Chapter 16

Thursday, January 7th
I rounded the corner to go to the kitchen for a drink and let out a yelp! I was scared out of my wits. I didn’t expect to see anyone else moving around and I was face to, well chest, with Alcide. He was wearing nothing but a towel, fresh from the shower and clearly not expecting me to be up at this hour.

“Shit! Little girl you just made a werewolf jump out of his skin!” he laughed, eventually I did too, once I talked my heart out of my throat.

“Go get dressed and I’ll get your breakfast started.” He went into the laundry room and came out with a wad of clothes. “I’m just going to warm the leftovers from yesterday since we’re short on time. Is that cool?”

He smiled from ear to ear and said, “Sure, I’ll eat whatever you put in front of me.” That sounded loaded and made me laugh to myself. I started the coffee and took the leftovers out of the fridge and put them in the oven to warm.

He had just dropped his towel and was pulling up his boxers and was opening his shirt… “Don’t put your shirt on yet, your hair will soak it. Give me just a second.”

I jokingly pulled a chair out for him and said, “Sit.” as I went into the bathroom to grab the brushes. When I came back with my supplies, he was waiting for me. I started brushing out the tangles and then smoothing his nearly untamable hair. When he jumped into conversation with both feet.

“Was it hard getting used to the hours?”

“Not really, summers suck though. The days are so damn long. So they’ll have to go to work as soon as they rise and then there is only a couple hours in the early morning for time together…I forgot about something. Gimme a sec, so I don’t forget…” I got Eric’s attention by playing Burlin for him.


Eric: “Lover… that’s not fair, you know what that song makes me think about.”

Me: “Sure do. But it’s only unfair if I’m unwilling. What jeweler did you use? I want to call and order our bands. They could take a while. Do you know what size you need?” Alcide reached up and grabbed my hand, eyeing my ring. He mouthed ‘wow’ so I smiled at him.

Eric: “The box is in the nightstand, but tell Burnham what you want he’ll take care of it. My ring finger is a 12. Hey Lover, do you know what my favorite thing about being a vampire is? My total recall…” And he really did hit play on his mental recorder to show the highlights of my pole dance and the following Sweat Olympics.

Alcide: “What the fuck?!”

Me: “Eric! Alcide is standing right here! And you just showed him… everything!”

Eric: “Then he was lucky enough to see it twice.”

Me: “Yeah, yeah, yeah… Get some rest, I’ll have plenty to tell you when you wake up plus we are still shopping tonight, Right? I thought of a couple of things I want to get.”

Eric: “Not that you need to wait for me to go shopping, but I’m looking forward to it. Until tonight.”
Alcide sat quietly while I finished his hair. “What’s up, Beb?”

“I did not need to see that.”

“I know. He’ll pay for that later?”

“How do you think you’re going to manage that?”

I smiled at him and batted my eyelids in fake naïveté. He didn’t need the answer to that. “I’m gonna run and wake the kids… save me some coffee but eat as much as you want, the kids and I will just eat some pastry at the site.” I gave him a peck as I ran up to the kids’ bedroom where I was expecting to have a hard time getting them to stir. But when I opened the door they were both dressed and trying to put their shoes on.

They both greeted me in unison, “Mornin’ Aunt Sookie.”

“Good morning, Hunter.” I bent over and gave him a kiss on the forehead then went over and gave another kiss, “Morning, Manen.”

I sat down on the floor of their room and helped them with their shoes. When we were all done, I told them to “run downstairs and make sure Uncle Alcide is ready to go.” So they did.


After I grabbed the ring box from our room, I made my way downstairs too. I stopped in the office to pick up the copies and files then in the kitchen to grab the backpack with the PSPs. I took it all to the garage and put it in the trunk while Alcide was talking to the kids. When I came back into the kitchen I noticed that Alcide’s shoes weren’t on yet.

I pointed to his feet, “Um… what are you waiting for?”

He smiled at me playfully and shrugged.

“Alcide! You need to hurry up and get your shoes on or I will put them on for you!”

He laughed at me and winked when the kids weren’t looking. OK. I got it. He was such a big kid sometimes!

“Kids, where are his shoes?” They ran to the den, each grabbed one shoe and brought them to me. “Alcide, put them on.”

He smiled from ear to ear and shook his head and the kids cracked up. So I grabbed one of the shoes and sat on Alcide’s lap and bent over and wrestled the boot onto his foot but before I could lace and tie it he decided to play dirty. He put a hand on each butt cheek and pushed me off his lap. I had to do a flip to keep from smashing my face on the floor. The kids were beside themselves, laughing hysterically. But I am way too competitive to accept defeat so easily. So I turned around and grabbed him around his ankles and pushed the chair just hard enough that it came out from under him and his butt came crashing down onto the floor. He reached for me and I rolled back out of the hold I had on his legs too fast for him to grab me. We advanced on each other on our knees and he had a really good hold of me around my waist, but I threw my weight to my side and we both fell over.

We had been laughing the whole time, Hunter was cheering me on and Manen was rooting for Alcide. When we hit the floor I flipped around quickly and sat on his lap again. I believe the position is called reverse cowgirl when it involves other activities. I grabbed his boot and pulled it onto his foot and tied it as fast as I could. The other boot was on the floor by Alcide’s shoulder so I leaned back and laid my back down against his chest to get it and then sat up and leaned forward to reach down to his other foot and put it on him.

While I tied it I told the kids, “HA! I won; hurry on into the car so we have time to get breakfast before we get to work.” When they left the room I leaned back again, turning to face Alcide, “If we’re late because of this, I will so kick your ass.” And I shot my tongue out and licked the tip of his nose. Then I leaned forward to sit up. I was on the kitchen floor straddling my friend’s hard on and making it worse for him on purpose. I reached down and undid my belt and then opened the zipper on my jeans. Grinding my body down on his while I did it, I tucked my shirt back in like it had been before the wrestling began. Then I closed my pants and redid my belt and pulled my vest back down. I gave one last grind before I put my hands flat on the floor on either side of his legs and popped up from my knees to my feet and straightened my legs while my hands were still flat. I stood up and turned around looked down at him with my hands on my hips. “What are you waiting for?”

“The blood to come back to my head. You don’t play fair.”

I took a couple steps and then put one foot on either side of his hips and put my hands out to offer help. He took them and when he rose, we were standing right up against each other. “Wasn’t that part of your plan?”

He leaned forward like he wwas going to kiss me but I playfully dodged his attempt so that I could grab his ear lobe in my mouth. I felt him swallow and release a ragged breath. I breathed into his ear, “We need to go.” I reached down and stroked him through his jeans. “Besides this isn’t a game you can play all day, you barely made it through 2 hours at the Zoo.”

“I wouldn’t mind trying.” He winked at me.

“You think so, huh? Fine. Game on.” My stroke became a grab and I had a sturdy grip on the crotch of his jeans and the stress within it when I started walking to the car and dragging him along with me. He grabbed me by the waste just before we went through the doors to get to the garage and pulled me back to him, slamming our bodies together and breaking my grip. I craned my neck around and bit his neck and grinded against him like I had that night when we were dancing.

“Alcide, you can’t win this. You know I can end this right now.” I reached down and took his hand and brought it up to my breast and squeezed his hand against me. I took two strong steps backward and sandwiched him against the wall and spun around. I pressed our pelvises together and kissed him deeply, I found the hem of his shirt and slid my hands up to his nipples and gave them a squeeze and pulled back and stared him down. I backed away a step and then grabbed the waist of his jeans, brushing the tip of his hard on as I did, and started dragging him to the car. I took him to the passenger side of the car and told him, “SIT.” When he did he stared up at me like a kid eying a cookie jar so I bent over and whispered in his ear, “You’ve already lost, you’re just too hard to realize it.” and then I bit his neck right behind his ear and gave it a hard push with my tongue as I pulled back.

I walked around and got behind the wheel and we drove straight to the bakery. Alcide hadn’t said a word since we got into the car. His eyes were glazed over and he was still very hard. I popped the trunk before we went in. The kids ran to the play area and Alcide and I stood there and waited for the college kids behind the counter to find the manager about our order so I went ahead and ordered a few doughnuts with sprinkles, a couple of giant coffees in travel mugs and a couple of milks. While we waited, I decided to keep up the game.

“You are being very quiet Alcide.” His eyes met mine and shimmered. “Are you ready to give up?” He smiled weakly and barely shook his head. I clicked my tongue in a tisk tisk style of taunt. “You realize that I’m taking it easy on you right?” He slowly nodded. I turned so that we were standing shoulder to shoulder and slowly slid my hand into the back of his pants. His whole body tensed even though my hand was just resting on his upper hip. “You know I’ll stop if you want.” He nodded. I couldn’t help but smile at him and when he faced me I grabbed a handful of his hair from the back of his head and kissed him. I took the chance and pulled his hand up and put it to my throat. I was right; he gave my neck a gentle squeeze and moaned into my mouth.

When we pulled away he was looking at me starry eyed. He was thinking that if I was half as hot in bed as I was at foreplay he understood why those other fools were willing to die to get me back. He’d take what he could get as long as could, but eventually Eric would think there was more to our game and end it. I gave him a wink, letting him know that I ‘heard’ him. He blushed a little and started kissing me again.


I smelled a very aroused Were approach behind me.

“Alcide Herveaux! How have you been?” It was Carla. He kept up the kiss for a moment before he acknowledged her.

“Hello, Carla. I was great until you interrupted.” I was appalled by his rudeness and let him know by poking him in the ribs. But by then it was a double interruption. She realized that she knew who I was when the manager came up behind us with an armful of items.

“Miss Stackhouse, I’m terribly sorry that you had to wait. If you could show me to your car we will load it up for you.”

“It’s the red charger out front with the open trunk. I’ll be right out, I’m still waiting on a counter order.” He nodded and led his crew out to my car.

I sent: “How do you want to handle it?”

“I want to take you into the bathroom.”

“Obviously.” I brushed the bulge in his pants with the back of my hand. “For real though.”

“I guess I should be nice.” A smirk took over. “Sorry I was rude Carla. How have you been?”

“I’ve been ok. I was disappointed when you didn’t say hi to me at the cookout last week. You were preoccupied.” She eyed me a little.

“Yeah well, our little family has been on the busy side.”

“Family? I heard you were swinging with 3 vampires and the telepath.”

“I guess you can call it that. I get Sookie to myself during the day and Pam all night long.”

I interrupted and turned to him, rubbing my ass against him as I did, “I should get the kids.” I sent: “If we don’t leave ASAP we’ll be late.” I craned my neck up so that I could run my tongue across his lips. As I slinked away from him I ran my hand across his zipper.

His body answered me before his voice did. “I’m right behind you Puddin’.”

Knowing that she had excellent hearing I mumbled on my way out, “Just like I like it.”

We were barely in the car before he was too.

I laughed, “That was fast. You didn’t wait for the doughnuts.”


He growled at me as he went back in. He came back just a minute later with an armful. She must have said something nasty to him because he was seething. I reached over and ran the back of my fingers across his jaw line. “Whatever she did, it’s not worth letting her get to you.” He looked at me with sad eyes.

“She’s pregnant. She says it’s mine.”

“So what does that mean to you?”

“It means that I have no idea what to do. What do I do about Pam? These kids?  Sookie, I hate to ask…”

I was already out of the car and charging my way back to read her. I walked up to her at her seat by the front window, Alcide was watching from the car. I didn’t hesitate to grab her by the wrist. I saw everything I needed to see and turned to leave. She followed me and stood at the door to the bakery and as I dropped back into my car she called me a bitch.

As we drove off, Alcide was eying me, waiting. “Sweetie, she isn’t pregnant. She’s just in heat and you were rockin’ the right scent to make her do anything to get you in bed.” He breathed a HUGE sigh of relief and slumped into his seat. “What’s with this? You know you’d be a great daddy. And you need to add to the pack. It wouldn’t have been that bad.”

He gave me a steady stare. “I really like our arrangement. I’d rather be Uncle Alcide full time than a weekend daddy just for the sake of adding to the pack, especially with her. I know, I’ll have to figure something out eventually, but…” As he trailed off, I took his hand and held it until we got to the site with only 5 minutes to spare.


The parking lot was full of pickup trucks from dozens of companies. I went to the door and unlocked it and Bobby had brought Curtis, Manny and Tobin with him, and they were helping bring the snacks in and setting it all up on the counter of what used to be the Lotta Java Café. It only took a minute. I called Tobin over and as his nostrils flared at mine and Alcide’s scent, I asked him to set the kids up on the carpet in the corner with all of their art stuff and their breakfast.

I made the announcement for everyone to help themselves to coffee or a bite to eat while we give everyone else the chance to get there. I went over to the opposite wall and picked up a table and set it up near the front of the store and laid out the floor plan ideas and sketches to that effect. I don’t know why or how but the inside of the building must have been 80 degrees. I peeled off my vest and looked for a place to set it. Alcide put his hand on my shoulder and led me to the area that used to be the kitchen and storage area. “What’s up Al…”

That’s all I could get out before he was pressed up against me. I lifted my leg and let him think he was winning for a moment before pushing him away. He looked at me apologetically. “I’m sorry, you’re wearing a see through shirt.”

“Really? Thanks, I’ll fix that.” I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and took it off, causing another huge swallow. Then I put my vest back on. “Is that better, Alcide?” He nodded. I loved the way he went quiet when got excited. I took my shirt and folded it up neatly and put it down in his front pocket. “Safe keeping.” I winked at him. “You know, this game is almost too much fun. But we have the kids with us. We should grow up. It’s a shame that I have so much work to do.” I put my hands down the front of my jeans and rubbed my finger across my clit and let a little moan escape and bit my bottom lip keeping my eyes on his the whole time. I watched him tremble as I leaned against the wall and put my foot on his thigh and reached further in to finger myself a little. “Well… no rest for the wicked I guess.” I pulled my hand out of my pants and his nostrils flared and his eyes glowed.

He pinned me against the wall and put his hand in my hair and licked my neck with his hot tongue all the way up and into my mouth. I pulled away from the kiss enough to chew his bottom lip. “I have to get out there, Alcide.” I licked his lips again. I put the finger that I had used just a moment before up to his lips making him shudder. “Besides, this is getting dangerous. You need a cool down before you blow a gasket” He growled as he nodded and tried to shake it off. We righted ourselves and I led the way out to the floor where there were about 40 contractors waiting with coffee and pastry. I took the copies of the floor plan and handed them to one of the foremen to pass around and I borrowed Alcide’s shoulder to help me bounce up on the table.

“Thanks for coming out this morning gentlemen. This is to be the new site of Fangtasia. If any of you have a moral dilemma working for a vampire and his pet, feel free to leave now. If any of you are not aware that swindling a vampire is far worse for your health than Russian roulette, take note of that and leave now…” I gave them a moment to make up their minds and only 2 companies left. “…The floor plan is a simple one. We need a stage, we need walls added, we need the bathrooms to be extended, we need a bar built…” I rattled off the list of everything and then explained to them that the deadline for the bid was tomorrow morning and they would be called Saturday morning and they would start work on Monday. I explained everything to the specialty contractors and told them all to feel free to roam around and take measurements. Then I sat on the table and waited for any of them to ask questions but it seemed that I covered everything. I shook hands as everyone left and then it was just Bobby’s group and the 4 of us from the nest and about 15 minutes before the next wave of people. Manen and Hunter came to ask where the bathroom was but when we got there, it wasn’t stocked so Alcide and I took them down to the bar to use the ones there. I showed Manen where the little girl’s room was and stood by the bar.

Alcide came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me so I maneuvered him down onto a chair. I pushed myself down on his lap and when his head fell back I started slowly licking his neck. I traced his Adam’s apple and the line of his jaw with my tongue and then settled into a spot on his neck to bite and suck until I knew there would be a hickey. His head was back and his mouth was open. I traced his neck from his hickey up to his mouth and found his tongue. I had to stand to reach his mouth when his head was back and so I stood there with both of my hands tangled in his hair and pressing his face into mine, his hands found the backs of my knees. He pulled them and I crashed into his lap. He hugged my waist and moved me over him and I rocked back and forth faster and faster, harder and harder still.

“Sookie, stop.” I looked down on him. I let go of his hair and smiled.

I leaned over to his ear and breathed, “Why?”

“Because, it’s almost game over.” He chuckled.

“That must mean I’m pretty good…” I stood up and moved behind him, I bent over to breath into his ear again “since you have no idea how soft… tight… and wet I am.” I started for the door but didn’t get there. Alcide grabbed me around my waist, with his other hand he reached down into my jeans and found out. I reached behind me and stroked him through his jeans. I was panting. “Alcide, if you end the game, what will we do all day?” I put my other hand over where his was moving in me.

“Rematch.” He started to push his hand further into my pants greedily.

“I don’t think so. That would turn our tease into an affair.” I grabbed his arm and he let me pull it out of my jeans. I was still holding it when I turned around and our eyes met. I picked his heavy arm up and pulled his wet fingers into my mouth making his head fall back and inhuman growl to escape. I pulled them out of my mouth slowly, his eyes latched onto mine, and he replaced his fingers with his mouth. I eventually pried myself away from him. “Time for the 7th inning stretch.” He gave me a confused look. “What? You think guys are the only ones who think of sports to calm down? Come on. Let’s get back.” I grabbed his hand and towed him along behind me. “If we can get through these next couple of meets, we can have some fun at lunch.”


The four of us headed back to the future Fangtasia and we sat and waited. The interior designers were no shows. That pissed me off. I called them. They all ‘forgot’. Meaning they found out who they were working for (vampires) and were scared. Chickens. We had a while to wait until the architects showed up so we all hung out. I sent Bobby and his crew out to the furniture store with a Fangtasia card to buy one of each chair and couch available in red or black leather or plastic and my card to buy two sets of children’s tables and chairs. When they came back, I was so happy I was bouncing. Bobby had found sectional couches in red leather. I had him go back and order 120 pieces. But we kept the other couches and chairs for the offices and the employee lounge. I called a glass blowing studio and asked if someone could come out and help me with a few ideas. When she arrived, Miranda Gallup was very friendly and wreaked of witch. I liked her right away. I introduced Alcide and myself and she told me what an honor it was to have the opportunity to work with the Queen. I told her about the glass panels for the ceiling and she suggested Plexiglas because it would be safer and far less expensive. Then I showed her a sketch of the bar and told her that I wanted the top to look like it was liquid blood and she suggested that we build the bar top like a shadowbox and then fill it with red liquid acrylic and blow bubbles into it making it look like a river of blood and that something similar could be done for the tables. Then I told her about my idea for the front windows and she thought that it would look awesome. She told me that she could easily do all three jobs and that she had 2 friends that were partners who did interior design and members of her coven who would be honored to join in the project. I was so excited that while I thanked her, I hugged her. She froze so I apologized for the familiar behavior.

“No ma’am. I am the one who should apologize. You are more powerful than any 10 witches I have ever met put together but it’s organic. It frightened me.” I smiled at her and patted her shoulder.

“I’m not scary. I don’t know what you’ve heard about me but I’m a lover, not a fighter.” Alcide chuckled and I turned and stuck my tongue out at him.

Miranda took out her cell and wandered away to call her friends out to talk to me and Jared and Dawn were there within 15 minutes. I told them what I had in mind they were jazzed at the prospects and agreed to get some numbers together and send me a bid by lunch tomorrow. They were leaving as the architects were getting there.

They both had their contractors of their own so I didn’t need to be worried about finding them. I liked one design far more than the other. The price was lower, the design was more practical and the woman and 2 men with ES Superstructures were very friendly so I told them to work on the bid and then gave them the information on what I wanted to do with the security dorm and asked if they could do that since we wanted to keep knowledge of the property to a minimum. They said that when they sent over a bid for the guest ‘villas’ they would include designs and pricing for the dorm.
It was ten until noon when the last of the contractors left and I set Bobby and his guys loose.


Alcide had been watching me interact with every one of them. I looked at him after they were all gone. I wanted his input on how I had done. He walked over to me and gave me a big hug.

“So, we made it through the meet. Where am I taking you for lunch?” I broke free from him and gave him a punch in his thigh for not being focused on my insecurity like I wanted him to be. He laughed and told me that by now, I shouldn’t need ‘yessing’ from him.

“Let’s go pack up the kids and their stuff. We’re going to Giovani e Anziani.” I waggled my eyebrows at him.

Giovani e Anzani meant ‘young and old’. When I was a kid it was a tokens and pizza type of place but a few years ago an Italian family bought it and put in an indoor play area and ball pit where the old one had been, but the menu was very much changed. They had kept pizza and nuggets but they added Mediterranean fare like spanikopita and saganaki and the sauces and pasta were made fresh daily. I had brought Lisa and Coby there for lunch on their birthdays and good report cards for as long as I’d known them. Since they didn’t have a dad or grandparents to speak of, I helped Arlene out in that department. I already missed them; even though Arlene and I haven’t been on good terms for a while, the kids and I were always happy to see each other even if it was in passing.

I drove to the restaurant and we were there in 10 minutes. The hostess led us to our seat in a booth overlooking the play area. Hunter and Manen were eying it closely. So I had them decide on what they wanted and let them run off to play then I turned my attention to the menu. Alcide had turned to me and started nuzzling my neck with his nose.

“What are you in the mood for Alcide?”

“I’m up for just about anything.” He said just under my ear.

“Well, this place is great they have everything.”

“I wasn’t talking about food. Order for me.” He put his hand on my thigh and gave it a squeeze. I returned the favor and then some. I was still pretending to look and the menu when I put my hand on the front of his jeans and heated my hand. He involuntarily slapped his hand down on the table. He growled “You are killing me.”

I turned my head and got so close to him that our noses touched. “Not yet.” I slid over until our legs were pressed against each other. Our waitress came over and I rested my hand on his upper thigh and gently flicked my fingertip on the bulge. “What do you want to drink sweetie?”

He cleared his throat and squeaked out “Sweet tea.”

“I’ll have the same, both kids want lemonade, a small pepperoni pizza, we’ll start with the sampler platter, I’ll have the lobster ravioli and he’ll have the steak and shrimp scampi, rare.” I gave her a very friendly smile because she was looking from time to time at Alcide who was fidgeting and making pained faces. “I have to apologize. He’s hypoglycemic and his blood sugar is acting up, he’ll be fine in a bit.” She said that she understood and took off to get our order in. As soon as she was gone I went back to massaging the front of his jeans and he put his arm around my hip and rested his chin on my shoulder. I turned to him and slid my hand up his shirt and started running my fingernails over his chest and stomach. I nuzzled my face into his neck and breathed deep occasionally darting my tongue out to his neck and flitting around. I slowly slid my hand down and when I got to his happy trail I paid special attention to running my fingers through it. I timed it just right. I had just put my hand on the bulge in his pants and grabbed his hard on and gave it a squeeze making him bark, yes bark, when our waitress brought our drinks and the appetizer. So I took my hand back and he pouted. I hushed him and picked up a piece of calamari and dipped it in sauce and waved it under his nose. His eyes glowed slightly and I held it up for him to eat. He took the morsel from me making sure to give my fingers a little lick. Next I picked up a stuffed mushroom and popped it into my mouth, ignoring him and turning to check on the kids.

“You’re going to tease me now?”

“The whole game is a tease, but I’m just taking a breather. I don’t want to get you too worked up.” I waggled my eyebrows at him. “I’ll give you credit though, you’ve got to be a masochist to not have given up by now.”

“Why would I give up?” He leaned over to right next to my ear. “This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time but I’ll admit: I might have enjoyed ‘Venus In Furs’ enough to read it twice.” He started nuzzling my ears.

I slipped my hand back onto the front of his jeans and started stroking. “Man is the one who desires, woman the one who is desired. This is woman’s entire but decisive advantage. Through man’s passions, nature has given man into woman’s hands, and the woman who does not know how to make him her subject, her slave, her toy, and how to betray him with a smile in the end is not wise.”

Alcide was getting short of breath and took a hard swallow. “Sookie, you…”

“I thought Sacher-Masoch lacked imagination. I preferred ‘Juliette’ by Sade.”

He gave a little snort. “How did you ever find those books in Bon Temps?” He had his arm around me and was starting to pull on my waist.

“Hadley was older and wilder. She gave them to me. Probably hoping to embarrass or scare me.”

“Were you scared?”

I giggled. “Nope. Let’s just say, my fingers stayed wet the whole time I was reading.” I stopped stroking him and gave him a hard squeeze then pulled my hand away. I gave him a wink and I pulled up onto my knees and turned to him. When he turned to me I put both hands on his shoulders and slammed him into the side of the booth and stared him down.

He tried to bring his head up to mine to kiss me but I pulled back. “Alcide, do you want the whip? Or do you want to leave me in control?” I licked the side of his neck and ran my nails down the other side of it. He put his hands on the back of my head and I let him. He pulled me in for a kiss that made my toes curl and I enjoyed every second of it. He released his grip on my head and put his big hand on my small throat and gave me a little squeeze. I sent, “tighter.” And he did. “chicken?” I nearly came the second he tightened again and I moaned heavily into his mouth. And then… “Fuck! Our food is here!” But he kept kissing me, and put his free arm around my back and pulled me close to him. “Alcide?”

“You offered me the whip. Shut up.” Oh… mygod! That is hot. I didn’t realize how often I was in control with Eric. Not that it was bad, but this is different. His grip on me didn’t loosen when we heard the waitress awkwardly clear her throat. She started putting our plates on the table anyway and walked away embarrassed. The ball was in Alcide’s court now and it seemed like he was enjoying the game. He released my throat a little and then gave it another squeeze and I moaned into his mouth again. He let go of my waist and moved his hand up to grab a handful of my hair. He pulled my face away from his and eyed me. I flashed him a wicked grin and he pulled me in for another kiss. I slid my hands up inside his shirt and caressed his ribs and ran my fingers up and down his back muscles. I was actually disappointed when he pulled me away by my hair and sat up.

I cleared my throat, “I’ll go get Hunter and Manen.” He looked at me and steadily for a moment and winked.

When I came back he was sitting with his arms up on the top of the seats seemingly very satisfied with himself. The kids thanked us for the pizza and Alcide asked me how the lobster ravioli was. “It’s fabulous, want a taste?” He nodded so I put my fork down and picked up one of the pieces and held it up to him. He took my wrist and pulled it to him and wrapped his lips around the ravioli and savored it while he held onto my wrist and didn’t let it go until he licked my fingers. “How’s yours?” He raised an eyebrow at me and smirked as he put his fork down and grabbed a piece of the steak scampi and held it up. I leaned in and when I took the steak I took his fingers too. “Mmmmm, that is good.” I winked at him and held a stare until he broke it.

The kids were sweaty from running around and climbing through the tubes not to mention starving. They each ate 2 pieces of pizza and got a refill of lemonade. We all had a good time. As we left the restaurant we held hands.


We decided to go to the grocery store. I promised the kids that they could put anything they wanted to in the cart. Alcide was pushing the cart and I was walking alongside him. I was almost as excited as they were to take them on a shopping spree. The kids must have picked 20 different kinds of cereal and juices and it was all name brand and I caught myself crying just a little when I realized why. Neither one of them had ever been to the grocery store and been allowed to pick any as many treats as they wanted. Alcide noticed and used his thumb to wipe the tears away. “Puddin?”

“I’m fine. I’m just glad we can make them happy. I mean look at them… After all they’ve been through, something like Pop Tarts and Capri Suns make them smile like that.” He smiled from ear to ear and gave me a big friendly hug. The kids picked up on it and came over and hugged our legs.

Alcide looked at the kids and said, “You know what we forgot… Ice cream!” The kids shouted with excitement and I walked as the three of them raced to the freezer aisle. By the time I got over to where they were I realized that with Alcide with me, I was going to have to put my foot down.

“Uncle Alcide! Do you need for me to explain that we have a finite amount of freezer space?” He growled at me and the kids laughed.

He looked at me with big eyes and poorly faked innocence. “Whatever doesn’t fit, we’ll eat!” The kids agreed.

I walked over to the cart and realized that they didn’t have that much. “Oh all right. What are these?” I pointed to a box that had little pouches of round pellets.

Alcide was more than happy to explain. “They’re ‘Dip N Dots’. They’re ice cream. They freeze it using liquid nitrogen and it becomes pellets. It’s really cool.” He had opened the box and taken a pouch out and ripped the top off and held it up to my mouth. I eyed him and after a moment of second guessing the idea of eating something before I paid for it, I opened my mouth. He was right they were pretty good so I smiled at him.

He told me “Told ya so.” And flashed a playful grin. I grabbed for the ice cream and he swung his arm back behind him. He was playing keep away.

“Alcide, come on. Give it to me.” Uh oh. I should have chosen my words more wisely. Before I knew it, he put an evil grin on his face and the hand with the ice cream was coming towards me slowly and stopped near my mouth. I gave pause but I opened my mouth anyway. He poured them down the front of my vest.  After my initial shock I was laughing. I walked over to the cart and grabbed a couple of packets out for the kids and handed them out. And then I turned my attention to the oversized child. I monologued like an arch villain as I slowly reached into the box and pulled out one more pouch. “Mr. Herveaux, it seems that you have forgotten who you are messing with.” I was holding him still mentally and pacing around him. He still had a smile on his face. “You have heard that old saying about revenge being best served cold, haven’t you?”

“You wouldn’t.” I walked around behind him and pulled his shirt up.

“Wouldn’t I?” and I pressed the pouch against his back. He sucked air past his teeth. The kids giggled. I moved the pouch up his spine. He was growling. I took the pouch away and he started chuckling.

“Is that all you’ve got?” I started tearing open the pouch and he tensed up. I grabbed the back of his pants and pulled them away from him and instead of being mean; I put the pouch in there instead of dumping the icy pellets down into his boxers. I let him go. And the kids were excitedly eating their dots and laughing at our game. He turned around and told me, “You’re nicer than I am.”

“No I’m not. I’m the one that does the laundry.” I reached into the freezer and grabbed 6 more boxes of the dots and Alcide raised an eyebrow at me. “For later.” Is all I said but I waggled my eyebrows. “Now let’s get this stuff home.” So we went to the checkout and headed home.


I pulled into the garage and once we all had unloaded the groceries, I walked up behind Alcide and put my hands on his shoulders. “You get to keep an eye on the kids while I jump into the shower.”

He laughed. “You should work on that. You’re kinda a slob!” I punched him in the arm and the kids laughed at me when I stuck my tongue out at him.

I got into the shower downstairs just because it was closer. I could hear Alcide and the kids playing and putting away groceries. I giggled at how much fun they were having. I was washing up and I got a call on the ‘mind phone’ from Eric.

“You seem very happy lover, did your meetings go well?”

“Hey, Yeah I think so. I am pretty sure that I will be signing contracts on Saturday and the contractors will be starting on Monday and in spite of the interior designers being no shows, I found furniture.”

“I’m impressed. How are the children? Were they content during the meetings?”

“Yeah, all three of the kids seemed to be ok at the club, they drew and played video games. We went to lunch after and the grocery store for some of the kids favorites.”


“Yup, Hunter, Manen and Alcide.” Eric laughed.

“Are you coming up to see me?”

“Not right now. You’re resting.”

“I wouldn’t be if you were with me.”

 “Eric Northman! Du hade bättre har energi för mig senare, eller om du kommer att leva för att ångra det!”

“Jag tycker att jag har energi för dig nu”


Jag vet inte. komma förklara det för mig”

I was finished cleaning up and wrapped a towel around myself and went to the den to check on the kids. They were starting up the Wii. “Alcide, I’m gonna run upstairs for a bit, be down in a minute.” He nodded.

Du bör inte vara så ivrig. du vet inte vad jag tänker på dig.”

“Det är halva nöjet.”


I started walking up the stairs towards our room through what the vapor lock and asked “Är din kropp vaken också?” and I got no answer from the pitch black room but I figured that we could still snuggle so I closed the door behind me and started to fumble towards the bed when I got slammed into by a mack truck of a vampire. “Oh no you don’t, Viking!”

“What do you mean?”

“You need to control yourself, or I’ll do it for you.”

“Oh really?”

I took that as a dare. So I used my mental muscles to flip him onto his stomach and sprawl across the bed and hold him there with only enough wiggle room to do just that, wiggle. I took the crazy kitty approach. I started with a friendly lick and nibble behind his knee working my way up his thigh as muscles occasionally reacted to a deliberate tickle or scratch. I put a lot of effort into running my tongue over nearly every square inch of his back and backside paying extra special attention to anywhere that betrayed him as a ticklish area. He moaned and groaned and growled.  He even let out a faint whimper or two. Then I stood on the bed with one foot on either side of his hips and rolled him to sunny side up. “Are you ok? Do you want me to stop? Things might get harder for you.”

“Lover, you have me.”

“Yes I do.” So I lowered onto my knees next him and laid his hand on the bed palm up and then straddled it.  “Don’t move your fingers. Keep your palm flat and pressed against me just like that no matter where or how I move.” And then he started reliving what I had done to his back and I started with his neck. The more he got into things the more I rocked my pelvis against his hand. His moaning and twitching grew more and more expectant. I used an imaginary finger nail to open him up along his chest and took a long hot breathy lick. He growled my name. After a few more minutes of licking and blowing and sucking I ran a long and winding scratch from his ribs to his thigh grinding on his hand harder as I went and drawing from this scratch harder than I had on his chest.

“Sookie? Please.”

“Do you want me to stop?”


I released his hand and let it fall, then straddled his lap and lowered myself on to him. I sat there looking him in the eyes while I slowly and purposefully rocked back and forth and every so often stopping and flexing my walls around him causing, on more than one occasion, an exquisite and primal moan.

“Eric? What do you want?” followed by and iron grasp. The look in his eyes had changed he was in a near feral state. “Eric. What do you WANT? Do you want me to stop?”

“No.” IRON TIGHT SQUEEZE. It sent a shock up his spine. “Please don’t stop.” Another squeeze “Please don’t stop.” SQUEEZED and held.  And held… And held “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” the pleas grew louder and louder. More and more desperate.  Mentally, I was keeping him from more than just moving, I was keeping him from his release, and I was doing better at it than I thought I would.

I put all of my concentration into the tightest grip I could force and pulled his body up to mine. I leaned into his neck and ran my hot wet tongue from his collar bone up to his ear and the whispered “Do you want me to stop?”

“NO! Sookie. Whatever you do, don’t stop!” So then I bit his neck. I bit down hard and I drew from it like my life depended on it. And he roared a primal scream so loud I thought I might have lost our little game. I could smell it in his pores that he wanted release more than my blood. I grabbed some of his mane and pulled him to me for a kiss, his blood still dripping from my chin then I pushed him back to the bed, leaned forward bracing myself against his chest and I began the mania of rising and falling, grinding and twisting and pumping all with my muscles locked down on him. I surprised myself with my stamina his moans began to melt into each other his pleasure was dancing a tangled battle with his agony.  I drove the point home with several minutes of hard back and forth grinding allowing myself several releases and then I stopped. Stock still. I let him panic for a moment not knowing.  I pulled him up to me guided his hands around my back and leaned back pulling his body to fold over mine and I started pumping him harder and faster. His intensity grew faster this time and I came twice and then a third time. And then I won. “Sookie. Please.” He whimpered.

I pumped harder and faster still pushing all of him further and further. “I didn’t hear you.”

And as I came for the fourth time he yelled: “PLEASE SOOKIE NOWWWW!!!!

I released him from the control I was using to keep him from going over the edge. Psychic sexual guardrails, if you will.

So he did. His fangs dove into my breast and barely had the chance to draw from the bite he came so hard he threw his head back to scream my name.

I sat up again adjusting myself over his thighs and we stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. His face was still but the bond was vibrating. “Eric, are you ok? …

…Are you mad at me?…

…Did I do something wrong?” He still wasn’t talking.

“Eric you are starting to worry me. Are we ok?”

Finally he wrapped his arms around me tightly and he whispered “That was… religious.”

Pam: “Whatever it was, we need to talk.”

Both of us: “PAM!”

Pam: “Don’t ‘PAM!’ me! You’re the ‘path’. Even if you had hung up, I could feel the house move from the other end.”

Alcide: “At least the kids didn’t seem to notice.”

Me: “oh…my…god.”

*Dial tone*


I thought I was going to die of embarrassment…

Eric started laughing at me. “Lover, THAT was nothing to be embarrassed over.”

I smiled at the Cheshire cat holding me. “I’m not embarrassed that we did it, I’m embarrassed that we might as well have done it in public.”

Eric narrowed his eyes at me. “Feel what you want, but don’t upset with me for enjoying every second of that.”

“I wouldn’t dream of pooping on your party. You going to rest now?”

“I would rather you stayed here to keep me awake.”

I went to the closet and grabbed a jean skirt, black lace bra and g-string set, my black cowboy boots and a short black tank top. “I would stay, but I should get back to the kids.” I gave him a deep kiss and threw on my clothes and went downstairs to check on the ‘kids’, pulling my hair up into my trademark ponytail, in the most bubbly, self satisfied, glorious mood that I could remember ever being in, rounded the corner to the kitchen and into the den. I lit up the room with an ear to ear smile. “Hey guys!” Hunter and Manen were too busy playing Tennis to look up but they gave me a ‘hey’.


“Alcide, I’m sorry. This is a new power. Fixing that ‘open line’ is numero uno on my list”

He grumped. “There just isn’t any fairness in the world. I still have to wait.”

I put my arms around his waist and gave him a hug. “Well if you’re patient, in about 700 years Pam might be able to wake up for an occasional nooner.” I giggled but he growled. I gave him a squeeze anyway. I noticed that his back was all kinds of tense. “Hey, come here.” I grabbed his hand and led him over to the couch. “Lay down on your stomach.” He did so I hitched up my skirt and straddled his butt.

“I’m not an expert but I think you might be doing it wrong.”

“You’re funny. Why is your back so tight?”

“Don’t even notice it. Gets like this close to the full moon.”

“Ahh, so it doesn’t have anything to do with…” I grinded down onto him.

“That probably doesn’t help.” He chuckled.

“I’m gonna work on your back… you’re going to need to be 100% for what Pam has planned for you.” I snickered. “Take your shirt off.” I started pushing his shirt up and he pushed up enough to pull it up the rest of the way and pulled it over his head. I put my hands on the small of his back and closed my eyes to concentrate on soothing his muscles. “Let me know when it starts to feel better.”

He moaned. “Mmm, it already does, Shug.”

“Good, that means I’m doing something right.” I moved my hands up a fraction and applied a little pressure and he groaned. I moved up fraction by fraction concentrating on each area of his back and then up to his shoulders and up the backs of his arms. “Getting better?” I didn’t get a verbal reply just a grunt. My eyes were still closed so I put my hands on his sides right under his arms and sent as much soothing into his muscles as I could. “Alcide?” I opened my eyes when I didn’t get an answer. Manen and Hunter were standing right next to me.

Hunter whispered, “Sleeping.” And put his finger over his lips.

Manen whispered, “The healing worked.” I gave her a smile. And the two grabbed each other’s hands and shuffled out of the room and into the kitchen to draw.

I carefully wedged myself between the back of the couch and Alcide and laid my head down on the back of his giant arm. I put my hand on his butt and gave a little pat. I whispered, “Hey handsome.” I gave him another little pat. “Alllllciiiide?” His eyes flew open but nothing else on his body moved. “Hey, welcome back.”

He smiled at me and pulled his arms down and rolled onto his side to face me. He put his arm over me and hugged me and kissed me on the forehead. “Telling you that I owe you one is an understatement but I do, Shug. My back feels great.”

“Glad I could help, big guy. I wonder if Manen will need the same help.”

“Probably not. I didn’t until I had a few battle scars.”

“Eric said that he’d fly with her tonight. How old do you think she’d have to be to run in the pack?”

“That depends on how strong she is, how long she can last. I wouldn’t take her out unless I knew she could find her way back when she gets tired. If you’re ok with it, and she wants to, I’ll take her out Sunday night if she wants to change into a runner just so she has the experience. There are a couple of shifters like her that turn into a wolf just to run during the moon. By the way, do you have any idea what her name means?”

“Yeah, I’ll bet she’ll like that and Manen is Swedish for moon.” His eyebrows went up and he grunted mannishly in approval.

He just as quickly got serious again. “I’m sorry about the timing, Shug. I know I’m going to be useless to you all weekend and with the company coming and all, I feel bad.”

I shushed him and smoothed his hair away from his face. “I will do just fine. You help me out more than you should as it is.” I rolled over and faced the back of the couch and snuggled for a while listening to the kids talk as they drew. Suddenly, without warning, Eric was on top of us, hugging both of us.


“Hello you two.” He was very proud of himself for being so funny. He leaned over and kissed me on the lips and then Alcide. That made me laugh out loud. Eric started chuckling, “I better not get fleas from this.”

“Eric, you better get off of us! I just fixed Alcide’s back and you’re gonna mess it up again.” He pushed himself up and parked his butt between our feet and I rolled onto my back to face him.

Eric gave Alcide’s leg a slap, “I should not be your concern. Pam will be rising any second.” He wagged his eyebrows at Alcide who slapped his forehead and closed his eyes.

“What is she gonna do to me?” I reached up asking for Eric’s help getting up. He pulled me up to put me next to him.

Eric started to chuckle as he took the place I just left, “Nothing you won’t beg for again, now spoon me.” And pulled Alcide’s arm over his side. I couldn’t help but giggle. I quietly pulled my phone out of my pocket and snapped a picture. They both knew that sound. I sent it to Pam as fast as I could. I had just hit send when my Viking ordered “Get her!” Oh Shit. I ran into the kitchen with both of them close on my heels when the “phone” rang: “Pretty ass clothes. Pretty ass toes…”

Eric, Alcide and I all laughed. I said, “you know what she wants right?” looking at Alcide

Eric laughed… “You go in there and tell her exactly what you did. It’ll serve him right for getting to spend the day with you!” Alcide stood there like a deer in headlights.

“Eric, you know she can’t do it without my ‘help’ right?”

“You can control things, she can signal you.”

Pam hit redial: “Pretty ass clothes. Pretty ass toes…”

Me: “Oh how I love these pretty ass hoes!… I’ll be right there.”

Alcide looked at Eric and with every bit of seriousness said “You know that I can have a heart attack right?”

Eric and I laughed as I headed up the stairs to Pam’s room. Eric finally said “Nothing Sookie can’t fix, and completely worth it, my friend. Trust me!” and they sat and talked to the kids about redecorating their bedroom. Pam had pretty much gotten the gist of what had gone on that afternoon but we laid out a plan and decided on the signals before I headed back to the room.

When I came in Alcide was sitting at the counter on a barstool so I walked over and hopped onto his lap and leaned against him. “Would you like to say a prayer before you go?” I had seen this man go into battle with less concern. So I grabbed him by the wrist. “Come on ya big pussy, how bad do you think it could be? What do you think lil ole me could have done to that big ass Viking?” I literally dragged him all the way to the room, and took him through the door and gave him a playful slap on the ass and said “Enjoy the ride, big guy.”


The sky was full dark and I had rightfully heard and executed at every signal. Eric had taken the kids to their room and the three of them were excitedly planning where the beds would be and it was a good thing the kids were so excited. They didn’t seem to notice the howling and growling of the beasts at the other end of the hall. Eric took the time to check his email and return some phone calls. The kids went to the den and played Wii while I started tidying up the dining room table and finding somewhere to store the art supplies. Then I fell victim to a sneak attack. Pam and Alcide had come up behind me at my flanks and grabbed me. I released a very girlie squeak. With big shit-eating grins on their faces, they hugged me tight between them making it hard for me to breath.

“Um, HUMAN! I need to breathe” So they eased their grips a little but didn’t let go.

Eric had stepped into the room behind us and moved in quietly to join the hug, grabbing Alcide by the ass as he did. I was surprised that Alcide didn’t draw back in a typically homophobic manner and so was Eric.

Instead he playfully faked a lisp “Mmmm. Ssstop it.”

When they finally let me go I realized that I was starving so while the council of chiefs planned their attack on the mall I leaned over the counter to devour a blood orange. It was so good that I hadn’t even realized that I was being watched. I was half way through a pomegranate when Eric complained and called me a tease. “Want a taste?” He came over and gave me a deep kiss leaning me backwards across the counter. When he let me up for air, he was humming with delight.


Soon after, we called the kids and we all piled into the Suburban to head to the mall. We took the kids to the Rainforest Café for dinner. We pillaged the mall for everything it had Clothing and shoes for me, Eric and the kids, decorations for the bedroom, toys, video games, books. Eric bought a few things that he hid away for later. Pam and I went to the makeup counter with Manen and had her makeup done and spent a small fortune while the boys went to the arcade where we found them still playing when we were done. Hunter was playing a ‘Whack-A-Mole’ type of game and Eric and Alcide were side by side racing ‘motorcycles’. I distracted Eric by fishing some tokens out of his pocket and Pam and I decided that Dance, Dance Revolution looked fun.

Once we got started we realized that it was. And our guys realized it was fun to watch us. She had won so I turned to Pam and jokingly disputed the fairness since she didn’t breathe. She seductively ran a finger across my chest and said that she’d be glad to deal with breathing if she could sweat like me and delivered a quick lick to my collar bone. On cue Eric ordered us to behave. We heeled nicely.

On our way out of the mall Pam and I walked with our arms across each other’s back with our hands in the others back pocket; In front of the guys of course. We stopped at the chocolate shop and I bought my own secrets for later like I had at the ‘body shop’.


It was only 9:30 when we got home and the car was unloaded. Eric ran upstairs with a bag and whispered something to the kids and had returned and stood there waiting in his blackout outfit. Black hoodie, black jeans, black boots. Then I saw Hunter and Manen come around the corner and I flipped my lid. Hunter was wearing blackout too!

“Eric Northman!”

He raised his eyebrows at me. “Yes Sookie?”

“What makes you think I’m going to let you take him up?”

“You know damn good and well that I can carry him. Hush woman.” We all went out to the back yard and I pushed the issue.

“Fine, prove it.” and I pointed to Alcide. Poor Alcide didn’t even get the chance to argue before Eric had his arms around Alcide’s chest and floated up about 20 feet and hovered there.

“Happy now?” The kids were very amused.

“Fly around a little.” And he was gone and he came back from the other direction and landed in front of me.

“Happy now?” He set Alcide down gently.

“Alcide, did you…” and Eric had grabbed me and took me straight up. “Ohmygod…ohmygod.”

“Sookie, I have you. I won’t let anything happen to him. Trust me.” And he kissed me.

“Be careful… please.”

“Always” We landed and he looked at me and waited. I could tell Eric was getting angry with me.

“Fine. Have fun.” The kids cheered.

When Manen changed, I thought I would cry. She was so beautiful. Eric squatted down and unzipped his hoodie and gathered Hunter on his hip like any father would carry his son. They looked like they belonged to each other.

“Comfortable?” Eric asked. Hunter nodded “Sookie, zip us up?” So I did and kissed them both. Eric told me not to worry and turned to Manen. “After you, Beautiful.” She took to the air with ease and grace and we all stood there for a second watching her with reverence then Eric and his passenger gently lifted off and chaperoned her first flight. Alcide, Pam and I watched until they were out of sight.


Pam held on to me as long as I needed her to then she turned to me and winked. “They’ll be fine. Let’s wait in the hot tub.”

“Alcide, do you have a pair of trunks here?”

“Yup, I’ll be right back.” So Pam blurred to the kitchen to get the chocolate covered fruit and put them on a table by the pool and we went and got into our new suits. When we got to the pool room Alcide was already in the hot tub as planned. Pam was having a lot of fun with the effect our bi-ness had on our guys, I have to admit, I was too. But Alcide was still distracted by the take off and so was I so I decided to hold off on the horse play until Eric got back.

“That’s a strong mother fucking vampire!” Was the first thing Alcide said.

Pam laughed wryly, “You have NO idea.”

“Alcide, he can carry a car while he flies.” I told him, leaving out that I knew as a result of killing one of his girlfriends.

“NO SHIT!? Why’d you give him a hard time about carrying Hunter then? That boy’s no bigger than a minute.”

“Because I don’t care if something happens to make him drop a car.”

“Manen is a piece of work though. It’s crazy that she can do that. You know, change in the wrong moon and still be able to fly and at her age! It’s just fucking nuts. I was 13 before I changed and even then it was a full moon and I was too exhausted to leave my yard. That’s gonna be a powerful little girl. I’m gonna talk to Eric about adding her to the pack even though she’s not a wolf just as an extra measure. Ya know?”

I couldn’t help but agree, but something occurred to me. “Oh, God. What happens if she gets mad and tries to run away like normal kids do?”

“I don’t think it’ll be too likely. I don’t think she’ll leave Hunter behind. But if she did, I have a falcon friend I could call. I think Hunter could find her mentally and Eric could fly to her. That’d be your best bet. Until you learn to fly.” He winked.

Pam’s eyes lit up. “I bet you could! Get out. Try.”

“How could I fly?”

Pam scoffed “Or start fires, or move things with your mind…”

Alcide took his turn. “… or heal with your hands or hold down a vampire strong enough to fly holding a car to torture him. Give it a shot. What’ll it hurt?”

Well I can’t argue with that logic. So I climbed out of the hot tub and stood next to it. I’m sure that I looked silly standing there trying to figure out the right pattern of thoughts to get the ball rolling I was about to give up when I thought of moving things with my mind. So I picked myself up off of the floor and straight up to touch the high ceiling. Then I maneuvered across the ceiling and went back. I was moving slowly but I was moving. This, I guess was something to explore. So I lowered myself directly into the hot tub.

“Ok. Got any special requests on the next power?” and laughed.

Pam leered at me. “You still have to teach me how to work a pole.”

Alcide was getting antsy. “I think I might sell my house and move in. You two are way too much fun to miss.” Pam gave me a wink and gave my boob a grab and I winced.

“Oh sugar, does it hurt?”

“Uh? No, I think I just expected it to.” Alcide watched as Pam pulled my bikini top away from me to peak. Alcide was staring at us, expecting an explanation when I saw Eric land just outside the window with both kids tucked into his hoodie fast asleep. I hopped out and opened the door for him.

“Need help?”

He barely whispered. “Just unzip us.” So I did. He leaned over and kissed my forehead. “I’ll be right back.” He took the kids to their room and laid them down. And then darted to our room and traded his blackout for a pair of swim trunks.

He climbed in next to me with a huge smile. “That was fun,” he said. “She got tired about 15 miles out so we landed long enough for her to change and put on her pajamas and then they fell asleep on the way back.”

I gave him a sweet kiss. He and Alcide talked for a minute or two about the pack. Then I told him I needed flying lessons which made him laugh. We sat quietly enjoying the moment. Then Eric said, “So Lover, I noticed you bought some jewelry while we were out.”

Pam cackled. “You haven’t seen the half of it.”

Eric: “Show and tell.”

Alcide: “What are you girls talking about?”

So Pam and I stood up to show off our belly button rings. Eric and Alcide nodded in appreciation. Then Pam and I faced one another. We pressed our chests against each other while we untied one another’s tops while we kissed.

Alcide: “They’re a wicked couple of girls.”

We pulled away from our kiss and let our tops fall away to reveal that we had our nipples pierced too.

Eric: “Alcide, there is a very fine line between the wicked and divine.”

We both waded over to our respective guy and straddled their laps.

I whispered in Eric’s ear. “Do you like it?”

“I think I like it a lot.”

“That’s not all.” And I gave a little nod and eye movement to indicate lower. And I gave a little grind. He lowered his hand and gently ran the back of his finger down my front until he found the hoop that went through my hood.

“Is that the last of them?” and he ran his finger back and forth over it gently making me squirm and bite my bottom lip

“uh-huh. That’s it.” as he stared into my eyes he started to wiggle it back and forth

“Does it still hurt?”

“Nuh-Uh. Not at all. Pam healed it for me.” He was rubbing it with his fingertip and the sensation was so intense that I had bitten through my lip. With his free hand he pulled my mouth to his and kissed me deeply holding me to him. His fingers slipped into me and he used his thumb to move the ring around until he brought me to a sweet end moaning into his mouth and quaking on his hand. He let me go after I calmed down a bit.

“Now go get that interesting plate of treats.”

“Yes master.” As I backed away I saw that familiar flash of lust shoot through his eyes.

“So Alcide, have you found the prize at the bottom of the box yet?” I guess that he hadn’t because Pam started cackling. “Pamela. It seems that you are corrupting my sweet innocent Sookie.”

“I am sorry to disagree, master, but I was riding shotgun. This was all her idea.” Eric just smiled. He had known as much. “Sookie has taught us all a few tricks. She’s becoming quite the kitten.”

I was on my way back into the tub when I replied with a simple “Oh yeah?”  and used my ‘mental talent’ to rub her new piercing hard enough to make her fangs run out and come, writhing on Alcide’s lap.

Alcide yelled, “What the FUCK was that?” I giggled and meowed as an admission of guilt.

But I had spurned her on so she grabbed me and pulled me under and we went at it. We were kissing and groping. Before it went too far I sent to Eric: “Is this ok? I don’t want this go too far and have you be angry with us.”

Eric: “Go as far as you are comfortable. I have you if she gets wild. I’m enjoying the show.”

Me: “Thank you master.” And my end of our bond got hit with lust.

That was all it took. I shocked Pam by pulling her freshly pierced nipple into my mouth and flicked the hoop with my tongue causing her to throw her head back and moan. I had the upper hand and so I wrapped an arm around her back and used my free arm to attack her “prize”.  We shared a long crazed kiss before I buried my mouth in her neck and chewed on her like she were a meal. She was in a frenzy and growling and screaming YES! And begging for more and I finished her off in just a few minutes and as she went limp in my arms I flicked her hoop a couple more times. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and we shared a much calmer kiss for a while waiting for her aftershocks to subside. She finally eased herself away from me and kissed me on the cheek and thanked me. When she went to return to Alcide’s side I saw his face for the first time. His eyes were glowing green and his face was scarred by his shock and lust. I turned to join Eric.

Eric said, “Lap” so I obeyed.

“Thank you, master.” as I slowly straddled his lap again. He was eating this up. He reached over and grabbed one of the giant dark chocolate dipped strawberries and touched it to my lips and teased me with it. I nipped after it. He finally let me have it when I craned my head up and bared my neck at him. I did my very best to devour the berry artfully while discretely unlacing Eric’s trunks and freeing him. My bikini bottoms were the easy part and by the time the first strawberry was gone I had pushed myself onto Eric and sat waiting for a cue from him.

“Kiss” so I obeyed. And I felt him move inside of me.

“Neck” so I leaned over and nibbled his neck and for the first time since I got back into the tub his arms came off of the sides and wrapped around me pulling me closer and further down onto him. My muscles took a firm grasp of all he had to offer. I would have felt more self-conscious if there hadn’t been so much wake and growling coming from the other end of the tub.

“Blood” when he said that, Pam and Alcide halted their fun and ogled ours. I moved slightly to the side. He nuzzled my shoulder. I nuzzled his. And we clamped down on each other and fed at the same time bringing us both onto a stifled simultaneous wave of pleasure and climax. We released each other and passionately licked the blood from each other’s wounds and mouths.

“Thank you” is all I could say as I wrapped my arms around his neck and snuggled down onto his chest.

Eric sent: “I lost count of how many surprises you have given me today. Thank you, Lover.”  We snuggled there for a while. Suddenly, I felt weird. Like I was being watched. I turned my head to see that Pam and Alcide were staring at us with a slack jawed catatonic stare.

“You two are looking at me like I shit in the punch bowl. WHAT?” Eric chuckled at my question.

Pam gasped, “You just… just… I’m shocked!”

“Alcide? Do you have an equally well structured sentence to share?”

“Um. I don’t think so.” I looked to Eric for an explanation.

“To be honest lover, I’m surprised you did any of that, most of all feeding from me while I did from you. It’s a big deal to do that in front of witnesses. That was pretty much a vampire wedding.” He chuckled and watched me. It seemed like he was waiting for me to over react.

“So we kind of just consummated our relationship?”

“Are you mad that you did it?”

“Well my southern Christian upbringing is shredded and in the rag basket after today anyway. I don’t think now is the time to be upset about anything. I felt great doing it. Why regret it? Is there something more significant about it for vampires than a human wedding, more so than our bond?”

“No lover. Not a thing.” Then he kissed me sweetly.


It just occurred to me that I still had things I needed to check on. “Oh shit…” I was aware that I was perfectly nude but since I had other things I needed to do, I thought I’d, uh, multitask. I climbed out and flitted through the door to the kitchen to grab my cell phone and ran back. I crossed the room to grab a chocolate covered banana from the tray and then sat down cross legged in one of the poolside chairs. All 3 of my companions were staring and silent. I shot a text off to Stan and Russell since I still didn’t have their riders. I sent a text to every Were in my address book to have them spread the word that I would be interviewing for body guards at The Zoo starting tomorrow night at 9:00. I sent a special one to Tray to ask if he can be there to help and how much he would charge me to give them a crash course.

Then I checked my email.
“Awesome! Check this out!” I was still nibbling the tip of my banana. God, boys are easy to mess with. They were slack jawed to say the least, but then again, Pam was awed too. “I already have 20 bids in, only 4 left to go. Jared and Dawn say that they will do the job at cost in exchange for being allowed to use the project in their portfolio. ES has already sent the floor plan for the dorm and over-nighted the prospectus and the security clearance files for their workers to us. And Miranda, she must have gone straight to work with the acrylics because she already emailed me a picture of a sample.” I got up and went over to kneel between Alcide and Pam to hold up the phone so they could see it. Pam’s eyes got big and nodded appreciatively.

Alcide exclaimed “Holy Shit! It really does look like the real thing!” So I shuffled over to Eric and sat on the lip of the hot tub and held it out for him.

“Blood?” I nodded with a huge grin on my face. “Lover, what is this to be used for?”

I gave him a wicked shit eating grin. “This is a sample. It’s what the top of the new bar will look like.” His eyes lit up and he mirrored my smile.

Eric stood up, exposing himself, to my delight, and turned to me. He put his knees on the seat where my feet rested and settled between my knees with his face just inches away from mine. “Poor Bobby.” He said.

“Why poor Bobby?”

“Because Sookie, you are a much better business man than he and you are creative too. You put his job security in limbo.” He chuckled.

“Nice try vampire. I told him today that since he was going to be your day guy and my errand boy, he needed to renegotiate his rate. He’ll be doing twice the job now.” Eric smiled and gave me a grateful kiss. “I want him to be happy with his job so that we can trust him.” I gave him a wink and then my phone rang.

“The stars at night are big and bright…” Everyone thought that was funny and then used their super human hearing to eavesdrop “Stanislaus! How are you cowboy?”

“I’m annoyed that you are bothering me about my rider! I told you how many to expect. What else do you want?”

“Stan? Did you have scabs for breakfast? If you keep it up, the only thing I’ll care about is if you prefer an eastern or western exposure room!” My nestmates mimed hysterical laughter.

“Sorry Sookie. I’m not having a good week.” I had heard Alcide’s phone go off several times in the kitchen so I sent to him that his phone was getting blown up. He got out and went to fetch it coming back with all 3 of their phones. They all had blinking lights.

“Well I’m sorry. Anything I can do?”

“I don’t think so. It’s just growing pains. Taking over Nevada isn’t what I wanted any more than Eric wanted to be king.”

“Well when I see you on Monday, I’ll do what needs to be done, Sweetie. Don’t worry. I’ll fix you up.”

“I know you will. Now, what can I do for you?”

“I need to know your blood type, how you are traveling and how your body guards will be traveling.”

“A+.  Russell, Bart and I will be using his plane. We will be traveling in coffins and will be in Shreveport when we rise. My security detail will be leaving here at first light on Sunday to drive to you for check in and briefing. As far as I know Russell’s staff is doing the same. The fanged guards will be flying with us.”

“That is good to know. Thanks.”

“Sookie, how do you plan on helping me out?”

“Stan, when have you ever known me to not have something up my sleeve? Rest easy. K.”

“Alright. Good night Sookie.” I hung up the phone and it was immediately vibrating with texts. I must have had 30 about the interviews. That excited me.


Eric was on the phone, Alcide was on the phone and Pam was texting.

Eric was talking to Clancy letting him know that he should send word that he was looking for full time fang security guards.

Tray texted me and told me that he’d gladly help and that he had a few guys in mind who would be there with him at 8:00. I called The Zoo and Sara picked up the phone (the flirty waitress from the night that Alcide and I ran into Quinn). I asked her if they could reserve a large booth for me and she very happily agreed. Everyone was still busy on the phone so I decided to get a few laps in so I stood up and took the few steps to the edge of the pool and dove in. I had swam about 20 laps or so when I was ‘called’ by Eric.

I immediately stopped and went to the edge of the pool. “Yes sir?”

“The annoyance has called to speak to you.” I huffed and rolled my eyes. Eric squatted down to hold my phone for me.

“Hello Jason.”

“Hey sis. Bud just asked me a weird question.”


“He asked me how my cousin is. When I told him ‘how should I know’, he told me I should call you.”


“Well, how is she? I ain’t heard from her in years. I almost figured Hadley was dead.”

Everyone had ended their calls by now and was eavesdropping again. “Jason, she is.”

“Then why would Bud ask… Sookie she ain’t a vampire is she?”

“Jason, it’s a long story that I don’t want to tell you about over the phone”

“Can I come over? I wanna know. I feel real bad. Last time I talked to her she was askin’ for money I didn’t have.” I looked at Eric and he nodded so I gave Jason directions. He said he’d be here within an hour.


I lifted myself out of the pool and stomped off to our bedroom. I yanked my jeans and t-shirt off of the hangers. I jerked open the drawers to find my bra and underwear and then slammed them shut. I took a fast shower just to get the chlorine out of my hair. I stabbed my arms and legs through my clothes. Then I stomped back downstairs. I wanted to clean something but everyone had picked up their things while I was showering so I went to the laundry room and started a load of laundry then in the kitchen I started unloading the dishwasher. Eric and Alcide were sitting side by side at the table talking excitedly about something.

They were both wearing a pair of jeans but hadn’t bothered themselves with shirts or anything else for that matter. And Pam was upstairs in the shower. I was not looking forward to this conversation with Jason and needed a distraction. I finally decided that I would drink. I grabbed 2 rocks glasses with ice, 2 true bloods and a bottle of the good scotch and sat at the kitchen table. I poured for Alcide and me and I opened Eric’s and handed it to him.

“Lover, I already fed.” I raised my eyebrows at him and he took a sip anyway. He smiled at me. “I get it. Thank you.” He chuckled.

Alcide didn’t get it. He needed someone to explain it to him. I let Eric do it. “My Sookie seems to have blood talents. She turned this barely passable refrigerated O+ synthetic into a rare vintage AB- at a perfect 98.6 degrees.” He smiled at me as Pam walked in wearing what was apparently the house’s uniform, she was even wearing the same black t-shirt as I was.

“Ooh, May I have one?” I opened the bottle and handed it to her. She took a sip and hummed then leaned over and kissed me on my cheek. As she sat down, she said, “This is quite a treat. Tell me Eric, do you get AB- whenever you like?” We shared a look and laughed. Pam looked puzzled until Eric explained.

“Dear Pamela, why would she bleed AB- when she can bleed Fae?!”

Pam stared at us. It was awkward because she couldn’t tell if Eric was teasing her and she was envious if he wasn’t. “You are teasing me.”

“No, Pammy, It’s true.” I pumped the room full of Fae scent to prove the point. Her eyes glossed over. I took a huge gulp of my drink and poured another, topping Alcide’s off.

Eric was concerned about the smell and started to fidget. “Sookie.”

“Don’t worry handsome. I have you both. Just let me know when you’re good to go.” Alcide looked at me and gulped his drink down.

“You can’t smell like a Were can you?”

I shrugged. Then I tried and his eyes glossed over and he fidgeted. “What’s wrong, Alcide?”

He growled and his eyes were glowing. He was looking at me like he wanted to bend me over the table, and he was thinking about it too. “You need to work on that. You don’t just smell like a Were, you smell like a Were in heat.”

“Oops. I guess I should just not do it at all. You don’t look so well.” I took another sip of my drink and sent out another wave of Fae to cover the Were since my brother was coming over. “Hey Eric, you needed to tell me something. Someone called while I was swimming.”

He was grumbling, “Russell called and told me to tell you AB- if we could find it.” That made me giggle. “The rest of it was what Stan had told you.”

“Thanks honey, can I let you go now?” He shook his head and I gave him a pouty face. “Alcide, are you free tomorrow night?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Tray and I are interviewing for bodyguards at The Zoo. He’s bringing a couple of guys that he knows would be good and he’s going to help with their crash course.”

“That sounds good but why didn’t you ask me?”

I got up and went to hug him around the shoulders. “Because sweetie, I feel like I’m taking advantage of you sometimes. Besides, by running the security detail yourself, you’d look like the hired help to the other Weres on the property. You are the Packmaster of the biggest pack in Louisiana and a Lunar Justice and you should have someone doing the tedium for you. Otherwise, they’ll think you’re just Eric’s pet.”

He lifted his hand to mine and gave a squeeze, “I guess I have to start dealing with politicking now… I hate that shit.”

“Awww…” I kissed him on the cheek. “It’s not that bad. Besides, that’s what you have me for.” I let go of him and walked over to the glass doors and opened them in spite of the cool air to help clear the scent out.

When the fresh air rushed in Eric and Pam’s looks improved instantly. So I released them. I went back to the table and finished my drink and poured another, topping Alcide off too. I put my hands on his shoulders and he was tense…


“Guess so. It’s been a few hours. Don’t worry though, I’m used to it.”

“Whatever, sit still.” And I used Alcide to kill time. I stood over him, hands moving over his back, neck and shoulders with my eyes closed in concentration. I worked at it for several minutes and started to reach into him mentally, feeling each muscle loosen. “Better hon?” he groaned. “Alcide, would you like to buy a vowel?”

He chuckled, “You are an angel. Thank you, Puddin’.”


From behind me I heard Eric clear his throat. When I turned around, he was standing there with Jason.

“Sookie, what the fuck was that? Why were you glowing?”

“It’s just one of the things I can do. Have a seat. Do you want a drink?” He nodded. “Beer, soda, tea, full bar?”

“I’ll have one of those if that’s ok.” He motioned towards Alcide’s drink. Of course he would want $200 scotch, it would go well with the ‘natty ice’ he’d been swilling at Merlotte’s. In spite of wishing he hadn’t come over at all, I smiled and grabbed a rocks glass and filled it with ice and took it to him and poured for him and sat down.

Alcide was typing quickly and hit a few buttons and then told Eric, “All taken care of. Bobby can get them tomorrow after they move Angela in.”

“It’ll be fun for all of use to have one.” Eric was being cryptic on purpose.

“If they come during the day, you’ll miss some of the fun.” Alcide was taunting him on purpose.

Eric narrowed his eyes at Alcide, “I know of a vet with evening hours.”

Alcide matched Eric’s empty threat, “I know of a dentist who makes house calls.” And they both cracked up. Alcide closed his computer and stood up grabbing his drink and suggested to Pam that they find a movie to watch. He was always really good at reading a social situation.

“Guys, I hate to be a party pooper but I’ve got a really bad feeling about Angela. Could you take my phone with you, just in case?”

Alcide picked my phone up and gave me a wink as he left the room. Eric came over and sat next to me and put his hand in the center of my back.

Jason was being impatient, “So what’s going on with Hadley? I haven’t heard from her in like 6 years.”

“Well Jason, she fell in love with a vampire and she was turned.”

“Into a vamp?”

“Hadley was turned into a vampire, yes. But about a year ago she was killed by another vampire. I went to New Orleans to clean out her apartment. That’s when I met Amelia. She was Hadley’s landlord.”

“So how long was she a vampire?”

“As near as I can guess, about 3 years. The vampire that killed her was jealous of her relationship.”

“Ok then, why did Bud tell me to talk to you like it was important?”

I giggled to myself when I heard a stray though come to me from the den. Alcide was hungry and wishing he’d thought to grab something before he left the room. I explained to Jason while I got up and went to the fridge and dug out some leftovers. I plated some pot pie and pot roast and potatoes with gravy and put them in the microwave.  “Well, when I tended to her belongings I found a marriage license. She had been married to and divorced from a human before she was turned; a guy named Remy Savoy. I tracked him down and went to visit him.” The timer dinged so I grabbed a napkin and fork and took the plate out to the den and handed it to my friend.

He blushed. “You are too much, baby doll. Thanks.”

“You bet.” I went back to the kitchen and picked up the conversation like I never left. I sat down in Eric’s lap, “When I met Remy, I also met Hunter. As it turns out while Hadley and Remy were together, they had a baby. He’s a really sweet kid. Really talented, more than I ever was.”

“Wait, wait, wait… Hadley had a kid, then died, then died again?” I nodded. “When you say talented, you mean…?” he put his hands to his head and made a weird gesture. I nodded again. “How did Bud know? Why did he ask me how he was?”

“Because last night Bud brought him here. Yesterday morning Remy died in a car accident and I was listed as next of kin.”

“Shit. Did he get hurt?”

“Remy worked overnight and was on the way home. Hunter was still asleep at the sitter’s house. He’s fine.”

“Bud must be out of his mind to leave a kid here.” He didn’t mean to say it, I saw him trying to reel it back into his mouth as soon as it escaped. Eric and I just stared him down in silence.


Suddenly, we all heard a scream come from upstairs. It was followed by “ERIC!!” I was jerked to my feet by Eric getting up and was on the way upstairs but I was passed by Pam in a blur. I got to the kids’ room just behind them though and Eric was sitting on the bed holding Manen. She was sobbing. I went and sat with them leaving Pam, Alcide and Jason in the doorway. I went to put my hand on her back to stroke it and her sobs took on word form briefly.

“Angela… Angela…” Hunter had woken up and joined us on the other side of the bed. All three of us were holding her and trying to calm her when I saw what she had dreamed.

I had to stop it. I took her little face into my hands, “Manen, honey. This is my brother Jason. He’s going to sit with you and Hunter so that the rest of us can go help her. Okay baby? But we’ve got to go.” I gave her a kiss. I stood up and looked at Jason and glamoured him. “Sit down. Stop drinking. We’ll be back in an hour. Got it.” He nodded and I walked out the door and called to the others, “Come on… we don’t have much time.”

I ran to my bedroom and grabbed my boots and socks and carried them to the laundry room where I grabbed my guys’ boots, socks and shirts and extra… for Angela. I was starting to get pissed that they were still lagging so far behind. I hopped up onto the washer and pulled my socks and boots on and tightened them down.

I was angry as hell. “COME ON!!!” The guys came into the laundry room at the same time. I shoved their things into their arms. “Put them on in the car.” I went out to the garage and Eric climbed into the back and Alcide rode shotgun. I pulled out of the garage barely missing the door as it rose. I spun the car around and raced through the gate and we were speeding through the countryside and then into the heart of Shreveport to the shopping center where Cheap Seats was.


When we got there, her car was in the parking lot. Alcide and Eric started rattling on about how to find her.

“Shut up!” They both looked at me. Alcide was shocked. Eric was angry. I stood in the middle of the parking lot and closed my eyes and reached out for her. I got it. ‘They’ had taken her to behind the shopping center.

I jumped back in and drove reaching under my seat for my gun. I pulled up behind a huge empty trailer and as I ditched the car, I sent to the guys, “I’ll be right back, I’m going to see what we’re dealing with.” As quietly and swiftly as I could I came up on the scene.

Sweet little Angela was pinned to the concrete with a silver net over her head and her clothes were in shreds. There was a man (I use the term loosely) on top of her and two more holding her arms down. I saw in one of their heads that he had a stake with him and that they were going to use it. I tucked my gun in the back of my jeans and walked up to them. “Hey there.” They stopped what they were doing and looked back at me.

The one on top of Angela went right back to his cruel sport and grunted for his friends to ‘get’ me. They let go of her arms and came towards me running and I pulled my gun out.  I didn’t need to use it, I could have used my powers, but I loved the effect the gun had. They stopped dead in their tracks. I smiled at them. I held the gun on them and started over to the one on my friend. “Which one should I shoot first?” He stood up and backed up to stand by his friends with his dirty jeans still shoved down around his thighs.

“Fuck you.” He had a hateful sneer on his face. “You’d kill your own kind to save a fang?”

“I’m not a rapist.” Then I held them in place and started to glamour them. “Tell me where the stake is.”

The short one told me, “In my pocket.”

“Toss it to the ground.” He did. “Do you have any other weapons?” They all shook their heads. “Good. Get into the truck.” They did. “Sit still. Do nothing.”

I went over to check on Angela. She was lying still, moaning in pain. “Sweetie, it’s Sookie. I’m here to help.” I held her still just in case while I pealed the net from her face and felt so bad for her. Her beautiful gray eyes were pools of bloody tears, her face was covered with small rivers of pain and fear. I ‘called’ for the guys and told them to bring the extra clothes I had handed them on the way out the door and the extra magazine from the glove box.

I was helping her stand up and get herself together a little bit when the guys got to us. I took the clothes from Alcide and handed them to Angela and had her go behind the truck while I explained to them some of what I had witnessed because she still wasn’t talking. When she came back around I asked her for her clothes. Eric had his arm around her trying to comfort her while I checked her pockets and removed the tags. No one asked me what I was doing, they just watched me work. I laid them out on the ground. I went over and stood in front of the truck and shut my eyes and concentrated on sending as much hate and fear and sadness into the cab as I could but most of all, I sent rape. As far as they knew, they were feeling everything they had made Angela feel. I made the grunter get out.

“Alcide, I need the other clip.” He reached into his pocket and handed it to me. I used it to replace the other and handed him back the normal bullets. Angela wasn’t healing quickly enough for my taste so I sped things up. “Eric, honey, could you take her over there. I worry about ricochet.” As soon as they were out of the way I turned to Johnny Rape and shot him in his femoral artery. I rubbed the heel of my hand on the wound harshly. Using his wound as my ink well I wrote “FANG BANGER” on the wall of the store behind us. I opened the door for him and made him climb back in. I put the stake down on the arrangement of clothes and shot into it twice. Then I held my hand out with my palm up and made a small fireball that I threw into the pile. I walked over to Angela to check on her.


“Are you ok Sweetie?” I brushed one of her curls away from an open gash on her face. She tried to nod. “Awww, of course you aren’t. Here, this will help.” I held my hands up and put them on either side of her face and closed my eyes and determined to fix her beautiful face. I held onto her and put everything I had into healing until I felt Alcide put his hands on my arms from behind me.

“Shug, you did it. Her face is perfect. We need to get out of here.” I opened my eyes to see a very startled and pleasantly undamaged face looking back, I snapped out of it.

“Eric, you gonna fly her back to her car?” he nodded and kissed me and scooped her up, taking her into the night. I went back over to the truck and shot through the open window into the face of the rapist and his companion in the middle and then around to the other side and shot the third in the neck through the closed window.

I started to walk back to my car but I got caught by a hand on my shoulder. I looked up at Alcide and he leaned down and wrapped his arms around me. I hugged him back for a while until I patted him on the back and reminded him we needed to go. We got in and I started driving back to the house.

“Sookie, what happened?”

“I told y…” He cut me off.

“Don’t give me that shit. You didn’t tell us everything. What did you leave out that made you shut down?”

“They had pulled her hips out of joint. They were punching her in the face through the net digging it deeper into her wounds. When I got there, it was the one guy’s second turn. When they were done with her, they were going to tie her to the bumper by her neck and drag her until her head came off and if that didn’t work they were going to stake her. She wasn’t the first.”

“Oh god. That poor little thing.”

“Do you want to call Pam and let her know we’re on the way back.”

“Uh, NO! You left her. I’m not gonna be the first to make contact with her. I might sleep under your bed tonight.” I couldn’t help but laugh at the mental image and again, I quietly thanked God for sending Alcide to me.


When we got back to the house, Pam was in the driveway of course. Her arms were folded across her chest and she was cagey. Eric took Angela in and Alcide went in too, all of them walking by Pam like they were scared of her. I walked up to her and waited for it.

“You left me.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean too. We needed to hurry and I almost left without the guys and then I yelled at them for being in the way.” She gave me a disapproving look and I told her about everything that I had seen and she understood the urgency and we walked into the house with our arms across each other’s shoulders.

When we walked into the kitchen Alcide was standing at the microwave so I patted him on the butt as I walked by to the fridge to get a glass of ice and a true blood. I took the true blood to Angela and sat down with the bottle of scotch and poured. I slammed my drink back and then poured another. Alcide came over to me and put a plate down in front of me, put a fork in my hand and then took the bottle of scotch and plugged it. He put it in the cabinet and brought me a beer. “Where is Jason?”

Pam giggled. “He was being extremely annoying.”

“Don’t tell me where you hid the body.” I said dryly as I shoveled a bite of mashed potatoes into my mouth. It was only then that I realized that I felt starved. “Thank you Alcide. I didn’t even know I was hungry.”

“You’re welcome.  You’ve been famished after bringing out the big guns recently and today you used your voodoo on me and your old man. You healed me twice, then at the mall… Your tank should be empty. By the way, the annoyance is asleep on the couch and I took his d-cap so he can’t take off. He’s had too much to drink.” I smiled at him and finished my drink and took a sip of my beer.

“Eric, honey, could you call Bobby? I was thinking that the teenwolves could just go over and pack her things during the day and then she won’t have to do anything but unpack tomorrow. If that is ok with you Angela.”

He looked at her and she nodded. He nodded back and pulled out his phone and sent Bobby an email. “Done.” And smiled at both of us.

I stood up and chugged the last bit of my beer and took my plate to the sink and rinsed it. I walked by Pam and Alcide and gave them both a kiss. I gently put my hand on Angela’s shoulder and rubbed. “I hate to be a party pooper, but I’m going to turn in guys. Sorry.” I looked down at Eric who was looking up at me with sadness etched into his beautiful face. Angela stood up slowly and turned to hug me. She held me tight and cried. I wrapped my arms around her and my tears flowed. The two of us stood in the middle of the kitchen holding each other. I felt her knees buckle slightly a couple of times, we must have stayed like that for 10 minutes. She pulled away from me slightly to thank me. I smoothed her hair from her face and shushed her. “Honey, that’s what family does.” I gave her a gentle kiss and blew a kiss to Eric as I turned to go to bed.

I stopped in the kids’ room and gave them both a kiss and tucked them in. I went through our bedroom into the bathroom where I stripped my clothes off and put them directly into the trash can. I climbed into the tub and turned the water on as hot as I could stand it and sat in the bottom of the tub hugging my knees. I scrubbed myself until I was near bleeding. I could still smell what those bastards had done to Angela. I still had their blood on me. I found myself wishing that I were ‘normal’ just so my Vampire could erase what I had seen. It was while I was sitting in the tub that I realized, I found myself ashamed to be a human more than I was scared to be a vampire. I made the decision right then that I would have Eric turn me when the time was right for it. I knew that I would have to wait for the kids to be older, or at least old enough. On the heels of that revelation I dried off and climbed into bed.


Bullets For My Valentine

Sookie’s POV

I woke up briefly when Eric climbed in and wrapped around me. I mumbled, “Did you get Angela all settled in?”

“Yes… She will be fine in spite of it all.”

“I couldn’t heal her.”

“Sookie, she looked like it never happened before we left the scene. Of course you healed her.”

I sobbed into his chest. “Eric, that’s not what I was trying to heal.” I wished that I could have made her forget more than I wanted it for myself. “And what can I do for Manen? She saw it all in her dream.”

He hushed me lovingly, “I know. It’s not something any of us will soon forget. I told Pam and Alcide not to say anything about it.”

“What do you mean?”

“When the two of you hugged in the kitchen, you were both glowing as you do when you are healing and we all saw exactly what had happened. Alcide nearly got sick and if Pam and I could, we would have.”

I yawned in spite of my weeping. “I’m sorry I yelled at you to shut up.” The last thing I remember was Eric telling me that he understood before I drifted back into my slumber.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 16

  1. Pamela Thornton says:

    This has always been a powerful chapter for me.

  2. Kristie Yamber says:

    that was a great chapter Sookie is becoming a very powerful person and i am glad that Angela has her as a friend… my best Kristie

  3. loveallsvmtb says:

    I have always thought this was the most telling Chapter. One I will never forget.

  4. lilydragonsblood says:

    an awesome chapter! but i’m wondering why sookie + alcide’s behaviour is being tolerated by eric? they’re virtually having an affair…… and who would want wolf-boy when they can have the Viking Sex God???…rather confusing! x

  5. yolanda says:

    Eric feel nothing in bond when sookie, is being fisky with alcide!

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