Chapter 3

The Beginning

Sookie’s POV

Friday, January 1st
When I woke up the next day, it was nearly 3 o’clock. I hadn’t expected to sleep so long or so well since I hadn’t in so long. I guess I was overdue. When I stretched out I found a note on the pillow.
“Sweetest Lover,
I am relieved to say it seems that the new management is through with their audit. I was not sure how much longer I could go without you. I hope that you are free to let me take you out on a date tonight. 7:00? Dancing maybe.
Yours, E”

Never mind that he had been there and I thought that I imagined it! I would deal with that later. I had things to do before our date! I shot out of my bed as from a cannon to throw on the first underwear I found, jeans and plaid button down shirt and sliding my feet into my comfy old cowboy boots. Within 10 minutes of reading the note I was in my car and on the way to get my nails done and to find a new dress.

My first stop was Tara’s. We talked about life in general to catch up while I shopped and tried things on before we agreed on the ensemble. At the salon I decided on a French manicure. I hadn’t made an appointment in my rush, so it had taken longer than I had hoped but I got lucky at the shoe store and found the perfect pair of heals and matching purse. By then it was after 5 so I raced myself home to get in the shower and get my hair done. It was all a blur but I was ready to go by 6:45 when I heard the knock on the door. I went to the mirror to check myself one last time. My dress was charcoal grey silk with a very open scoop neck and long, wispy, gathered sleeves. It had an empire waist and the short skirt was a-lined. The waist and cuffs were beautifully adorned with turquoise beading in a braided design to look like a belt and bracelets. I had gone with a smooth black strapless push up bra and matching boy short style panties (I didn’t think dancing in a short dress and a g-string would work out very well).I decided to leave my legs bare in spite of the cold. The shoes were a higher heel than I should have chosen for dancing but the heel was sturdy and the toes were rounded and I loved the color contrast between the dark grey silk of the dress and the light turquoise suede. My makeup was dark and sexy, and I had gathered my hair and rolled in together around the back of my head loosely in an effort to show as much of my neck as possible. I was all neck and cleavage up top and the style of the dress and shoes made my legs look much longer than they really were. I looked damn good! I just hoped Eric thought so too. So, I grabbed my new purse and threw my black knee length trench coat over my arm and went to the door.

When I opened the door I couldn’t believe my eyes. I should have learned my lesson. This had happened before but in reverse. I had been expecting to see Eric. Instead, I was face to face with Quinn. Why me?

“Hey babe. Looking good.” As he gave me a look that made me want to get back into the shower.

“My name is Sookie. What are you doing here?”

“Well, I came out here hoping you’d let me in so we could talk. But now I have other things on my mind.” He was looking at me like I was a piece of meat. It made my skin crawl.

“It looks like you’re in for a lot of disappointment tonight.”

“Then who’s the lucky stiff?” he asked as he pretended to ignore the red corvette coming up the driveway.

“Whatever. Quinn, you need to leave.”

“I’m not scared of the dead guy. Why should I leave?” He was still ignoring Eric’s presence as my date walked up the stairs and through the door to stand next to me, placing his hand on the small of my back.

“Because you aren’t welcome here, tiger. You mean nothing to me.”

“But babe, we had a lot of fun together. I thought we could hook up again, for now, while I’m in town.”

I scoffed, “You are a silly kitty if you call what we had “a lot of fun”. I am with Eric.” I turned to

Eric. “Jag har saknat dig. Du ser underbar kväll.” He was wearing a charcoal grey 3 piece suit. He had left the top 2 buttons of his black silk shirt undone and foregone a tie. Yumm!

Eric chuckled and took my coat to hold it for me. “Jag har saknat dig också och du ser läcker. När började du tala svenska?” and started leading me through the door to his car.

I shrugged, “När jag insåg att han tror att vi pratade om honom.” He smiled wickedly.

Quinn was not amused by our banter and growled as we walked by him. I stopped and turned around to look him directly in his snarled face and told him, “You need a hobby other than harassing taken women. You’re going to get yourself neutered,” I shrugged and let an evil smile settle onto my face, “or better.” My boyfriend had held my door for me, walked around to fold himself into his seat and we had gotten all the way to the end of my driveway when he started to roar with laughter. “What are you laughing at?”

“You.” He took my hand into his and pulled it to his mouth to kiss the back of my fingers.”You are as elegant as you are brazen. I am very lucky that you allow my affection.”

“I’m definitely getting sick of the nonsense. I almost kicked two asses last night.”


“My new year’s kiss last night was from Bill. I intended to give him a smooch; his tongue had other ideas. Then later Sam and I argued, well I yelled, after HE molested my face.”

“I knew about Sam. I was going to surprise you when you left work. I tried to give you time to cool off after the conflict. I was too touched by what you said to stay away. I needed to be close to you.”

“Yeah, about that… I should be pretty angry at you.”

“I am sorry. Sometimes I can’t help myself.”

“I’m not angry. I thought I was dreaming. If had known you were really there I wouldn’t have slept… wait. ‘Sometimes’? You’ve done that before?” He answered me with a smile. “Damn it Eric.”

“You are angry.”

“No. I’m jealous. It’s not fair! You have no idea what I would have done to be able to see you. It was all the control I could muster to not go to Fangtasia just to sit on your lap!”

“It is over now. We can spend all our time together if we want. In fact, I told Pam to only expect me on weekends for a while.” I was really happy to hear that and I let him know by giving his hand a squeeze and resting my head on his shoulder. For the rest of the drive we sat in the quiet and basked in each other’s presence.

When we arrived at ‘Wine and Song’ the valet opened the door and offered his hand. He was a tall good looking young Were named Tobin according to his name plaque. He stared straight into my cleavage as I slinked out of the car and growled “nice”. As Eric flashed his fangs at the other valet to let him know how serious he was about the car I whispered to the boy “Thanks. I try, but you’re half way between moons, so you have no excuse. Watch it.” and gave him a friendly wink. He smiled back and gave me a deep nod. The lovely hostess led us to a large quiet corner booth and handed me a menu and Eric a “wine list”. He ordered our drinks and even though everything on the menu looked good I was too excited to do any real eating. I ended up ordering the “deep blue tapas mélange”. Why they didn’t just call it the seafood munchies sampler is beyond me.

“Did you already eat?”

“No, I just don’t want to be too full to enjoy dancing.” I took my drink and slid around to sit right up against him. I leaned against him a little hoping he would make some kind reciprocation. Nothing. “Eric. Is something wrong?”

“I don’t like not knowing what to expect.” I turned slightly to face him placing my hand on his knee and crossing one leg over the other and leaning my foot against his shin.

“Do you expect trouble?”

“No trouble. The questionable expectations involve us.”

“Are we having our talk? Are you worried about arguing? Why don’t you tell me what you want and expect and we can start the negotiation there. Frankly, you have the advantage of my good mood. I’m quite happy just to be here, with you.” That warmed him up.

“Are you sure that you want to do this now?”

“Well, we need to do it, right? We might as well get the preverbal elephant off of the dance floor.” I winked at him. He smiled and rested against the back of the seat so I snuggled into him. “At your will, sir.”

“I really do want to marry you. Take care of you. Live with you and hold you while you sleep every night. Even in my mental oblivion I recognized how wonderful you are.”

“Right to business, huh?” He gave a slight chuckle. “What are the political ramifications of attaching yourself to me?”

“Look whose all business. I don’t care what anyone thinks.”

“That’s not what I mean. Will we be a bigger target? That kind of thing. What effect will it have on us as a couple?”

“In my estimation, it won’t make much difference. Those who wish us ill will do so with or without nuptials since our bond is already a matter of public record.”

“Ok. Good to know. What else?”

He laughed a little. “What I want is to be with you, what else is there?”

“Oh I don’t know. My home, my job, my friends- specifically the males and Weres, my family, my behavior… you know the stuff that no one thinks about when they get blinded by the idea of the happily ever after.”

After a thoughtful pause, “I will rest wherever you tell me to; If than means Gran’s house I need you to allow me to renovate a little for obvious reasons. Your job irritates me because I am selfish and want you with me and I think you are too special to be a waitress, but it is an irritation I’m willing to ignore as long as it is your will. Your friends are my friends, I will do my very best to get along with them for your sake just as you put up with my associates with grace. That includes the ‘manimals’ that fawn over you. I will behave when that is what you ask of me. You’re family is a non point and you should know better than to have included them.

When it comes to your behavior, you have always done your very best to accustom yourself with the finer points of vampire social standards and you do very well; all I ask is that if I publicly upset you, tell me privately. Arguing with my wife would make me look weak. That isn’t posturing; it’s an issue of safety.”

I purred into his chest a little, “You have an answer for everything, huh?”

“Lover, I have no answers. I know that we will have to compromise with each other to make it work but we love each other and owe it to ourselves to be together.”

“Do you want to turn me?” I braced myself.

“Yes. I will do it right now if you ask me to. But I would never do it unless you wanted it. I’d rather enjoy your love within your life time than to have you hate me forever.” That made me mist up. “I know what you would give up just by choosing me, I am sorry for that.”

“What do you mean, ‘give up’?”

“For instance, a lot of daylight hours, maternity, peace and quiet.” I shrugged, I had thought of all of that but it only ever fleetingly. The motherhood bit was the only thing that I had spent any time really thinking about. But it was something I didn’t ever think was in the cards for me anyway because of the telepathy.

I shrugged again, “I can still enjoy the daylight, and peace and quiet doesn’t exist. Every family has drama.”

He chuckled and wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me in, “…and there are other ways for you to experience motherhood.”

I drew away from him and sat there aghast. “Oh, I don’t think so. I wouldn’t do that… this, our lives to a child. I can’t think of a reason why a child’s best interest would be with us. Think about how many people we knew who have died since we met. I think I would be too scared for a child to be able to enjoy being their mom.”

“I’ll give you that. But know that if you change your mind, I am open.” He pulled me back to him and I let him realizing that he wasn’t insisting; only offering. It was very sweet. “Now it is your turn. What do you expect?”

I waited to answer so that our waitress (who had very strong feelings about my date and what she would like to do with him) could deliver my food and fresh drink and offer Eric another blood which he refused.
When she was gone I stated plainly, “You, your time, your honesty.” and looked for his reaction.

He smiled broadly. “Lover, I believe we have reached an accord. It seems our ‘negotiations’ have come to a close. Can we begin our date?”

“Absolutely,” and blew him a kiss. “Is there something wrong with your ‘drink’, sweetie?”

He nodded towards the bottle, “It grew cold.”

So in an attempt to matter of factly bring up the subject, I touched my finger to it and told him, “try it now.” He didn’t even think about it before he touched the bottle. He got a thoughtful look and stared at me while he took a sip.

“A new power? How strong?”

“Very and not the only one.” He looked worried.

“What can you show me?”

I grinned at him slyly. While I munched I discretely mentally blew out the candle on our table and relit it. I followed that with making the table leave the ground slowly and only a couple of inches. I froze the water in my goblet and boiled the water in his. He had leaned forward with his intrigue. I gently pushed him back I stared at him and sent a metal message “Can you hear me?” His eyes widen drastically and he nodded. “Try to fight the hold.” He couldn’t. I let him go and he instantly sat forward. I had some explaining to do. “I was doing some research, and realized that telepathy is an unusual ‘gift’, we already knew that though, the unusual part is that it usually comes with extra ‘pathys’ and ‘kenisises’. So I tried to light a candle with my mind and it worked. Then I tried to move a chair across the kitchen and it worked. It seemed like everything I tried worked. Then I researched that too. It’s called Omnipathy and there is only one other known person that had the title.”

He sent: “Can you hear my thoughts?”

“I can right now because you are engaged. But when you aren’t, I can’t.” I winked at him and moved our conversation to the audible. “Freaked out?”


“Since we haven’t seen each other in a while, the update includes working out and going to the gun range too. Alcide sent me to someone he knows. I’m getting really strong and I’m an excellent shot.”

“You have been busy.” He sat and quietly waited for me to finish my heavily worded finger food. “How was your food?”

“Very good. Thanks.” I leaned over and delivered a short kiss and then ‘forgot’ to pull away. He kissed me back and pulled me to him. I put my hands on either side of his waist and gently slid my fingers between his vest and his shirt to give him a little tickle. He laughed into my mouth and pulled his face away a little.

“Tonight is already more than I had hoped for.”

I giggled, “I’m happy to hear it. I’m going to run to the ladies and check my face. Then we’re going dancing, right?” He nodded and with his hand on my neck brought me over to him for another kiss and I pulled my knees up to the seat and under me to lift me to his height. I rested my hand on his knee and slowly moved it up his thigh as his hand had found its way up under my bottom when our waitress came over and cleared her throat behind me. I pulled my mouth from Eric’s and stared into his eyes and told her, “We’ll take the check.” Then I leaned in to deliver a breathy kiss on Eric’s neck. I righted myself and took my leave with a wink. I was only in the restroom for a moment but when I came out I immediately spotted my tall beautiful man waiting for me by the hostess station holding my coat.

Out of the blue, I got a start. “Sookie?” Oh shit. Why me?

I turned; my back to my date now. “What can I do for you Bill?” as I rolled my eyes at him

“What a surprise to see you here,” he approached for a friendly hug, “what brings you?”

I frigidly put my hand up at my chest in a stop gesture and turned my head away from him. “I’m on a date. We were just leaving.” I turned to join Eric and slipped into my coat without acknowledging Bill any further or his date, at all.

Eric and I were waiting for the valet to bring the car around I could feel Bill’s eyes still on me and it pissed me off. Eric could feel it. I could feel that he felt it. But I wanted to have fun tonight, “Where are we going?”

“Well, my Lover, what kind of dancing are you in the mood to do?”

“I want slow and fast and loud and busy. Somewhere I can get a good drink and has somewhere comfy we can rest in between dances. Do you know of somewhere that fits the bill?”

Without a word he drove out of the downtown area and towards the industrial park to a building that looked like a huge warehouse. It didn’t have any windows, there was no bouncer but the parking lot was full and the air throbbed with the beat coming from inside. I was excited before he was opening my door. I nearly leapt out of my seat and he was very amused by my excitement. As we walked across the lot I was feeling silly and surprised him by stealing a piggy back ride.

When we walked in the interior was exactly as the outside, concrete and steel. Against the wall on the left was the DJ booth, on the right was the bar and at the rear were couches and booths. The only things situated on the wall with the entrance were a coat check area and a cigarette machine. There must have been 200 people just on the dance floor, not to mention the packed bar and the crowded sitting areas. I know I was too excited but this wasn’t something I got to do often.

Eric took my hand and led me over to coat check and untied the belt for me from behind, rubbing against me and then opened the jacket. He trailed his hands up the yoke caressing my chest on their way to pulling the garment off of my shoulders. He laid our coats over the pass and we waited for the attendant. I reached into his jacket and removed his wallet, wiggled in front of him and slid it into the pocket inside his vest. He beamed at me.

The “coat check girl” was nowhere to be seen and I was getting more than a little impatient. I have a sexy giant Viking vampire that I could be grinding all over that seemed to share my impatience. So I boosted my butt onto the pass, lifted my feet and spun around on my butt and took our coats to hang them up and took my own damn ticket. After another boost, I spun around and when I scooted forward instead of dismounting the counter I put one knee on either side of Eric’s hips and waggled my eyebrows biting my bottom lip. We stayed right there kissing, practically making out until the attendant decided to show up for her duties and shooed us off calling us “horny kids”. So we walked to the bar laughing.

When we got there only one barstool was open. He picked me up by my waist and placed me on it then wedged in next to me resting his elbow on the bar. I looked up (way up) at him and he came down to my ear and said something that I couldn’t understand. So I thought to him.

“I’m sorry honey, I couldn’t hear you.” He flashed a wicked grin.

“I asked what you wanted to drink.”

“No you didn’t. But I’ll have a ‘Vegas Wedding’”, Then I winked.

Are you accusing me of something? And what is a Vegas wedding?”

“Not yet and roll up your sleeve, you’ll see.” And I rested my hand on the small back. After a minute, the bar maid brought over my assortment. And I set out to arranging it. I lined up the shots and the fruit.

“It looks like you’re lining up body shots.”

“It’s pretty much the same idea.” And then I took his hand and slowly licked his arm from his wrist to the middle of his forearm. As I sprinkled sugar on his dampened forearm I explained, “sugar, shot, lime, sugar, shot lemon, sugar, shot, orange. Normally finished with a cherry from your mouth, but I’ll improvise. Ready?” He nodded. And so I slowly licked, quicky drank, quickly used my teeth to pull the fruit from its rind, again, then again. With each lick I could feel him getting more aroused since he was pressed at my side. When the orange was gone, I looked up at him and beckoned him to bend to me when he did I latched my mouth onto his neck right under his ear. He grabbed me and pulled against him tightly until I was finished. I whispered in his ear, “I thought we were gonna dance.” His eyes flashed, he stood up straight and grabbed my hand and let me lead to the dance floor where we stayed for 8 songs bumping and grinding and rubbing until I was out of breath and my feet needed a break. So we found a couch and sat down. After a few minutes, “You’re quiet, even for you. Everything ok?”


“Can I ask?”

“I’m trying to behave.”

“Why?” When I asked that he jerked his head in my direction and his eyes blazed. “What are you worried about?” Before he could send an answer I had shifted and was straddling his lap resting my butt on his knees.

“Sookie… That is a very pretty dress. I would hate for something to happen to it.” My mouth jumped onto his and my tongue gave his tongue chase while his hands found my hips and pulled me closer on his lap.

“Thanks for the warning,” so I stood up and started walking towards the door and reached for the zipper. “I guess I should take it off then.” He followed me back to the coat check and the girl was missing again. So I took advantage and went in again but this time I turned to him and reached behind and pulled the zipper the rest of the way down and dropped the dress. I turned and bent over to pick it up then I grabbed our coats and put mine on, leaving it opened. I boosted myself onto the counter again and scooted forward wedging him between my knees again. “Now what?”  I asked, almost daring him. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, my legs around his waist. He put his hands under my butt and carried me towards the car like I were no more than a bag of groceries.

As soon as we were outside, Eric asked with all seriousness, “Sookie, I have to ask. Are you teasing me?”

“Eric, false hope is NOT on the menu tonight.” That caused his fangs to run out and he buried his face in my neck, nuzzling and kissing the rest of the way back to the car. He fumbled with my door and set me in my seat and circled to get in on his side, he put the key in the ignition and turned it. The engine purred. And we were out of the parking lot and then Shreveport like a shot.

I finally asked “Eric, where are we going?”

“Back to Bon Temps.”

“Why not somewhere closer?”

“I didn’t think you’d be comfortable.”

“Fuck comfortable. Comfortable is for people who haven’t had a months long cock block! Here is fine for god sake!” He considered my words for a few minutes before pulled down a gravel lane hiding in the trees and lurched the car to a stop and launched himself out of his side and used vampire speed to get to mine and came in after me. Unfortunately, a corvette has no leg room, no head room. Between heated kisses I growled “Why would you, of all people, pay this much for a car you can’t fuck in?” He laughed into my mouth.

“I’ll drive my truck to our next date.” I had one foot on the ground and one still in the car as he was groping at me and I had my hands on the very tops of his thighs. I finally scooted forward enough to get the leverage I needed to stand up and go to the back of the car. I kicked off my shoes so that I wouldn’t scratch the car and he gave me a lift onto the trunk lid. I quickly slipped my shoulders out of my coat and reached back to unhook my bra. Eric’s mouth started to drift south, down my neck towards and onto my breasts spending equal time between them both.  “Eric? What are you waiting for?” He stopped and looked at me for a second and then disappeared between my legs. So I leaned back and lifted my butt and started sliding my underwear down with his help they were gone in the blink of an eye and his tongue was buried in my center working relentlessly employing his fingers causing a rise in me that was long overdue. He curled his fingers towards him starting a slow burn then he turned his head and gave a warning nip. Then he sunk his teeth into my thigh but deep and the burn became an explosion. There was no reason to stifle the noise and I knew it, so I didn’t hold anything back. He drew and drew until I felt a little light headed, but I didn’t have stop him. He just knew. His mouth was back on mine and we were moaning into each other’s mouths , I wrapped myself around him. I felt like a fly on a skyscraper and it was wonderful. With my face buried in his neck I reached down with one hand and undid his belt and flung it to the ground and then opened his pants. I braced myself with my hands on the trunk as he pulled my pelvis towards his to enter me. I was bucking and throwing my head back with violent enjoyment. He started to get a little wild after a while and carried me, connected every second, to the hood of the car where he laid me down and bent over me. He pounded me harder and harder in the cold night air until we were both moaning and growling like wild animals. My releases had come and gone several times while I howled his name. I put my hand on his cheek and rose towards him and wrapped my arms around his neck and whispered “I love you” into his ear. That seemed to be what pushed him over the edge. We both crossed the finish line at the same time as he sank his fangs into my neck. He didn’t take much this time but it still felt exquisite. He turned and sat just to catch his wits and I moved over to sit with my butt on the hood and my legs crooked over his lap. I layed my head against his giant shoulder and he stroked my hair and we sat like that for several minutes before he broke the silence.

“I’m sorry.”

“What for?”

“I showed no self control, I took too much blood, I marked you, I’ve exposed you to the cold. I’ve been very inconsiderate in general.”

I calmly got up and started collecting our various clothing items, slipped my coat on, climbed into the car and buckled my seatbelt.

He watched what I was doing and when I closed my door, he righted himself and folded himself into his seat. He drove for a while before he spoke. “Have I hurt your feelings?”

“Are you having buyer’s remorse?”

“What? Sookie, NO!”

“Then let’s get back to the house.”

“Do you accept my apology?”

“I don’t feel like you have anything you apologize for. But feel free to try to atone when we get to bed.”

“Sookie, I could have killed you.”

“How do you figure?”

“To begin with, I was very greedy.”

“You can control your fangs right? Run them out.” He did. With the flip of my wrist I threw them back into his gums and he jumped a little. “Even without that ability and the ability to hold you off, I trust you with my well being, always have. Your self control in impeccable especially considering I spurned you on several times including but not limited to when I suggested our little pit stop, it wasn’t cold enough to hurt me and the private bite marks are your thing, which I prefer but I don’t demand them and it’s a non point since I plan on taking your blood later which will heal them anyway. Got it?”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Say that tomorrow night we really will take your truck.” When he looked over at me I winked

“Where will we be going tomorrow?”

“I don’t care if we just go to Fangtasia, as long as I get to spend the night with you.”

He reached over and grabbed my hand and held it until the car stopped in its parking spot behind my house. We got out of car and headed to the door. “Wow, it’s only 11:30.”

“Lover, would you like to go back out?”

“Where would we go?”

“We could go to your bar and have another Vegas wedding.” And he waggled his eyebrows at me. “Let’s go change into something more casual.” And he excitedly went back to the corvette and grabbed a small duffle bag.

“What’s in the bag?”

“You know how bad you are on my wardrobe. It’s back up clothes.” So we went in and got changed. He put on his usual ribbed black muscle shirt and jeans with boots. I followed suit. I put on a pair of my low rise jeans, black dress boots and his other backup muscle shirt.  I used a pony tail holder to gather the shirt in the back and pushed it up enough to show off my recently toned stomach. I let my hair down and while I was pulling it back into a low loose braid, Eric snuck a bloody fingertip to my marking. I rolled my eyes at him, “It’s probably moot; Quinn, Bill and Sam will all be there crying into their beers and plotting our demise.”

“That will make things interesting.”

Within 10 minutes Eric and I were walking into Merlotte’s as a matched set. It felt weird walking in as a customer but I rolled with it. We took a booth on the corner and Eric slid in sideways with one foot on the floor and the other sitting on the bench with his knee in the air.  I slid in on the same side as Eric and settled into the void between his legs. Right away we spotted 2 of the 3 before said mentioned thorns in my side and they had already spotted us. Bill and Sam were glaring at me like they wished I would die.

“Ignore them, Lover, unless you want me to call Bill over to deal with him.”

“Do what you want with Bill” and I gave and evil smile, “But leave Sam alone, I’m not ready to quit work yet.”

Holly came over and took our order. “O+, Club sandwich, no cheese, Vegas wedding & long island iced tea. We’ll take the blood and Vegas wedding now.” Within a couple of seconds the drinks and the little plate of fruit were in front of us. I set it up. “You ready handsome?”

“Yes, and you don’t have to improvise either.”

“Oh, I assumed…”

“I can’t eat, but I can taste.” He winked and held his arm out. I could feel that we were being watched, but I ran out of “give a shit” a while ago. I gave his arm a slow lick again and shook a sugar packet onto his arm. His reaction this time was stronger that the last. As I worked I sent “Are you putting on the reaction because of the audience?”

Eric replied with: “No, I can feel more now. In the club I was on overload.” Even his mind voice was lusty and I could feel him through his pants.

This time when I licked, I scraped my teeth over his skin teasingly, each time with increased pressure. When I finished the set and I went in for my prize, I scraped his ‘excitement’ with my finger nails through his jeans making his chest vibrate. He smiled into my face intently and swept a lock of hair behind my ear. He was still looking me in the eye when He said in his “sherriffy” voice, “Bill do you have something on your mind? You seem to be giving our table a lot of attention.”

Bill stood from his chair and blustered over to stand over our table. “I was just wondering why I couldn’t get away from you.”

Ok. Eric was out of this now. I had something to say. “Here’s an idea… move.!”

“I was here first.”

I playfully gasped. “What a very grown up argument!” I laughed, Eric laughed at my mania and made no attempt to hide the party in his pants, I might add. “Perhaps I should point out the ‘shuffle your feet’ stipulation?”

He hissed “Shuffle your feet?”

“Yes Bill. Shuffle your feet; loose your seat. It is among the most basic of preschool strategies. If for any reason, you abandon a location, you may not take it back with the same station you once held while within it. Sure it’s not in the Art of War like “I was here first” but it is still a valid rule of engagement. And since your cumulative time in Bon Temps is only 33 years and you spent nearly 50 years in Seattle with that nasty whore I had to save you from, I consider you a Louisiana expatriate.”

“ I don’t particularly care for your opinion and I seriously doubt that you read the Art of War” he scoffed.

Oh really? What part of the months that we were together made him think that I was illiterate? He was really starting to aggravate me. So the best way to piss off an ‘old fashioned’ man is to be a sassy bitch. “There has never been a protracted war from which a country has benefited. Sun Tzu said that right before he said “You’re an ass.” he was pouting. I looked to Eric as he took a sip of True blood, “Han är patetisk. Jag trodde Pam berättade vampyrer inte menstruera.” He laughed so hard that a little true blood came from his nose. While still laughing at Bill I said, “Had you run into me where you work, this would be different. But I am here almost as often as I am at home and you know that because you are stalking me and lying to yourself when you think that you might get back into my bed. Especially given our history and the sniping comment disparaging my intellect, you should know better. Since you believe me to be so simple, perhaps a trashy retort would gratify you. But you won’t get one.”

Eric finally regained his composure. “Bill, you really need to observe Sookie’s wishes. Do your best to avoid her and stay off of her property. You are free to leave.” And Bill stormed off into the night. Eric turned to me and, grabbed me. “I can’t wait to tell Pam about that, she’ll be proud of you too!” he laughed. Just then Holly brought out my sandwich and my Long Island and asked if Eric wanted another True Blood. He shook his head because he was already dialing Pam. He was really funny and that total recall he has is awesome- he gave her a word for word replay on the conversation and I heard her cackle nastily when he got to the part about vampires having a period. He asked her about business and quickly got off the phone. We were sitting there talking when I saw Alcide come in. He walked up to the bar and asked Sam if I was working and Sam pointed to where we were sitting. He came over and I stood up and gave him a hug that he barely returned and invited him to sit. He did and Eric put his hand out then Alcide took and I ordered him a beer when Holly came over to check on us.

“What’ve you been up to?”

“Not a whole lot. I came out to remind you about the cookout tomorrow night.”

“Alcide? The last time I did a pack related thing, you got me drunk and we woke up in your yard.”

“I know and I’m sorry. I wanna make it up to you. Food, Drinks, and no death (God willing). Honest injun!”


“No. why?

“Fucker showed up at my door tonight and tried to start shit when we were on our way out. To put it mildly, if I hadn’t been wearing a new dress, I’d have shot him in the face.”

Eric started laughing, “He solicited her for a ‘hook up’ and she threatened to neuter him!” both guys laughed at that and Holly came to check on us and I ordered another drink for Alcide and me. Eric went on, “She’s batting 1000 tonight, not 20 minutes ago she put Bill Compton on his histrionic ass.” And then he went through word for word and the guys were laughing again. I reached over to see if Eric had finished his True Blood. He hadn’t and it was cold, so I fixed it. He nodded and said, “Thank you.”

Alcide asked “One of the new ones?”

I nodded and reached over to chill his glass.

His eyes widened and he said “So you can bring the ice tomorrow right?”

“Only if I can bring a date, what time and where are we going?”

“Ledbetter Heights Club Park, 6:00 and I’m joking about the ice.”

I told him, “If you see Quinn, call and warn me or him for that matter.”

Alcide was interested, “I’ve been meaning to ask. What the hell happened with y’all by the way? I heard you were on and then off again really fast and now you’ve got stuff going on.”

“I met him that day of the battle. He showed up a few weeks later and asked me out.  Had two dates, then he tracked me down when I was dealing with my cousin’s estate in New Orleans and was dealing with his crap  in Rhodes and then I didn’t see him again until he led the hostile takeover to my front lawn. He’s a good kisser. We fucked once and then he nearly got Eric and me assassinated, so fuck him. And now I’m the ‘meanie’ because I won’t… whatever I won’t do, he’s pissed about it.” Both of my guys had listened to the story intently Alcide, because it was all new; Eric, because he had made a lot of assumptions. I called to Holly as she passed our way… “Holly, can I get another Vegas wedding?”

Alcide looked at Eric,” You are one lucky mother fucker.”

“Yes. I know.”

Alcide stood to leave and shook Eric’s hand, leaned over and gave me a quick peck on the cheek and told me “Take it easy on him. He’s pretty old, ya know.” Eric swatted at his leg as we all laughed. He waved as he walked out the door, “See you two tomorrow.”

I called after him, “Night Alcide, Love ya honey.”

I looked over at Eric. He really had made the effort to be nice especially considering that if I had to declare one, Alcide would be his only competition. “Thank you.”

“Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve always liked Alcide.” He smiled at me “Was all that about Quinn true?”

“It was condensed. But it was factual.”

“And you only had sex with him once?”

“The last time you two were on my porch together was the first time we went out, we didn’t have sex but we kissed. We finally had sex about 2 months later. Then Mr.C came and got me to deal with the Hadley stuff and he caught up with me there. I thought it was a coincidence until I caught a thought from him. We slept together the night after the abby riot (just slept), we didn’t see each other again until Rhodes where again, we just slept together and then that was the last time I saw him until he crashed in my door with Victor.”

“What was the thought?”

“Do you know what happened in Hadley’s apartment that night with the queen?”

“You had sex with her and Andre after some magic spell showed her how Jake was turned, right?”

“The Queen concocted the story that I had sex with her and Andre” I gave him a playfully chiding slug on his shoulder for having  really believed it, ”so that she would have reason to be alone with me to explain the plot against her was based on the disappearance of a bracelet that Arkansas gave her as a wedding gift and Hadley had made away with.” His face was giving away that he knew none of what I was talking about. “I was searching Hadley’s things while I was packing them and finally found it in a coffee can. I snuck it into the Abby and all, but Arkansas was bent on taking over anyway. But while Quinn was “helping” me go through my cousin’s stuff I heard ‘I don’t know what’s so important about a fucking bracelet but with what HE’S willing to pay if it’s here, he’ll get it.’ He was working against me to sell me out, I never told him that I heard him.” Eric just stared at me. The silence was broken when Holly dropped off my drink and the check.

I looked at Eric, “If you aren’t going to say something, blink or something.”

“I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry the queen dragged you so deep, I’m sorry you were used, I’m sorry that you have carried this burden and I’m sorry that I let my imagination assume so many things about you.”He leaned over and wrapped his huge arms around my shoulders. “Forgive me?”

“Only if you forgive me for letting Quinn and Bill jade me against you.”

“Already done, you’d be a fool for not being cautious.”

“Good, let’s do this drink and get home.” And I licked from his collar bone to his ear.

“Sookie, the sugar is going to fall into my shirt.” As he chuckled.

“Won’t it be fun to find later though?” as I waggled my eyebrows at him and he answered with that wicked grin of his. And I did as I had before, slowly scraping my teeth against his skin to get the sugar and quickly doing the other 2 steps. By the time I got to the cherry on top he had slapped a 100 bill on the table and was ushering me through the door excitedly. When we got to the car he stopped for a second. “What’s wrong, Honey?”

“I’m starting to agree with you about the Corvette not being good for our sex life.” He chuckled. We climbed into our respective seats and I leaned over to put my head in his lap. “Sookie? What are you doing?” The sound of his jeans unzipping was answer enough. I worked diligently until we got back to the house. I left it up to him if we were going to stay until we finished but in a flash he was carrying me into the house through the mud porch. He put me on the kitchen table and that is where we stayed until the table had been scooted against the wall and one of the legs snapped off. He looked at me apologetically and I told him to sit and pointed to a chair. I straddled his lap and lowered myself onto him and we moaned and growled and writhed as I rocked back and forth and used every bit of muscle strength in my pelvis. He reached into the drawer closest to us and pulled out a knife. I pulled back to see what he was doing and as I did, he cut a small slit in his throat. I put my mouth to it without hesitation and we both came while I was feeding from him. We sat wrapped in each other and unmoving for several minutes until we heard Amelia moving around upstairs. I yelled out to her, “Sorry Amelia, Welcome home!” We laughed as we slap boxed down the hallway and crumpled onto the bed. “Whatever!” is all she could muster?

Eric was lying on his back and I was lying on my side, his huge arm was my pillow. He was rubbing my hair, “So I owe you a dining room table….”

“Nuh, uh, uh… now that we’re engaged, we share everything. We broke our dining room table.” I teased him playfully.

“Oh. Really?”

“Really.” I felt the laughter slowly start to grow in his chest. I shot up onto my knees and looked down at him. He had the most self satisfied smile I had ever seen; even for Eric it was smug. Give me a break. I’m usually a little quicker but over the course of the evening I had enjoyed 2 gin & tonics, 2 long island ice teas and 9 shots of tequila. Then it dawned on me. “Son of a Bitch!” I yelled and I slapped his bare stomach. I grabbed a pillow and tried to smother him with it. The jerk humored me but he was busy laughing.

Amelia charged into the room. I’m assuming to “help” me. From under the pillow my laughing Viking shouted “Amelia. Save me!” I took the pillow from his face and hit him with it across his ribs. He pretended to be breathless and propped himself up on an elbow. “I don’t know what she would have done to me if you hadn’t come to help.” As he mock panted.

“What is going on in here?” she asked impatiently.

“I think I just agreed to join assets.” I was grimacing and I folded my arms across my chest.

Eric looked over at Amelia and said, “It’s not my fault. She started it.” Amelia was very flustered and stomped off in a huff.

“You think you’re pretty smart eh, Northman?”

“No. I think I’m very lucky.” And he gave me a kiss. “What other man in the world can brag that he had to trick his fiancé into sharing his possessions, and she was angry about it.” He chuckled. “So tell me lover, what does one wear to a Were ‘cookout’? Do you know what you are wearing?”

“Have you ever been to a Were party before?” He shook his head. “They are wild, like unbridled. It’s really fun. They cook way too much food, drink way too many booze, laugh too hard, dance way too hard. Their kids even get into it. There is usually some kind of sport, except soccer, I’ve never seen them play soccer. It’s really laid back and crazed at the same time. I always have a great time. The last one I went to I ended up in a dance off with some of the teenage girls in the pack”

“So what do you plan on wearing?”

“Um, I guess I’ll wear my jean skirt and plaid shirt over my bathing suit.”

“Your bathing suit, in January?”

“Yup. And I’ll be taking an extra outfit just in case. Weres like water play. Water guns, water balloon fights, ice snipers… That kind of stuff. Their bodies run hot so they don’t realize the temperature issues like humans do.”

“Ice snipers?”

“It’s playful. It could be an ice cube dropped in the back of your shirt or some of the boys like to fling ice into cleavage. Once, I was standing in line at the buffet and someone snuck up to the guy in line next to me and dumped a huge glass of ice water down the back of his pants!” As I told him the story I could help but laugh. “When it comes right down to it, if you leave one of these things dry, you didn’t have a good time.”

“So if someone does it to me…?”

“Try to take it in good fun. If they begrudge you being there for any reason they’ll just ignore you. Weres aren’t as highfaluting as vampires in general.”

He rolled over to grab me and flop me down onto the bed. “What exactly is that supposed to mean?” being playfully stern.

“Well If I have to put a fine point on it, you and Pam are the only vampires that I’ve ever witnessed having fun and being honest without being tortured. You guys tend to be a bit bombastic. It can put people off. Weres tend to be nearly opposite, down to earth, nearly naked.”

“Are we that bad?” He was pouty.

I flicked him in the forehead. “You are not. Pam is not. But you cannot tell me that there aren’t vampires that you’d sooner remove your fangs than spent time with voluntarily!”He chuckled.

“I guess Vampire do tend to be a bit prickly. Thank you for choosing me even though I might be one of the worst at times.” He grabbed me and held me tight.

“How could I have not chosen you? From the moment I laid eyes on you I was drawn to you. There was something familiar in your eyes, like I needed to be with you. It was so strong, it scared me.”

We laid there for a while simply snuggling, enjoying just being together.

“Lover, since we will be in Shreveport for the party tomorrow night, do you still want to go to Fangtasia?”

“Sure, the party will only last until 11 or 12, then you take me to the Bar and show me off.”

“Will you spend the night at my house with me?”

“Yeah, I have to admit that I’ve been curious. Part of me pictures you sleeping under the bar in Fangtasia because you work so much. We’ll have to take 2 cars tomorrow night though. I have to work Sunday night. I’ll pack something nice to wear to the bar with my ‘B outfit’.” I got up to start collecting our clothes, specifically his and take them to the washer so that he’d have something other than his 3 piece and tailored silk to wear to the cookout. We were both naked and wandering around the house and it was really comfortable.

“I texted Bobby earlier. He will be bringing the truck out in the morning. We can just take the Suburban and then you can drive back on Sunday in your car.”

“My car?” I glared at him.

“Your car. Something always came up so I waited for better timing. Are you going to yell at me now?”

“Do you want me to?”

“I don’t think I do. But yelling is what I had expected since I bought it.”

I raised an eyebrow at him. “Why? Is it a corvette?”

He laughed, “No lover, I know you’ve never liked my car. But, old habits die hard. I own every year of Corvette since 53. Your car is befitting your personality though. Sexy, refined, humble, classic, and depending on what is demanded of her she is just as comfortable purring as she is roaring. You’ll see it tomorrow.” We were climbing back into the bed and he pointed out that he was putting his wallet into my purse. “I need you to go shopping in Shreveport tomorrow.”

“What am I buying?”

“I want to contribute to the party but I don’t want to make a show of it so if you could go to ‘Palicades’ and pick up my order, just take it to Alcide so that he can take it to the club for set up. It will be ready at 4. If you could, purchase some blood since I’m sure they aren’t expecting a vampire. And most importantly, I will need something to wear tomorrow at the cookout and you will need something to wear to Fangtasia. Go to the mall and get a goober costume for me and something slutty that I can rip off of you.” He wiggled his eyebrows at me. “Feel free to take Amelia and do lunch and you might want to buy some things for keeping at my house like your toiletries and some clothing.”

“Eric, you know that I don’t like spending your money”

“No Sookie, remember, it’s our money. You could not possibly spend too much. I know that it’ll be a hard adjustment for you to make but, Lover, do not worry about money.”

“I don’t know how to wrap my head around that. I guess I don’t have the perspective. I’ve always been poor.”

“Use any of the SwitzerBank cards. Trust me, you would have to buy a house to notice the difference.” That scared the bejesus out of me.

When Eric picks Sookie up for their date…
“Jag har saknat dig. Du ser underbar kväll.” {“I missed you. You look wonderful tonight. “}
“Jag har saknat dig också och du ser läcker. När började du tala svenska?” {“I missed you too and you look delicious. When did you start speaking Swedish? “}
“När jag insåg att han tror att vi pratade om honom.” {“When I realized he would think we were talking about him.”}

What Sookie says to Eric while telling off Bill…
“Han är patetisk. Jag trodde Pam berättade vampyrer inte menstruera.”  {“He is pathetic. I thought Pam told vampires don’t get a period.”}

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