Chapter 7

Highland Rollercoaster

Sookie’s POV

Sunday, January 3rd…

I woke up at about 8 o’clock and try as I did, there was no going back to sleep. So I wrote my fiancé a note:
“Dearest Eric,
My days are an eternity without you.
I already miss the feeling of my hand in yours.
I am empty, until I see you again.
Yours, S”

I put the note on his nightstand under his phone and gathered our clothes and separated them so that I could make a drop at the dry cleaner. I got into ‘my’ car and started back to Bon Temps and stopped at the super Wal-Mart and did the grocery shopping. I shopped keeping in mind that I was a party of one for food without a roommate now, I would have vampires by more often and tonight, at least, I would have company.

When I got home, I could tell right away that Amelia was gone, the house echoed with emptiness. I went upstairs and saw that her stuff was really quite gone. I shut the doors and came back down to put away my groceries and started a load of laundry. Within just a few minutes I was done and was looking around for something to do…

I saw that the light on the answering machine was blinking. 5 new messages:

Jason wanted to know if I had his post hole diggers.

Holly wanted to switch shifts, yesterday.

Holly again.

Alcide wanted me to call him back.


Well it could be worse. I called Jason back and got his voicemail and told him that I didn’t have the diggers and asked him why I would.

I called Holly and told her I was sorry and that I hadn’t been home and gave her my cell number for next time.

Now it’s time to deal with Sam. “Hey Sam, I got your message. What’s up?”

“I wanted to make sure we were ok.”

“I don’t know Sam after the ‘go to hell’ look you gave me the other night when I came in with Eric, are we?”

“That look wasn’t meant for you, Sookie. It was him.”

“That nasty look was meant for both of us; don’t pretend that I’m dumb enough to think otherwise. I’m with Eric now. Are you going to make my life difficult because of it?”

“Of course not. Sookie I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, whatever. I’ll be in at one.”

“Sookie, I can’t change how I feel.”

“I know, it must really be a burden to not give a shit that I’m happy with him. I’ll be in at one.” I hung up.

Alcide’s turn. “Hey cutie, how they hanging?”

“To the right. How about yours?”

“Kinda limp during the day.” We both laughed

“To what do I owe the pleasure of speaking the Pack Master of Shreveport? Are you still coming tonight? I have a feeling it’ll be your last chance to come see me at Merlotte’s.”

“Hell yeah, I’ll be there. Something going on?”

“Sam called to make sure ‘we’ were ok after the other night when you came in. He shot daggers at me and Eric and didn’t say a word to me. He told me he couldn’t change his feelings.”

“And you said…?”

“That it must be a real burden to not care that I’m happy with Eric.”

“And then…”

“Click. You might want to think of some stuff for us to do in the area tonight. I have a feeling that I might be leaving early.”

“I’ll get there a little early then, since I’m a day walker and all. Hey what’s up with the new vamp? Don’t their makers usually take care of them?”

“Oh, yeah don’t talk about it unless Eric brings it up… He’s über pissed. The poor thing was in a car accident and woke up in the morgue with no guidance. She really is a pitiful thing. She has no maker. She found a vamp to talk to but he told her to report to a sheriff once she settled somewhere and that the sheriff would expect ‘favors’ so she cried when Eric introduced himself. And to boot, her parents are still living and don’t want anything to do with her now.”

“That’s bull shit… all of it. What is Eric doing for her? What does she need?”

“He gave her a furnished apartment, a car, a few thousand dollars, and hooked her up with a job. She should be fine for now. He chatted her up on the way between errands getting her settled and let her know some of the what’s what and gave her contact info and everything. He’s going to claim her in public at the bar. Without a maker, anyone could mess with her unless someone in power claims her.”

“Wow. How did she end up here?”

“The northbound train was cheaper than the eastbound train.”

“She would have ended up with Victor.”

“Uh huh.”

“What are the odds?  She could have ended up with Russell too. He’s not a bad guy, but he’s really not fond of the fairer sex.”

“He would have been ok. Maybe not as good to her as Eric but he’d have been charitable. Let me tell you, I have been through almost everything with Eric, I have never seen him as angry as he was last night after we dropped her off. I’m pretty sure he has called the sheriff over in Orange to find her maker.”

“How pissed?”

“He yelled at me, well in my direction about the situation and when I tried to calm him down he asked me to stop talking because he ‘wanted’ to be mad.”

“That’s pretty mad. He didn’t hurt you though right.”

“Of course not! Well, not in a bad way” I giggled at my intentional ‘over share’.

He was quiet for a moment trying to shake off the mental image. “You share too much sometimes. I’ll see ya in a bit.”

“Love ya, bye.”

I quickly folded our laundry and new clothes, got changed, and loaded the stuff into the trunk of ‘my car’ and went to Merlotte’s. Jason was in the parking lot when I got there and my car caught his attention. He followed me on foot to the employee parking lot and looked my car up, down and sideways like it were a Hawaiian tropic model without a swimsuit. Without a word he climbed into the front seat and started looking over the beige leather interior.

Finally, and as though he were stoned from the new car smell, he spoke. “Sookie, what’d you do to get a car this nice?” Nice. What did I do to get a car like this, not where’d I get it? I probably would have been fine if he came right out and asked if Eric bought it for me as opposed to implying that I was ‘earning’ it.

“Get out of the car Jason, I’m late for work.” When he did I locked it up and headed for the door.

“That vampire get it for you?”

“Jason until you bother yourself with learning his name, I won’t discuss our relationship with you.” And yanked open the employee entrance.

I walked in through the back door into the hall way. It was full. Sam, Holly, Arlene and the busboy were all there and Terry was at the pass talking to another new cook.

Sam started on the wrong foot. “Sookie, you’re late.”

“Sorry about that Sam. Maybe if you hadn’t tied me up on the phone whining about feelings, I’d have been on time.” I said it loud enough for everyone to hear me too. Screw him and his high horse. “I’ve already hit my idiot limit since I ran into Jason in the parking lot, so y’all might want to just leave me alone so that we can get through this shift without calling 911.”

For the first time that I can remember, the Merlotte’s staff kept their mouths shut and left me alone to do my job. It was beautiful. It was a normal Sunday afternoon with moderate traffic. It was busy enough that I wasn’t bored out of my mind. I had just noticed that the sky was turning bright pink and I felt Eric wake up. That was a nice realization.

I was staying busy and had just served a table and was stopped in my tracks by my day guy doing a great justice to his jeans and t-shirt. He grabbed me, one hand on my waist the other in my hand.

“Dance with me Sugar!” and we did a quick two step as a greeting. He was really graceful for a guy his size. Arlene decided to crawl out from under the woodwork.

“Hey Sookie, I’ve seen him here before. Who’s your friend?”

“Alcide, this is my co-worker & former friend Arlene. Arlene this is my friend who will never pay your utilities or let you use your kids to keep him around but none of it matters because he has vampire friends so you already hate him.”

Alcide laughed from his stomach and held his hand out to shake. She made a horrible noise in her throat and stomped off instead, so we both laughed. “I tell you what, in an hour Eric and Pam will be here. God help the next person to cross me today. Did you think of something brilliant for us to do?”

“I think so. Have you ever seen Eric in a skirt?” I smiled at the idea but for some reason the mental image was more of a bad Halloween drag costume. Alcide whispered into my ear, “There is a Scott and Celt festival in Reston tonight. The highland games start at 8. I entered us both. I think that if nothing else, there’ll be music and vendors.”

“I think it sounds like a blast.” I jumped up and hugged him with my arms and knees. “He’s awake but he hasn’t left the house yet. Call him. Son of a bitch may have his own kilt.”

Sam interrupted, “Sookie, you think you can do your job?”

“Sure Sam, I’m sure that all 3 of my tables missed me in the last 2 minutes. I’ll get right on that.” I growled at him. I sat Alcide in my section while he called his boyfriend.

I went and checked on my tables and none of them needed anything just to prove the point that I wasn’t ‘derelict’. I hate Sam right now. Alcide called me over. “Hey Shug, I’ll take a beer while I wait. By the way, you were right. The Viking owns a kilt. He’s on his way.”

“I know. He just left.”

“Oh, you talked to him?”

“Nope. The bond. I’ll get you that beer. Be right back.”

Alcide moved to the bar once it cleared out a little. A few minutes later, Eric walked in with a garment bag over his arm. He’d flown. I gave him a big smile and pointed to Alcide. He walked up behind him and used his fingers to walk up Alcide’s spine. When Alcide turned around, Eric blew him a kiss. They both laughed and shook hands like brother warriors and I started to wonder if Eric was trying because of my friendship with Alcide or if what he felt in the bond was responsible. I checked on my only table, the others having paid and left, and went to get them a refill on their pitcher of beer. My guys had been talking in hushed tones (that’s pretty damn quiet for 2 Supes with crazy good hearing) and while I was behind the bar I noticed Eric was giving Arlene the stare down. She noticed it too.

“Do you mind telling me why you are staring at me? Don’t you already have a happy meal?”

Eric replied in full authority, “Indeed, I do have a willing source of sustenance.” He looked at me and licked his lips, and I delivered the pitcher while I listened and then went to stand behind him, “Do you know how old I am?”

“Why should I care?”

“Because you insignificant redneck, I’m old enough to fondly remember the days when redheaded babies were drowned at birth, recognized as pure evil.” He smiled and flashed some fang. Her face turned red to match her hair and she stormed to the back.

Just a second later Pam was at the door. Alcide spotted her and recognized her and the outfit and the blood drained from his face. I’m sure that it went to another body part. It was an ice blue wrap dress with navy blue piping and pin striping. Her shoes were multiple shades of blue satin paisley. She was gorgeous.

“Oh mama,” as I walked towards her, “You look good enough to eat. Turn around.” She turned like a model and I gave her a pat on her butt. “I can’t wait to get my hands on you.” She leaned over and kissed my cheek.

“Pam, you remember Alcide, right?” He nodded towards her and she raised her chin as they regarded each other. Eric and I shared a look when we noticed that it was lust at first sight for our friends. Well, first sight when we weren’t all manning our battle stations anyway.

Sam interrupted again, “Sookie. I need to talk to you…” I rolled my eyes as I turned around.  I stomped to behind the bar. I raised my eyebrows in anticipation. “In my office.” I shook my head obstinately.

“Fine. One of your friends just threatened Arlene. So they need to leave.”

THAT was it! If that was all he needed as an excuse to send one of my friends out like garbage… I started to untie my apron. “Sam, my friend didn’t threaten that lying bitch! My FIANCE was nasty to her, but not nearly as nasty as her fellowship scumbag boyfriends are to me.”


“Yup! Fiance. You, Sam Merlotte, can shove it up you selfish unyielding ass! You and Arlene can go fuck yourselves!” I tossed my apron at him and stomped out of the dining room, grabbed my purse and went to the back door with my entourage close behind me. I dug into my purse, to get my keys.

I popped the trunk and I couldn’t see anyone’s face. “I’m sorry about that, guys. Don’t worry. I’ll start looking for a straight job tomorrow. But tonight we are going to have fun, if it kills me.” I grabbed my clothes and shut the trunk and set my clothes on the lid. “Alcide, I’m kidnapping you, go get your party dress and stuff we’ll all ride together.”

“Yes ma’am.” He walked towards the front.

I pulled my shorts off to expose a sheer navy blue thong and lifted one leg at a time to pull on royal blue knee high socks and then pull on my brand new royal blue knee high Doc Martens. Alcide had come back over and stood there patiently and enjoyed the show with Eric and Pam. I stepped into my turquoise suede mini. I took off my uniform shirt and threw it into the parking lot. I removed my bra and slid my arms into my shimmery sheer royal blue skin tight blouse and only buttoned the bottom three buttons and then pulled on my halter back turquoise suede vest that laced up the front like a corset and pushed up my boobs. My belt was shocked titanium and was made up of interlocking disks that looked like the eyes in a peacock’s feather. I was looking hot. I was feeling very high end punk. It only took about 3 minutes, but my audience was standing there dry mouthed. It was very flattering.

Sam came out the door and walked towards us. When I spotted him I let loose again.

“Did you follow me so that I could kick your ass, Sam?”

“Naw, Sookie. I came out here to say I’m sorry. She lied to me.”

“Arlene lied? Naw!… Sam, I put up with your judgment and derision and your ‘nobody’s good enough for Sookie except Sam’ bullshit because I thought you were my friend. But when it comes down to it, I want friends who are happy for me when I’m happy. You are miserable when I’m happy. I don’t want to be around that. You believed her over me too many times. Arlene is still a bitch and you can still go fuck yourself.”

“Sookie don’t you see what they’re doing to you? You never used to be this nasty. You never used to use that kind of language! You never would have gotten changed in an open parking lot before them.”

“Damn it Sam. You know what? You need to realize that the Sookie you are hung up on was afraid of the dark and was trapped. My jailors were the people in Bon Temps who have treated me like a freak my whole life. Meeting these ‘horrible’ people set me free! The Sookie you are looking at has been liberated. I am comfortable in my own skin, I crave the moon and the taste Eric’s blood makes me come. I have finally started setting my own terms. You still don’t like yourself or your nature, and as long as you are struggling with that, you will always need little Sookie Stackhouse to be trapped with you. But she’s gone. She’s gone to go out and mosh to the drums of Gael. She left to eat and drink and have sex and use her talent without being ashamed and stand up for herself come hell or high water.” I ignored how melodramatic I’d sounded… It was a bit much, but Sam really needed to get it through his head that I wasn’t the same freak with a disability that started working for him years ago. I hit the button for the trunk and put my shoes and bra in it and my guys went over to put their things in the car. I gave a quick whistle and popped the keys into the air for Eric to catch them without looking. He’s even sexy on accident sometimes. Pam and Eric were in the car and Alcide was waiting for me to get in so that he could when Sam grabbed my elbow.

“Sam. Let go of me right now.” Alcide growled at him.

“I can’t do that.” When he said that I spun around. I was so angry that I could spit acid.

“Oh, but you can. And you will. You don’t know what you’re dealing with anymore. You’re out of your league. I don’t owe you anything. Leave me to live my life in peace.” I turned and calmly got in the car and everyone was looking at me as we drove off. “What? Too much?”

Alcide offered the first reply, “He just wouldn’t let up, you said what you had to.”

Eric beamed, “I am altogether impressed. I am proud of you for staying so calm.”

Pam offered, “I can’t believe they won’t admit that it turned them on.” We all laughed.

I leaned over to Pam, “How turned on are you?” and started kissing her. I leaned to lie on top of her in the back seat and wrapped my arms around her.

I sent to Eric: “Is it ok? Do you mind? Just playing around.”

Eric answered: “I would rather be able to watch, but I will enjoy you later.”

So I reached back and took her shoes off and put them in the back window. I moved her leg so that I could be between them. She propped up against the side of the car and I was kissing her hard. I moved from her mouth and to her neck and I chewed and licked and blew warm air on her and then she started moaning. Our legs tangled together and she leaned over to take control and we made out for a while.

We both sat up and grabbed our purses and started fixing each other’s makeup. We blotted our lip stick with a kiss. Alcide and Eric had been silent through the whole time. I leaned between the seats and nibbled on Eric’s ear. “Thank you, honey.”

Pam took the cue, “Yes thank you, Master.”

“You are both welcome. The two of you seemed to have fun.”

Pam and I looked at each other and giggled.

“Alcide? You alive up there? You’re never this quiet.”

“I’m fine. Just thinking about how to word my letter to FangBanger.”

Pam leaned between the seats and said, “My, you are a good sport. Aren’t you?” right before she kissed him long and deep. When she sat back down she gave me a wink and patted my hand.

“See Alcide no mental image necessary, I’ll bet we can even find a bar out here that will serve Vegas weddings.”

“Maybe it’ll be a Cuba boda night!” Alcide and I laughed but Pam wasn’t amused.

“Maybe not! I plan on wearing this dress for at least a decade!”

Alcide had an answer, he turned to look her in the eyes, “Sweetheart, you can’t fight the Cuba boda. I’ll buy you 5 new dresses tomorrow I have to.” He winked. She throbbed. And then she rolled her eyes at me when she realized I knew that she was interested.

I laughed, “The key to the kingdom is couture!” Eric laughed too.

“Alcide, if you keep it up, she’ll have you at fashion week. That is a special flavor of hell. I was sharpening my bedpost before it was over!” Everyone but Pam was laughing. “What is a Cuba boda?”

Alcide answered, “It’s set up like a Vegas wedding, except its coco powder, 151 and hot sauce, with a pineapple prize.”

After a few minutes of quiet I whined, “Are we there yet?”

Alcide turned and yelled, “HEY! Don’t make me come back there!” The 2 of us were laughing but the vampires who were born before road trips, didn’t really get it.

“Ha. You couldn’t even of you wanted to!” Just then Alcide laid the seat down and pulled himself forward with a twist and plopped his butt down between us.

“You were saying?” The 3 of us laughed.

Eric sent: “Climb up front, give them a few minutes.”

“Ok guys, there’s such a thing as too tight!” I was laughing, trying to seem nonchallant. I reached forward to pop the seat back, lifted onto Alcide’s lap and then straightened my legs so that my back was pressed against the roof and my ne’er clad ass was right in his face. Alcide and Pam both slapped a cheek. “Hmmm. Maybe I’ll stay right here.” I giggled evilly. They slapped again. “Ok, Ok, I’m goin’ I’m goin’!” And walked forward and took shotgun.

I looked over at Eric and gave him a wink. He smiled back. I held my hand up and ‘called’ my purse. I got my iPod out of it, cued up “The Bad Touch” and cranked up the volume. I heard Alcide laugh when he recognized the song and I held my hand up for a high 5 that was already on the way. I took off my boots and turned sideways and put my feet in Eric’s lap and started kneading. I sent to him: “Corvettes suck. My car rocks. Thank you honey.” And I found what I had been hoping to get a rise out of and gently rubbed and massaged. He put his hand on my leg and stroked it.

He sent back: “I have to say, I am happy with how those two are getting along. What are they doing?”

I sent: “She’s on top. They’re making out.”

Eric: “Do you think they’ll notice if you change focus?”He wiggled his eyebrows at me.

Me: “I can make sure they won’t.”

I changed directions and did the deed while lust and surprise dance around in the bond.

Pam and I leaned on the hood of the car and held hands. The guys didn’t have much time so they were standing at the trunk of the car and dropped their pants. I snapped a picture with the phone Eric had bought for me and sent it to Pam. She laughed out loud and then sent it to Eric. I sent it to Alcide.  The guys got it at the same time and they turned and said at the same time “Game On.”

“Whatever. Bring it.” I giggled. “So uh, guys? I have to ask. Why do you own your own kilts?”

In unison, “Highland games.”

“How often do you wear them?”

Again in, unsion, “Every 4 months.”

“You two are so BROmantic.”  Eric thought that was funny so he reached up and honked Alcide’s pec.  Alcide blew him a kiss. I didn’t really care anymore why they were getting along so well, just that they were. I’d been worried for a while now that Eric would find ways to put distance between Alcide and me once we got back together. I love them both dearly and I was starting to think that they might just love me enough to put in the effort to put their differences aside for my benefit. I am a lucky girl.

Go figure, Eric’s kilt was mostly red with black and gold. Alcide’s was green and dark blue with orange hints.  They were both wearing wife beaters and steel toed boots. They looked hot.

Pam and I wolf whistled and applauded. “Very nice!” We took our guys hands and started walking.

We went over so that the guys could get their numbers and wait to be called. We were standing in a quiet area of the field and the guys were standing shoulder to shoulder. I felt like a child lost in a forest. I was surrounded by very large men and couldn’t see past them. “Hey there guys give me a boost.” And without taking their eyes off of what they were watching, Eric went down to one knee and Alcide lifted me to Eric’s shoulder and Eric stood back up. Now it was like I was sitting on a ladder. “Thanks guys.”

I sent to Eric: “Isn’t it kind of cheating for you to do this stuff since you’re so strong?”

“Lover, the trick is to win without looking like I cheated. It’s harder than you might think.”

I giggled at the cheater. “Can you try to give me an idea of what is going on and how they keep score?” He did. It was all pretty basic. Then I sent: “Where should Pam and I go to watch?” Instead of answering me, he nudged Alcide and jerked his head over to a quiet area and started walking. Alcide followed. He put me down and Alcide and Eric stood shoulder to shoulder and gave me a look. Eric started.

“Lover, Alcide and I don’t want you to watch the competition.”


“Shug, when I signed us up, I didn’t know that guy was signed up too.” He nodded towards a man in a yellow and red tartan and a Henley. “He’s really strong but doesn’t have much control.”

Eric finished, “Alcide and I have seen him loose control and kill or injure spectators twice at different events, but we’ve heard there have been more.”

“So, that’s it. I’m being banned?” They nodded. “Fine. I’ll go find Pam and we’ll check out the vendors and flirt with the band.”

They both said in unison, “Sookie.”

“What? I’m allowed to be disappointed. But you’ll buy a copy of the video for me and I’ll still get to see later. Now go have fun.” I gave Alcide a kiss for luck, then Eric, but he got a different kind of kiss. “Eric, point me in the direction of Pam.”

He closed his eyes for a second and when he pointed, I followed the direction.

It didn’t take me long to find her. She was standing at a booth, admiring some stained glass window panels.

“Hey sweetie. What did you find?”

“Stained glass…” She sounded really forlorn. “It’s just not as pretty without the sun shining through it.”

“Awww. I think it is.”

“No. The colors don’t dance like they do when the light is shining on it.”

I started looking through their photos album and ordered 4 pieces anyway, telling her we’d figure something out. She smiled at me weakly and gave me a little hug. I never would have thought, Pam of all people would miss sunlight in any form.

“When do the guys start their games?”

“We were uninvited.” Her face went from bereft to disgruntled. I explained the situation and she agreed with my decision to spend then flirt…

We found some very pretty tartan miniskirts that we bought and I found some very pretty crystal coffee cups with a pewter ‘N’ anchored to the side. I bought 3 cases of very obscure but super tasty, well aged Scotch (I figured we could use some at the wedding and keep some for Eric’s human contacts as thank yous), Pam found a couple medieval styled corset dresses to add to her work wardrobe, and we were both hypnotized at the table that offered chainmail jewelry. I found several pieces that I liked. I bought them all in gold and got the designer’s contact info just in case. I was really thinking about the wedding. I wore the choker that I bought right away because I liked it so much. We took our loot to the car and loaded it into the trunk. It was a good thing that I didn’t buy more Scotch because with all of the other stuff in the car, there wouldn’t have been room for anything else.

We started over to where the band was warming up and could hear over the distant PA that they were announcing winners for the different events so I knew that our guys would be joining us soon. The band’s name was Albannach. They were actually from Scotland and they must have had 100 drums on the stage. I was starting to get really excited about the band so I went to their booth and looked at their merchandising.

I had just bought one of their CDs when I heard a loud crash and a commotion coming from the events arena. I ran towards the area scared out of my mind I sent for Eric: “Are you ok?”  He didn’t answer. “ERIC! Svara mig”. He wasn’t answering. Why wouldn’t he answer? I was running as fast as I could. There was a tangle of chaos in the area where I last saw my guys. I tried yelling for Alcide and he didn’t answer.

And then I saw them. Eric was laying on the ground in a heap. Alcide was kneeling over him, from what I could see, slapping his face. “Alcide!” He heard me this time and looked over. I finally reached him and knelt behind Eric and lifted his limp head onto my knees. I remember thinking that he’d be fine. If he were dead, he’d be flaking away. “What happened?”

Alcide whispered, “The guy we were worried about won the caber toss and was asked to do a victory toss. We were on our way to find you and the caber hit Eric in the head from behind.”

“I need something sharp, anything!” Alcide looked around and grabbed a box cutter from a nearby table. I yanked it from his hand. “I need you to hover so no one sees.” I sliced open my wrist and shoved it to Eric’s mouth and placed my other hand on his forehead. “Come on, come on, honey. Wake up.” I was crying

Alcide’s eyes started to glow red. That was new. I’d seen them glowing green, rather shine, since they were already green. ‘Sookie?”

“Come on. Drink, sweetie, drink.” I was muttering helplessly and rocking back and forth. “Alcide?”

“Your hands are glowing.” I looked down and was shocked. The red in Alcide’s eyes were reflecting that my hands look like hot lava. I started thinking about how much I love Eric and that I would be miserable without him. I needed him to wake up. I picked up the box cutter and cut another slit in my arm to speed up the flow when I first felt his fangs slowly run out. I breathed a sigh of relief when I felt a slight suckle. He still seemed unconscious but he was gently milking the blood from wrist. His hand came to mine and held my arm firmly to my wrist finally and my other hand went to his forehead again. It occurred to me to try something new and started trying to heal him. Eventually, I could feel the insides of his skull rearrange against my lap. I could feel life coming back to him the harder I concentrated on fixing his crushed skull. I felt his shoulder rearrange itself too. I wasn’t sure whether it was my blood or a new talent but I wasn’t going to stop doing either. I was so overwhelmed that I folded myself over and sobbed into his chest. When I had the feeling of lightheadedness I pushed his fangs back and put my glowing hands over his temples and closed my eyes. I concentrated on healing him, getting him back to me. Pam and Alcide were standing over me. I felt two hands on my shoulders and I opened my eyes and my friends looked like they were standing over a campfire. But more importantly, it wasn’t their hands on me.

“Eric!” His eyes were open! I leaned over and kissed him. Over and over. “How are you? Are you ok? What hurts?”

He started to stand up. “I’m fine. I feel fine.”

“Nothing hurts?” He put his hand down and I took it and he helped me stand up. I was really weak.

“I feel great. Better than usual. What happened?” I wrapped my arms around him and sobbed into his shirt and he held me close to him while Alcide explained about the caber mishap right through to the part where my whole body was glowing like one of the creatures from Cocoon especially including the part where I slit my wrist… twice. I just wanted to hold him, feel him against me. I had almost lost him and the thoughts I had about losing him while praying for his recovery were devastating.

Alcide announced that he needed a drink and he and Pam went to the drink tent and when Eric started to follow, I stood firm. “Lover?”

“I just want to hold you. Just let me hold you.” He bent over slightly and scooped me up and he walked to the amphitheater and sat on the lawn. I adjusted so that I was backwards with my arms and legs around his waist while we listened to the band. Eric had been rubbing my back in between hugs and smoothing my hair soothingly. Eventually Pam and Alcide joined us and they sat alongside us to listen to the band.
When the band was done, the festival was getting broken down and packed up. So we quietly went to the car. Without hesitation Eric tossed the keys to Alcide and led the way by climbing into the back seat and pulled me in after him and I laid there, hugging Eric’s leg.

Once we were driving Alcide asked, “Bon Temps, right?”

“Restaurant.” I told him from Eric’s lap.

“Are you sure?”

“I am starving, I need some fuel. And I need a stiff drink.”

“You got it, Shug.” The vampires were still quiet.

I sent to Eric: “You were gone. Your head was crushed.”

Eric: “I realize that now. How bad?”

Me: “I felt the splinters of your skull go back together. Your shoulder was flattened too. I was so scared.”

Eric: “I don’t understand what exactly happened.”

Suddenly Pam had an outburst. “Eric what did it feel like when your maker died finally?”

“It’s hard to explain. She died instantly. I felt like I was falling…”

“…but never hit the ground.” She finished. They shared a very intense look and I knew what was going through their heads. They thought that I had brought him back. Alcide was picking up on the tension.

I finally spoke out loud. “You guys either go to ash or puddle. He might have been close but he was still very solid. The idea that I could have that ability is ridiculous.” Eric didn’t say anything. He just held me closer and tighter.

Alcide pulled into the first place he saw. It was poorly lit, the paint was chipping, the sign was crooked and the parking lot gravel was like swiss cheese. But, it smelled like heaven. It made me smile. It reminded me of Gran’s cooking. I sat up and looked at Eric and sent: “I think I’m a little better now.” And threw a little smile in his direction. He grinned back. We climbed out of the car and held hands when we walked in and found a booth.

Alcide and I grabbed sticky menus from between the condiments and we ordered the low country mix to share. Eric and Pam ordered true bloods and then I asked for 2 sweet teas, 2 shot glasses and a bottle of patron but settled for quervo gold.

Eric started the small talk, “Alcide won the stone put and I won the Hammer throw. We took 2nd and 3rd in the caber toss.”

Pam asked “Was the other guy a Supe?”

Alcide and Eric shrugged but I nodded, “Semi demon.” Both guys looked surprised.

Eric asked: “Did you ladies find anything interesting?”

“I bought 3 cases of Abelour A’Bunadh for a steal. I figured we could use some for the wedding and stock some for business gifts.”

Alcide’s eyes lit up. “No Shit!” I smiled ear to ear, very proud of myself.

“I bought my wedding jewelry too. Chainmail. I’ll show you later.” Eric beamed at me. “I already have an idea about my dress. If I find what I’m picturing, the jewelry will be perfect.” Pam nodded and smiled at Eric.

He slid out of the booth and put his hand out for mine. “Show me.” So I took his hand and went with him. We went straight to the car and he opened it. I dug around in the expanse of items. I quickly showed off the coffee cups, he took one and inspected it running his fingers across the shield with the “N”.

“Are you taking my name then?”

I smiled at him. “Whether you like it or not.” And leaned in for a kiss. The bond didn’t keep it a secret that the idea made him very happy. I finally found the bag with the jewelry and sorted through the boxes until I found the necklace and gauntlets.

“I can’t put the gauntlets on by myself.” So he helped and then I took off the choker and replaced it with the necklace. The pieces looked like gold lace. The gauntlets were about 3 inches wide and the necklace took up most of my chest. The chandelier necklace was close to my throat and bibbed downward to a slight point just short of where my cleavage would sit in a corset.

“Lover, this is even more beautiful than I ever could have imagined.” He put his finger under my chin and gave me a deep kiss. “I cannot wait to see you in your dress.”

He stroked the necklace with his fingers gently seemingly hypnotized by the decoration. His eyes rimmed in red as though he were about to cry. “This is the first thing purchased for our wedding.”

I nodded. “I bought a necklace for you just because. And I bought a simpler version of mine for Pam to wear as my Maid of Honor.”

“Can I have mine now?” I dug it out and held it up for him to see. It was a gold rope link chain with lapis stones in it. He told me that he loved it and gave me a kiss, then leaned over so that I could put it on for him. He smiled and helped me take off the wedding trinkets and put the choker back on and we went back into restaurant just in time to see our waitress dropping off our drinks. Alcide was already pouring the shots for us when we took our seats.

By the time our food had come, Alcide and I had each done 3 shots and I had already polished off half of my tea. Eric asked Pam to “enjoy the night air” while Alcide and I ate. That meant that he wanted to talk about his near re-death experience where I couldn’t hear and get upset all over again. I was still feeling very shaken and he could feel it. Alcide and I didn’t talk about anything in particular while we ate other than debating the ‘head sucking’ techniques of enjoying crawfish. The platter we ordered was supposed to feed 4 and Alcide ate a fair share but I ate at least 2/3 of it ravenously. While we ate the waitress came to check on us and I ordered a bowl of gumbo and devoured that too as well as a huge piece of cake for dessert.

“Jesus almighty girl! Where are you putting that?” He had been watching me eat like a child watches feeding time at the zoo. That’s saying something for a werewolf.

“I’m starting to think that there is a connection between using my new powers and eating like a starved bear.”

He nodded, “You aren’t getting drunk anymore either.”

“Not even buzzed. But it relaxes me. It’s weird.”

When Eric and Pam came back she looked a wreck. His arm was across her shoulder and her arm was around his back, her hand resting on his hip. He sent to me: “It scared her too. Very much.”

“Vi älskar vår viking.” I smiled to him. Surprised at my knowledge she grinned at me. “So, what’s next? It’s only 11. The night is young.”

Eric, ever the pragmatist, suggested, “We should start by retrieving the other vehicles from Merlotte’s and then we can find something to do in Shreveport if everyone is interested.”

Everyone was in agreement. So we loaded back into the car. The boys took up the front seats again. Everyone was batting around ideas, like movies or bowling.

“Eric, what’s the name of the sports club that Angela is at?”

“Cheap Seats.”

“Do they have pool or air hockey?”

“There are several games and an arcade. Lover, would you like to go check on her?”

“If no one else minds. I could still eat and we could play and maybe do a round or two of the Cuba boda.”

Alcide was the first to approve. “That’s my girl! Always thinking.”

Pam replied, “Size 4 dresses. 7 shoes.” Alcide turned to give her a wicked grin while Eric and I were very pleased with each other.

For the rest of the drive we were quiet but not uncomfortably so. We stopped to collect cars and then headed over to Cheap Seats. I had asked him if he owned Cheap Seats like he owned Palisades. He admitted that he did- along with 2 other restaurants, 2 apartment complexes, a hotel, a movie theater, 2 malls and the Dodge dealership and more than a dozen houses. And that was just in the Shreveport area. Um, wow. He called them all ‘investments of convenience’ because they were all companies that were valuable to him for situations like the one we found ourselves in like last night with Angela. If he didn’t own them, the car, the apartment, the job would have all needed to be dealt with by Burnham and it was stuff that, as a sheriff, he should have done. He was smirking while he told me that the mall had come in handy when he found himself replacing ‘someone’s’ cell phone.

Eric and I arrived first and went in to get a table in Angela’s section. When she came over in her jean skirt (not too long, not too short) and yellow jersey shirt she sheepishly smiled at us and Eric smiled back. “Angela, how have you been getting along today.”

“Just fine, sir. Thanks to your generosity.”

“They are treating you kindly here, I hope.”

“Like gold, sir. I have one customer here who is being an annoyance but he’s been the only one tonight and everyone who works here has been really sweet and friendly.”

“The annoyance?”

She pointed to a booth by a huge flat screen TV and said, “He’s being too flirty, been here for a while with his friends and keeps putting the moves on me like he’s not used to rejection.” I looked over and rolled my eyes when I saw who it was.

“I’ll take care of him, Eric.” I ordered a pitcher of bud with 2 glasses, Loaded Nachos and a plate of turbo wings with lots of dressing intending to share with Alcide. When Angela left to put our order in, I looked at Eric and in near absolute seriousness asked, “What is the best way to hide a body?”

He was shocked, “Excuse me?!”

“I think that I might just have to kill the annoyance and I’d like to know where to hide his body when I’m done.”

“Sookie, lover, I know that we are going to be protective for Angela, however, killing a flirtatious customer seems a little rash, don’t you think?”

“It’s Jason.” He growled. “I’ll be right back.”

As I slid out of the booth to head to the restroom before fussing at my brother for aggravating a sweet girl like Angela, I noticed my two AWOL friends coming in the front door. I stopped for a moment. I sniffed the air and gave them the high eyebrow. Alcide gave me a sheepish cringe and Pam gave me a self satisfied grin. I walked over to them and waved my finger back and forth between them, “Backwards and inside out, sluts!” and walked away from them laughing.

While I was in the bathroom Eric sent: “They really enjoyed each other.”

I returned: “He let her bite him. I’m probably too happy about that. But I’m excited for them. I know that both of them love us but it’s hard for them being the 5th wheel. This will be fun.”

Eric: “I have to say, I could spend every night with the 4 of us like this. We all complement each other very well.”

Me: “Awww. Me too. It feels like family, or at least what I always wanted. Close friends and understanding.”

Eric: “I love you, Sookie Northman.”

Me: “Not yet.”

Eric: “Not soon enough.”

I came around the corner and surprised them, “Så varför är det så att jag är den enda av vem har inte haft en ordentlig orgasm?”

Eric and Pam both roared with laughter while Alcide protested. “That’s not fair! I only speak English, and a little Italian and French!”

“Sorry Alcide, what I said was: Alors, pourquoi est-ce que je suis le seul qui n’a pas eu un orgasme?” and added, “By the way, È davvero una sensuale coppia.”

That renewed Pam and Eric’s laughter and made Alcide blush. But he tactfully deflected, “When did you learn French and Italian? For that matter, Swedish?”

“Usted puede pedir lo mismo sobre el español.” I went on. “I just know them. I can speak them, understand them and read them. New talent.” I shrugged. “Eric how many languages are you fluent in?”

“Fluent? 8. I think.”  Pam suggested 11 and listed them. He agreed to her 11 but added 2 more that no one spoke anymore. “So 13 but I am functional in quite a few more. Did you deal with your sibling?” He said sibling with the similar love that some would use for ‘cancer’.

“Not yet. I’m on my way. Do I have to talk to him or can I start a fight and get him thrown out?”

“Lover, I will deal with him if you would prefer it.”

“Damn it. I’ll do it; I’ve got more practice at not punching him.” So I pulled up my big girl panties and went over to deal with the ‘annoyance’.

On my way over, I sent to Eric: “When Angela comes back, have her sit for a minute and put your arm around her.” Then to Angela: “Angela, It’s Sookie, I’m a telepath, just so you know that you aren’t hearing voices. Your annoyance is my stupid brother. I’m going take care of it, but go to our table and play along so that when my brother comes over he thinks that you’re our pet. He’ll never bug you again.” She acknowledged.

Instead of saying anything, I stood at the head of the table and crossed my arms and rocked onto one hip like a snotty teenager.

Jason and his friend’s eyes started at table level and worked their way up. My boobs seemed to work as visual speed bumps and I ‘heard’ several rude remarks about what my body would be good for from them, including my brother. Before any of them had realized it was me, my brother had finally made eye contact with me and realized that I was staring him down.

“Wow Sookie! You sure do get around. I didn’t know you knew about this place.”

“Jason, one could fill volumes with what you don’t know.” His friends laughed but he looked confused. Surprise.

“So who are you here with? That vamp… Eric into sports?”

“We came to shoot pool and we were in the mood for bar food. I’m here with my nest. I saw you flirt with our new girl.”

“Nest? New girl? The waitress you?”

“Another artfully designed selection of sentiments. Yes. The waitress is our nestmate. More specifically, ‘the vampire’s’ pet’.  Leave her alone and give her a great tip.” As I turned to walk back to my table I sent to Eric and Angela: ‘I’m on my way back, he’ll be hot on my heels.” I got back to the table and scooted in next to Angela who was already leaning against Eric, his arm across her shoulder. I put my foot on Alcide’s lap and he rested his hand on my ankle. So I got right up in her face like I was about to kiss her and whispered, “He’s dumb enough that he’ll buy it. This way I don’t have to kick his ass.” She giggled, and as she did he appeared behind me.

Eric used his ‘authority’ voice’. “Coming over to apologize to my pet, Stackhouse?”

Jason ignored Eric, “Fuckin’ hell, Sook! What would Gran say?”

Oh, No he didn’t! Alcide growled at him as I threw an eyebrow up and said, “That I still haven’t fucked as many people as you AND I know their last names.” I flipped my middle finger up at him. “Anything else?”

“Well, I had heard about Herveaux. But I didn’t know you did girls too!” Pam antagonized by closing her eyes and hummed as she licked her lips.

“Jason, I do whatever and whoever I want. I’m grown.”

Eric added, “You still owe our pet an apology.”

He stuttered incompetently, “I’m sorry I was rude. Please excuse me… and my friends.”

She played along by flashing her fangs as she said, “Forgiven.” And nodded.

He had never been smart so he let the curiosity get to him, “Sookie? How the fu… heck do you stand up to screwing 3 vampires and a Were?”

Eric answered, “We take supplements to keep up with her. Goodnight Stackhouse.” His eyes grew to epic size and he stood stock still for a moment before returning to his friends.

When he was gone I gave her some space and Eric removed his arm.

“Not only will Jason and his friends leave you be, now that the staff has seen you at our table, they will look out for you because of Eric. You should be good to go now.” I smiled at her and she wrapped her arms around me and thanked me.

Pam deadpanned, “Saint Sookie, patron saint of the supernatural.” My guys nodded in agreement.

I slid out so that she could get back to work and when she stood up, she hugged me again, thanked me again and gave me a girly kiss on the cheek. She was back in just a moment with the food and drinks. Alcide poured the beer while I dug in. The four of us talked while I ate, clearing both platters without hesitation, not noticing that Alcide didn’t help in the effort until Eric asked Alcide, like I wasn’t there, if I had eaten much at the roadhouse. Alcide told him how much I had ‘put away’ and then they watched me until I got paranoid.

I looked at Eric, “I watched you drain 6 Weres to recover from being shot. I guess I used a lot of juice when I fixed you up, the blood too.” Alcide looked concerned, so I giggled. “The ones that followed us from Jackson and beat the shit out of me, shot him and were planning on taking turns raping me until I told them were that guy we hid was.” Alcide was relieved that there was just cause and that it wasn’t overkill.

“Pool tables are free. Wanna play?”

Alcide topped off our glasses as we moved over to the tables. I touched Pam’s True Blood and warmed it for her. She looked excitedly at the bottle. If I’m hanging out with vampire all the time, that might be a really handy ability to have since just like a bottle of beer gets warm in human and Were hands, True Bloods get cold in Vampire hands.

We took over two tables so that we could switch off. I gave Alcide and Pam a run for their money but when it came down to it, I lost every game, Eric won every game and Pam and Alcide tied.

Jason, Hoyt and associates hadn’t left yet, but Eric had been watching them when Angela was tending to them. She came to check on us and Alcide and I ordered 2 rounds of Cuba boda. We had to substitute raw sugar for the cocoa powder but our vamps would probably prefer the texture of that anyway.

Eric grumbled, “Am I the only one that doesn’t know these drinking games?”

He’d know about them if he’s ever socialized with humans or Were. I walked over to where he was leaning against the wall and leaned against him. “Eric, the important part is that you are learning about them from me.” I gave him a kiss that we were still enjoying when Angela came back.

As she laid everything out for Alcide and I on tables next to leather club chairs by the pool table, she mentioned, “I miss these and Vegas Weddings too.”

I chuckled, “I thought you were a good girl.”

“I still am. I only dated 3 guys seriously, but one of them was bartender.”

The guys took their seats and excitedly patted their laps. We were in full view of the table where my brother was and a hush fell over the table in spite of how drunk they were. I did hear one of them mention that my guys were wearing skirts and everyone but Jason snickered.

“Ready Eric?”

“Lover, I’ve been looking forward to this all night.” So I leaned in and gave his neck the lick it needed to hold the sugar and then a few more just to get him going. By the time I was finished, there was no doubt about how ready he was. I leaned back and emptied two packets of raw sugar into my palm and then pressed it to his neck. I held the tobasco bottle up to the other side of his neck and let the hot sauce trickle down into his shirt.

“You ready, Alcide?”

He replied by growling, “Go.”

I was grinding on Eric’s lap with his hands on my backside. I grabbed a drink and licked the hot sauce slowly, shot the 151 and then savored the sugar, then again, and again. Then I latched onto the piece of pineapple resting between Eric’s soft lips and quickly swallowed it and went in for a big, deep, sensual, pulsating kiss. When I came up for air, I tongue bathed the rest of the tobasco from his neck and then switched sides to chew the remaining sugar from his neck. He growled and grunted. Suddenly he squeezed me close to him and stood up. “We’ll be back.”

He carried me to the parking lot and around to the back by the employee entrance while I was still attached to him. He reached up my skirt and ripped my panties from me and started bunching up the front of his kilt while I pressed my legs against the wall behind to give him the space he needed. Once his clothes were out of the way, he lifted me and then dropped me onto him. He turned us around to pin me against the wall and made short work of bringing me to my first climax. He was unrelenting, lifting me and dropping me, impaling me onto him over and over. I was pressed against the brick façade so hard I felt like I had road rash but it didn’t hurt as much as it added to the sensation. I was using all of my strength on clenching my pelvic muscles around him and finally leaned forward and clamped my teeth down on his chest pushing him closer to his finish. He started slamming me faster and harder while I pulled lazily from his marking and licked the blood from around it. I came again when he did, both of us howling into the night as we did. We stayed there motionless with the exception of the trembling from the aftershocks for several minutes before he set me down on my rubber legs and we set ourselves to rights. He bent over to give me a sweet tonguey kiss.

“You really are the most exciting creature that I have ever met.”

“I hope you still feel that way in 50 years.” I returned the kiss. He turned and gave me the ‘after you m’lady gesture’ and I started back to the entrance and he put his arm over my shoulder and we returned to find that our friends were missing but there were noises coming from the ladies room. We looked at each other and smiled and went back to our now cleared table and waited for the feral clamor from the bathroom to cease. I sat sideways on the bench with my legs across his. He was leaning against me sated as he ran his fingers lightly up and down my arm and across my chest.

“Lover, why didn’t you take more blood?”

“For the same reason that you worry about taking too much from me after I am injured.”

“You needn’t worry. You know that?”

“I know. But the difference is that since I don’t need your blood to live, and just a taste ‘works’ for me, there isn’t any point in risking weakening you.” He smiled at me lovingly and leaned in for a long romantic kiss. I pulled back gently and told him, “Jag vet inte vad jag skulle göra utan dig.”

He answered with, “Jag vet inte vad jag någonsin har gjort utan dig.” And we went back to kissing each other. We were still fully engaged and semi oblivious that anything outside of the booth existed when we heard a throat clear rudely.

From the corner of my mouth I griped, “What now Jason?”

“I just wanted to say ‘bye’, we’re heading out…” Eric returned to an upright position and rested his hand on my thigh. “Look, Sookie, I wanted to let you know that there are rumors going around and stuff. I know you’re a grown up and all, I guess if things were different, if I had been better to you, you would know that I don’t want you to get hurt. But I love you, even if I don’t show it right.”

“Jason, you’re rambling.” Pam and Alcide were sliding back onto their bench, matted hair and all.

“Oh, yeah. I heard that you had that Quinn guy out to the house this week, and that you did a ‘Chasing Amy’ at the pack party the other night. And now you’re here with everyone and doing shit out in the parking lot. People are saying that you’re kind of a slut.’ He put his hands up and shook them when Pam, Alcide and Eric’s eyes shot him a look of death. “I know better. I know that people have too much time on their hands and a little truth can turn into a huge lie. I just wanted to let you know in case you care. I know you used to.”

“Thanks Jason. I still care; I’m just not scared about what people think anymore. Just so you know, I quit Merlotte’s and Eric and I are engaged. I’m going to be moving in with him in Shreveport real soon. So if you want anything from the house, you should come get it before I seal it up. K?”

“Engaged? Really? You’re not pregnant are you?” We all snickered. “Oh, right. Nevermind. When are you planning it?”


“Wow that’s fast.”

“I wasted enough time already.” Alcide and Pam collectively ‘awww’ed so I stuck my tongue out at them.

“You know, I went to a casino in Vicksburg with the guys last weekend and I got carded a bunch of times. At least three times I got asked if I knew you when they saw my last name. I finally asked one why everyone keeps asking about you. He says you’re famous. That you’re unofficially their ‘Queen’. They all think that if they need something, you’re the one to ask. What’s up with that? Is that why you keep getting beat up and stuff? They called y’all the ‘Round Table’. Said between you, y’all run things here and a little more.”

Alcide offered an answer simple enough to appease my simple brother. “Your sister’s problem solving skills and bravery, not to mention gift has saved a lot of lives, including the ones at this table. Most any Supe can tell you that she is hot shit. So she has a lot of fans and almost everyone else at least respects her if not fears her.”

“Why would anybody be scared of sweet ol’ Sookie?”

“Because Jason, reading minds isn’t all I can do.”

“No shit! What else?”

“Just some other stuff. K?”

“Alright, I guess I’ll see you around. I’ll call you about coming out to get that stuff. If it’s ok, I’ll get some of Grampa’s tools.” He looked a little like Dopey from Snow White when he waved good bye.

After he left, Alcide chuckled to himself for a minute before he snorted, “Fingercuffs.” We laughed hysterically until we explained the ‘Chasing Amy’ reference to the pop trivia challenged vamps which pissed Eric off.

“Honey, if I can laugh at it, you can. We should watch the movie together. Kevin Smith is hilarious.”

Alcide offered, “I have most of his movies. You two could use them as a learning experience. There is a lot of pop culture stuff in them.”

“My favorite is Dogma. We should start with that one.” I said and Alcide agreed. “So now that you two have played the highland games, Pam and I have shopped, I have eaten most of the food on the gulf coast, we’ve checked in on our orphan, and we have all left a wet spot or two behind on our adventures, what’s next? It’s still early.”

Eric gently rubbed his hand back and forth on my leg and said, “I think that we should make an early night of it so that we can go to Gran’s and pack.”

I smiled at him “Are you sure you want me? I’m a lot of trouble.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Well, packing won’t be too hard. I’m just going to pack my closet and my bathroom. Everything else will be fine if I leave it. You guys want to go out dancing tomorrow night?”

Eric frowned. “Pam and I have business meetings, probably until late.”

“Alcide, how about you?”

“Sure. I need to be in public a little, having a pretty girl dancing with me will make the job a little easier.” He winked, he had said something similar when he was escorting me around Jackson. “We can go to The Zoo. I’ll call you in the morning. K?” I was fine with that. I didn’t even have to go dancing, I just didn’t want to sit around and be bored at home.

We all left Cheap Seats at the same time. I gave Alcide a peck and Pam got some tongue and a slap on the ass. Once in the car I looked at Eric with a knowing smile, “Mission accomplished.”

“They’re going back to her house?” I nodded, he smiled. “They do seem to be ideal for each other.”

“You mean because she is slightly softer than you and he is slightly harder than me?”

“I was thinking more like Beauty and the Beast.”

I looked at him in all seriousness. “I’m going to tell Pam that you called her a Beast.” He threw his head back and laughed from his belly.

We drove for a while before he looked over and asked, “When did you decide to live with me in Shreveport? I thought you wanted to stay in your house for a while.”

“I decided to live with you as soon as you said you’d be willing to live in Gran’s house.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You would be willing to sleep in a hole in a closet floor across a field from Compton and spend a small fortune to make it only slightly more comfortable just to be with me. I would have to be a total bitch not to see what you are willing to put yourself through so that we can be together. The only thing that was still tying me to Bon Temps was not wanting to leave Sam high and dry. I can get a job in Shreveport and I can fall to sleep in your arms every night.”

“So quitting didn’t have anything to do with your decision?”

“Nope. Like I said, I had already decided I was going to live in Shreveport with you in Wine and Song. The pool for waitresses isn’t very deep in Bon Temps so I wanted to give Sam some time to replace me because we were friends. I’ll move in with you as soon as you’ll have me.”

He smiled and found my hand and held it in silence until we pulled into my driveway.

Eric climbed out of the car and walked around to open my door. No sooner than I stood, he scooped me up and carried me up to the mud porch. He sat me on the washer and I yelped when the cold metal chilled my bottom. He pulled my top off and dropped it to the floor. I returned the favor by clawing at and removing his shirt and then releasing his belt letting his kilt fall to the floor. He was groping my breasts through my bra and was teasing my neck with his fangs. I let my hand follow his arm up to his neck and into the back of his head and I grabbed a handful of his beautiful blond locks. I surprised him when I gave his head a sudden push forcing his fangs into my neck. He pulled back looking at me quite seriously, but when I flashed a wicked smile at him he mirrored it and went to the wound to clean it up but not feed from it. He grabbed a handful of my hair as he helped me down and he used his handhold to turn me around and shove me down over the washer. He kicked my feet apart and I released a wicked giggle because I was enjoying the roughness and I wanted him to know it. I playfully squirmed just as he was lining up, he tightened his grasp on my hair and pushed me farther forward and he slapped me on my butt and shoved into me so hard that I thought he was going to go straight through me. I cried out and pushed against him even though Eric had me pinned. I egged him on, “Är det allt?” He growled at me and slammed into me again, pushing my face against the washer now. He was rough and abused me and I loved it. Every time he threw himself into me, I screamed and he ate it up. I grunted at him “Du kan bättre än så!” And he did. He let go of my hair and grabbed the back of both arms and pushed them down to my sides against the top of the washer and started pushing harder and faster. My screaming became gasping. Eric’s grunting became snarling and growling. He was pushing into me so hard that every time he did the machine rocked back and hit the outside wall of the house. He finally let go of my arms so I used them to push my shoulders off of the washer. The slight angle change was all we needed and we both fell over the brink and came together.

While we were riding out the aftershocks he leaned forward and placed his hands on the edge of the machine and I leaned back so that my back was pressed against his chest and reached up and cupped his neck. He wrapped his arms around my stomach. I turned to face him and wrapped my arms around his neck.

I looked him in the eyes and told him, “Thank you. That was fun.” And flashed him a sinister grin. He was looking at me with guilt on his face. “What’s wrong, Eric? You look upset.” I let go of him and boosted myself up onto the washer and lifted my foot to remove my boot. I felt silly being naked except for boots. As I unlaced one Eric moved forward and started unlacing the other. Once my shoes were off I cleared my throat.

“Well, out with it.”

“Out with what?”

“Why you have a look about you. You’ve been really high maintenance after sex lately. I hope this isn’t going to be a trend.” I hopped down off of the washer and started grabbing our clothes and put his kilt on a hanger to be taken to the dry cleaner. The rest of it was bundled in my arms to toss in the washer.

“That is the problem” he said pointing at the washer. I looked at the washer to see that the front was caved in. That there was a dent in the front the shape of my pelvis and I started laughing hysterically. “That is funny to you?”

I was still laughing, “I guess it is. I hope your washing machine has better bones.”

“Sookie. We have just sex rough enough to cave in the front of a washing machine and you are unharmed. Last night you were covered in bruises and didn’t notice any of them.”

“Yup, did I say thank you? It was amazing.”

“Sookie, if I fucked Pam that hard it would have hurt her!”

“Then, what are you worried about sweetie?”

“Hurting you.” I felt bad for being aggravated by his somber mood. I went over to him and gave him a sweet kiss and put my hand on his chest.

“Something tells me, that I was made just so that it couldn’t happen. Do you ever wonder why I was never scared that you’d hurt me.” He stared at me thoughtfully.


“The only time was when I found you on the road and you didn’t know who you are.”

“Yet you cared for me anyway.” I threw all of the clothes into a basket knowing that the washer wouldn’t work in its condition; I unlocked the door and towed my Viking into the house. I squatted down and started unlacing his shoes as he stood in the doorway to the kitchen. “Sookie, you would tell me though. You would tell me if I hurt you?” as he stepped out of his boots and shed his socks.

“Eric, I would tell you if you hurt me. I won’t lie to you.”

“Sookie, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.” The following kiss settled into something far more labor intensive including the full use of his artful hands as they played and flitted around my clit and in my folds. His fangs ran out and he used them to tease my neck and collar bone as Eric worked his way down he paused at my breast and waited for the invitation, which I freely gave. When he had the taste he wanted, he launched himself at my mouth for a deep seemingly never-ending kiss pulling back only to offer his neck to me. I couldn’t help but accept the offer. I latched onto his shoulder and as I pulled from the jagged hole, he plunged himself into me moving fast and deliberate and as we reached our release we both let out a howl that made the windows shake. He lifted me and stole me away to the living room couch and dropped to his knees and arranged my thighs over his shoulders. I had a handful of his hair as he was torturing me with his unrelenting tongue and fingers, pushing me to the edge I was doing far more moaning than breathing when there was a knock at the door. Oh hell!

Uninterested in what the reason for such a late visit I yelled “Go away!”

“Sookie, are you alright?”

Eric and I knew right away that it was the thorn in our collective paw- Bill Compton. Eric wanted to handle him but through the bond I could see red, so I thought it best to handle things myself and started for the door as Eric perched himself on the couch, pulling the blanket over his lap, with one of his shit eating grins. “Sookie, you’re nude” he whispered.

My reply was “Tough shit, he might get the hint this way”

I flung the door open from across the room with no amount of patience. The result of the action left nothing to Compton’s imagination. There I stood, naked as a jay bird covered in bruises, fang scratches and full bite marks complete with dried trickles of blood in all of the right places. Bill wasn’t even fully aware that Eric was in the room since he was quite focused on my well tanned and seemingly abused body. In a partial panic, we took two or three very concerned strides towards me. When Eric’s laughter caught his attention, his gaze immediately dropped to the floor and his apology spilled forth.

“Sookie, I heard noises from my yard and I thought you were being attacked…”

I cut him off. At the knees.

“I was getting attacked. Multiple times. In a wonderful, earth shattering, mind blowing, replace the furniture kind of way.” Eric’s hysterical laughter did nothing but spurn me on. “And I’m really sorry that you had to have someone else demonstrate what that sounds like.”

Eric was gloating. He took the opportunity to lift his arms to pull his hair back to show off his blood trails and quickly fading hickeys.

“Now that you can be sure that I am facing no peril, I trust you will take your leave knowing that you have been a dutiful neighbor. Good night, Compton” With a flick of my wrist I moved him past the threshold, revoked his invitation, closed the door and shot the bolt.

Without missing a beat, “Where were we?” I used my new skills to relieve my vampire from his covering and he leaned forward like he was going to pounce. “Oh no you don’t. Lie back”

He did as he was told with a very excited look in his eyes. I stood over him and used the new talent to give him the most perfect set of scratch marks from his shoulders all the way down to his hips which definitely put his focus back on the task at hand. I pinned him, not because I needed to, just to prove to him that I could. And went to work with my mouth soft kisses mixed with playful nibbles and deeper more passionate chewing from his knees up his thighs on his happy trail and all over his stomach and torso settling in for the long task of tending to my oral fixation. I licked and nibbled until he begged to be let free and when I finally released him from his invisible restraints, he flipped me over the back of the couch for an aggressive turn of slamming and grinding, bringing us both to another monumental finish… And breaking the back of ‘our’ couch.

Afterwards, a drink was in order. I strolled to the kitchen on rubber legs and filled a glass at the sink. Eric slithered up behind me and simultaneously we noticed that we had an audience. Bill was lurking in the shadows of the trees at the edge of the clearing. I took a deep breath and sent a message to Bill that I hoped he would read loud and clear. He was gone like a shot.

“Lover, how did you get him to leave?”

“Well, he either shit his pants and ran when he saw you notice him or he got what I sent him.” After an entertained chortle he asked what I sent. I told him, “Let me go. I belong to Eric now.” That affirmation inspired a twinkle in Eric’s eyes that brought on a vigorous romp in ‘our bed’ and another in ‘our shower’.

We were snuggled in bed completely sated and knocking around some pillow talk… he told me that he would have Bobby come by with boxes in the early afternoon to get my things to take to our house and we decided that when he woke, we would ready and then he’d drop me off at Alcide’s before he goes to Fangtasia. Then Alcide and I could join him at the club after we were danced out to reunite the ‘round table’.

After we joked about things a little, things got a more serious. “Lover, I’m worried that something might need to be done about Bill. Will you hate me if I have to do something drastic?”

“Eric, if he tries to interfere with what we have, I will take care of him myself.” I’m pretty sure that he didn’t believe me.

That night I went to sleep in the safest place imaginable; the powerful, trusted arms of the man who loves me.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 7

  1. Pamela Thornton says:

    I am very happy to be reading this again. One of the things I miss in the ressurection is the way you describe every ones clothing. Please add some of that back. As a fashion designer in second life I love the imagery.

  2. carnivorous butterfly says:

    He had never been smart so he let the curiosity get to him, “Sookie? How the fu… heck do you stand up to screwing 3 vampires and a Were?”

    Eric answered, “We take supplements to keep up with her. Goodnight Stackhouse.”

    omg…lol that was pretty funny.

    i like this story just as much as i do all your other ones.

  3. Kristie Yamber says:

    the dynamic between “the roundtable” is well written, don’t change it to much in the resurrection PLEASE OH please pretty please love this stort my best Kristie

  4. loveallsvmtb says:

    I love the Protectiveness they have over Miss Mcourt. Jason as always jumping in the shallow end of the pool leaving everone in stitches. you are a great storyteller. don’t ever stop.

  5. cela whitney says:

    i am happy to read that “bill” finally got his after dragging that nasty selah pumphrey around to sookies work. but, to open the door starkers to him with eric there was just priceless!( i just hate the name c. harris gave bill’s rebound,it’s just another way to spell MY name!)

  6. lilydragonsblood says:

    SO HOT! v

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