed. As he pounded away, I was stretched between him and the headboard like a hammock in a hurricane, we howled and groaned and grunted in beastly and athletic ways, never quiet or shy. I had felt the waves of ecstasy pulse through me like lightning and I could feel Eric’s getting close like one could feel a freight train from laying on the tracks. As he dug his fingernails into my waist where he was holding up my weight I began to not only feel his end looming but my body seized and jerked causing his fingernails to tear at my sides and my last payoff started speeding towards me at break neck speeds. Our releases crashed into each other and exploded back at one another in a blast of golden light. We collapsed at opposite ends of the bed as we bellowed our thanks to whatever force it was that gave us the gift of this nearly nuclear experience.

We laid where we fell for a few minutes and then lazily found our way to each other and twisted together as tightly as we could without crawling inside one another. We caressed, and snuggled, and rubbed, but we didn’t speak. I was starting to feel like the aggravated discussions I had forced Eric into having ‘after’ were adrenaline fallout caused at my hands. If he felt like this afterwards, I could understand his hesitation to carry on a conversation, because I was having a hard time stringing letters together to say anything more alliterative than ‘good job’. I should be ashamed of myself. How much grief had I caused him by not being patient enough to let him catch his preverbal breath?

“I love you Eric.”

“I love you too, Sookie… Why are you feeling shame and sadness?” He disentangled enough to be face to face with me. The look on his face was tender and punctuated with a slight frown. “Was it something I did?”

I rolled towards him and put my arm over the back of his neck. “Of course not, that was so much fun, I’m going to purposely forget some of it so that I will need you to refresh my memory from time to time. I was just being angry with myself for being frustrated with you when I wanted to talk afterwards these last few nights. I was having a hard time staying coherent and it made me feel like a shit for pushing you when it wasn’t warranted. Forgive me?” I gave him a kiss as he chuckled into my mouth.

“Already done.” He gave a little snort as he was climbing out of bed, “Let us go to the kitchen and find something for you to eat.” He went to his closet and came out wearing a pair of navy blue knit lounge pants and a heather grey wife beater and carrying a bundle, when I eyed it he said simply, “For Alcide.”

“Oh, I guess I should grab something for Pam…”

“No need. She has clothing here, in her room.” Why hadn’t I thought of that, it made sense that she would have clothes here too.

Eric left to deliver the clothes and I threw a PJ set on (a yellow cami top with yellow and pink boxer style bottoms), pulled my hair into a ‘I-don’t-care’ ponytail, and headed for downstairs.

I stood in front of the fridge, now fully stocked, with a couple containers of food, impressed with how sweet it was that he had someone (probably one of his restaurants) prepare servings of food in individual containers and label them just for me. I had put a couple of entrees in the microwave and was waiting on the counter sitting indian style when I heard my family talking and laughing as they came down the stairs. When they came around the corner I looked up and smiled.

“Hey guys, Hungry Alcide?” He nodded. “Jambalaya or gumbo?”

“Ooh, Jambalaya sounds good.” I smiled at him and hopped down from the counter to go to the fridge and while I was half in it digging out a couple bottled teas I yelled back, “True Bloods?” And got two yeses so I grabbed them too. I grabbed a couple of spoons and set the table. Setting flatware with the teas. I went to the microwave and got out the meals and carried them to the table and set them down and motioned for everyone to sit down and they did. I briefly touched the bottles of true blood. My vampires smiled at me and took a swig and Eric looked at me slyly and waited with me for Pam’s reaction. She slowly spun the bottle around and read the label and looked up at Eric who gave a quick point and nod in my direction. She panned her neck over to gaze upon me slowly.

“Royalty Blended?” I blew her a kiss. “Is it a glamour?”

“Nope. It’s the real thing.” I closed my eyes and concentrated again. “That is a glamour.” She took a small sip and her eyes widened and glazed over.

She moaned… “Faerie.”

“No sweetie, take another sip. It was just a glamour.”

“Oh, master. You have certainly been blessed with a most talented mate.” He agreed.

It looked like we were going to enjoy a nice evening at the house. And as it turned out we did. We found Clerks on the satellite service we all watched that. Alcide and I howled, Eric and Pam were a little more refined in there amusement but they did their fair share of laughing. They particularly enjoyed Dante’s ‘I’m-not-even-supposed-to-be-here-today’ outbursts. At around 3o’clock the vampires went to make the business calls, leaving Alcide and I to our own devices, I trusted him to find something to watch while he trusted me to find a snack. I answered about 20 texts while we watched Adult Swim and laughed our asses off sharing a pint of chocolate/fudge/brownie ice cream. During a commercial he complained that I was going to make him fat but I laughed and told him to pack an overnight bag, he’d need one anyway, with something for jogging and we could jog a couple times a week. I knew it wouldn’t happen though.

We had a great time. It was a rare quiet moment in our hectic and all too often perilous lives and it was wonderful that we had it. Our little family paired off a little while before dawn and turned in. Eric and I fully enjoyed a bath together and I fell to sleep feeling absolute contentment, complete bliss. I hogged the bond with my euphoria and Eric didn’t seem to mind one bit.

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  1. Carol says:

    Thank you for posting the original here.

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    i love their little nest again you wrote them with a great dynamic my best Kristie

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    I love how it is all starting to come together. Thnks for reposting.

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  5. I really like this story, but I do see the difference in your writings from this one to the multi-verses. Your writing only gets better.

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