Chapter 31

Revolving Door

Sookie’s POV

Thursday, January 14th

“Eric, I know that it probably sounds silly, but I missed you.”

He laughed a little. “But we’ve been together every day.”

“We’ve been so busy, I’m glad that we don’t have much going on before you have to leave town.”

“Lover, next week is going to be miserable. Between New Orleans for me and Boston for you, I will go out of my mind.”

I growled. “I guess we’ve been apart for longer we can do a week standing on our heads.”

We decided that Friday night was definitely going to be just the two of us and when the limo pulled up to the house, Alcide was sitting on the front porch.

Eric gave me a kiss before we started to climb out.

“Lover, I’m going to go get some sleep. Promise me that you’ll try to nap once the Weres leave.”

“I promise to try. If I don’t nap, then I promise not to leave the couch after Danielle leaves tonight.” He accepted the bargain with a smile.


Alcide walked over and followed us in through the garage that hadn’t been closed since the buses were delivered. I went straight to the kitchen and started pulling things out to cook breakfast.

“Eric, I know you’re tired but I need a minute. My sister called. She’s already on the way here.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Well, for starters, her visit was originally going to be weird because of our arrangement.  She wasn’t supposed to be here until lunchtime and the guards had all left. I needed to talk to y’all about what’s ok to tell her and what isn’t.”

Eric laughed. “Does she know you’re a Were?”

Alcide nodded.

“And she’s never told anyone?”

Alcide shook his head.

Eric gave Alcide a friendly slap on the shoulder. “Alcide, you tell her everything or nothing. Whatever you think she can handle. You already know that she’ll keep your privacy.”

I started a pot of coffee and went to the laundry room to grab some fresh clothes. When I went to get in the shower Alcide was sitting on the barstool with a pensive look on his face. “Alcide, just give me a minute. We’ll talk while I make breakfast, okay?” He nodded and I went to get freshened up.


When I stepped out of the shower, he was standing there waiting with a towel in his hand. No smirking or leering, nothing but waiting. He stood over me and patiently waited while I pulled on my clothes and whipped my hair back into a standard pony tail. I grabbed the hair kit in one hand and his hand in the other and took him to his usual spot. I patted the seat with my hand and climbed up to wait for him. He stared at me for a moment and I smiled back and patted the seat again so he finally took his seat.

“Ok, big guy. What are we so worried about?”

“I’m not worried. I’m scared out of my skin that she will freak the fuck out and go back to Dell just to get away from this weirdness.”

“Alcide, sweetie, she knows about Werewolves, everyone knows about Vampire, Fae aren’t too far off of the track. She’ll be fine once she adjusts. The house is crazy busy but by the end of the day she’ll be fine.” He sat quietly and thought, occasionally sipping his coffee.

Once his hair was pulled back and smoothed down extra well I put the sausage casserole together and put it in the oven and started rinsing the berries for the berry salad.

I went to the laundry room to grab a basket to go do the rounds. When I came back down I stopped in the den to tidy up. I’m not sure how many beer bottles made it to the trash but there was a 12 pack’s worth of empties on the coffee table next to Jason which didn’t make me happy since he had, like most everyone else, quite a few during the ball game. I grabbed the discarded clothes and garbage and started the laundry and dumped the bottles.

When I got back with the vacuum, Jason jumped out of his skin. I didn’t bother apologizing, I just told him to go up to bed which he did. I knew that the kids were only about 20 minutes from coming downstairs and Janice would get here at the same time, so, I went into the bathroom and gave it a good cleaning.

I was putting away the cleaning supplies when I felt her arrive. “Sweetie, go answer the door for your sister.”

Just then the doorbell rang and he laughed. “I love it when you do that.”


I slapped his butt just as he went off to welcome his sister. I went to the kitchen and started a fresh pot of coffee after refreshing mine and Alcide’s and pouring one for Janice. I pulled the casserole out and sprinkled the cheese on top of it, threw 3 steaks onto the skillet and mixed the berries with honey. I didn’t need to keep busy for long before the kids came from their room. Alcide came into the kitchen carrying Tommy and looked excited as the kids came running into the room calling ‘Momma, Daddy!’.

Let the explanations begin…

I decided to try to diffuse the confusion. “Hey guys, who’s hungry? Manen, Hunter, why don’t you show Tommy where the juices are so he can pick one.”

I gave Janice a big hug. I hadn’t seen her since October when Alcide and I went to see Russell for our tête-à-tête that turned into a 2 night sleep over; one night with her, the other with Russell. She had made lasagna for us for dinner and we drank too much wine and Alcide and I slept on her couch and loveseat. Well I started out on the loveseat and moved to the couch because neither of us could get comfortable. The blanket was barely over us before we were out like lights.


I started plating their breakfasts and then I did plates for the grownups. We shared ‘how-ya-beens’ and ‘whacha-been-up-tos’ while we all ate and as soon as the kids left to give3 Tommy a tour, the interrogation between Alcide and Janice began.


“Well what?”

“Well…the last I heard you were living in your house, working at H&S and dating Carla. What gives?”

We laughed a little. “Well, now I live here, I still work at H&S but owners don’t do much, I do more as Packmaster and I’m with Pam.”

“Is this Sookie’s house? What’s with everyone in the yard? Why did those kids call you ‘Daddy’?”

We laughed again while I refilled his plate and he answered as best he could. “This house belongs to my friend Eric. The guys in the yard are the security detail for the company that just left and the kids called me Daddy because that’s what I am to them. They needed parents and we took them in, the four of us. Me, Sookie, Pam and Eric.”

“Who is this Eric guy? Is he part of the pack?”

“No he’s the King of Louisiana and Arkansas.”

“You live with a vampire? After what they put dad through?”

“Dad had a gambling problem and the vampires he owed money to were more fair to him than any other loan shark would have been and they let me work off his debt for him. I don’t even want to think about how many favors Eric had to call in to get that taken care of. Eric isn’t like the ones you hear about.”

“Yes I am.” You have to love how good Eric’s timing is. “When I need to be.” He walked over to Janice and held his hand out to shake Janice’s. “Eric Northman, nice to meet you.”

We waited for Janice to process that a vampire was standing in front of her in broad daylight so that she could start asking questions again. “Who lives here with you? Is it safe here? Why do you have so much security?”

Alcide gave Eric a look pleading for Eric to take the floor. Eric chuckled at the idea of Alcide being afraid of little ole Janice.

“I own this house but it is our home. Alcide, Sookie, Pam, Manen, Hunter and I share this house. Currently Sookie’s brother is staying here while he works through some personal matters, our governess Angela and we have 12 guards. You couldn’t be safer here because we are the most powerful and strongest Supes you can find in one place. As for the security, most of them are leaving this morning. They were only here because we had 3 Kings visiting this week. Once they are gone, you’ll barely notice ours since they’re like having friends over.”

I went over to Alcide and wrapped my arm around behind him hoping to make things better.

Just then Jason came into the room rubbing his eyes. He was wearing a pair of sweats and no shirt, but he was bathed at least. The kids ran to give him a hug calling him ‘Uncle Jas’.

When they were done with their good morning he jumped into the conversation. “It’s only crazy until you see it for yourself. They’re all awesome together. These kids really lucked out… Hey sis, you think you could fix me up? Me, Febes and Dozer had a little too much to drink this morning…” I was so happy to hear that he hadn’t drank all that beer by himself that I very gladly put my hands to his head and ‘fixed him’. He smiled instantly and gave me a peck on the cheek. “Thanks sis, you’re the best. Ooooh, is that Gran’s breakfast casserole? Is there enough for me?”

“Sit down, I’ll fix you some.” Jason introduced himself to Janice and shook her hand and on his way to sit down gave a low five (come one, really?) to Alcide and Eric. I heard Dozer and Febes stirring upstairs and tossed 3 more steaks in the skillet and started plating food and pouring coffee for the guards. I made Jason a big glass of chocolate milk waited for the steaks to be ready. I took Jason his plate and waited for Febes and Dozer to come down. When they did, I handed them their coffee and breakfast and reached up, way up in Dozer’s case, and relieved their hangovers.

Janice finally asked. “Ok, Sookie, what are you doing to them?”

“I fixed their hangovers.”

“How did you do that?”

Alcide laughed and answered for me. “Because she’s part Faerie, and part Were with a little bit of human mixed in. She’s the most powerful of all of us”

“Ok, so y’all are all roommates and y’all have taken in 2 kids. Is that it?”

I took the reins. “Pretty much, other than being really hectic at times, we’re just one big happy family.”


Sometimes, I find myself ecstatic over interruptions. Febes cleared her throat to get my attention.

“Yeah, um Dozer and I were talking and we wanted to suggest, well volunteer, to live in. We don’t want more money or anything like that but… I don’t know, we really like you guys and feel at home here and we don’t like the idea of you not having someone in the house at all times and the rest of the crew has family or attachments.” I shared looks with my guys and they were in agreement.

“Febes, that’s great idea. Do you have any idea what to do about sleeping arrangements?”

She snorted. “Dozer and I are cool with the room over the garage as it is. He’s been bunking in my rack with me because the racks on the buses are a little cramped.”

“OH NO YOU HAVEN’T! Why didn’t you say anything? You turd.” I shot him a disappointed look and he looked chagrinned.

She laughed. “Yeah, it’s fine though, he’ll just move across the room to the other bed tonight. Thank god. He says I snore.” Dozer mimed sawing logs behind her back and we all laughed.

“Ok, you know the new construction will be starting tomorrow AM. I’ll call and make a couple of adjustments to the plans. Would you two be ok with staying in guest bedrooms while the room over the garage gets fixed for y’all?”

“That’s a hardship I think we can handle. I just got back from a year in the sandbox 2 months ago and Dozer’s apartment is smaller than the bed we’ve been sharing.”

“Febes, just out of curiosity, how did you end up here?”

“My parents grew up here. When my dad died my mom remarried and my step dad got stationed at Bethesda. He adopted me and my brothers. But… if y’all laugh I’ll kick you, I always felt like I belonged here.”

I smiled at her, so did Alcide. We were all the same age so I doubted that he’d remember her father. “Was your dad a member of the pack here?”

She shrugged at me. “Dunno, my mom was the Were, Pop was full shifter. Paul Rhys.”

Mine and Jason’s eyes got to be as big as dinner plates and Alcide just laughed. I finally put together a sentence. “Our Uncle Paulie used to give pooch smooches. Remember those, Jas?” He laughed and nodded since he had a mouth full. Alas, progress in the manners department! “What powers do you have other than Were stuff?”

It was her turn for her eyes to widen. “I can pop… Your mom was Auntie Sheila?! Are you SHITTIN’ me?”

I smiled at her and went over to give her a big hug. “I only found out recently that Poppa and Nana were Weres. My parents died when I was 7 and Poppa and Nana died a couple years later, your dad too. I don’t even remember you though. It turns out Alcide and I have even run into each other when we were little.”

“Ok, so do you know where the popping thing came from? It always freaked my mom out.”

Alcide fielded this one. “It was rumored that Nana Lil was half Fae.”


Like the conversation with Janice hadn’t been interrupted enough we had a knock on the back door. Tray, Tobin and Goose were standing there so I waved them in. “What’s up guys?”

Tray took the lead. “The Jackson and Dallas crews are ready to hit the road.”

I went over to Goose and gave him a big hug. “If you need a change of scenery, you’ll get put on the schedule right away. Eric pays well and we’re a hell of a lot more fun than Russell.” I gave him a wink and he blushed.

“I’ll keep that in mind. You take care.” He walked out and looked back. I laughed as I realized I’d see him again really soon.

I gave Tray a big hug and thanked him for staying during the visit before he took off too.

Tobin added his reason for being there. “I’m just checking in. The dining tent has been broken down and is next to the house for pick up and the yard has been put back together and cleaned up. What do you need from the valets?”

“Ok, Tobin, I need the boys to clear out the buses and bring the queen back down and put it back in the room on Angela’s hall and I need you to find me a king set for the Panzer here. Something really good for the back and arrange for delivery ASAP. You should be free to go at lunchtime and if you want to go get your new phone, sat card and computer you can do that too.”

He gave me a huge smile. “Yes ma’am, you bet.” Without another word he was out the door. Dozer left for a run and Febes headed upstairs to get her things for a shower.


Eric looked over at me. “What are your plans for the day?”

“I’m checking on the club and running to the grocery for dinner stuff. I’ve missed cooking. Other than that just visiting.”

Janice was a little speechless at how crazy busy the house had been, but was starting to relax when she saw that there really wasn’t anything to be scared of.

“Ooooh, Shug, I missed your cooking too. What are you making?”

“I was thinking Italian. Lobster ravioli and Steak scampi. Eric and I have to do business at the club tomorrow night and we’re leaving early for a date. Do you want anything in particular for dinner?”

He flashed a bright smile at me. “Stew or chili maybe. That way you can make it earlier and you won’t have to worry about it while you get ready.”

“And you can sneak little bits during the day. Homemade corn bread?”

He smiled at me and nodded so I started my shopping list I went to the office and started making my phone calls and checking my emails. Niki had emailed me the clothing links so I ordered them all and emailed her asking what she wanted Eric to wear confirming that I had taken care of mine, Hunter and Manen’s wardrobe. Then I went back to the kitchen and was happy to see Janice had a smile on her face.


“Hey, old man.” Eric looked back at me and smiled.

“Yes, little girl? Do you need me for something?”

“Yeah, with Dozer and Febes being live ins now, I called ES and delayed the remod of the dorm and had them send me a plan for a free standing dorm. It’ll have 4 bedrooms, one will be light tight, each sleep 6, each has a full bath and it’ll have a full kitchen and lounge. It’ll be like a firehouse without the truck bays.” I handed him the plans and his face got serious. “I was thinking that we would just turn the room over the garage into a 2 bedroom version of Angela’s room.”

He was looking over the plans carefully. “And this will go where?”

“Close to where the camp was this time but further back in the tree line. It’ll be convenient to the house but still not have them be right up our noses.”

“You’re right. This is better. Have you talked about an intercom?” He passed the plans over to Alcide so that he could look through them. He started nodding right away.

“Yeah, each cottage will have two and they’re going to update the switchboard in the house to add lines to our bedrooms, and the den and then if we go with the dorm house there will be lines in all the rooms in there. They will also broadcast on the frequency for the handsets so that if shit goes down the guards can do an all call.”

“Nice job. I guess that is why I pay you the big bucks.” He followed that with a wink.

Tobin, Manny and Curtis came to the back door and Tobin led them upstairs and they started making way for the new mattress. Tobin ran down the stairs quickly with Febes right on his heels and pulling a t-shirt over her naked body.

“Hey you two!” Instantly they stood at attention. “What’s going on?”

Febes gave Tobin a slap across the back of his head. “They didn’t knock or announce themselves. I wasn’t decent.”

Tobin’s apology came in the form of a playful slap on her butt. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know she was up there.”

I laughed at the two of them. “You two are cute together… What’s the ETA on the new mattress?”

“Noon to 3. They’re gonna set it up.”

“Cool, when do you want to do your shopping?”

“I’m kind of excited to do it, if that’s ok?”

“Yeah, sure. I pulled a business card and credit card out of my purse. “Go see this guy, have him call me and confirm it if he needs to. Get something good so you can email and get a lot of apps. When you go buy your laptop, get whatever you want and get two. I’ll need one too.”


After a bit, I started saying my goodbyes. I hugged Janice and kissed my guys, ordering Eric to bed. I ended up taking Hunter and Tommy with me. Pam had made a quick appearance on her way to work while I was in the office and Manen went with her to Fangtasia. We had great fun while we checked on the bar, picked up Manen and the stained glass that I had ordered at the Highland Festival, picked up dry cleaning and bought 2 days worth of groceries and a month worth of snacks. We had only been gone for 2 hours but I figured it was long enough for Alcide and Janice to catch up.

I honked the horn when we backed into the garage and judging by Alcide’s mood, they had some quality time. We all started taking things in and I let Alcide take in the stained glass. We were putting away groceries when I saw Janice’s shirt pull up a little and she had a big black bruise on her hip. Alcide saw it before I could run interference. Oh hell.

“What the Fuck! Janice?” His eyes flashed and he clenched his fists. She quickly straightened and yanked her shirt down, she was angry at herself for not thinking about the bruises when she got dressed.

I went over to him and wrapped my arms around his waist. “Alcide, honey calm down.”

“How am I supposed to calm down?” He tried to back away from me but I wouldn’t let go.

Janice stood there with shameful tears rolling out of her eyes. “Getting mad doesn’t make things better.” I reached up and forced him to look at me because it was obvious Janice was getting more upset. “Stop it. It’s over. She’s here now and we are gonna take care of her. You are scaring her.”

He took a deep breath and then another and his eyes went back to their normal shade of green. I went over and took her hand while he calmed down and dragged her to the bathroom.

“Ok, show me.” She was looking like she would rather kill herself than do what I asked. I whispered into her hear so low I barely heard it. “Hurry, before he figures out what we’re doing in here.” She turned her back to me and winced a little as she pulled her shirt up to reveal that he hadn’t knocked her around he had completely worked her over. Her back was one big bruise and I suspected, her legs weren’t much better. Once she was sure I had gotten and eye full she lowered her shirt. I went over to her and gently wrapped my arms around her and I gave her an all over healing. As I did, I could tell that I was fixing much deeper bruises and a couple of cracked ribs. When I was done she smiled at me and gave me a big hug. “Clean yourself up sweetie. I’ll go try to calm him down. But you know, if Dell shows up he’s a goner right?”

She sat on the toilet and sniffled. “I can’t say I’d be upset about it. I just wanted to get Tommy out of there.”

I reached for the door knob and before I could open it Alcide grumped. “Sookie, I know what you’re up to. Stop it.” I opened the door and slid past him closing the door behind me.

I put my hand on his chest and backed him up to a barstool and made him sit while I fussed him out in hushed tones. “Listen here buster! Reactions like this are why girls take abuse like that until they get beaten to death.” That seemed to humble him.

“You already healed her, didn’t you? How bad?”

“Pretty bad, scary even. He had the strength to break a couple of ribs and the control to keep to her back and legs.”

His eyes flashed again. “I’ll kill him.”

I ignored the threat and hopped up onto the counter and sat in front of him hugging his head to my chest. “She’s going to be fine now, Alcide. Tommy didn’t see it, he was sleeping and she’ll be fine as soon as she knows she doesn’t have to be scared anymore.”

He wrapped his arms around me and looked up at me. “Are you calming me down or do I actually believe you?”

I giggled at him. “I don’t ever do anything to you without asking you first and you know it. Now when she comes out of that bathroom, just hug her and let her know that she’s safe. That’s all she wants. She doesn’t want to worry about if you kill him, will you get caught or anything else. She just drove 4 hours to leave unhappiness behind. If you can’t reign yourself in she won’t have anywhere to feel safe.”

I nodded and he left his arms around me for a minute while he calmed down.

I slid from the counter and started baking frozen pizzas for lunch and started pounding out the dough for the pasta so Alcide went to the bathroom door and gently knocked on it.

She cracked the door and peaked at him and then opened it all the way. He stepped inside and hugged her up into his arms, lifting her more than a foot from the floor. “I’m sorry I scared you, chere. He should’ve treated you like a princess.” They both cried a little and then they used helping me put dinner together as an excuse to forget it.

I finished up the dinner prep and cleaned up. Then I lifted myself up to hang the stained glass. The four panels were huge reproductions of a set of paintings by Wescoat. They were trees in each season and since the artist seemed fond of oranges and reds, once they were up they brightened up every bit of the kitchen and upstairs hallway.


Once that was done, I found Alcide and wrapped my arms around him. “I promised Eric that I’d try to nap so I’m going to lay down on the couch while the kids watch TV. Check on us in a bit. K?” He nuzzled my neck and I kissed him under his ear.

I was only stretched out for a minute before Tommy crawled up onto my chest and passed out and I quickly followed suit. My eyes opened briefly when Alcide took him from my chest telling me that Tommy needed a pull-up. Then I was back out. The next time I woke was when Eric was smoothing my hair from my face. He was on his knees next to the couch and was smiling down at me.

“The stained glass is beautiful, Lover. It completely changes the house.” He leaned over to give me a long tender kiss. I wrapped my arm around behind his neck and held him to me and we continued the kiss as he positioned himself on the edge of the couch to lay with me and I fell back to sleep. The next thing I knew, Pam was on top of us.

“The stained glass looks beautiful at sunset.” Then she planted a big kiss on me and the two of us shared a look while I stroked her cheek with my thumb.

“I knew you’d like it. Is there enough red in it?”

Her chin started to quiver slightly, but she pulled herself together enough to not cry. “It’s perfect.”

I looked around for a clock and she smiled at me. “It’s nearly 6.”
When I started trying to maneuver myself off of the couch Eric jokingly grumped. “Damn you, Pam! You couldn’t have lied about the time?” He stood himself up and held his hand out for me. Normally I would have taken it based on manners but today, I took it because I needed it. It surprised Eric as much as it did me.

“Lover, are you ok?”

“Yeah, I guess the week finally caught up to me. I’ll feel better once I eat.” Eric hugged my waist while we walked to the kitchen. I breezed by Alcide and gave him a kiss and then went to wash my hands and get to work.

“Sorry that dinner’ll be late. I slept longer than I wanted to.” I started filling pots and frying crab cakes and grilling steaks and within an hour dinner was ready and everyone was starving. The kids were even excited to try the basil, tomato and mozzarella salad. I went to the fridge and grabbed three true bloods and went to hand them out Pam and Angela took theirs but Eric refused.

He whispered into my ear. “I am still quite happy.”

I looked at the clock. “14 hours later?”

He leaned over to kiss me. “I could have taken more. I felt no urge to stop.”

I couldn’t believe that. “How much?”

He smiled like the cat that ate the canary. “3 quarts maybe 4. Did you feel light headed?”

I smiled up at him brightly. “Not a bit.” We both raised an eyebrow at each other and wanted to explore this later.


I must have eaten 3 plates full of pasta and wanted more but I decided to plate an extra serving and set it aside. I guess all of the healings earlier today had taken their toll.

“Eric, what time are we expecting the day sitter?”

He smiled at me. “I expect her at about 8:30. Why, is there something you need?”

I smiled at him. “Nope, I’m going to go for a run since I didn’t get one this morning. The rush will help me get through tonight.”

Before anyone could argue I ran upstairs and changed into my white shorts and sports bra and sneakers and grabbed a jean skirt, tank top and underthings to wear after my shower. When I got downstairs, I dropped my things off in the bathroom and headed for the door. Alcide followed me to the foyer and grabbed me by the wrist.

“What are you doing?”

All I could do was smile up at him. “What are you talking about? I told you, I’m going for a run. I’ll be back in about an hour.”

He looked angry. “You shouldn’t be doing that. I’ve seen how hard you push.”

“Alcide, I’m carrying Fae Were babies and taking vampire blood daily. I can do anything.” I took my wrist back from him and hugged his neck. “I wouldn’t lie to you, but you and Eric can call Dr. Ludwig to put your minds at ease.”


“I promise. I’m fine.” I kissed his cheek and walked out the door for my run.


I had done my normal run and went to the jungle gym, feeling much better already. While I was doing my sit ups and pull ups Eric and Alcide took turns watching me though the back door.

I was barely out of breath when I walked through the door. The 3 members of my nest and Janice were in the kitchen and watching me carefully.

“Alright you 3, join me in the bathroom.” They followed me in and shut the door. Once I got undressed and under the water, I started the interrogation. “What did Ludwig say?”

Eric answered my questions. “That she wants us to come in tomorrow for a talk. She’s been expecting a call from us.”

“What did she say about my exercises?”

There was a pause. “That you would be fine. Not to worry.”

“Ok, good.” I smiled at all of them. “Now, will you all stop acting like I’m a Faberge egg?”

All I got was silence until I was pulling on my clothes and they all nodded. I hugged them all and we emerged from the bathroom smiling.

I nuked a huge plate of leftovers and sat down with my phone to nosh and check my messages.

My nest plus our 2 siblings and a few minutes later Angela was in the room too.

I listened to messages. I giggled when I heard from Stan. He was excited to tell me that what I told him to do for Rochelle worked. She’d sent a lily from the arrangement he sent to her back with a note attached. She thanked him for the ‘lovely calendar’ and accepting his invitation. He sounded as giddy as a vampire can.


At exactly 8:30, Danielle was at the door. She looked like she was too young to be able to get into the club. She had long mousey brown hair and… wasn’t ‘built for speed’ would be the nice way to put it. She reminded me of a ‘thick’ version of Jennifer Garner. She was sweet and upbeat and the kids liked her. We talked for a long time about the details of working for us and the only member of the ‘family’ she didn’t meet was Tobin. It was nearly 10 o’clock when she left and I took the kids up to tuck them in.

I changed into Eric’s sweats and a wife beater then I immediately went to the kitchen for ice cream. I went to the den with 4 pints of Ben and Jerry’s and 3 true bloods and sat down between my guys to watch Adult Swim. Alcide, Angela and I already loved it. Jason rarely ever stayed up late enough because he had to be up for work at ‘Oh-dark-thirty’ for work but he was enjoying it a lot; Pam and Eric were really starting to enjoy the ‘inane ramblings’ even though we spent a lot of time helping them through things like Robot Chicken because of the pop culture references.

After a few minutes of my flavor of chunky monkey I lidded the container and called ‘switch’. Jason knew what I was doing since we had done it as kids and lidded his and tossed his pistachio pistachio as trade.  Alcide and Janice followed suit. Eric tried all 4 flavors and his favorite ended up being Phish food, but he enjoyed the S’mores too.

“Lover, there is something in them both that remind me of you.” Then he flashed his fangs at me. He still didn’t take a true blood. I don’t know how I felt about tasting like marshmallow.

At nearly midnight my phone rang from the kitchen and Eric was up and back with it before I could blink. The caller ID told me that it was Amelia and I almost didn’t answer it.


“Sookie, it’s Amelia.”

“I know. How have you been?”

“Horrible and nasty and mean and undeserving of your forgiveness.”

“Do you know why?”

“Umm, sort of. I cast a spell on myself and it backfired.” I watched Alcide swat Pam’s leg in an I-told-you-so gesture and she smiled at him. I’ll ask them about that later.

“What kind of spell?”

“I was conflicted because Tray and I were in a holding pattern and then everything was going on with you and things started sorting themselves out and I got jealous and I cast a spell to get rid of my envy but I screwed the pooch with the translation and added to it instead of alleviating it.”


“Yeah, I’m so sorry. I miss you. You’ve been one of the best friends I’ve ever had and I hate that I said those nasty things to you.”

“I miss you too girl. One night us girls should go out dancing. Pam’s a little busy nowadays but I have a little pull with her boss so I can probably convince him to give her an evening off. Oh, and Alcide’s sister is in town and I bet she could use a girl’s night out too.”

“That sounds great. So I heard about Crystal and the baby. How is Jason doing?”

“We’ve got him here with us. He’s got us to get him through.” He flashed me a humble grin.

“And you quit Sam?!”

“Yeah, Pam, Eric and Alcide came into the bar one night and Arlene went and lied about something Eric said to her and when Sam told me to throw them out it was the last straw. Then he left me a message asking me to come back and we stopped in one day to grab lunch when I was doing some business in Bon Tempe and Sam kinda went nutzo on me so I won’t be drinking from that watering hole any time soon. Besides, I’m too busy with Fangtasia right now anyway.”

“You went from waiting tables at Merlotte’s to slinging blood at Fangtasia? I bet Bill loves seeing you there!”

Alcide, Eric and Pam laughed. “I don’t wait tables, I’m expanding it to a bigger place so that they can have live music on weekends. And Bill isn’t around anymore. He’s dead.”

“What? What happened?”

“He and Eric had a meeting at the club and he dredged up a bunch old dirt and he didn’t like what I told him and attacked Eric. It was self defense.”

“Oh my god! Honey, are you okay?”

“I’m really fine. When will you be up this way again?”

“I was going to come get my last paychecks as an excuse to visit if you’ll have me.”

I got nods from my guys. “Alcide and I get back from business on the 24th, so any time after that is great.”

“You and Alcide?”

“Yeah, I’ll explain more when I see you.”

“Ok then. I’ll text you if anything changes but I think I’ll come up on the 29th and then we can go out that night. I’ll call Tara about making plans for that too.”

“Sounds good. I’ll talk to you later.”


I put the phone down and my eyes watered up. Alcide put his hand on my knee and rubbed it.

“See Shug, you were right. That wasn’t like her to be so angry.”

I smiled at him. Eric looked down at me. “Sookie, you’ll make a horrible vampire with our ugly tears all over your gorgeous face so often. You really should work on that.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “You think this is bad, just wait until the kids start hitting milestones.”

Eric was confused. “Milestones?”

“Oh yeah. Manen and Hunter’s first dates. Dancing with your daughter at her wedding. Pam and I will both leak.”

Alcide smiled at me but I heard a guffaw come from my other side. “Impossible. Dating will not be permitted.”

Eric was the only one who didn’t laugh when the rest of us started to.

Jason looked Eric dead in the eye. “Buddy not only will they date, but they will date exactly the opposite of what you want for them. They’re are going to get treated like crap and then one day they’ll find out that it was the other assholes that helped them realize what the one worth keeping will look like.” We all stared at Jason with awe, then like he was shaking off a bad dream he stood up and announced that he needed to ‘wiz’ and the reverie was over.

That’s when Eric and I got up to make our exit.


When we got to our room Eric quietly closed the doors behind us and came over to hug me.

“We are very busy these days, Lover. I wish we had more time together.”

I purred into his chest. “Me too. This weekend should be pretty relaxed though.”

He smiled down at me. “I’m actually quite jealous over your new positions giving you and Alcide little vacations with each other.”

“I know. It really sucks that any traveling the two of us do will be political.”

“Now, Sookie, we should discuss some boundaries.” Oh great, here’s the other shoe.

“Ok. What boundaries?”

“You have started taking certain things for granted.”

Oh hell. All I could do was look at him and wait for him to tell me what was on his mind.

“It’s just as much my fault as it is yours for not mentioning it sooner.”

Oh god! Spit it out already.

“I know that you have your own night clothes.” He reached down and grabbed the hem of his wife beater and pulled it over my head. “So, I’m going to take back mine.”

He dropped to his knees and pulled the sweats down with a flourish. He slipped his fingers up between my legs to find my center and started working it right away.

He rose to my breasts and began teasing my nipples with his fangs and my hands went to the back of his head. He grabbed my wrist and put it down at my side and I lowered the other one on my own; I could feel his smile against my chest. I smiled too, enjoying the game, enjoying that I would be completely lorded over. He stood up and told me to lie on the bed so I climbed up and got settled in while he undressed himself and then climbed onto the bed licking his lips.

He put his hand back to work plying my folds and started kissing and nibbling at my ankles. He took his first drink there until the bite closed then moved up. His hand very skillfully started moving a little faster and he took his next sip from the other leg just beside my knee and again, his hand became slightly more aggressive then, causing me to come. He switched to my other leg again and drew from inside my thigh, picking up the speed and range of his artful digits and milking another climax from me.

I felt like I could die just like this and then it occurred to me that I probably would and I smiled. His fingers were reaping releases from me like juice from an orange when he sank his fangs into my center on either side of my hoop. There was nowhere for me to go but through the roof. I was floating on a current of bliss and every touch felt like it had been ordained by god. He took more blood from my side and then my breast and by the time he was at my neck he paused for a moment and I tilted my head as an invitation. His hand was still delivering peak after peak and he had earned every drop I could spare.

Before he took his plunge into my carotid he looked me in the eye. “Fae.” I did as I was told. I released the strongest wave of Fae that I ever had and bled for my Viking. I watched his eyes glaze over and he pulled his fingers out of me and grabbed my thighs and yanked me to him, stabbing into me and then sinking his fangs into my neck. He pulled from me until he couldn’t pull any longer and then pounded my small body into the mattress like he were  hammering nails; abusing me, folding my legs into my shoulders and shoving deeper than he ever had before. We could both feel the building explosion, he ripped open his wrist and put it to my mouth and the room was suddenly glowing with the shine of my skin and when we came together in a blast of energy it hit us with such a force that he landed on the floor.

I was too exhausted to move. “Eric, let me know that you landed safely.”

“Lover, I’ve never felt better.”


I laid on the bed waiting for him to join me again for a while before I went to crawl to the end of the bed to check on him. I noticed that not only was I covered in dried blood, but so were the linens so I went to the bathroom and started drawing a bath and then I stripped the bed and put fresh sheets on it stepping over Eric at least 3 times. He was smeared with blood like he had been in a horror movie so when I was done, I reached down and offered him my hands and he humored me by taking them and then followed me to the bath tub. We had settled in and just leaned against each other for a long while before he spoke.

“Lover, that was unforgettable.” I didn’t even try to explain to him that it was mostly because had he been able to get that much blood from any other partner he’d have a hole (or 4) to dig, but hey, I can take a compliment when it’s offered. I hummed into his shoulder.

“I shouldn’t have fed, I was still satisfied from this morning but the curiosity was killing me. In one day, I have easily drained 3 humans worth of blood from you.

I giggled. “I guess I’m more of a thermos than a juice box now, huh?”

He laughed. “I’d say a keg is more like it. I never felt your need for me to stop. I stopped because I couldn’t take anymore.”

“I wonder what you got from me tonight.”

“You could tell what Angela’s power was. Do you think you could do that with me?”

“I can try.” I straddled his lap and put my hands on either side of his neck and reached into him to find his powers. I looked at him and laughed.


“You’re gonna like this.” I used telekenisis to hit his joy center and it made him jerk.

“I can do that? What good does that do me?”

I slapped his arm. “You can move things with your mind.”

“Really?” He held out his hand and ‘called’ the bottle of body wash and it was in his hand in an instant.


We got dressed and went downstairs so that I could get a drink and found everyone right where we left them. Jason looked over at me. “Damn sis! I thought we were going to have to call in Dr. Fossey with all the monkey noises coming from up there.” How the hell did his little brain know who Dian Fossey was? Never mind. I tried to ignore him but Eric was being too… well, he was being too Eric. Damn cocky vampire.

I looked over at Eric. “Hey, your highness, why don’t you pop on up to our room to get those sheets?”

His face lit up like a Christmas tree. “Really?” *pop* he was gone. *pop* he was back.

“Wow. That’s different. It would have come in handy in Rhodes.”

I shuddered. “No shit, right?”

I popped over to Eric and took the blood stained sheets from him and popped into the laundry room and started the washer to soak. When I walked back into the room, I got there just in time to see my giant Viking vampire *pop* onto Jason’s lap. Jason nearly jumped out of his skin.

“Mother Fucker! You are a crazy sum-bitch!” Eric stood up and laughed and slapped Alcide a high five as he walked over to me.

“Ok guys. Goodnight again.” I popped to my room and then climbed into bed. Eric popped in to the room just after me and climbed in to snuggle.

“Lover, this is unbelievable. I never could have guessed that when I started chasing you, this could be our life together; children, marriage, a happy nest and a stockpile of extra powers that will likely make keeping our family safe much easier.”

I happily buried myself into his side. “Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart.”

“I know that line. Who said it?”

Marcus Aurelius.” That was the last thing I remember before I lost my battle against the sandman.


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