The Infinite Series… Naked.

Infinite CoverSo here it is…


You asked for it.

No bells.

No  whistles.

No art.

No translations (the old ones were really bad anyway).

ALL 60 chapters of the original story as it was posted before I began working with Team Beta on shining it up a bit.

Since you guys are going to read it again, feel free to email me any ideas you might have for how I can tighten up the Resurrection.

34 thoughts on “The Infinite Series… Naked.

  1. HerdFan63 says:

    The original Dead Tired is what got me hooked like a crack ho on your stories! Don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m glad you’re reposting. While some of the pov’s were repetitive, I thoroughly enjoyed them! It gave your readers a chance to see things from everyone’s perspective. And the way you can get inside the characters heads and are able to sound like them is amazing! I for one am hoping that your muse comes back and you are able to finish the original. I’m still dying to know what made Marin do it. While it is a bit raw in places there is nothing bad about it. The original and Resurrection side by side allow us to see how your genuis is growing and maturing. For those of us with no ability to put our imagination into words….we salute you!!!!!

  2. Chloelilybet says:

    I was disappointed when you took it down cause I was part way through rereading it but having read the new chapters I am glad that you’re rewritting it, thanks for posting the old one though, that’s the one I fell in love with xx

  3. Jen says:

    That picture says it all…we are retarded for you and your stories.

  4. Dreadswench says:

    I love that SNL bit.

  5. Racecz5 says:

    The original story is uniquely you and that is the draw for me. I see that in the Betaed version the different POV go into more of the internal thoughts of each character and I’m enjoying that but not knowing this information in the original also kept me coming back to see what was going on. I’m probably not writing this correctly but just know there was only one instance in any of the stories you have posted that I was left with a WTF. [It was in BTD when the Queen asks what Sookie thinks of her home and Sookie starts spouting off about what she heard in the minds of the others.] I love how you write it is exciting and fresh and an inspiration to all budding authors! Keep it coming !!!

    • ericluver says:

      [It was in BTD when the Queen asks what Sookie thinks of her home and Sookie starts spouting off about what she heard in the minds of the others.] That was a WTF moment for me as well. I would add in –
      Sookie – “You have a lovely home ma’am”
      Sophie Anne – “And….?”
      And then continue on with exactly what’s there already.
      Just a suggestion 😉

  6. anna says:

    I loved the first version! Even without all the beta’s it still is an amazing story! so glad your posting it again!

  7. Holly Smith says:

    Honestly… PLEASE stop being so hard on yourself about this amazing story! Like many others, it’s what made me fall in love with your writing in the first place. You DIDN’T get it wrong… THE INFINITE SERIES ROCKS!!! As far as I’m concerned, the re-write is just gilding the lily. It’s worth doing because what you’re starting with is so AWESOME in the first place. Be kinder to yourself and the original story. I’ve read a LOT of FanFiction, reading many stories that should leave their authors hanging their heads in shame, and I assure you, this story is NOT one of those. WE LOVE YOU!!!

  8. JamesRamsey says:

    Like so many others, this was the story that made me the fic whore I am. While I am LOVING the rewrite and the added internal freak outs, you removed/edited out some of the more witty comments. Like in the original Sookie says in swedish “Pam said vampires didn’t get their period” (or something to that effect) when Bill gives her and Eric a hard time at Merlottes. Then there was the conversation with Alcide at the pack cook out where they make fun of his ex Carla who can take the fun out of Chocolate.

    The witty banter back and forth is what hooked me on your writing and I really hope you keep more of the original dialogue in the rewrite. Having access to both the original and the rewrite is truly the best of both worlds.

    Waiting breathlessly for more of any of your stories,

  9. Melissa says:

    I read the original story also, and loved it. I actually wanted to reread it when you started rewriting it cause I just can’t wait for the chapters…LOL, and I wanted to remind myself what happens….well, the details. Thank you sooo much for posting it again, I can’t wait to see how things change between the two. I am addicted to your stories!!!!

  10. Aille says:

    Honestly, this story is what got me hooked to your stories and kept me coming back. We may be on crack (love that picture btw) but your our fix.

    If this version was all that I could find out there, I’d get addicted all over again. The new version is all sparkly (and not in a Twilight sorta way) a d yummy, but thank you for posting this back up.

  11. Carol says:

    Thanks for letting us pathetic readers find this posting site. I’m sorry you think so little of us for loving ANYTHING you write but there it is, there’s no accounting for taste apparently.

    • EricIzMine says:

      Aw… I’m allowed to be critical of it. I hope you guys like the way the Resurrection streamlines it though.

      • jennifer says:

        Wow that was quite a harsh review. You’ve written a lot since this story first came out and as much as I love the story, your writing style has probably changed. You are also aloud to be your own critic and I’m just glad the you were willing to repost it for your more loyal fans.

  12. jennifer says:

    This is still one of my favorite stories!! Can’t wait for the rest to be reposted and for the revised version.

  13. Mahjmom says:

    I have to agree with Herdfan63 this is the story that got e hooked on you and made me search you out on wordpress. Maybe weare retarded but you can’t always explain why you love who you love. We think it is awesome warts and all! 😉

  14. Jeanne says:

    I am currently baking you cookies for posting this story back up to the web. Where shall I send them???? Love this story even with the quirks! Jeanne

  15. Pamela Thornton says:

    I know you are unhappy about your first story but how can you be? It is where I first fell in love with you and your writing. Now I read all your words with wonder. I am glad you put it back up. I will still look forward to you revamped version because it gives so much insight on what peoples motavation is. Now I am going to read this one. thanks again

  16. leivasquez says:

    lovin’ it 🙂

  17. BWTAWNY says:

    Thank you. You won’t be sorry. People love it because it was good. we never really paid that much attention to the rest of the stuff. I do look forward to the rewrites. 🙂

  18. titmony says:

    Hey, I will start soon and sure I will enjoy it. I do know which languages you mean for the translation, but if you need help in french it would be my pleasure to help.

  19. Duckbutt says:

    I think one of the reason I was so attrached to this story was the sassy, no-holds-barred Sookie that you wrote. SO different from the other simpering Sookies you read out there –in this story, she can hold her own when it comes to dealing with the Viking. That…and the HOT HOT lemons you write.

    I do love what you’re doing with Resurrection, but we need this until you’re finished with your polishing… 🙂

  20. Kristie Yamber says:

    thank you for re-posting the Infinite Series. I loved the original because it has so much personality that other stories do not have. You got me hooked on your writing by this story and I will remain a fan for as long as you write. The resurrection is really good and i like how you changed things up but i will always remain a fan to the original and i am looking forward to comparing the two…… please don’t take them down again. thank you again and good luck in all your writing endeavors We Love You my best Kristie

  21. Potsie Daisy says:

    Am I being really blonde or is this the iPad striking again – I can’t see any link to the stories on this page or in the menu…

  22. Gaijin vamp says:

    The rawness lends an immediacy to the story. The characters pop out of the page, alive and passionate. I know you’re not satisfied with it, but those of us who have been reading your stories for years now and see your growth, throw nothing away. Everything has worth. It’s still better than 98% of the usual stuff we find on the web.


  23. BWTAWNY says:

    You wanted suggestions for the rewrite so here goes. The only things that I didn’t like about the original was that Eric admitted that he had been unfaithful to Sookie with Pam. That always bothered me because Sookie stayed faithful to Eric all that time. I remember reading the story and at that time I felt her hurt. She accepted it was just a vampire thing but I think that it meant more to her than was said. At that point they were very far along in their relationship so her having a fit about it would have been counterproductive and she was a different person then too. It’s just something that always bugged me and since you are redoing things I really feel that you need to consider changing this.

    • Pamela Thornton says:

      Sookie all but had intercourse with Alciede…..I know that any of my past boyfriend would not have been ok with me having hot and heavy makeout sessions with another man. So if you please, cut Eric some slack here and give Sookie a break at knowing what is right for her and Eric.

  24. Was this story completed? I ask, because we didn’t find out what happened when the Quints spent time with their mother, and her husband.

    Of course, there were various other events i would have liked to read about in more detail. Like the opening of the Sup resort, and the birth and aftermath of S&A’s twins. The progress Eric’s ‘children’ made as they acclimated to modern society. Actually, i think i could have kept reading about these people for many, many more chapters.

    • EricIzMine says:

      Nope… Dead Sexy is still dangling…
      There are only about 2-3 chapters left of this story though.
      I’m hoping that as I work on the resurrection, I get my inspiration back.

      • Dead Sexy? Is that the title of the ‘sequel’, chapters 1-10? Sorry, i’m new to this fic, so i’m unaware of any titles other than Dead Tired.

      • EricIzMine says:

        Yes ma’am. Chapters 1-45 are the original Dead Tired (December 31st to January 26th)… Then there are the 5 outtakes that happen over the course of the next few months… Chapters 1-10 (September 1st to September 10th) are from Dead Sexy which was the sequel to Dead Tired.
        The whole lot is also known as the Infinite Series.

      • Pamela Thornton says:

        I hope your muse is kind to you and to me and all of the other faithful readers out there. I understand that you in looking back to the first story you wrote in the SVM universe see all of it’s flaws. We are always hardest on ourselves. I know that you are not a glutton for complements and are not seeking unsolicitated praise. It is not your style. Now…..take a deep breath and reread all of the lovely reviews that have been posted and try to keep an open mind. You are the one who made all of us fall in love with your Sookie, Eric, Pam and Alciede. You made us love the bromance. I always hated that CH had this romance thing between Eric and Sookie but it was always so secondary to the plot. If you look thru the books you see they they really did not spend a lot of quality time together. Now as things stand after DR I feel there is not much hope left in CH’s world for our duo. That is one of the many things I love about your stories. That Eric and Sookie have a real relationship and it is a more equal pairing. So hopefully this will help your muse to think about this story. I think we will need your point of view real soon(link in May).

  25. Elle says:

    I will seriously love you forever because you wrote this and S&S!!!

  26. i LOVE this story, at first i was hesitant because of the whole ’round table’ thing because it’s something completely out the norm but this whole story is great, i do feel a bit sorry for Pam, yeah she’s got a great family but i feel like she is just used by them sometimes, like when Eric would use her for sex when in blood lust and Alcide is just kinda with her for sex in a sense, its like she is a fifth wheel. i know it’s not like that though. x

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