Chapter 2

Exes A’Plenty

Sam’s POV

Thursday, December 31st
I had wanted Sookie for years. I wasted too much time being scared that being a Shifter would freak her out. The only thing that had freaked her out was when she realized ‘Dean’ had seen her in her underware. I couldn’t help but laugh at remembering how I accidently told her about me and the existence other shifters including Werewolves.

Damn Weres. Every time I had a window of opportunity to approach Sookie about how I felt about her, another creature showed up making my life difficult.

Eric had all but disappeared after he came by to offer Sookie ‘formal protection’. Oooh, thanks. I don’t know what I’d do without that! Sookie didn’t talk to about him, she didn’t get that look at sunset anymore, she didn’t sit on the phone like she was hatching an egg either. She had worked every day for 9 days straight without any calls from Fangtasia and I was planning on calling her into my office after her shift was over to ask her to consider dating me. I wanted a chance. I had been thinking about her for years and for more than a year she had known how I felt but had been distracted by Vampires and Weres.

It had been close to quitting time for her and I left the pantry from doing inventory just so I could be behind the bar when she clocked out. When I came out front I realized I had missed my window…AGAIN. She was sitting on that beast Herveaux’s lap! What in God’s name did she see in that guy? She was sitting sideways and they were talking about taking a damned trip together. She’ll go away for a weekend with this guy and she’d only been dating him for, what, a few days at best. Maybe a week if they had gotten together right after he came in after the battle. I just don’t know why she keeps going after trouble. She knows Weres and Vampires are all politics and she’d seen it firsthand. They’d both nearly killed her, more than once.

Since that night, that jerk had been in my place nearly every night she worked. He’d come in an hour or two before closing and work at his laptop and drink a few beers. I figured it would only be a matter of time before he did something to scare her off just like the other idiots had. I’d just have to wait a little longer. I hated it, but I’d do it.

I didn’t like the changes I had seen in her since she started spending her time with the wolf. She’d been getting thin, she’d started drinking with him, she was carrying a gun now. I worried that he gave it to her because more trouble was coming, but it made me worry more that she was willing to carry it. The fact that she was exercising had me concerned too. There was nothing wrong with her body. Did the wolf like ribs?

She was all smiles around him though. They laughed and joked and when they wanted to keep things quiet, she LET him use her telepathy! That really pissed me off. He was allowed to think things at her and she was fine with it. I saw him order a fresh beer that way a few times from across the room. I wanted to shoot him myself for taking advantage of her disability that way, more so when she acted like she was fine with it.

But none of that mattered now. Her mood changed a couple of days before Christmas. I noticed it as soon as they were back from another weekend trip. This time he had taken her to Atlanta and from what I can tell, had screwed up. I hadn’t seen him that whole week and she was cranky. On Christmas, she came to the Orphan party, sweet potato puff in hand, but she was out of sorts. She acted funny and the wolf called her and I stayed close to try and get some hint but the only thing I heard was that she couldn’t talk right then and she started drinking Long Islands like they were going out of style afterwards. She was so drunk that Holly and Hoyt had to take her home.


So here it is, nearly a week later and still no sign of him. Neither hide nor hair.

It’s now or never, if that ass doesn’t show up to ruin things tonight, I was going to make my move.

I was excited to see that she was pissed at Compton for being fresh at midnight. Pissed, huh, she looked like she wanted to hit him.

The shift had been miserable. The place was packed and we were slammed all night. The only thing that got me through was that I was finally going to talk to her about seeing each other.

When the shift was over, she bailed too fast for me to call her back to my office so I followed her out to the parking lot.

“Hey, Sookie! Hold on.” By the time she turned I had caught up to her. Her lips were slightly open and I couldn’t help myself. I kissed her. I didn’t give her any warning and all I did was make her mad. I had kissed her before, every time I got a different reaction. This time, I knew I screwed up when she pushed me away like she would have a stranger. I should have apologized, I might have had half a chance if I had, but I was too hurt.

“Damn it Sookie! Why won’t you give me the time of day? You know how I feel about you.”

“Sam. We’re friends. You’re my boss. I care about your feelings, but I love someone else.”

It wasn’t fair. He was just using her. “You mean Alcide? You’re just a trophy to him!”

“Alcide and I are none of your business, BOSS. But for the record, we’re just good friends. He’s not who I’m talking about.”

Eric? Yeah, he sounded happy to hear that she’d been seeing the wolf when he called about a month ago. “So you’re back on the vampire, huh? Is that what you really want, to be treated like property?”

“Sam Merlotte! You’re one to talk. You’re acting like you found me in a lost and found box!”

“You are better than that. He doesn’t love you. He can’t love you!” She had to know that by now.

“No, Sam. I’m better than this. He can. He does. More importantly he does everything he can to make sure I know it, which is why I DO belong to him! But all things considered, I’ll make sure he knows that some people think me to be insufficiently claimed!”

She jumped into her car and spit gravel everywhere as she left. I watched her drive away, wishing I had done things differently. I couldn’t help but wonder what the hell she was thinking. She just said out loud that she BELONGED to that bloodsucker.

I couldn’t do this anymore. I couldn’t have her working for me, around me all the time anymore. I need to cut her out of my life. I couldn’t even care if she sued me, I would have to fire her.

I stood there in the cold air, wallowing in my ‘happy’ new year and a dark figure slowly emerged from the tree line. Northman, great. Just what I needed. I was expecting a lot of things. My mind raced with what I expected. Being drained, being beaten to within an inch of my life, being threatened, all of the above. I was scared and I knew he could tell.

He walked up to me slowly with his hands crossed over his chest and stopped just inches from me. I braced myself.

He smiled and then in a blink he was in the air like he’d been shot from a cannon. I guess that is how a Vampire says ‘nanny, nanny boo-boo’. Asshole.

9 thoughts on “Chapter 2

  1. Tammy Adam says:

    I love how clueless Sam is!! 😀

  2. Kristie Yamber says:

    love it Eric such a badass by not saying anything to Sam…. Sam is such a cry baby, i have to let her loose, sure you do that dick, she not your to begin with my best kristie

  3. loveallsvmtb says:

    Poor Sam. will he ever learn?

  4. Kristie Yamber says:

    okay so you know i finish S&S and AIW so now i am back to the Infinite Series, you know how i love it……. and then i will go to the ONe shots and ICB and then onto Multiverse again, your stuff is better than crack….. luv you Kristie

  5. lilydragonsblood says:

    i SOOOO love badass eric! x

  6. Angel says:

    I love how positively clueless Sam really is. You’d think with his attitude he was married to he not just looking to date. As always, this is a fabulous series. Even though you consider it to be shit, I love it! 👏💙💙💙👍

    • EricIzMine says:

      I agree Sam was always an idiot and in his own world when it came to his thoughts about Sookie and his attitude towards her and others. . thanks for reading. KY

  7. James Ramsey says:

    I love this story. I miss your writing and your wit. I love that I can come back here to reread your books and catch up with the characters all over again.

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